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Week two of my palisman observations: Not too long ago, I was able to make mental contact with my pa- Um, I mean, the subject of my observations. His name is Flapjack, and I have to admit, I do not know what a Flapjack is.
Hunter recording his observations of Flapjack, Hunter's Palisman Observations

Flapjack is a supporting character of The Owl House. He was a red cardinal palisman belonging to Hunter, before sacrificing himself to save Hunter after he was fatally injured by Emperor Belos.


Flapjack is a bird-shaped palisman, similar to a northern cardinal, with a scar where his left eye would be shaped like a crescent with a spike, red feathers with dark red wingtips, a dark red beak, dark brown feet, and a black face. He is shown to be able to open both eyes in "Hunting Palismen". In staff form, his staff is colored maroon. According to Hunter, his staff has a few notches.


Flapjack is shown to be an inquisitive and free-spirited palisman, as he was curious about exploring outside the palismen pen before being ushered back inside. He is loyal and persistent, initially following Hunter and remaining by his side despite his protests. Flapjack is also shown to be caring, attempting several times to push Hunter to talk to Amity and later even splitting a goreberry to share with him even though it was all he had to eat.[1] He seems to be reserved when it comes to his past, avoiding the subject when Hunter asks about it. Flapjack is also shown to be intelligent and helpful, breaking Luz out of her restraints in "Hunting Palismen", switching in and out of his wooden form to avoid capture and help his witch, as well as pushing Hunter in the right direction to help him befriend Gus after attempting to find food for him. Flapjack's devotion to Hunter was so strong that he sacrificed his own life to save him from the brink of death in "Thanks to Them".


Hunting Palismen - Palismen

Flapjack as one of the palismen waiting for adoption during Bat Queen's "Palismen Adoption Day".

Flapjack's origins are a mystery, though it is implied that he had some relation to Evelyn, possibly being her palisman.[2] He somehow ended up under the Bat Queen's care sometime in the past and ends up as one of the palismen up for adoption during Hexside's Palisman Adoption Day for students hoping to acquire one. He attempts to escape the pen of palismen and later succeeds, ending up in Luz's bag, where she unknowingly took him home. Once Luz realized this (after assuming he chose her as his master), she brought him back to the pen, only for the two and all the other palismen to be captured by the Golden Guard.

Hunting Palismen - 1239

Flapjack assuming staff form before Hunter, much to his surprise.

After his blimp crashes, Flapjack finds Luz and wakes her up, remaining perched on her shoulder as she and the Golden Guard traveled through Latissa. When the two adversaries come up with a plan to free the palismen from Kikimora and Hunter shares his thoughts on his future, Flapjack senses his wish to help Emperor Belos and takes an interest in him. After the palismen are freed, Flapjack told the Bat Queen he had found a master. According to her, he must have been without one for a long time. She allows him to return to Hunter, who is surprised when he assumes staff form before him, claiming him as his owner.[3]

Eclipse Lake - 209

Flapjack tagging along with Hunter during his mission to get the Titan Blood at Eclipse Lake.

Flapjack later tags along with Hunter on his trip to the Knee to acquire Titan's Blood, despite his protests. Throughout the journey, he flies around freely, perching on several places from ledges to Hunter's head and even Amity's shoulder. As Hunter begins fighting Amity and King for the portal key, Flapjack deflects King's sonic attack and allows Hunter to use him in battle, later flying away when he succeeded. Hunter appreciates Flapjack sticking by him and discovers he is starting to understand the palisman, learning his name as he begins his return journey.[4]

Emerald Entrails Team Photo

Flapjack as seen in the group photo of Emerald Entrails.

As Flapjack watches Hunter sewing the Golden Guard sigil on his cloak, Hunter receives word that he is to take his place at a meeting with the coven heads. Flapjack joins Hunter as he goes undercover cover at Hexside School of Magic and Demonics to find new recruits for the Emperor's Coven. The two impress Willow Park and she invites them to join her Flyer Derby team. After the Emerald Entrails, Hunter’s flyer derby team, are taken by Darius Deamonne, he helps Hunter free them and get Darius to let them go.

Labyrinth Runners - 317

Flapjack stays with Hunter while he is hiding at Hexside.

After Hunter ends up in Belos' mind, Flapjack becomes worried and stays close to The Owl House until Hunter is saved and flees with him. After Hunter hides at Hexside, he brings him food. Flapjack helps Hunter and Gus fend off coven scouts, stays with Hunter after he is knocked out, and helps Hunter get to Gus.

King's Tide (157)

Flapjack perching on Hunter's head as he and Gus enjoy their food.

On the Day of Unity, Flapjack works with Hunter and his friends to free the Blight siblings and fends off Kikimora. As they travel to the Head, he and the other palismen give their partners food after they start arguing. When coven scouts find them, Hunter flies on him to defend their airship and he goes to the Head with Hunter. When Belos sees him, he is instantly reminded of Caleb and attacks Hunter in a fit of rage.

Thanks to Them - 4263

Flapjack sacrificing himself to revive Hunter.

After being stranded in the Human Realm, he starts pecking at the floor of the Old House until Amity's foot falls through the floor and she finds a rebus. The following day, Hunter believes he saw Belos and promises Flapjack he will keep him safe. During the Gravesfield Halloween Festival, Hunter, as Belos takes over his body, orders him to obtain the rebus. He hides as Belos takes control of Hunter's body and helps Hunter to regain control. However, Belos manages to grab and crush Flapjack, severely wounding him. After Hunter takes control, he weakly flies to Luz. When Belos leaves Hunter's body and returns to the Demon Realm, Hunter is unresponsive and Flapjack sacrifices himself to save Hunter, transferring his life and magic to Hunter in the process, thus disintegrating and dying.

Watching and Dreaming - 5165

A memorial dedicated to Flapjack.

After hearing Willow doubt herself, Hunter displays Flapjack's signature teleportation ability while attempting to save himself, Gus, and Willow from Willow's out-of-control powers. Soon after, Willow and Gus figure out that his newfound abilities were inherited from Flapjack's sacrifice.

Some time in the four years following his sacrifice, a tombstone of Flapjack is erected in the forest, which Willow grows forget-me-nots around. Hunter, Willow, Luz, Amity and Gus have also gotten red cardinal tattoos in his memory.


Bat Queen

Hunting Palismen - 1123

Flapjack telling the Bat Queen that he had found a new owner in "Hunting Palismen".

Flapjack seems to have a positive relationship with the Bat Queen, having stayed with her for a very long time before bonding to Hunter.


Any Sport in a Storm - 004

Flapjack and Hunter inside his room in "Any Sport in a Storm".

Hunter and Flapjack were initially wary of each other, with Hunter believing that wild magic is dangerous. When Hunter stated that Luz could choose her own future unlike him, Flapjack took an interest in him, possibly bonding to him at that moment. Later, he followed Hunter back to the Emperor's Castle. Hunter did not force him to leave, but said that he shouldn't stay at the castle, showing concern for his well-being. Flapjack transformed into a staff, surprising Hunter.

During "Eclipse Lake", Flapjack continued following Hunter around, much to his annoyance. Hunter hid Flapjack under his cloak to avoid him being seen by Belos, showing that, despite his irritation, he does care about his safety. Later, Flapjack pushed Hunter to Eda, King, and Amity, showing that he may want the witch to have friends or positive connections. When Hunter was captured, Flapjack still followed him from a distance, even after Hunter told him to go away. Flapjack continued to show worry about Hunter, and later rushed to protect him during his fight with Amity. Hunter stated that he felt palisman magic was weird. After growing closer to Flapjack, Hunter began understanding him, showing fascination over it.

Hunter shows interest in Flapjack, doing observations, asking several Coven Heads what a flapjack is, and keeping him a secret from Belos. Hunter still shows some fear of Flapjack and wild magic, expecting him to get angry over receiving a goreberry for breakfast and allowing him to show 'his true wild nature' and 'evil intentions', being surprised when Flapjack shared the food with him instead, and hesitating to call Flapjack his own palisman. Despite this, Flapjack still shows great love and care for Hunter.[1]

After the events of "Eclipse Lake", Hunter has grown to care deeply for Flapjack. In "Any Sport in a Storm", Hunter began using him rather than his artificial staff and is shown to have grown quite adept at flying and using magic compared to when he was at Eclipse Lake. When Darius asked if Hunter planned to tell Belos about his palisman, he instinctively protected him, showcasing that he didn't want Flapjack to suffer the same fate as the other palismen. In "Hollow Mind", when Flapjack reached out to Hunter after getting trapped in Emperor Belos' mind, the latter showed immediate concern for his well-being and safety, asking if he was hurt at all. At the end of their conversation, Hunter told him he loved him and to stay safe, much to his embarrassment when Eda and King overheard him.

Despite their positive relationship, Flapjack tends to keep some secrets from Hunter, never divulging about his past or his previous owner. "Thanks to Them" ultimately shows how much Flapjack cares about Hunter and vice versa: after being fatally injured by Belos beyond repair and Hunter near death, Flapjack chooses to use what life and magic he had left and used it to save Hunter's life, sacrificing himself in the process and spending his final moments by his side. After waking up, Hunter already knew what had happened and was deeply devastated by his death. This, however, gave Hunter the drive to stand up to and ultimately fight back against Belos and end his reign once and for all and also gave him a new ability to use magic without his palisman.

In the epilogue to "Watching and Dreaming", a gravestone is shown to have been erected in honor of Flapjack with Hunter's epitaph: "Thank you for finding me."

Luz Noceda

Thanks to Them - 3951

An injured Flapjack flying towards Luz in "Thanks to Them".

Flapjack seems to have a positive relationship with Luz. While he seemed to show little interest in her, he stayed by her side during the events of "Hunting Palismen", before later following Hunter to the Emperor's castle. Later on in "Thanks to Them", he allowed himself to be used by Luz to try and rescue a possessed Hunter from Belos.

In the epilogue to "Watching and Dreaming", Luz and her friends are shown to have matching cardinal tattoos to honor Flapjack.

Amity Blight

Eclipse Lake - Amity offers a hand

Flapjack perching on Amity's shoulder as she offers Hunter her hand in "Eclipse Lake".

While he rushed to defend Hunter from her in "Eclipse Lake", Flapjack still seems to like Amity, appreciating that she showed concern for Hunter despite his initial betrayal and perching on her shoulder while she talked to him, possibly trying to persuade Hunter to take her offer of companionship.

In "Thanks to Them", she was saddened after Flapjack sacrificed himself to heal Hunter after Belos stabbed him.

In the epilogue to "Watching and Dreaming", Amity and her friends are shown to have matching cardinal tattoos to honor Flapjack.

Caleb Wittebane

While not much is known about Flapjack's relationship with Caleb, it is hinted that the two were connected, as Belos shouted Caleb's name when he saw Flapjack in the present day.


It was heavily implied that Flapjack belonged to Evelyn, due to the cardinal imagery the witch was associated with. When Belos kills Flapjack, he references Evelyn by name. The Bat Queen also comments "You found one after all this time" when Flapjack chose Hunter as his master, implying that he had been orphaned for a long while.

Emperor Belos

Thanks to Them - 3920

Belos stabbing Flapjack

Emperor Belos appears to know Flapjack, as when he saw Flapjack during the Day of Unity, he reacted violently to the palisman while referencing Caleb. As the years passed, Belos grew to see Flapjack as an extension of Caleb's partner, Evelyn, exclaiming the name in anger upon seeing Flapjack and saying "Goodbye, Evelyn," as he stabbed the palisman while possessing Hunter.

Powers and abilities

  • Attachment and detachment: As a palisman, Flapjack has the ability to attach onto a staff as a palisman and detach to fly and walk around as a conscious entity.
  • Teleportation: Flapjack is able to teleport himself and Hunter short distances when running or flying. This ability was passed onto Hunter after the Palisman sacrificed himself for Hunter.
  • Magic blast: Flapjack is able to fire off multiple magic blasts when in staff mode.
  • Flight: Flapjack is able to fly both in and out of staff form.
  • Communication: Flapjack is able to communicate with and be understood by Hunter.
  • Wood mimicry: He is able to magically transform into a wooden state.
  • Healing: In "Thanks to Them", Flapjack lies on Hunter's chest and disintegrates into floating, glowing orbs, which causes Hunter's scars to glow yellow and saves his life, in exchange for Flapjack's.
  • Telekinesis: In "Eclipse Lake", Hunter summons a large fist made out of stone to knock Amity off of her Palisman.


Behind the scenes

Name and basis

The term "flapjack" has origins dating back to as early as the beginning of the 16th century, though many sources date it somewhere in the 17th. It is formed from the words "flap" and "jack" (an object) to mean the process of baking by flipping and catching, hence it being a synonym for pancake.

His name was hinted in "Eclipse Lake", in which Hunter learned what it was but did not mention it. Flapjack's name was first revealed in "Hunter's Palisman Observations", an audio story which premiered during a charity livestream hosted by Dana Terrace.[1] Flapjack's name is properly said on-screen by Hunter in "Hollow Mind".


Flapjack debuted in "Hunting Palismen".


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  • It is implied in "Hunting Palismen" that before Hunter, Flapjack had been without a witch for a very long time.
  • It is hinted that Flapjack knew Caleb Wittebane, the older brother of Philip. When Belos confronts Hunter in "King's Tide", he sees Flapjack and angrily says "Caleb", the same name Flapjack suggested to Hunter in "Any Sport in a Storm" to hide his identity from Gus and Willow. This also implies that Flapjack is well over three hundred years old.
    • In addition, a drawing in the old book that Jacob Hopkins shows Camila Noceda in "Yesterday's Lie" had what appears to be a cardinal that looks very similar to Flapjack on the shoulder of one of the two brothers.
    • A cardinal also appeared during the hayride show in "Thanks to Them" with Evelyn, the witch the Wittebane brothers encountered; Belos later references her by name when he injures Flapjack.
    • This was later insinuated by Dana Terrace in the "Post Hoot" livestream, where she believed that Belos saw the creature as the culmination of the corruption in Caleb and responsible for his brother's "betrayal", as Flapjack was Caleb's first introduction to magic.[5]
      • She also stated she does not think Flapjack had Evelyn's soul, but was his own entity.
  • Flapjack's name is changed in some dubs:
    • In the Latin Spanish dub, the name given to Flapjack is "Bandidito".
    • In the Portuguese dub, the name given to Flapjack is "Rebelde", which means "Rebel" or "Rebellious".
    • In the French dub, the name given to Flapjack is "Plume Rouge", which means "Red Feather".
    • In the Brazilian Portuguese dub, the name given to Flapjack is "Panqueca", which mean "Pancake", a synonym for flapjack.
    • In the German dub, the name given to Flapjack is "Flügelchen", which means "Little Wing".
  • Prior to his name being revealed in the show, many had addressed the palisman by the "Li'l Rascal" nickname Luz had given him.
  • Storyboard notes refer to Flapjack as "Cardinal" prior to his name being revealed.
  • Dell Clawthorne's palisman Toast is similar in appearance to Flapjack, being a yellow cardinal with a scar on his beak and bushy eyebrows.
  • Flapjack is the second character in the series to die permanently onscreen, the first being Adegast, the third being the Titan, and the fourth being Belos.
  • Flapjack was the only male palisman within the Hexsquad.


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