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Grudgby (sometimes spelled Grudgeby in closed captions) is a sports game on the Boiling Isles. It is played competitively between the various schools of the Isles.


Grudgby is played between two teams of at least three players. The object is to score points by getting a spherical ball through the opposing team's goal. Since magic is part of the gameplay, all manner of magical obstacles may be used to hinder teams from scoring, and participants are allowed to cast spells to aid their games (though this is not mandatory). The team that scores the most points within the time limit wins. However, should one of the teams catch the Rusty Smidge, they score an immediate victory and end the game.

As demonstrated by Eda and Lilith, it is also possible to play Grudgby one-on-one. [1]



  • The name "Grudgby" appears to be a portmanteau of the noun "grudge" and the sport "rugby".
    • Like its inspiration, grudgby involves throwing the ball into the open zone of one of the two poles located on opposed ends of the field, with each team having to throw the ball in the opposing pole of where they are stationed on the field. Players can carry the ball underneath one of their armpits at all times while in their possession. Players on each team are permitted to tackle the member of the opposing team while said player retains the ball.
    • The version of grudgby played by Eda and Lilith borrows some elements of basketball, namely having a net placed inside the pole's open zone and players grabbing onto the pole in order to dunk the ball at close range.
  • While magic is a major part of the game, it can be played without magic as a demonstration of skill, as seen when Eda and Lilith had their match.
  • Though the rules specify a minimum of three players per team, Eda and Lilith demonstrate that the game can be played one-on-one.
  • Grudgby is a loose parody of Quidditch, the contact sport played by wizardkind, a magic-wielding subspecies of the human race the titular character happened to be a member of in the Harry Potter series.
    • The Rusty Smidge is a direct criticism of the Golden Snitch and the idea of an all-powerful, game-winning mechanism that invalidates the larger team contributions.
    • It is not a 1:1 comparison, however; the Smidge is an instant win regardless of points as long as it's done before time runs out, but the Snitch is both only 150 points and is what actually ends the game, so it is possible to catch the Snitch but still lose the match.
  • Hexside's grudgby field has been modified between "Something Ventured, Someone Framed" and "Wing It Like Witches". The original goals were basketball hoops which were replaced with triangular goals while the field markings have been changed.


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