"Enchanting Grom Fright" is the sixteenth episode in the first season of The Owl House.


Luz experiences Grom, Hexside's version of Prom, and it's not what she expects.


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Additional voices

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
France French La peur du Grom enchanté The fear of the enchanted Grom
Vietnam Vietnamese Đêm Dạ Hội Đáng Sợ Scary Evening Party


  • Final Fantasy VII: The sword on the weapon rack resembles the Buster Sword.
  • Devil May Cry: There is also a sword on the racks the resembles the thunder sword Alastor.
  • It: Grometheus seems to be inspired by or parodying Pennywise the Dancing Clown, as both are monstrous evils that appear once every set period of time, are trapped under a main location of the series and take on the form of their enemies' worst fears.
  • Star Vs. the Forces of Evil: Luz and Amity's dance sequence has some similarities to Star and Marco's dance from "Blood Moon Ball" and Star and Tom's dance in "Club Snubbed".
    • One of Luz's fears, human souls trapped in cat bodies, could be a reference to the Dimension of Cats with Human Faces.
  • YouTube: "MewTube" is a parody of YouTube
    • The videos King watches are cat videos.
  • M’lady meme: One of Luz’s fears is debating with jerks on the internet. With the jerks being portrayed by a neckbeard tipping his fedora, similar to the meme format.


  • Part of King’s face glitches a bit when he says “Ah, a severed hand. Perfect response!”


Southeast Asia

  • Terms such as "dum-dum", "nitwit", and the likes were cut. These were not cut in Indonesian, Malay, and Thai dub.
  • "We're gonna turn this bloodbath into a fun bath." was shortened to "We're gonna turn this into a fun bath." This wasn't cut in Indonesian, Malay, and Thai dub.
  • The scene where two boys dance was cut. However, Luz and Amity’s dance, the letter, and Amity's blush were kept intact.


  • The Grom Tiara relic found in the Owl House video game Witch's Apprentice may be a reference to this episode.
  • This marks the second episode where Luz wears a skirt. First being Escape of the Palisman.
  • When Eda's portal is open, it allows the transmission of WiFi signals into the Boiling Isles.
  • The codeword in this episode is "mud".
  • Luz, along with the illusion of her mother, speaks in her native language for the third time in this episode, following "A Lying Witch and a Warden" and "Hooty's Moving Hassle".
    • "Espérate un momento." translation "Wait a moment."
    • "Te extraño también, mami." translation "I miss you too, mommy."
  • Dana Terrace revealed in a Instagram post after episode that Edric and Emira got stood up by their Grom dates.[2]
  • In a charity stream hosted by Dana Terrace, Spencer Wan, and Luz Batista, an image from the episode, which was cut for time, was shown. The image shows an alternate Grom photo of Luz in her otter suit, with Amity looking at her lovingly.[3]

Character revelations

  • Through Grom and by other means, several of the characters' fears are revealed in this episode:
    • Luz - Her mom finding out about her staying in The Boiling Isles.
    • Amity - Being rejected, specifically by Luz.
    • Willow - Ladybugs
    • Gus - Clowns
    • Edric - Being alone forever
    • Emira - Being stuck with her twin brother forever
    • King - Public speaking
  • Luz learns her third spell in this episode, the Plant Spell.
  • It is revealed that someone has been sending Camilla letters in Luz's handwriting.
  • Luz reveals that she is lactose intolerant.
  • Amity is revealed to have a crush on Luz.

Memorable Quotes

Te extraño también, Mami



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