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"Escape of the Palisman" is the tenth episode of the first season of The Owl House, and the tenth episode overall.

It premiered on March 20, 2020.


When an adventure with Eda's staff goes awry, Luz and her friends have to earn the staff back from a mysterious forest creature or lose it forever. Meanwhile, King targets kids with Cursed Eda.


Eda and Luz are at the slayground with King, who is trying to claim the slide as his throne, only to be "overthrown" by one of the kindergarteners. While watching from a bench, Eda tells Luz the story of how Owlbert came to be. Turns out she made him from the branch of an ancient tree, and they had been together ever since. Suddenly, Eda has a blackout and for a brief moment finds herself alone in a dark void. When she comes round, Eda urgently gathers everyone back to the Owl House. The blackout was a sign of her curse.

When they get home, an exhausted Eda lies on the couch to rest. Luz offers to get her elixir and take care of her, but she brushes away her help assuring that she can take care of herself. She also reminds Luz that she has other arrangements to attend, such as the grudgby game between Hexside and Glandus High.

So, Luz leaves for Hexside to meet up with Willow and Gus, who are just about to leave for the game along with the other Hexsidians. Luz realizes she is not properly dressed. She heads into the school and rummages through the lost and found box in the cafeteria. She finds a Hexside sweater and skirt, along with a drinking cap and a pair of pompoms. However, when she gets back, the Hexsidians have already left. Willow and Gus chose to wait for Luz, and got left behind. Since Glandus High is such a long way, there is no chance of them walking or asking Willow's parents for a staff ride. So, Luz suggests using Eda's staff.

Back at the Owl House, Eda has turned into her Owl Beast form once again. However, King discovers that she is only partially transformed, making her partially susceptible to manipulation. She even responds to King's commands which he decides to take advantage of against the kindergarteners. Luz arrives back at the Owl House looking for Eda. She wants her permission to borrow her staff. King hides Eda away and gives Luz the staff, assuring her that Eda approves.

Luz, Willow and Gus take flight to the games, but struggle with controlling the staff. They fly uncontrollably through the woods and crash. Owlbert ends up injured. Hurt by Luz's mistreatment, he detaches himself and flies away. Luz, Willow and Gus chase after him and find themselves at the Bat Queen's nest in a dense part of the forest. They find Owlbert, but the Bat Queen refuses to let them take him. Turns out being careless with staff is a serious offense, and because of this Owlbert no longer trusts Luz. In order to regain his trust, Luz must take on a series of trials, which are impossible to win. However, Luz is determined to get Owlbert back and accepts. The Bat Queen has Willow and Gus wrapped and restrained in webbing, as Luz cannot have any help.

The trials involve milking a spider-demon, removing bee nests, and bathing the Bat Queen's babies, all of which turn out to be extremely difficult and painful. Despite all the difficulties, Luz manages to complete all the trials, showing Owlbert that she is genuinely sorry. He finally forgives Luz, but the Bat Queen refuses to let him go. She attacks Luz and chases her out of her nest. In the midst of their battle, Luz discovers that the Bat Queen herself used to be a palisman. She admits that she was once part a staff that belonged to a giant until she was broken and discarded. After that, she devoted herself to protect all the palismans that had been broken and abandoned. Luz tries to convince the Bat Queen that Owlbert is still loved by Eda and his decision to stay is not hers to make. The Bat Queen does not listen, and tries to attack Luz. However, Owlbert steps in to protect her. He is able to convince Bat Queen that he cares for her. She concedes her defeat, and allows him return to Luz. Before leaving, Luz asks the Bat Queen about what happened to her owner. She does not remember as it was thousands of years ago. Luz also offers her help if she ever wants to search for the truth, which she thankfully takes into consideration.

Meanwhile, King returns to the slayground and uses Owl Beast Eda to scare away the kindergarteners and reclaim the slide. However, Eda starts to ignore King's commands and eventually turns on him. King tries to give Eda her elixir, but it does not work for some reason. Just then, Animal Control shows up and captures Eda. King rushes to her rescue, apologizes for taking advantage of her, and is able to get her to change back by getting through to her.

Everyone returns home. Luz and Owlbert decide to keep their misadventure a secret, and Eda realizes her elixir is no longer working against the curse.


Additional voices

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) El escape del Tailamigo The escape from the Tailamigo
Brazil Portuguese (Brazil) A Fuga do Parlismã The Escape of the Palisman
Taiwan Mandarin 護身法寶逃脫記 Escape of Palisman
Germany German Wo ist Heulbert Where is Owlbert
Egypt Arabic هروب التميمة Mascot Escape
France French Le sceptre magique The magical scepter
Indonesia Indonesian Kabur dari Palisman Escape from the Palisman
Israel Hebrew בריחת הקמע The escape of the mascot
Japan Japanese 逃げたアウルバート Owlbert who ran away
South Korea Korean 수호새를 찾아라 Find The Guardian Bird
Malaysia Malay Melarikan Diri Daripada Palisman Escape from Palisman
Netherlands Dutch Vlucht van de Loyaalisman Escape of the Loyalisman
Portugal Portuguese A Fuga do Palismã The Escape of the Palisman
Poland Polish Ucieczka palizmanu Escape of the Palisman
Turkey Turkish Tildaş'ın Kaçışı


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  • The episode completed production on October 18, 2019.[2]
  • This is the first episode where Luz wears a skirt.
  • The wanted posters on the wall include the following fugitives: Nose Thief for $1,000, Black Phil, and Leech Boy.
  • In the wanted poster with a knight in it, you can read "ARKMOON", referring to Darkmoon Knightess a character in the Dark Souls game.
  • There is another school of magic called Glandus High, situated in the centre of the Boiling Isles.
  • This episode is the mid-season finale, which led into a hiatus.
  • When King was on the street while catching up to cursed Eda, the 10th code was revealed on one of the wanted posters: it gets cracked into "S-T-OH-N" and translated into "Stone".
  • Luz' hoodie matches Glandus High's school colors which are purple and white.
  • Tom is voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson instead of Fred Tatasciore in this episode.
  • The Bat Queen, if not all palismen, can communicate telepathically with other palismen.
  • This is the first episode where Hooty appears but does not speak.

Revelations and significant events

  • Eda's elixirs are becoming less effective on her curse.
  • It is revealed that the Bat Queen used to be the palisman on a giant's grand staff, thousands of years ago. The staff was broken and she was abandoned.
  • The Demon Hunters from "Hooty's Moving Hassle" are now working for Animal Control.
  • Eda retains a vision of the person who cursed her.


  • When King tries to get away from cursed Eda and gets tangled up in the rope ladder, Eda's hindtalons are miscolored white.
  • When Owlbert was hurt and ran into the forest, the staff was placed beside Luz's foot was gone.


  • In Southeast Asia broadcast, Eda's line "Oh, man. Here we go. King's squeak of rage.", Luz's line "She'll kill me if we don't get it back." and King's line "Over my dead body." were cut.

Memorable quotes

I made Owlbert from the branch of an ancient tree.
To be careless with a staff, it's very serious. I protect him.
Man, humans can run. Must be their dorsal fins.
Luz, the Bat Queen is well‐known for her impossible trials. I've never heard of anyone winning against her.
Yes, I was once part of a grand staff. A staff made for a giant. But I was broken, discarded. I made home in forest. I'm here to take the lost. The forgotten.
I can't believe you took on the Bat Queen.
The elixir. It isn't working on the curse anymore. This is bad.



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