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Well, after being handed the staff, I said "I wanna be a great witch! Or… uh, I don't know, I... wanna be an author like Mildred Featherwhyle!" But... she wouldn't move, until I admitted that… I don't know what I'm gonna be when I grow up, but... I wanna choose the path myself. And that was enough.
—Amity talking about her first time with Ghost, "For the Future"

Ghost is a minor character of The Owl House. She is Amity Blight's palisman.


Ghost's appearance is that of a typical short-haired cat. She has white fur, periwinkle eyes, a light pink nose and paw pads. It is unknown what her interlock looks like.

In staff form, Ghost's eyes close and she sits with her feet close together and her tail coiled around her staff, which is light purple in color. Her paws, positioned close together, form into a convex wooden shape at the base of her body in order to properly connect onto her staff. When in flight or utilizing magic as a staff, her eyes glow bright purple.


Ghost is a docile, affectionate, and sweet cat who likes to be petted. She is usually seen napping.


When Amity met Ghost, the palisman did not move. Amity said her deepest desires, such as wanting to be a great witch or an author, but Ghost still did not move. Only when Amity said she was uncertain of her path but wished to decide it for herself did Ghost finally accept her, and shift into her animalistic form.

When Luz Noceda is sick with the Common Mold, she helps the others fortify The Owl House. When the Echo mouse shows an entry from Philip Wittebane's diary on Titan's Blood at Eclipse Lake, Amity takes Ghost to the Knee with her, Eda, and King. Amity keeps Ghost out after the group takes Hunter hostage. Amity flies on her as she and Hunter fight over the portal key.

A few days before the Day of Unity, Amity uses her to fend off an Abomaton Adrian Graye Vernworth brought to Hexside.

As Amity, her father, Willow, Gus, and Hunter take an air ship to the Head, Ghost and the other palismen give their owners food after they start arguing. After Coven Scouts attack their ship, Amity flies on her to fend off their attackers. She also flies Amity to save Luz when she and the others get close.

After Amity and the others are stranded in the Human Realm, Ghost and the other palisman help in trying to create a working portal. After Emperor Belos possesses Hunter, she helps Amity subdue Belos temporarily. After a portal in opened, Amity carries her back to the Demon Realm. Shortly afterward, Amity explains to Luz how she bonded with Ghost while they took residence in the Owl House before Hunter sees Eda and King flying into Bonesborough: Ghost transforms into a staff and flies Amity and Camila Noceda into town.

Powers and abilities[]

  • Attachment and Detachment: Ghost can attach herself onto Amity's staff as a palisman and detach.
  • Flight: Ghost is able to fly whilst in her staff form. When doing so, her eyes glow a light purple.


Behind the scenes[]

Name and basis[]

Dana Terrace's cat

Ghost is based on Dana Terrace's cat of the same name.

Ghost's name and appearance are based on the real-life cat of Dana Terrace.


Ghost debuted in "Eclipse Lake".


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  • Her gender wasn't revealed until "For the Future".
  • It isn't clear whether Amity obtained Ghost or carved her.

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