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Gilbert and Harvey Park[1][2] are two minor characters in The Owl House. They are a married couple and the fathers of Willow Park.


Young Harvey

Harvey as a Glandus High student.

Harvey has brown skin, dark brown hair, purple eyes, and pointy ears. He has a large beard and bald head besides the tuft of hair towards the front of his head, and a large gut. As a teenager, Harvey was squat, wore the Glandus High abomination track uniform and sported a more unkempt appearance with large and wild spiky hair.

Young Gilbert

Gilbert as a St. Epiderm student.

Gilbert has light skin, dark greenish-tinted hair, dark blue eyes, and pointy ears. Like Willow, he wears a pair of glasses, although his are rectangular. When he was younger, Gilbert wore the St. Epiderm construction uniform and did not wear glasses.


Gilbert and Harvey both love their daughter and each other very much. Like Willow, they are very intelligent, but also very kind-hearted. They value their daughter's education, to the point where they planned on tutoring her at the expense of their jobs after she was temporarily expelled from Hexside.

Harvey is the stricter of the Parks, likely stemming from his background as a former student of the competitive Glandus High. Though he is a well-meaning and loving parent, he can come off as a bit harsh towards Willow, such as when he argued with his husband to irrationally ground her for three years instead of one week.

Gilbert is a lot more lenient than Harvey, as he allowed Willow to sneak out instead of studying and quietly promised her not to tell his husband.


Flyer derby picture the ghouls

Gilbert and Harvey after winning a game of Flyer Derby with their team.

Not much is known about Gilbert and Harvey's history, although they appear to have known each other since they were children. In "Them's the Breaks, Kid," it was revealed that Gilbert studied in the construction track at St. Epiderm and Harvey studied abomination magic at Glandus High. Both witches were present in the Instructing Future Witches of Tomorrow program and played Covens vs Wilds as Wild Witches. Unfortunately, both Gilbert and Harvey were beaten by the Coven Witches and did not walk home with a blue ribbon.[3] In their school years, Gilbert and Harvey were flyer derby players together on a team called "The Ghouls".[4]

Park family

Gilbert and Harvey playing with Willow as a young child.

In adulthood, they got married and raised Willow together. Willow mentions her decision to learn abomination magic at Hexside was influenced by her father's belief that "there are better opportunities in this track."[5]

Escaping Expulsion - 287

Gilbert and Harvey talk to Willow on their plans to homeschool her after her expulsion.

When Willow is expelled from Hexside, Harvey sends a crow phone to drag her home. Both of them are disappointed in their daughter and ground Willow, but also announce they have decided to quit their jobs to homeschool her from now on. Once they leave, Willow tries to sneak out with Gus and Amity to help Luz when she gets into a bad situation. Right as she is about to leave, Gilbert re-enters and spots Willow, although he lets her go discreetly, promising not to tell Harvey.[6]

Watching and Dreaming - 4621

Gilbert and Harvey reunite with their daughter.

After the Day of Unity, Gilbert and Harvey are turned into puppets. Gilbert is used as a plaything by the Collector when Willow and her friends return to the Demon Realm. After Belos is defeated, they are returned to normal and happily hug their daughter upon reuniting with her and share a kiss.

Four years later, Gilbert and Harvey attend Luz’s belated quinceañera along with Willow and watch the light show that the Collector puts on.


Behind the scenes[]

Name and basis[]

To date, neither of Willow's dads have been directly named onscreen. The name "Gilbert" was first revealed in the closed captions of "Escaping Expulsion". Meanwhile, the name "Harvey" was first revealed by Mike Austin, a former storyboarder for the show, in a now deleted tweet.[2] However, it wasn't until a later tweet by production associate Rebecca Bozza that it was accurately known which was which.[1]

Foreign voice actors[]

Language version Actors Notes
Poland Polish Dariusz Błażejewski (Harvey)
Piotr Tołoczko (Gilbert)


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  • Their mixed races may be inspired by the parents of Willow's voice actress, Tati Gabrielle, who is Korean and African-American.
  • In the closed captions of "Escaping Expulsion", Harvey is misidentified as Gilbert.
  • In the episode "For the Future", it is revealed that Willow calls Gilbert "Dad" and Harvey "Papa".


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