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Fairies are diminutive flying bug demons living on the Boiling Isles.


Fairy resemble the popular depiction of fairies in the Human Realm and are likely the inspiration for the fairies depicted in human myths. They appear to come in multiple varieties, some more humanoid than others and possess wings that help them fly. One particular variety of humanoid fairy feeds on skin.


Fairies are a species of bug demons and primarily communicate via dancing. However, some fairies possess the ability to speak and communicate their intentions to witches and humans. One particular fairy told Luz to "GIVE ME YOUR SKIN!" before being slapped away by the human.[1] That same fairy would later appear to demonstrate its communicative dance for Hooty while King was trying to discover what type of demon he is.[2]

Witches and other demons have practical uses for fairies. Fairy tears are used to make scrying potions,[3] and their spit is used to make Blabber Serum.[4] Fairies themselves can be baked into a fairy pie.[5]





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