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The Elixir is a type of potion which can be found at the marketplace in Bonesborough. It is a special elixir that Eda drinks to suppress her curse.


The elixir is a liquid with a bright orange color. It is kept inside a small, round glass bottle that is sealed with a cork.


Eda Clawthorne was cursed by her sister, Lilith, during her younger years, and would turn into the Owl Beast anytime. At some point of time prior to the events of "A Lying Witch and a Warden", Eda somehow found out that elixirs can be used to suppress her curse, and has been using them to do so ever since. However, she has been very careful at hiding her secret from King, who never found out about her curse despite living with her for around eight years.

In "The Intruder", Luz begs Eda to teach her a spell, which she reluctantly obliges. However, Eda falls asleep before she can finish, which upsets her. In order to let Luz continue her lessons about demons with him, King informs Luz that he sees Eda drinking a special elixir every day, and speculates that it must be how she gets her powers. A while later, King sneaks into Eda's room and steals the elixir, then gives it to Luz. She is excited and eagerly wants to drink it, but just as she is about to do so, a sudden loud thunderclap startles her, causing her to drop the bottle. Due to not having the elixir beside her, Eda transforms into the Owl Beast, and attacks Hooty, King, and Luz. After finding another piece of the elixir's tag stuck on Luz's foot, King realizes that the "beast" is actually Eda, and comes up with a plan together with Luz to subdue her. They successfully knock Eda out by tapping on a large light glyph, and after that, they give Eda some more elixirs using a straw, turning her back to normal.

In "Hooty's Moving Hassle", Eda is too obsessed playing Hexes Hold'em to the point where she forgets to stock up her elixirs. She goes to Mr. Elixir to buy them, only to learn that Morton is out of stock too. However, he informs Eda about a guy called Grimm Hammer who operates a stand at the Night Market. He tells Eda to try her luck there, as the stand might have what she needs. Later at night, Eda goes to the market and finds the owner, who introduces himself as Tibbles. He has just stocked up on the elixirs, but tries to sell them to Eda at a much higher than normal price, frustrating her. Eda notices the Hexes Hold'em cards on his stand and strikes a deal with Tibbles: If she wins, he has to give her the elixirs; and if he wins, he can take something belonging to her. Much to Eda's dismay, she loses the game, and Tibbles decides to take King as his prize. Eda tries to attack him, but with the curse affecting her, she can't perform spells, and is instead chained up by Tibbles. Luckily for Eda, the Owl House animated by Luz, Willow and Gus crashes through the Night Market and steps onto Tibbles' stand, destroying it. While Tibbles is distracted, King throws Eda a bottle of elixir, and she catches it, quickly drinking it and turning back to normal. She then walks away with King while a frustrated Tibbles swears to enact revenge on them.

In "Escape of the Palisman", while trying to tame Eda in her half-Owl Beast form, King throws a bottle of elixir into Eda's mouth in an attempt to change her back, but it doesn't work. Later, Eda realises that the elixir is no longer working on her curse, much to her dismay.

In "Agony of a Witch", Eda confesses to Luz that it is taking more elixir to turn her back and more magic to keep the curse from reappearing.

In "Keeping Up A-fear-ances", upon seeing Lilith about to turn into her beast form, Eda gives her a bottle of elixir, turning her back to normal. Eda goes on to reveal that after she shared the curse with her using the Pain Sharing Spell, she can now manage it again via drinking elixirs. She has also stashed elixirs all over the house for easy access. After a while, Gwendolyn comes to visit Eda, claiming to have found another cure, only to be sent away by her. Luz then follows Gwendolyn to visit Master Wortlop, who promises a cure for her daughter in his tome. After that, Gwendolyn sets up a trap together with Luz in order to lure Eda out. While attempting to cure Eda with Master Wortlop's method, Luz notices that it is not working. Upon reading the tome, she realizes that Gwendolyn has been scammed. However, the latter refuses to believe so, and reveals that she had already sent Hawksley to steal all the elixirs from the Owl House. Soon, Eda turns into the Owl Beast after getting angry at her mother for tricking her. Meanwhile, without elixirs around the house, a stressed Lilith turns into the Raven Beast, frightening King and Hooty. Lilith then chases King outside, and later gets into a fight with Eda, dragging her away. They proceed to fight each other around Bonesborough, destroying multiple buildings along the way. Luz attempts to buy elixirs from Morton using a drawing of himself as payment, but he refuses. Meanwhile, Gwendolyn finally realizes that Master Wortlop is a fake and comes to her daughters' rescue. She talks to both her daughters gently, calming them down. While they are distracted, Gwendolyn shouts at Luz and King to act immediately according to plan. King jumps off the Owl Staff and pins the duo down, while Luz dumps elixirs from above into their mouths. Finally, both Eda and Lilith change back to normal, and reconcile with their mother. Later, Lilith decides to move back with Gwendolyn, and in order to prevent her from turning again, Gwendolyn stocks up plenty of elixirs to take with them.

In "Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door", while in her dream state, Eda realizes that neither her nor the Owl Beast wants to be stuck with each other, but they unfortunately are, and nothing can change that. Therefore, she makes a truce with the Owl Beast, and gives it some elixir. After licking the elixir, the Owl Beast climbs up Eda's leg and falls asleep there. Upon waking up, Eda realizes that she can now transform into Harpy Eda. It is later revealed by Hooty that while Eda still drinks her elixir, she is starting to accept the Owl Beast as a part of her.




  • Although Eda tells Gwendolyn in "Keeping Up A-fear-ances" that she knows the ingredients of the elixir, she still can't seem to brew it herself since Eda always buys it from Morton. This could imply that making the elixir is very difficult as Eda is a very skilled potion maker.