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Gavin is a character in The Owl House. He first appears in the episode "Through the Looking Glass Ruins".



Gavin's skin is a shade of light brown. He has short, spiky gray hair, dark blue eyes (which appear as purple in darker lighting), and a chin that tapers to the point.


Gavin wears the abomination track uniform from Glandus High, which consists of a short-sleeve gray-brown shirt with darker brown sleeve rims, a magenta scarf that is torn in some places, and magenta leggings. Rather than the standard boots, Gavin wears yellow and white sneakers.


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Gavin is a student in Glandus High's abomination track, and is a apart of a group of students consisting of himself, Bria, Angmar, and Mattholomule. When he and his group debut, they use their magics to stop a Slitherbeast from running over Braxas. Gus is impressed by their abilities and goes up to talk with them, and the three Glandus students introduce themselves. Mattholomule then shows up with a map to the Galdorstones, power-enhancing relics that can greatly boost a witch's magical power, and at the suggestion of Luz, Bria allows Gus to join the group on their journey to the Looking Glass Ruins.


Unnamed father

Gavin mentions that he wishes his father would pay attention to his abilities to make abominations.

Powers and Abilities

  • Magic: Like all witches, Gavin's magic comes from a magic bile sac attached to his heart.
    • Abomination magic: Gavin is shown to be able to summon abominations with ease.


Behind the Scenes


Gavin is voiced by Nik Dodani. Dodani was announced as a guest star in the second season on May 17, 2021,[1] with his role as Gavin being announced on June 21, 2021.[2] Dodani makes his voice acting debut voicing Gavin.


Gavin debuted in "Through the Looking Glass Ruins".

Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors Notes
Brazil Portuguese (Brazil) Matheus Ferreira
Indonesia Indonesian Nanang Kuswanto
Poland Polish Sebastian Machalski



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