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The Emperor's Castle is the home of Emperor Belos and the base of his Coven and followers.


50 years prior to the events of the series, Emperor Belos took control of the Boiling Isles and ended the "Savage Ages", an era when witches and demons used magic freely. Belos saw this as disrespectful to the Titan who makes up the Isles. He founded the Coven System and built his castle as a symbol of unity, directly upon the Titan's chest cavity.

Students from various magic schools across the Isles visit the Emperor's Castle for field trips, though the Emperor himself makes no appearance to them.



A retractable bridge connecting the Emperor's Castle to the mainland.

A retractable metal bridge that extends from the palace over an area of giant, sharp rocks, and over to a platform from where visitors come.

Castle Hallways

A picture of the hallway of the Emperor's Castle.

Corridors leading throughout the castle. Despite their main function being to allow easy access to the castle rooms - like most hallways - they have many art features displayed upon its walls. On display at the castle entrance are two tapestries, one depicting the Savage Ages, and the other depicting Belos' introduction of unity and the coven systems.

Further along the hall from the entrance are two statues of Belos, depicting him holding both a glowing orb, and his mechanical staff. Both have their gaze directed towards the entrance to the castle.

Relic Room

Luz, Willow and Gus in the relic room.

The Relic Room is Belos' personal treasury, containing magical artifacts that are his own possessions. Each one belongs to one of the main 9 Covens. Despite holding powerful magic, Lilith merely dismissed the relics as "useless". The relics are as follows:

  • Oracle Coven's Oracle Sphere: a purple orb cradled by a 3-headed stone snake. It creates an ethereal version of the user who tells them how to become their best self. According to a pamphlet, the Oracle Sphere was made from the tears of the "Great Eye".
  • Plant Coven's Green Thumb Gauntlet: a wooden gauntlet capable of growing any kind of plant based on the user's imagination.
  • Healing Coven's Healing Hat: a witch hat that can heal any injury and lift any curse.
  • A gold harp from the Bard Coven.
  • A white orb containing purple clay, from the Abomination Coven.
  • A golden vial from the Potions Coven.
  • A silver mirror from the Illusionist Coven.
  • A gold bell from the Beast Keeping Coven.
  • An unknown relic from the Construction Coven.

The room also features statues, presumably of the coven leaders appointed when covens were first brought to the isles by Belos, standing in the rafters, each sporting unique clothing and items. Similar statues can be found lining the room Belos is using to reconstruct the portal to the Human Realm. Only four of the presumed nine statues in the relic room are ever shown to us.

Portal Dome

A picture of the room containing the portal as shown in "Young Blood, Old Souls".

A large dome-shaped room containing Belos' current project, of great relevance to the Day of Unity. Many Emperor's Coven members can be seen working here. The room's main feature is a large, circular ring with white-gold wings splayed at its sides, resembling Belos' staff, being constructed around the reconstructed door to the human realm. In the background, the room also features arches hosting statues similar to those in the relic room.

Throne Room

Lilith having an audience with Emperor Belos in the throne room.

Emperor Belos's throne room. The corridor leading to it and the room itself contains many metallic pipes that serve an unknown purpose. The room itself is lit only by two giant torches from behind the throne. Atop the throne is a gargantuan, pulsing heart. When Belos is in the room, he is flanked by members of his Coven for protection.



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  • The inside of the castle is very similar design to many medieval cultures, The castle's interior is very similar to a museum in Chicago.
  • Some artifacts are very well known as European culture based on real life history.