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Gravesfield is a fictional town located in the Human Realm of Connecticut, USA.


Gravesfield was founded in 1635 AD. In the 1600s, Gravesfield was a "peaceful" city until "tragedy" struck, where 2 brothers were "lured" into the Demon Realm by a "real" witch, never to be seen again.[1]

Long before the start of the series, Eda used the portal as a means of escape,[2] ending up in Gravesfield and terrorizing the locals for years under her alias name "Marylin".[1] Years later, Luz Noceda left Gravesfield when she followed Owlbert into an abandoned house that led to the Boiling Isles.[3]

Following the Day of Unity and the unleashing of the Collector in "King's Tide", Luz is finally back home while Amity, Gus, Hunter, and Willow have taken shelter in the Noceda residence as they are currently stranded in the Human Realm.

Places of interest

  • Town square: An open public space found in town. It has a statue of 2 historical figures located there. It is located across the street from Robin's Roast Café and the Gravesfield Historical Society museum.
  • Robin's Roast Café: A café located in the downtown area that is located across the street from the town square and the Gravesfield Historical Society museum. Eda was banned for life from the establishment after she tried to pay for a latte with a live raccoon and then magically animated various pastries to attack the other patrons and staff to facilitate her getaway.
  • Noceda residence: The home of the Noceda family, notably Camila Noceda and her daughter, Luz, until she ended up in the Demon Realm. Vee took her place, having posed as Luz until the episode "Yesterday's Lie", where she was exposed, but was allowed to stay with Camila in spite of that. By the time of "King's Tide", Luz with the stranded Amity, Gus, Hunter and Willow arrived in front of the main door at the house under the rainwhich Camila opened the door.
  • Old House: An old, dilapidated house found in the forest near the Noceda residence. It is the location of the portal connecting the Human and Demon Realms. By the time of "King's Tide", Amity, Gus, Hunter and Willow were stranded right after the connection with the Demon Realm closed.
  • Reality Check Summer Camp: A summer camp in the wilderness for troublesome students in order to curb their behavior and make them "think inside the box". Vee attended this camp in Luz's place and naturally helped her make 3 new human friends there in the process.
  • School: An unnamed school where Luz was enrolled in, treated like an outcast and where she caused trouble.
  • Gravesfield Historical Society (GHS): A museum at Gravesfield also the hideout for its curator, Jacob Hopkins located across the street from Robin's Roast Café and the town square.
  • Gravesfield Police Department: A law enforcement organization that Camila mentioned she would call in "Yesterday's Lie".
  • Gravesfield Graveyard: A cemetery where the deceased residents of Gravesfield are buried at. Luz's father was buried here, as revealed in "Reaching Out".



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  • Its newspaper is called the Gravesfield Reporter, which Jacob works for even though he's also the curator of the Gravesfield Historical Society.
  • One of the statues of the town's founders bears a strong resemblance to Philip Wittebane, suggesting Philip may be originally from Gravesfield.
    • The other statue has a similar hairstyle to Hunter.
  • Gravesfield's historical association with witches from the Demon Realm may be based on the real-life Connecticut witch trials of 1647 to 1663 that started the colonial New England witch-hunts, including the later infamous Salem witch trials of 1692 to 1693.
  • Connecticut is also the birthplace of the series' creator, Dana Terrace.
  • The Gravesfield Town Seal is identical to the sigil used by Hunter when he was a Golden Guard.
  • An illustration in the book the town's museum curator shows Camila during his speech on the "abduction of two brothers by a witch in the 1600s" shows one of the brothers with a cardinal on his shoulder, the same animal as Hunter's adopted palisman Flapjack.


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