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Grometheus the Fear Bringer (Grom for short) is a monster that dwells beneath Hexside. It is an amorphous, telepathic shapeshifter that can manifest as its victim's worst fear.


Not much is known about Grometheus, but at some point it got imprisoned beneath Hexside School of Magic and Demonics. Every year, it regains its strength and attempts to escape its confinement and spread people's fears throughout the Boiling Isles. To stop this from coming to pass, the school chooses a champion to fight Grometheus in gladiatorial combat during a ritual called Grom. This eventually became an annual dance, becoming the equivalent of the human realm's prom. The champion is chosen by the school and designated as Grom royalty.[1]

Powers and abilities

Grometheus is a powerful monster that can read the minds of its victims via physical contact. After which, Grom can shapeshift into its victims' worst fear(s), intimidating and frightening its opponents.

Grom can also combine these forms with the appearance of a black monster with features such as fangs and multiple eyes. So far, it has taken the following forms:

Victim Fear(s)
Luz Noceda
  • Humans souls trapped in cats.
  • Jerks online who want to "debate".
  • Her mother finding out about her time in the Boiling Isles and reacting badly.
Amity Blight Being rejected (by Luz).
Willow Park Ladybugs.
Gus Porter Clowns.

Behind the scenes

Name and basis

Its name appears to be derived from "Prometheus", a Titan from Greek mythology credited for creating mankind and giving them fire.


As Gromilia, Grom is voiced by Elizabeth Grullon.


Grom debuted in "Enchanting Grom Fright".


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  • Grometheus seems to be inspired by or parodying Pennywise the Dancing Clown, as both are monstrous evils that appear once every set period of time, are trapped under a main location of the series and take on the form of their enemies' worst fear.
    • It may also be inspired by the Dark Master from the novel Bridge to Terrabithia, which is used to represent Jess' fear of confronting death.
  • Grom may be a reference to the Boggarts from the Harry Potter series.
  • Many fans made the connection that Amity's fear of being rejected by Luz was a metaphor for the fear of being outed as gay. However, in a recent interview with Rebecca Rose, Dana Terrace confirmed that this was a complete accident.[2]
  • Though Grometheus was eventually defeated by Luz and Amity, It is not known or officially confirmed that it died at this time.


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