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Flyer Derby is a sports game on the Boiling Isles. While it is lesser known compared to Grudgby, it is a competitive sport that is played amongst Witches. One notable Flyer Derby team is Hexside's Emerald Entrails.


Flyer Derby is played between two teams of five players and requires a staff for flight and colored flags corresponding to the playing teams. The flag is attached to the staffs, and points are scored by stealing flags from the opposing team and hanging them on a multipronged flag post. Like Grudgby, magic plays an integral role in the game, and players often have to combine their flight skills with magic in order to steal flags. Once a flag is stolen, the player who loses the flag is considered "out", and the team who loses all their flags loses the game.




  • Flyer Derby may be based on the game of Quidditch from the Harry Potter franchise, where players try to capture the Golden Snitch onto their own goal.
  • It is shown on a photograph in "Any Sport in a Storm" that Gilbert and Harvey Park used to play Flyer Derby together on a team called "The Ghouls" when they were younger.