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We can shout as loud as we want, but money always shouts louder.
—Emira to her siblings regarding their mother's greed, "Clouds on the Horizon"

Emira Blight is a recurring character in The Owl House. She is Amity's older sister, Edric's older[3] twin sister, the oldest child of the divorced Alador and Odalia Blight, and is a student at Hexside School of Magic and Demonics. Though initially only part of the illusion track, as of "Labyrinth Runners", she is dual enrolled in both the illusion and healing tracks.



As they are twins, Emira has a similar appearance to that of her brother, Edric. She has pale skin, pointed ears, golden eyes, thick black eyebrows, a mole under her left eye, and long, emerald, green hair tied in a braided ponytail. Her face shape is also rounded off to a point.

In "Reaching Out", it is revealed that both Emira and Edric use a concealment stone to hide their true appearances. Without her concealment stone, Emira has her hair down and unkempt along with spots of acne on her face. Her beauty mark also isn't real.

In the epilogue of "Watching and Dreaming", Emira's hair is shown to be styled in a pixie cut and she retains a few zits despite continuing to use her concealment stone.


For school, Emira wears the illusion track school uniform, which consists of light blue sleeves and leggings, covered by a gray tunic and a small darker gray cowl and belt over it. She also wears black flat shoes and a white pearl necklace. In Season 2, her sleeves are now skin-tight instead of open. As of "Labyrinth Runners", Emira's sleeves are now a darker blue, symbolizing her enrollment in multi-track studies for the healing track.

Outside of school, Emira wears a long-sleeved dark gray shirt under a burgundy tunic with a green, diamond-shaped concealment stone in the center of her chest and a belt around the waist, gray shorts with burgundy cuffs, and the same black shoes from her school outfit.

After taking shelter at Hexside, she wears a tattered Hexside sweatshirt over her uniform, the skirt being ripped in the same manner as Viney's and instead of flats, she wears heeled gray boots with purple toes. She no longer uses a concealment stone but keeps her hair braided and her left wrist is bandaged up.

With all her outfits before the epilogue, Emira wears round, gold earrings.

By the epilogue of "Watching and Dreaming", Emira dons a gray long-sleeved shirt with rust-colored trims, a black and purple shoulderless, one-strap cowl with dull gold dangles closed by her concealment stone, purple shorts with a black belt, and black heeled boots.


Emira is easy-going and friendly, but she has been shown to be an unpleasant prankster at times along with her twin brother, Edric. She is also quite rebellious and somewhat of a slacker, refusing to attend most of her classes and preferring to skip them instead. Despite this, she is fairly intelligent and a capable witch, having become proficient in both healing and illusion magic even before engaging in multi-track classes. It’s later implied that she and Edric became more attentive to their classes after engaging in multi-tracking, suggesting that her initial apathy toward school was partly motivated out of disagreeing with Hexside’s initial one-track-only curriculum.

Though mischievous, Emira is also compassionate and sensible. While some of her and Edric’s pranks may seem mean-spirited at times, she is adverse to them actually hurting anyone. This was demonstrated when Amity mentioned that had become extra protective and nice towards her following the "library incident" in "Lost in Language", when their actions unintentionally endangered both her and Luz. She also doesn’t appear to hold grudges, as she didn’t bear any ill-will towards Luz for attempting to thwart her and Edric's plans to embarrass Amity and still considered her a good friend.

Additionally, Emira lacks her parents’ elitist philosophy, tending to judge others based on their character rather than their abilities or status. Unlike her mother and (initially) her sister, Emira was immediately friendly towards Luz and didn’t look down on her for humans’ inability to perform magic, instead being impressed by her reputation and friendly nature. Additionally, she also lacks her mother’s vanity and stance on appearances. Despite near-constantly using a concealment stone to hide her true appearance, Emira doesn’t mind others seeing her actual appearance and will gladly dispel the illusion to help her sister or friends when they need it.

Particularly, she and Edric enjoy embarrassing their younger sister, Amity, due to her standoffish demeanor. Initially, however, their teasing toward her easily came off as inconsiderate and cruel, to the point where they attempted to humiliate her by exposing her diary to the whole school. Despite this, however, she and Edric genuinely love their younger sibling, with their seemingly callous actions having been out of an authentic desire to help Amity break out of her haughty disposition and mature as a person. Subsequently, the two have both become much closer to Amity following her friendship with Luz, with Emira being particularly encouraging of her and Luz’s growing romance, having recognized the positive influence it has had over their sister.

As the oldest of the Blight children, Emira tends to serve as a source of comfort and support for her siblings, and is always willing to help them when they need it. This has been shown many times by how she has often aided Amity during her adventures with Luz while also giving her advice regarding her feelings towards the human, and by always tending to her brother whenever he is injured. While she shares many traits with Edric, Emira stands as the more self-assured, mature, and composed of the two. She also has limited patience towards her brother, having at times felt exasperation over his antics and even at one point stated that her worst fear is spending the rest of her life stuck with him. Despite this, she loves her brother unconditionally and is always there to support him no matter what.


Early life[]

Emira Blight is the oldest child of the Blight family. From a young age, Emira and her twin brother Edric were witches of incredible magical prowess and boasted a seemingly perfect reputation. However, the youngest Blight child, Amity, knew that her older siblings had a penchant for trouble and often tattled on the two. At some point during their early teenage years, Edric and Emira scored high scores on Hexside's placement exam and were enrolled into the illusion track.[4]

Making amends with Amity[]

S01E07 Lost in Language - 17

Emira and Edric hanging out with Luz.

After witnessing Amity reject Luz's offer of friendship with Emira, she and Edric take the opportunity to humiliate their sister by calling her "Mittens" while delivering her lunch. The twins introduce themselves to Luz as Amity's "more fun" older siblings and spend the day with her messing around the Bonesborough Library until Amity has them kicked out. The three return that night to experience the effects of the Wailing Star. After having fun watching books come to life, Emira and Edric reveal that they want to find Amity's hidden room at the library to find her diary, then humiliate her for getting them in trouble. Once Luz finds it, the human is reluctant to hand it over, and they fight Luz for the diary. As Luz cleans up the fallen pages, Amity walks in and berates the three, especially Luz, before leaving. Emira and Edric leave before Amity and Luz are almost sewn into a book by a mutated Otabin that they created, but wait outside for their younger sister in order to take her home that night.[4]

S01E12 Adventures in the Elements - 27

Edric and Emira startling Amity.

Following the "library incident", Emira and Edric become much kinder to Amity, though their antics still annoy the younger Blight. They take her to the Knee to teach her a fire spell and run into Luz and her mentor, Eda Clawthorne. Emira and Edric reveal that their sister still needs a training wand to learn spells. Later, when Edric tries to befriend a bat that his sisters warn him against, Luz steals the training wand while they are distracted and inadvertently injures a Slitherbeast. The Blight twins and Eda attempt to fight the beast, but end up getting captured and taken into its lair, and Amity locks Luz in a magic cage for her own protection. However, Luz escapes by learning her second glyph, the ice glyph, and she meets back up with Amity inside the Slitherbeast's cave. While Amity frees the twins and Eda by mastering the fire spell, Luz uses an ice glyph to subdue the Slitherbeast. Once Eda puts the Slitherbeast to sleep, she and Luz part ways with the Blight siblings.[5]

Later, at Amity's request, Emira and Edric help Luz train to fight Grom.[6]

Helping Amity[]

Emira and Edric greet investors at a Blight Industries demonstration, occasionally putting a "Hex me" sign on some. Later, the twins help Amity, Willow, and Gus sneak into the expo to save Luz; however, they put "Hex me" signs on their cloaks as a small prank, which causes Amity to throw the signs back at Edric.[7]

Through the Looking Glass Ruins (16)

Edric and Emira listening to Amity as she talks about her confusing feelings.

Shortly after, Emira helps Edric prepare for his date at the library. They run into Luz and, after seeing the romantic tension between her and Amity, Emira lies about her brother having acne and drags him away to give the girls some time alone. After Amity returns home upon being fired from her job at the library, Emira and her twin listen to their younger sister lament on her feelings whenever she is around Luz. They then dye Amity's hair purple at her request, but beg her to not tell their mother and witness Amity kissing Luz on the cheek.[8]

Bonesborough Brawl and Resisting the Emperor's Coven[]

Reaching Out - 761

Emira healing her sister after a match.

After their father forces Amity to try out for the Emperor's Coven, she and Edric donate their concealment stones, albeit very reluctantly on Edric's behalf, to their younger sister so that she can compete in the Bonesborough Brawl. When Amity completes her matches in the brawl, Emira uses healing magic to tend to both her and Luz's wounds and brushes Edric aside as he tries to help. Upon Warden Wrath's mutation after consuming an altered Blabber Serum, Emira watches as her father, sister, Luz, and Eda subdue and cure Wrath.[9]

Labyrinth Runners - 136

The twins enrolling in multiple tracks.

Shortly afterward, Emira enrolls in the healing track alongside her current enrollment in the illusion track. However, Head Illusionist Adrian Graye Vernworth comes to Hexside and informs the students of Belos' new decree - all young witches must be in a coven before the Day of Unity. Despite this notion, Adrian claims that he only wants to put temporary fake sigils on the students. Edric is selected to be part of a demonstration, but Gus realizes that he is about to be branded for real and dispels the illusion. Principal Bump and a teacher shield the Blight before Adrian reveals that he brought Coven Scouts with him. As the Head Witch is about to brand Gus with an Abomination Coven sigil, Gus creates a school-wide illusion and Emira, the students, and the faculty flee.

Labyrinth Runners - 1495

Emira healing Skara during the fight.

Emira, Edric, and the illusion teacher go around the school with Bump, finding students and bringing them to the healing homeroom. After Hunter is brought in, Edric and the others are untrusting of the former Golden Guard before Willow convinces them to trust him per his demonstration of a breathing technique she remembers. Emira joins the staff and students of Hexside in taking on the Emperor's Coven; during the battle, she heals Skara when she's wounded and is protected by Amity in order to do so. Once Gus is freed, they watch as the Emperor's Coven leaves with a vegetative Adrian and listen as Hunter reveals the truth about the Day of Unity.[10]

Clouds on the Horizon - 1349

Emira and Edric are captured by their mother's Abomatons after attempting to steal Kikimora's airship.

After learning about the Draining Spell, Emira and her siblings try to warn their parents, unaware that their mother already knows and does not care about the harm it will cause. Odalia finds them and grounds the siblings after Edric and Emira try to burn down the factory. They are later freed by Luz and her friends, but the twins are caught and get grounded again.[11] They flee and Edric falls down an empty well and breaks every bone in his body on the rocks at the bottom. She mends him and they shelter at Hexside.

Hiding from the Collector[]

For the Future - 1933

Edric and Emira reuniting with Amity.

During the twins' time at Hexside, both Emira and Edric stopped using their concealment stones. Two months after the Day of Unity, Emira is overjoyed at Amity's homecoming and hugs her younger sister. Edric soon joins in the hug as well despite his multiple broken bones.[12]

Later, after Belos is defeated, Emira and the others celebrate the return of Bump, Amelia, and Cat.


Watching and Dreaming - 5323

Emira and other healers working to remove a Coven Sigil.

At some point after Belos was defeated, Emira and her siblings severed all ties with their mother following her and their father's divorce[13] During the next four years, Emira would eventually graduate from Hexside, following which she would begin working as a research assistant to her father in searching for a way to remove the Coven Sigils from branded witches.

Watching and Dreaming - 5558

Emira celebrating with her family at Luz's quinceañera.

On the day of Luz's belated quinceañera, Emira participated in her father's first successful removal of the sigils at his laboratory by serving as one of the assistants that provided the healing magic necessary to power Alador's removal device. Following the experiment's success, Emira would join her father outside to meet up with Amity and her friends, joyfully watching as he and her sister warmly embraced each other. Later that night, Emira would assist in helping set up the decorations for Luz's party before surprising her alongside her brother, father, and the other attendees. Shortly afterward, she joined everyone in watching the Collector's light spectacle, with her and Edric's arms locked together as they all waved goodbye to the star child as he departed.[14]


Odalia Blight[]

Clouds on the Horizon - 167

Emira and Edric are getting captured by their mother after rebelling against her.

While little has been seen of Emira's relationship with her mother, it is implied that it is strained. According to Amity, Odalia is much less pressuring on the twins than they are with her. While Emira was somewhat fearful of upsetting her mother and never opposes her outright, she and Edric have secretly helped Amity and her friends against their mother on occasion. This was shown when she and Edric helped Amity, Gus, and Willow infiltrate the Blight Industries expo in order to rescue Luz and later when she helped dye Amity's hair lilac instead of green, despite knowing that their mother would be furious.

In "Clouds on the Horizon", Emira's relationship with Odalia worsens after learning the truth about the Day of Unity, during which she works with her siblings to undermine their mother's attempts to aid in Belos' Draining Spell, working with Edric to first try to burn down her Abomaton factory and later attempting to steal Kikimora's airship, though both attempts failed with Odalia capturing and grounding them. During this time, it is suggested that Emira is aware of her mother's greedy nature: unlike Amity, who initially hoped to reason with Odalia about the Draining Spell, Emira recognized that Odalia was beyond reasoning, plainly stating that for Odalia, "Money always shouts louder".  

By the time of "Watching and Dreaming", in the four years since Belos' defeat, Emira, like her father and siblings, has since severed ties with Odalia for her selfish, apathetic nature, now living separately from and no longer associating with her in the wake of her parents' divorce.[15]

Alador Blight[]

Watching and Dreaming - 5382

Emira happily standing beside her father.

Like Odalia, little is known about Emira's relationship with Alador, although it is implied to be somewhat strained, due to Alador's neglecting of them in favor of his work at Blight Industries, though it is unknown if this has bothered her as much as Amity. She also seems to fear his judgment much less than her mother and is willing to voice her frustrations toward him if she becomes angered by any of his actions. This was demonstrated in "Reaching Out", when Warden Wrath mutated due to altered blabber serum at the Bonesborough Brawl and she berated Alador for sidelining Amity when her younger sister was trying to help him. In addition, Emira can also be very embarrassed by her father at times, especially when he is posting on Penstagram.[16]

Following his heart-to-heart conversation with Amity after defeating Wrath, however, Alador came to realize how much his neglect of his children had impaired his relationship with them, including Emira, and has since vowed to spend more time with them as a better father. Over the next four years following Belos' defeat, Emira and Alador would indeed rekindle their relationship, having spent more time together, and developing a much closer father-daughter bond with one another. Additionally, Emira, at some point, joined her father's employ as a research assistant, and worked alongside him in successfully finding a way to remove Belos' coven sigils from branded witches and demons.[13] During Luz's belated quinceañera, Emira, with Edric, celebrated alongside Alador in attendance of the festivities, further showing that their once distant relationship has become fully mended and are now able to enjoy the newfound time they spend together.

Edric Blight[]

Labyrinth Runners - 134

Emira with Edric shortly after enrolling in multi-track studies.

Edric is Emira's younger twin brother. Emira and Edric possess a very close relationship with each other and are rarely seen separately. Together, they frequently engage in mischievous behavior, namely their mutual affinity for pranks, and will regularly skip classes with each other. Additionally, when in battle Emira has been shown to work effectively and in unison with her brother.

Despite their closeness, in "Enchanting Grom Fright", Emira claims to be scared of being stuck with Edric forever, showing that she is much less emotionally reliant on her brother than he is with her. She can also at times be annoyed by her brother's antics and is unafraid of physically reprimanding him if she feels the need. Despite this, she still loves her brother unconditionally and often looks out for him when he is in need. After Edric broke the majority of his bones and was forced to be confined to a body cast following the Collector's conquest of the Isles, Emira served as his primary caretaker and did her best to both treat and support him while they took refuge at Hexside.

Four years following Belos' final defeat and destruction, Emira is shown to have remained close with her younger brother, despite the two of them now possessing different professions.

Amity Blight[]

Amity and Emira reunite

Emira joyfully hugging Amity after months of separation.

Due to their contrasting personalities, Amity and Emira have a rocky relationship. Emira likes embarrassing and messing with Amity, but dislikes Amity's tendency to tattle on her and Edric's pranks, which prompts her to get back at Amity. She will do this without concern about how that affects Amity, and at her worst, she can be apathetic toward her younger sister's boundaries. However, after one of her pranks nearly killed Amity, Emira and Edric became nicer towards her and help Amity practice magic.

Their nicer attitude towards their younger sister is further shown in "Escaping Expulsion" where they aid Amity in helping her and Willow and Gus sneak into their parents' showcase after learning Odalia is using Luz as a target for their abominations, and in "Through the Looking Glass Ruins", where they are supportive towards her and Luz's crushes on each other. Emira is shown later in the episode brushing Amity's hair and comforting her over her feelings for Luz. She also dyes Amity's hair lavender for her, telling her it looks great but to not tell their mother she helped. She, along with Edric, also approve of her "bold move" of kissing Luz on the cheek.

Luz Noceda[]

Through the Looking Glass Ruins - 211

Emira quietly showing her approval and fondness for Luz and Amity's attraction.

In "Lost in Language", Emira finds Luz in the library and admires her for how she embarrassed Amity at Hexside and the covention. When Luz says that she didn't really mean to do that, Emira tells her not to waste her time with Amity and that she and Edric were "way more fun". After this, they pull many pranks around the library, which causes them to get caught by Amity and the librarians, resulting in them being ousted. Emira, like her brother, encourages Luz to cause more mischief in the library during the night of the Wailing Star, despite her own reservations. Later on, Emira becomes an ally of Luz, but is angry at her when she causes a Slitherbeast to attack them at the Knee. After that day, she continually helps Luz in her adventures, and is aware of her growing crush on Amity, silently encouraging their relationship.

Powers and abilities[]

  • Magic: Emira, like her brother Edric, is shown to be highly skilled at magic. Like all witches, her magic comes from a sac of magic bile attached to her heart.
    • Illusion magic: Emira specializes in magic that involves manipulating perception, like Edric and Gus. These illusions can interact with physical objects and people.
      • Glamour: Emira can change her or a person's appearance, similar to a transformation.
      • Combined illusion: Emira can draw a joint spell circle with her twin to create a large illusion; this illusion shows the capacity to create smaller illusions.
    • Healing magic: Emira is fairly skilled at healing wounds with her magic.
    • Snow magic: Emira showed the ability to manipulate snow while training Amity on the Knee.
    • Restraining spell: Emira was shown to be able to use a spell circle to summon a rope of magical energy which she tried to use to restrain the Slitherbeast.
    • Telekinesis: Emira is capable of moving objects with her mind.


Behind the scenes[]

Name and basis[]

According to Matthieu Cousin, some of Emira's early designs borrowed heavily from Zelda from the Legend of Zelda franchise.[17]


Emira is voiced by Erica Lindbeck.


Emira debuted in "Lost in Language".

Foreign voice actors[]

Language version Actors Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Luciana Mauri
Brazil Portuguese (Brazil) Samira Fernandes
Taiwan Chinese Yang Shih-Ying (楊詩穎)
Czech Republic Czech Berenika Kohoutová
Germany German Marcia von Rebay
Hungary Hungarian Nemes Takách Kata
Indonesia Indonesian Lady Carmelita Novita
South Korea Korean Yang Jeong-hwa (양정화)
Malaysia Malay Shireen Hj Salehuddin
Poland Polish Magdalena Herman-Urbańska (Lost in Language)
Weronika Łukaszewska (Enchanting Grom Fright)
Portugal Portuguese Sandra de Castro (S1-S2, Ep.5)
Bárbara Lourenço (S2, Ep.14-S3)
Thailand Thai Niramol Gijpinyochai (นิรมล กิจภิญโญชัย)
Turkey Turkish Ece Bozçalı


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  • Emira, Edric, and Amity attend Hexside together, as Hexside teaches from first grade to twelfth.[2]
  • In "Enchanting Grom Fright", Emira reveals that her greatest fear is being stuck with Edric forever.
  • According to a National Siblings Day Instagram post by Disney Television Animation, Emira is the older twin and the eldest child of the Blight siblings.[3]
  • In "Reaching Out", Emira is shown to be able to perform healing magic.
    • She can then be seen in "Labyrinth Runners" as being enrolled in the healing track, as part of a multi-track.


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