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Giraffes are a species of beast demon that used to be native to the Boiling Isles, but were banished to Africa in the Human Realm.


Unlike a majority of the Boiling Isles' fauna, giraffes on the Boiling Isles are identical to the ones found on the human realm and appear to possess no other physical traits to indicate their demonic origins. Giraffes are even-toed ungulates with two hoof-like toes per leg, a quadruped stance, a splotchy coat, and long necks.


Giraffes were once native to the Boiling Isles. But for some unknown reasons, they were banished, with Eda commenting that they were a bunch of freaks.[1] While they can no longer be found on the Isles, witches still have picture evidence of their existence, some palismen are modelled after these creatures,[2] and Gus Porter wants to become an ambassador to reestablish contact with them.[3]

When Luz was searching up information about Philip Wittebane, one of the search results that popped up was "How to survive a giraffe...", implying that giraffes are dangerous to witches in some way. A picture of a giraffe can also be seen on King's demon board in "The Intruder" as well as Hooty's bulletin board in "Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door" among its fellow beast demons.[4]



  • Giraffes are a running gag/easter egg in numerous episodes, including the first season's intro sequence, in which one of the numerous toys surrounding King is a stuffed giraffe.
  • The principal of St. Epiderm has a giraffe as her palisman, as seen in "Eda's Requiem".[2]
  • This is likely a reference to numerous cultures having mythical creatures based on giraffes, due to Europeans travelling to Africa and poorly describing the animal they'd seen in their notes. [5][6][7]

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