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The Emperor's Coven is the highest-ranked coven in the Coven System and an antagonistic faction in The Owl House. It serves directly under Emperor Belos and enforces his will across the Boiling Isles, functioning as both law enforcement and judicial system. Its base of operations is at the Emperor's Castle.


Coven Scouts

The most common uniform of the Emperor's Coven is the standard scout uniform. The scout uniform consists of a dark gray long-sleeved shirt with brown gloves and a brown belt with a gold buckle, followed by black harem pants and pointed brown boots. On their heads, members wear a white cowl with a pointed hood and hide their faces behind a light gray bird-like mask resembling masks worn by plague doctors, 17th century physicians who treated victims of the Bubonic Plague in certain European countries.

Coven Guards

The Coven guards possess a humanoid appearance, a large rotund build, and blue eyes with black sclera and pupils. Their uniform consists of a gray long-sleeved shirt with brown gloves and a brown belt with a gold buckle, followed by black harem pants and brown boots. The Coven Guards wear dark gray pointed masks as opposed to the bird-like masks worn by Coven Scouts. Their uniforms prominently feature golden triangle at the center.

Each Coven Guard is usually armed with a sword that hangs off their belt, though they can use various types of magic due to being part of the Emperor's Coven.

Miscellaneous Uniforms

Certain members of the Emperor's Coven appear to have their own specialized uniforms, which likely denotes rank or occupation. Regardless of the uniform worn, most, if not all Emperor's Coven uniforms, bear a triangle-shaped symbol that denotes their allegiance to Emperor Belos.


The Emperor's Coven is one of the ten major covens established on the Boiling Isles and is tasked with enforcing imperial law. Members of the Emperor's Coven can be found working in government-operated facilities, such as the Conformatorium, various police precincts, and the Emperor's Castle. Most guard duties and patrols are handled by the Coven Guards, though it is not uncommon to see a Coven Scout patrolling the area. Scouts are often tasked with missions outside of urban areas and are usually led by superior members such as Lilith Clawthorne, Kikimora, or various captains.

Members of the Emperor's Coven are elite witches recruited from the best students in the educational system. Should open spots within the coven be limited, a Witch's Duel may be held, with the winner becoming the newest addition to the coven.[1] Upon induction, members of the Emperor's Coven receive a brand from a branding glove and are required to give their palisman to the Emperor. Newly inducted recruits undergo rigorous training regiments, which include participating in Witch's Duels, navigating trap-filled mazes, and surviving alone on a mountain. Their days start at 6:00 in morning and have one day off every year.

Members of the Emperor's Coven retain access to all of their magic, unlike members of other covens.

The coven was formerly led by Lilith Clawthorne before her defection in "Young Blood, Old Souls".[2][1] It was then led by Hunter until his defection in "Hollow Mind".[3] Currently, the Emperor's Coven is currently vacant of a leader.




  • As a child, Eda wanted to join the Emperor's coven. Lilith once wanted Eda to join, as seen in "Once Upon a Swap".
  • The Emperor's Coven Scout uniform was designed by Matthieu Cousin.[4]
  • According to Hunter, the members of the Emperor's Coven get one day off a year and get to "sleep in" until 6:00 a.m.


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