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You there, nightmare critter! I shall call you Francois, and you shall be a minion in my army of darkness. Ha‐ha!

Francois is King's stuffed bunny, later belonging to the Collector in "Watching and Dreaming".


Francois is a pinkish-beige stuffed bunny toy with a black bead for its right eye and a light blue button for its left eye. The plush has two lop ears, an X-shaped stitch for its mouth, and a small white pom for a tail.


Francois first appears in "A Lying Witch and a Warden", found by King in a box that falls out of the conformatorium's confiscated items. After retrieving his crown, King notices the plush nearby, picks it up, and names it, Francois, declaring it to be a new minion in his "army of darkness".

Later, in "Adventures in the Elements", Francois is among a group of toys King enlists into his "boot camp". Unlike the other toys, King doesn't animate Francois to life, mentioning that it is "perfect already". King's favoritism toward Francois eventually leads to a rebellion fermented by the bear doll. Soon after, Hooty destroys the animated toys, leaving Francois as the only toy left in King's possession.

Between "Edge of the World" and "O Titan, Where Art Thou", the Emperor's Coven raids the abandoned Owl House and clears it of its contents, including Francois. After Luz, King, and Hooty regroup with Eda and Lilith on the Knee, Luz plans a heist with Eda to recover the toy for King from the Bonesborough Precinct. Francois is later reunited with King after the Owl House's residents join the Covens Against the Throne.

In "For the Future", King still has Francois with him following the the Collector's conquest of the Boiling Isles, keeping him within his and the Collector's new room in the Archive House. The Collector seems to have taken quite a liking to the plush, even erecting a statue resembling it in the middle of Bonesborough. After being read a bedtime story by him, the Collector asks King if he could sleep with Francois, though King gently refuses, as Luz is the only other person he lets hold it. Despite this, at the Collector's insistence, King leaves Francois on the nightstand next to their beds to watch over the Collector as he sleeps to quell his fear of being left alone.

In "Watching and Dreaming", after the Collector is reformed and Emperor Belos is defeated, the Collector reluctantly returns Francois to King, who twirls the plush around joyfully. However, after seeing him leave in sadness at having to give it up, King decides to gift Francois to the Collector before his journey back to the stars as a memento. In the following moment, the Collector can be seen holding the plush and discussing it with Amity.