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Emmiline Bailey Marcostimo[1] is a chameleon palisman that belongs to Gus Porter.


Emmiline is a blue chameleon with golden horns and two ridges on her head; the front ridge is split in the center. She has dark green eyes and a yellow-green stripe under her belly and tail. Her staff form is admiral blue.


Emmiline is shown to be resourceful and kindhearted. She also works well with the palismen belonging to Gus' friends.


At some point, Emmiline had an owner, but for some reason was left abandoned and was looked after by the Bat Queen.[2]

During Palisman Adoption Day at Hexside, Emmiline bonds with young illusionist Gus Porter over his wish to study the Human Realm and to re-establish contact with the giraffes.[2]

When Luz gets sick with the Common Mold, Emmiline assists Gus as he helps to care for his friend and fortifies the defenses of the Owl House.[3]

Later, Emmiline, in staff form, is used by Gus to train for and to play flyer derby. While the palisman is briefly captured and stowed away by Darius, she is soon rescued and reunited with Gus.[4]

As the Day of Unity draws near, Gus keeps Emmiline close as he encounters Hunter hiding out at Hexside.[5] On the Day of Unity, Clover encourages Emmiline, Flapjack, and Ghost to help out Gus and his friends by giving them food to ease their qualms with one another. She remains with Gus as he and the others travel to the head of the Titan to rescue Luz from Emperor Belos.[6]

Powers and abilities

  • Attachment and Detachment: Emmiline has the ability to attach herself onto Gus' staff as a palisman and detach herself to fly or walk around like a regular living being.
  • Flight: Emmiline is able to fly in her staff form.


Behind the scenes

Name and basis

The name "Emmiline" is a medieval feminine name shortened from a form of Germanic names with the element amal, meaning "work". The name also means "gentle" or "brave". Emmiline's name was first revealed in a tweet by Rebecca Bozza on June 4, 2022.[1]

Emmiline's name is a combination of the writers of the second season, such as Emmy Cicierega, Madeleine Hernandez, John Bailey Owen, Zach Marcus, and Mikki Crisostomo.[7]


Emmiline debuted in "Hunting Palismen".


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