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An illusionist has always kept watch over the Galdorstones, We gain no powers from them, so we're the least likely to use them for evil. Probably.
—Keeper of the Looking Glass Graveyard, "Through the Looking Glass Ruins"

Galdorstones are ancient relics that boost magic power and can be found in the Looking Glass Ruins. It is a highly sought-after relic for its power-enhancing properties.[1]


Thanks to their ability to boost the magic of its holder, galdorstones are highly coveted by witches and demons alike; however, due to their inability to boost illusion magic, members of the Illusion Coven are tasked with guarding these relics (as it is most unlikely for an illusionist that they could use the power of the galdorstones for evil purposes). When one of these illusionists pass on, a statue is built in their honor, and the galdorstone they guarded is placed in the statue's hands. A large number of galdorstones can be found in the Looking Glass Ruins, the final resting place for many illusionists. It is fiercely guarded by the Keeper of the Looking Glass Graveyard, who casts an illusion of a terrifying guardian that commands the weather and ghosts.

However, when a talented young illusionist named Gus Porter figures out the guardian is an illusion, Bria, Gavin, and Angmar take the galdorstones for themselves, though they are subsequently returned after Gus forces them to flee.[1]

Galdorstones are also mentioned by Head Illusionist Adrian Graye Vernworth in "Labyrinth Runners." According to Graye, the galdorstones make great gifts for Emperor Belos, prompting the head witch to search for them.



  • The galdorstones may be named after the real-life Calderstones, possibly combined with galdr, an Old Norse word for a magic spell.
  • In the closed captioning, they are spelled as "galderstones".
  • A brief scene of an open book in "Eclipse Lake" reveals that a galdorstone is one of the items needed to create a Grimwalker.
    • In "Labyrinth Runners" it is revealed that Belos doesn't know where the Looking Glass Graveyard is located. Given this, it isn't known where the galdorstones that Belos used to create the Golden Guards came from.


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