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The Gravesfield Historical Society, abbreviated as GHS, is a museum located in the Human Realm, found in Gravesfield, Connecticut, USA. It is located across the street from the Gravesfield town square.


The museum is a Victorian-style two-story building with brown walls and a black roof. The town's logo can be seen on the pediment of the building. There is a dome on top of the roof with two chimneys on each side. In front of the building is a sign which says "Gravesfield Historical Society". A staircase leads up to the double-door main entrance, which is situated in the middle of the building under a portico.


The layout of the building is not completely known. Currently, the first floor is known to have a front desk, a staff room, and a museum exhibit section.

First floor[]

  • Front desk: It is located right behind the double-door entrance. A plate with "HISTORICAL SOCIETY" written on it can be seen at the front. On the top of the desk is a sign that says "FRONT DESK".
  • Staff room: Located behind the front desk. The room is where Jacob Hopkins, the curator, sets up his equipment, such as monitors, which he uses to check his camera recordings of the old house. The room is also where Jacob sets up a bulletin board and keeps random stuff related to witches and demons.
  • Museum exhibit section: The entrance of the section is located on the right side of the building. It exhibits some artifacts and historical information about Gravesfield such as the Gravesfield Trust; it also currently features unauthorized egotistical "edits" by Jacob Hopkins.


Vee visits the museum in order to buy a deck of Hexes Hold'em cards. While waiting for Jacob, the curator, she smells something, enters the staff room, and finds out that she has been watched by Jacob the whole time. Vee attempts to escape, but trips on a laser security alarm, causing her to be trapped inside a cage. Luz, after seeing that, pleads with Camila to go and save Vee. Camila thinks it's a made-up story by her daughter, but goes to the museum anyway. Upon seeing Vee, Camila realizes that Vee is a real living being, and decides to rescue her. Jacob protests and tries to stop her, but Camila strikes him with a flip-flop before bringing Vee back to her home.[1]

Sometime after, Jacob was fired from his position as curator for "editing" exhibits and was replaced by Masha (they also work as a tour guide).[2]


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  • Outside the museum, an "UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT" note is stuck on the museum's sign, implying Jacob was hired fairly recently. After Jacob is fired and replaced with Masha, the paper is amended with a second "NEW".
  • When Jacob is telling Camila about Gravesfield's history from an old book, a picture of the GHS building on fire can be seen in the book. This suggests that the building itself is a few centuries old, possibly from the 1600s at least, and was later repaired before the events of "Yesterday's Lie".