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"Elsewhere and Elsewhen" is the twelfth episode of the second season of The Owl House, and the thirty-first episode overall.

It premiered on March 26, 2022.


Luz is desperate for more information about Philip Wittebane, the creator of the portal door. With Lilith's help, she sets off on a journey for the ages.[1]


At the Owl House, inside her room, Luz is busy trying to figure out what went wrong when she made the portal last time. Suddenly, she hears a clinking sound outside. Downstairs in the living room, Hooty is throwing a party to celebrate Lilith getting a new job as an assistant curator at the Supernatural Museum of History. Luz comes down too late and misses the toast, but arrives just in time to see someone snatch an appetizer off Hooty's tray with a whip. She goes to the door and sees Lilith talking to a witch. After the witch flies off on a griffin, Luz goes up to Lilith and asks about her; Lilith introduces her as Flora D'splora, a historian, celebrity, and her former mentor in the Emperor's Coven. Lilith is jealous that Flora gets to goof off writing about interesting stuff while she has to do all the desk work, even though she can be just as exciting as her. Lilith vows to come up with an impressive exhibit and storms into the house, leaving Luz alone outside.

After the party, Luz lies on the couch and watches a playback projected by her echo mouse. In the playback, Philip mentions that he had gradually lost track of time, but managed to gather the portal ingredients, including Titan's Blood, and all he needs is to seek out someone called the Collector, and he will tell him what he needs to complete the mission. Before that, Philip and his companions must face something, but before it is revealed what it is, the echo mouse cuts off the playback and goes to sleep. Neither King nor Eda have heard of the Collector before, and Eda scoffs at the name. However, Luz thinks that he might be able to tell her what went wrong with her portal last time since it was so unstable. Eda consoles her by saying that it took Philip years to build a portal door, so she shouldn't beat herself too much about it. Luz hopes that she can go back in time to meet Philip, and this suddenly makes her wonder if time magic exists on the Boiling Isles, so she asks Eda about it. She denies their existence, but takes out a book and goes on to reveal something called a time pool, which are mythical pools that act as windows into the past. However, they never appear in the same place twice. This is something Lilith and she used to search out for during their younger years. Luz thanks Eda for the information, and runs off with the book to find Lilith.

Luz finds Lilith making model balusters in the kitchen. Lilith reveals that she wants to prove that Flora is not the only "bad girl" historian in town, so she is planning on making her first exhibit for the museum, which is titled "The Architecture History behind Deadwardian Balusters". However, she immediately realizes that this won't work, and becomes disappointed. Luz consoles Lilith by saying that she had started calling her "cool Aunt Lilith" in her journals, which flatters her. She then shows her the time pool section in the book, and suggests that she can make an exhibit on the subject while she can possibly get information about how Philip made his portal. Lilith reveals that she once made a device with Eda to find the pools, but it was faulty, as it needed more power than she could ever provide. Luz immediately thinks of the Titan's Blood on Amity's glove and runs off to fetch it. With the new source of power, they successfully put the device to use.

The duo go outside and search for the pools from day to night. Eventually, on the second day, after doing some calculations, Lilith manages to narrow down a specific location. However, the location is revealed to be a beach, and nothing can be seen there. Lilith finds this unbelievable, as she triple-checked her calculations, and her equipment is first rate. Luz starts walking around and kicks a stone, which promptly disappears into an invisible puddle. Luz pokes her head into it, and finds herself staring at a completely different Boiling Isles from the Prehistoric Era: the "Hecktaceous Period". Behind her, Lilith wonders what went wrong and starts doubting herself, before Luz pulls out her head and declares that she has found the time pools, which are hidden in the sand. They proceed to poke their heads through different time pools, and find themselves looking at different eras of the Boiling Isles. Luz eventually manages to find the time pool leading to Deadwardian Era, the era where Philip Wittebane is in. After listing out the possible risks of going back in time, Lilith decides to take the chance and go with Luz.

The duo makes their way into Bonesborough, expecting the town to be dangerous as they are technically in the Savage Ages. However, they found the residents to be very friendly and helpful, and the surrounding appears to be much more peaceful and harmonious than they imagined. Luz begins to wonder why Belos wanted to ban wild magic in the first place, to which Lilith replies that the Titan supposedly doesn't like it. Luz starts going around asking the residents if they have seen Philip, showing them a drawing of his silhouette made by her. However, no one around appears to know him, much to her dismay. While asking a demon about Philip, Luz and Lilith suddenly hear someone shouting nearby, and go to check the commotion. There, they find two demons ganging up on Philip. One of the demons takes away his journal and attempts to burn it, but Luz knocks it out of his hand with a spike from an ice glyph. The demon attempts to attack Luz, but is stopped by his brother. The brother demon tells her to ask Philip what happened to their brother, Blue Fang, and his palisman before walking off together with the other demon. While picking up Philip's scattered journals, Luz notices that he has already been to Eclipse Lake, and in one of his drawings, there's an unknown person drawn beside him. Philip snatches the journal away from her hands and walks away. In an attempt to make him stay, Luz lies to him that she can help him find the Collector, and makes up a story on why she needs to find him too.

Philip takes the duo into a cave. While inside, he asks if anyone has brought a torch, and Luz activates a light glyph. He is amazed that someone else knows how to use picto-glyphs, sketching the light glyph pattern onto his journal. Philip then brings the duo deeper into the cave. At one point, they stop, and Philip tells Lilith that someone as talented as Luz must have taken after her, which flatters her. He draws a glyph combo on the ground and activates it, teleporting the trio into an ice cave. Luz looks out and realizes that they are at the skull of the Titan, which surprises Lilith, as the place is supposed to be sacred ground. Philip admits that it's possibly the reason no one ever wants to accompany him here, and goes on to mention that every legend tells him that the Collector lies behind the closed door inside the cave, but he cannot figure out the mechanism to open it. Right then, his leg starts acting up, and he kneels down in pain. Luz instructs him to rest and goes up to the door with Lilith, who remarks that the lock mechanism is unlike anything she has ever seen before. while talking, she suddenly hesitates. Luz mistakenly thinks she's giving up and says that they mustn't stop now, as they are getting everything they could have hoped for, but Lilith explains that most of the puzzles on the lock has been solved already; however, there's something fishy about Philip, as he appears to know how to say everything the hearer wants to hear. Luz admits that it does seem weird, but since it's the Boiling Isles, everything is a little weird anyway. She then asks Lilith to continue solving the puzzle while she talks to Philip.

Luz walks up to his backside, observing him writing something in his journal, which says that he had defeated the beast behind the door, but tragically could not save his companions. Philip notices her behind him and stands up, and Luz hesitantly asks him about the real reason he brought them here. Lilith finally manages to solve the puzzle and opens the door, but a claw suddenly grabs her, dragging her into darkness. Philip reveals that he just needed a sacrifice, and with the beast inside distracted, he can finally get through those doors. Luz becomes irate and accuses him of tricking them, but Philip simply replies that it's because they are too easy to trick, and hopes that Luz and Lilith can last longer whilst inside. Inside the room, Lilith starts screaming. Luz immediately rushes inside, and finds a beast inside holding her tightly with its claws. The beast notices Luz and rushes towards her, making her activate an ice glyph, which creates an ice trail that ultimately causes the creature to slip. Lilith manages to free herself from the beast's claw and runs away with Luz. While the duo are busy trying to evade the beast, Philip walks up to a platform and starts digging, and eventually uncovers a piece of mirror with a crescent moon drawing on it. He puts it into his bag, draws the glyph combo from before on ground, then activates it, teleporting himself away and leaving Luz and Lilith behind.

While hiding from the beast, Luz apologizes to Lilith for not listening to her warning about Philip. Suddenly, she remembers something she mentioned earlier, and rushes towards the beast. Lilith thinks Luz is done for and covers her eyes, but then peeks when she hears a thud, and finds Luz tickling the beast behind its ears. Apparently, she recognizes the beast as a Stonesleeper, which was previously mentioned to have a ticklish spot behind its ears. The duo ride on the beast and go outside, finding Philip walking on a trail, and still furious, Luz demands how the mirror will help him build a portal to the Human Realm. Philip refuses to answer, and says that the mirror is actually needed for something else. He goes on to offer an exchange for Luz to get more information from him, as he needs another person for a sacrifice, but Lilith interjects by punching him in the face, breaking his nose. Lilith and Luz then ride off with the Stonesleeper. Noticing that Luz is upset, Lilith consoles her by saying that if a jerk like Philip can build a portal, she can do it too. She thanks her for the kind words, and offers to let her do something exciting before heading back, since they still have some time before the tide comes in. They head into town, and Lilith excitedly watches a craftsman making a baluster while writing down information about the process. Behind her, Luz watches on gladly.

In present day, back at the Owl House, Eda hears someone knocking on the door and goes up to open it. She finds Gwendolyn standing outside and asks her why she is still in town, to which she explains that Dell wanted to swing by. Eda immediately asks Gwendolyn to tell Dell that she can't see him, as she is busy, but Gwendolyn reveals that he is already outside. King is excited to meet his grandfather for the first time, and Gwendolyn goes on to tell him that the Clawthorne clan was once known for their palismen-making skills, mentioning that Dell was the best among them. After seeing her father's shadow approaching, Eda panics and runs to hide inside her room. Gwendolyn goes up to her room and knocks on the door, asking her if she's going to come meet her father, as it's been years since they last met each other. Inside, Eda is busy packing elixirs into Luz's bag and prepares to flee. King asks her why is she afraid of meeting her dad, to which she replies that she's just not ready to meet him. Eda tries to escape via the balcony, but Hawksley lands and blocks her path. Eda then tries to get out via the stained glass window, but finds Hooty waiting outside, and slams the window shut before he can ask her any more questions. Right then, King finds Lilith's old outfit from the closet. This gives Eda an idea to put on the clothes and disguise herself as Lilith. After putting on the disguise, Eda proceeds to open the door, talks to her mother while pretending to be Lilith, and walks off. This annoys Gwendolyn, as she can clearly see through Eda's disguise.

Eda escapes through the back door and attempts to fly off on her owl staff, but before she can do so, she finds Dell waiting not far away outside. He thinks that he is once again too late to catch up with his daughter and prepares to leave. After considering the circumstances for a bit, Eda greets Dell and walks up to him. They then sit by the cliff and have a heart-to-heart talk with each other. Eda apologizes to her father for not catching up, as there has been a lot going on in her life. Dell reveals that years before, she disappeared from Bonesborough. Then, he found out that Eda had fixed up his old tower. Following that, he saw Eda on a wanted poster, and was later told about her petrification ceremony by Gwendolyn. Dell wished that Eda would have at least let him and Gwendolyn help her out, and proceeds to ask her about his new grandson. Eda tells him about King, and admits that he can be a handful. Before she can continue, Dell sighs and says that he can't keep on chasing her, as it's been over twenty years. Eda becomes emotional and blames herself for injuring him, which ruined his life and made him unable to craft palismen anymore. She tells Dell to not forgive her and she doesn't deserve it, attempting to walk away, but he walks up to her and places a hand on her shoulder, assuring her that he won't try that again, and shows her a Palistrom seed on his palm. Dell reveals that he had been helping the Bat Queen to replenish her forest, and he wants Eda to learn the tricks of the trade. He then encourages Eda to let the past stay in the past, and that it's okay to move on from it. Before leaving, he tells her to send Owlbert his regards, as he remembers carving him with Eda, and it's one of his dearest memories. Dell then walks into the Owl House, and Eda, touched by Dell's words, smiles with tears forming in her eyes.

Right then, behind Eda, Luz and Lilith arrive back at the Owl House on Lilith's raven staff. Lilith tells Luz that they have gotten lucky this time, as when the time pools show up next time, they could be on the other side of the world. Eda turns around to ask them about their journey and if they found Philip. Luz reveals that they did, but the meeting was unpleasant. Lilith then reveals that she punched him in the face, and in response, Luz calls her a "groovy auntie". The duo then proceed to make finger guns at each other, much to Eda's annoyance.

Back in the Deadwardian era, Philip goes back to a cave where he is staying at. He is furious at Lilith and Luz, and calls them barbarians. After igniting some light glyphs, he suddenly grimaces and rolls up his sleeve, revealing a swollen arm with multiple glyphs on it. He kneels down, grabs a palisman from the ground, and breaks it in half, absorbing the essence inside into his eyes and nose. This quells the swelling in his arm, but causes the bump on his nose to elongate. After that, he mutters that it doesn't matter, as he just needs to live long enough to see things through. He wipes his hand on the mirror, which then projects an animation onto the wall. Looking up with a sinister smile, he asks the Collector to help him with his goal.


Additional voices


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Title in other languages

Language Title Translation Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) En otro Momento y en otro Lugar In other Moment and in other Place
Taiwan Mandarin 時空池歷險記 Adventures in Spacetime Pools
Germany German Anderswo und anderswann Elsewhere and Elsewhen
Italy Italian In altri luoghi e in altri tempi In other places and in other times
Portugal Portuguese Algures Noutro Tempo Somewhere in Another Time


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  • Viewership: This episode was watched by 0.26 viewers on its premiere.[4]
  • This is the first episode with a shortened intro.
  • Steve appears at the party hosted by Hooty, making him the only Coven Scout to have been inside the Owl House in the series so far.
    • This is also the first time Steve is seen wearing a casual outfit.
    • Matt Chapman voices Steve in this episode, replacing Alex Hirsch who only voiced him in "Sense and Insensitivity" last season.
  • At the end of the episode, Philip's dialogue becomes interlaced with Emperor Belos' voice, creating an echo effect.
  • The hidden message for this episode is found in Philip's lair. When decoded, it translates to "As".

Revelations and significant events

  • Lilith gets a new job as assistant curator of the Museum of Supernatural History. Her application was previously revealed during the "Be Gay Do Witchcraft Charity Drawathon!" charity stream.[5]
  • Flora D'esplora makes her debut.
  • Emperor Belos is still keeping an eye out for Lilith, despite the fact that she had already left the Emperor's Coven.
  • Philip Wittebane went to the Demon Realm at some point in the mid-1600s.
  • Eda reveals she was obsessed with urban legends during her younger years.
    • She believes that possums aren't real, and scoffs when Luz tells her that they actually are real.
  • It was revealed that portals through time called time pools spontaneously appear on the Boiling Isles, but never twice in the same spot.
    • Eda used to search for the pools with Lilith during their younger years.
  • Luz has been keeping journals during her stay in the Boiling Isles.
  • Lilith's palisman appears detached from its staff for the first time.
  • Despite Belos' claims about the Savage Ages, the society of that era seems to be peaceful and harmonious and its people are friendly.
  • Philip Wittebane makes his formal debut.
    • Philip has already met Luz and Lilith while writing his journal.
  • Philip learned how to use glyphs during his years in the Demon Realm. However, he only discovered 3: Fire, Ice, and Plant.
    • Luz taught Philip how to use a Light glyph.
  • Philip is able to create a glyph combo which can teleport people to another location.
  • Luz said she used to eat puzzles when she was young, and Camila had to stop her from doing so.
  • Philip discovers a mirror inside a room located in the head of the Titan, which he used at the end of the episode to contact the Collector.
  • The head of the Titan is considered a sacred place by the residents of Boiling Isles.
  • The Clawthorne family used to be palisman carvers.
    • It is also revealed that Dell is the best carver in the family, and that he helped Eda carve Owlbert.
    • All the Clawthornes have bird Palismen.
  • King and Hooty meet Dell for the first time in the series.
  • It has been more than twenty years since Dell last met Eda.
  • During the one time when Eda turned into the Owl Beast in her younger years, she also caused some permanent injuries to Dell's left eye and hand, making him unable to carve palismen.
  • The tower located behind the Owl House belonged to Dell. At some point after being cursed, Eda fixed it up and built the Owl House in front of it.
  • Dell has been helping the Bat Queen replenish her forest.
  • At the end of the episode, it is revealed that Philip holds a grudge and hatred towards witches, and uses palisman essence to alleviate the side effects of glyph tattoos on his right hand, similar to Emperor Belos.
  • The Collector serves an important purpose in Philip's plan.


  • The Grom night picture from "Eda's Requiem" can be found pinned on the corkboard inside Luz's room.
  • Amity's glove with Titan's Blood from "Eclipse Lake" appears.
  • Lilith's debut outfit reappears for the first time in this episode since "Separate Tides".
  • Eda mentions King's adoption from "Eda's Requiem".
  • Eda brings up the Owl Beast attacking her father, as depicted in the flashback from "Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door".
    • In addition, the Collector from the same episode is directly mentioned and Phillip even tries to contact them using a magic mirror.
  • The time Luz and Lilith encounter Philip takes place after his expedition to Eclipse Lake, as the passages from his diary recounted in the episode of the same name. However, Philip Wittebane implied that his companions died in accidents and that he was mourning them, but as this episode revealed Philip's callousness and outright lies in his diary, this casts doubt on the diary's account of the events at Eclipse Lake, suggesting his companions were sacrificed by Philip as well.


  • Dora the Explorer: Flora D'esplora's name is a play on the show's title, and her overall design bears a striking resemblance to the main character of the show, Dora Márquez. Her whip also bears some resemblance to Dora's sidekick, Boots.
  • Bigfoot: Twigfoot, one of the creatures in Eda's book, is a parody of the legendary cryptid.
  • Slenderman: Lenderman, one of the creatures in Eda's book, is a parody of the fictional supernatural creature.
  • Cretaceous Period: The Hecktaceous Period, a prehistoric time period of the Boiling Isles, is a parody of the third and final geological period of the Mesozoic Era.


  • In the first scene of the party, Lilith's left eye is miscolored silver.
  • At the end of the episode, the credits mistakenly labeled it as being released in 2021. However, this was fixed and corrected to 2022.

Memorable quotes

I even started calling you "Cool Aunt Lilith" in my journal.
Apologies, dearest mother. Dearest sister has flown the dearest coop. But worry not, for I, the perfect, prissy little Lily, shall find her for you.
Stay mad! Come, Luzura, we're finished here.
Those barbarians. Those, those... WITCHES!!!



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