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No, my only weakness: DYING!!

The Gildersnake is an antagonist to Azura in the fantasy series The Good Witch Azura. He appears at the start of "A Lying Witch and a Warden".


The Gildersnake is a long serpent monster that has black scales with purple scales underneath. He has glowing yellow eyes and two light gray horns that are facing outward.


While he seems very imposing, the Gildersnake is very overconfident, which causes him to be easily defeated by Azura due to his weakness - perishing.


The green snake Luz used to represent the Gildersnake

The Gildersnake's only appearance was in a fantasy sequence by Luz Noceda, where she recalled the serpent's battle against Azura. Though the Gildersnake claimed he could easily swallow the good witch whole, he would perish shortly after being exposed to his one weakness: dying.

Luz used a live green snake to represent the Gildersnake for her book report and had backup snakes that terrorized her classmates. Said green snake attacks the Azura doll and Principal Hal.


Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors Notes
Germany German Christian Giegerich
Poland Polish Damian Kulec

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