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Glandus High is a magic school found in the middle of the Boiling Isles. It is the rival school of Hexside School of Magic and Demonics, and the two often compete through grudgby matches.


Glandus High Uniforms

According to Mattholomule, the school's central ideology is the rule of the strong, where education places high expectations on a student in order to compete in the ranks of magic, while those who cannot advance well and/or use traditionally passive magic are deemed inferior. This is enforced by Glandus's student politics, where a student with powerful magic traditionally has the authority over the other students in the school.

Glandus High's student uniforms are similar to those that Hexside students wear. They have black hats of varying shapes and short cylinders on the sides sporting what can be assumed is the color of their coven track, as well as pants and shirts matching the ends of the cylinders, and a grey tunic and black boots worn over them.

Notable staff and students

  • Unnamed teachers
  • Bria (Construction Magic)
  • Gavin (Abomination Magic)
  • Angmar (Plant Magic)
  • Ukla (Construction Magic)
  • Unknown orange-haired student (Plant Magic)
  • Unknown Cyclops student (Abomination Magic)
  • Unknown redhead student (possibly Plant Magic)
  • Unknown horned green-haired student (possibly Illusion Magic)
  • Unknown students

Former Students



  • The official colors of the school are purple and white, ironically the colors that Luz wears.
  • In "Adventures in the Elements", it was revealed that Hexside was built on the bones of Glandus High.
  • Glandus High's name is most likely a pun involving the glands, organs within the human body.