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Dad wants me to become a master illusionist, but that's easy. So instead, I'll become an ambassador to the Human Realm and re-establish contact with the giraffes!

Augustus "Gus" Porter is a major supporting character of The Owl House. He is friends with Luz, Willow, and Amity, who attend Hexside School of Magic and Demonics with him.

Following the Day of Unity and the unleashing of the Collector, Gus was stranded in the Human Realm with his friends and was forced to take shelter at the Noceda residence. At the end of "Thanks to Them", he along with Luz, Amity, Willow, Hunter, and Camila Noceda returned to the Demon Realm.



Gus is a young boy, noticeably shorter than Luz, Amity and Willow, with brown skin and dark brown hair with lighter shades. His upper lip is curved, similar to Luz's. Like all the witches and demons on the Boiling Isles, he has pointy ears. His eyes are dark blue.

After going through witch puberty, Gus has become taller than before, almost the same height as Luz and Willow. Additionally, Gus' facial features have become sharper and more angular, and his eyes now have visible pupils.

In the epilogue of "Watching and Dreaming", Gus' hair is in locs, and he has stubble on his chin. He also has a cardinal tattoo on his left ankle to symbolize the loss of Flapjack, matching with the rest of his friends.


When attending Hexside, Gus wears a gray tunic with a dark gray belt, cowl, and boots. As he is part of the illusion track, the color of his sleeves and leggings are a light blue. Following witch puberty, his boots became ankle length.

When not at Hexside, Gus wears a cyan tunic with gray-white sleeves and a black belt. He also wears charcoal gray tights and dark purple boots. From "Clouds on the Horizon" to "Thanks to Them", he wears a lighter cyan tunic with white baggy sleeves, a fuchsia belt and lining, steel blue tights, and red-violet boots. He has the magic amplifier he claimed from Adrian strung around his neck.

During his stay on Earth, Gus tends to wear shirts that typically have some shade of blue or turquoise on them, along with jeans, a beanie, and sneakers or boots. Some of said clothing also features images of dinosaurs on them.

During the Halloween Hayride, Gus is dressed in a Captain Avery costume, consisting of a red uniform shirt with black designs and a planet symbol on it, as well as a belt on his waist, black pants with red edges and a pouch on the left leg, black shoes, and a headset that covers his ears. He retains this outfit when returning to the Demon Realm, minus the headset. He also keeps the amplifier on his left ear.

In the epilogue of "Watching and Dreaming", Gus wears a yellow blazer and brown vest over a white shirt, dark blue trousers and loafers. He also wears glasses with dark red frames.


Gus is a young and precocious witch. He is known for being very enthusiastic and excitable; when Luz gives him his nickname, he flips out in sheer joy. Due to being an illusionist, he tends to have a dramatic flair when making statements and presenting things.

He has a huge interest in researching human culture, also happening to be somewhat of an expert on it and was the president of the Human Appreciation Society at his school, even though his knowledge on humans is often inaccurate. His fascination for humans and their culture has caused him to desire to become an ambassador to the Human Realm. This also extends to re-establish contact with the exiled inhabitants of the Boiled Isles, such as the giraffes.

In contrast to his usual gleeful attitude towards most activities and interactions, Gus has admitted to being rather insecure in regard to his age. He feels neglected due to being younger than his peers at Hexside and as such tries acting assertively so as not to be left behind. This has also led him to become very welcoming towards newcomers since he can easily understand and empathize with people in the same situation as himself.

Another side to this insecurity is that Gus, advancing to more advanced classes, had found himself being so desperate to befriend his colleagues older in age that he would become oblivious to how they would use him to boost their grades. This had led Gus to become very self-conscious of his own naivety.



Labyrinth Runners - 008

A young Gus showing off his group project to the Illusion teacher.

Augustus Porter is the son of reporter Perry Porter, who wants his son to be a master illusionist.[4][5] Due to his skills in illusion magic, Augustus is one of the youngest students at Hexside School of Magic and Demonics, taking high school-level classes despite being twelve years old.

Labyrinth Runners - 103

Willow teaching Gus about a breathing technique to help calm himself down.

However, due to his young age, Gus was often overlooked and ignored, and he was gullible to the various students that took advantage of his intelligence.[6] The only place where he felt he mattered was the club he led, the Human Appreciation Society.[7] Besides the other members of the H.A.S, the only other student he befriended was Willow Park,[8] who helped him calm down from an illusionary memory with a breathing exercise he remembers to this day.[6]

Meeting Luz

S01E03 I Was A Teenage Abomination (271)

Gus' reaction to meeting a human for the first time.

Augustus meets Luz for the first time after Willow reveals that the human is acting as her abomination. Luz, who knew an "Augustus" back in the Human Realm, nicknames the young witch "Gus", a nickname that the young illusionist excitedly accepts. He later feeds Luz a peanut butter and jelly sandwich during lunch, but nearly blows her cover by doing so. While Principal Bump prepares to dissect Luz, Gus distracts him by spilling some pots of abominations, giving Willow and the human time to escape. Luckily, both Willow and Luz escape Bump and Amity, though Gus breaks the news that the human is officially banned from Hexside.[8]

Adventures with Luz and Willow

S01E05 Covention (165)

Gus and Willow enjoying their time at the covention.

On the day of the annual covention, Willow and Gus show up at Eda's stand and show Luz a poster for the event. Though Eda is against her apprentice attending the event, she is forced to go after King and Luz torment her with The Good Witch Azura. In the convention center, Willow and Gus explain the various covens to Luz before excitedly entering the panel of the Emperor's Coven, where they witness a grand presentation announced by Principal Bump and Lilith Clawthorne. Willow and Gus are among the spectators during the duel between Luz and Amity, and later, Eda and Lilith. Afterwards, Gus and Willow convince Luz to hold a Moonlight Conjuring when Eda is away from the Owl House, in which they accidentally animate the house and smash on Tibbles' stand at the Night Market. Eda is furious with Luz, but Gus and Willow take the blame and help her clean up.[9]

Something Ventured, Someone Framed - Gus disguising Luz

Gus sneaking Luz into Hexside.

During a meeting at the Hexside Human Appreciation Society, he is giving a lecture to the club members when the new student, Mattholomule, arrives and wins over the other club members. In an attempt to keep his position as head of the club, Gus smuggles Luz into the school by lying that her ban has been lifted. The club and Mattholomule are shocked by the presence of an actual human, but Luz eventually learns the truth, and Mattholomule is put in detention. Gus and Luz save him from the brainwashing monsters in the detention pit but run into Bump, who kicks Luz out just as he agrees to enroll her at the school. However, Gus takes the blame, causing him to have his title as leader of the H.A.S stripped, instead being given to Mattholomule.[7]

S01E10 Escape of the Palisman - 83

Gus, Willow, and Luz heading to the game.

Soon after, Gus and Willow prepare to go to Hexside's game against Glandus High but get left behind when they wait for Luz to change into Hexside fan gear. In order to go to the game, Luz steals Owlbert, Eda's palisman, and the three start to fly off. Over the woods, Luz loses control of Owlbert, causing them to crash. Damaged, and with a crack in his head, Owlbert runs off. The three catch up with him when he takes refuge with the Bat Queen, who traps Willow and Gus and makes Luz perform a series of trials to prove she is worthy of earning Owlbert back. After Owlbert forgives Luz and returns to her, she, Gus, and Willow return home.[10]

The First Day - Gus tries to congratulate Luz

Gus tries to congratulate Luz using illusion tricks, but used the wrong phrase.

When Luz starts attending Hexside, he and Willow congratulate Luz on getting into the school and try to break her out of detention before having their powers drained by a basilisk.[11]

After a carnival arrives in town, Gus and Willow spend time with Luz, playing around with the attractions and eating food. King, jealous of their friendship and left alone, receives a magic liquid that, when accidentally dropped during a tussle, shrinks Gus and Willow. The two manage to warn Luz by luring her to the carnival, and upon learning of what King has done, she fights with him over the magic bottle. This causes the liquid to fall onto her and King, shrinking them, and they become trapped in a tiny cage with Willow and Gus. There, they are tormented by Tibbles' tiny animals while being cheered on by the spectators. King, soon coming to realize his mistake, tricks Tibbles into undoing his spell, making him, Luz, Gus, and Willow revert back to normal size.[12]

Understanding Willow - All my life

Gus preparing to interview Hooty.

Upon his return to Hexside, Gus struggles to find someone to interview for his project. When Amity accidentally destroys Willow's memories, Eda teleports her and Luz inside Willow's mindscape to fix them, and while they are inside, Gus comes to the Owl House to interview Eda and King. However, he struggles to do so, and his attempt to interview Hooty ends up backfiring miserably.[13]

Grom and playing grudgby

Enchanting Grom Fright - Gus consoles King

Gus finds King and consoles him after he runs away due to stage fright.

As Grom approached, Gus was allowed to become the master of ceremonies for the fight. He comforts King after he struggles to commentate and encourages him to try again after Grometheus the Fear Bringer chases Luz out of school. After Luz and Amity defeat Grometheus the Fear Bringer, he congratulates King on entertaining the crowd.[3]

Wing It Like Witches - Gus cheering

Gus cheering for his friends during a grudgby game.

As grudgby season starts, Gus and his friends are bullied mercilessly by Boscha, the captain of the school grudgby team. Eventually, after Boscha dumps trash on his friend group, Luz becomes angered and challenges Boscha and her friends to a game of grudgby, which the bully accepts instantly. Willow is extremely hesitant as she and Gus explain the sport to Luz, and they train, but show little potential. Feeling too pressured, and with Gus' prized flags being broken, he and Willow quit. However, Willow changes her mind after Amity tells her and Gus that Luz is taking the brunt of Boscha's torment, and the three decide to avoid calling off the match, with Gus cheering the three on from the stand. Willow's team plays well and seemingly wins but loses when Boscha catches the Rusty Smidge. Despite the loss and Boscha's bitterness, Willow earns the respect of the other Banshees.[14]

Opposing the Emperor's Coven

My thing

Gus activating a spell to create a Kikimora illusion to distract a coven scout.

When Gus and his schoolmates travel to the Emperor's Castle for a field trip, he and Willow sneak away to help Luz take the Healing Hat, which would cure Eda of her curse. They find the room where the artifacts of each coven are kept, and Gus becomes intrigued by the artifact of the Oracle Coven, the Oracle Sphere. However, their presence is detected by Emperor Belos, and shortly after, Lilith captures them. While she takes Luz hostage, she forces Willow and Gus to tell Eda of the situation.[15]

Young Blood, Old Souls - 1239

Gus rallying the crowd to start chanting "Let Eda go!"

After Eda is captured by Lilith when her curse takes over her, Willow and Gus watch the unfolding events through crystal balls in horror before interrupting the newscast and rallying the crowd into protesting Eda's petrification. He and Willow then watch Luz rescue Lilith, Eda, and King from being petrified, and Belos announces that Eda has been let go per the will of the Titan.[4]

Escaping Expulsion - 094

Willow, Luz, Gus, and Amity horrified to learn the former three have been expelled.

A couple of weeks later, Willow, Gus, and Amity welcome Luz back to Hexside. However, the reunion doesn't last long, as Amity's parents force Principal Bump to expel Luz, Gus, and Willow for supposedly distracting Amity. They try to sneak back into school in vain, only making Bump more continually upset. Eventually, Gus' father finds out about his expulsion and drags him home. Later that night, Amity recruits Gus in order to rescue Luz from potentially being killed at the Blight Industries demonstration, and they get Willow before going to the factory. On the grounds of Blight Industries, Edric and Emira disguise the three with cloaks, and they infiltrate the warehouse. While Amity is able to elude capture, Willow and Gus are restrained. After Amity saves Luz and gets her mother to stop the demonstration, she, Luz, Willow, and Gus leave and are allowed back into Hexside.[16]

The Looking Glass Ruins

Through the Looking Glass Ruins - 139

Gus agreeing to help Glandus students and Mattholomule find the Looking Glass Ruins.

When Willow is attacked by fairies at school, Gus makes an illusion to try and ward them off; however, the plan backfires and Willow is injured. He spends the next couple of days sulking, especially after Willow gets annoyed by the get-well illusions, he made for her. When Luz comes over, he correctly guesses she wants his library card to get into the library to speak with Amity and joins her. He laments on his thoughts of changing tracks when he sees a group of students from Glandus High take down a rampaging Slitherbeast. The students introduce themselves as Bria, Gavin, and Angmar. They reveal they are looking for Galdorstones at the Looking Glass Ruins and, after being encouraged by Luz and given glyphs, agrees to go, along with Mattholomule.

Through the Looking Glass Ruins - 803

Gus and Mattholomule agreeing to help the Keeper defend the Looking Glass Ruins.

As they journey to the Ruins, Gus impresses the Glandus kids with his faked magic. Upon locating the Ruins, they are confronted by a monster, and Gus creates an illusion of another to scare it off. As the Glandus kids take the Galdorstones, he looks at the ruins and realizes it is a graveyard for illusionists. The others brush his concerns aside and continue to loot when the Keeper arrives. Bria restrains the Keeper and Gus as she and the others keep looting. Mattholomule manages to free them, and Gus creates simple illusions to get Gavin and Angmar away before creating an illusion of the graveyard coming to life and Bria's magic failing her. Mortified, she finally runs away. The Keeper expresses his joy in Gus' abilities, and he and Mattholomule promise to come back and help rebuild and fortify the ruins, much to the Keeper's delight. As they walk home, Gus and Mattholomule tease each other, slowly building a friendship.[17]

Hunting Palismen - 257

Gus getting Emmiline as his Palisman.

Shortly after this day, Gus gains his palisman, a chameleon named Emmiline Bailey Marcostimo, who clicks with his wish of being an ambassador to the Human Realm.[5]

Preparing for the Day of Unity

When Luz catches the Common Mold, Gus helps to look after her and reinforces the Owl House's defense. After learning that an ingredient needed to make the portal door, Titan's Blood, might be at Eclipse Lake, he stays behind to care for Luz with Willow and Hooty while Amity, Eda, and King get the blood. He and the others get so distracted arguing about how to care for Luz that they do not hear her calling for help. They bring her soup shortly before the others return.[18]

Follies at the Coven Day Parade - 1203

Gus and Willow reacting to Belos' face reveal.

After Luz has a semi-successful attempt at building a new portal, she does not tell Gus or her other friends about the experience, and they soon theorize about what Belos looks like behind his mask. When the Emperor reveals his face during the Coven Day Parade, he and Willow are underwhelmed by his appearance.[19]

Any Sport in a Storm - 230

Gus preparing to help Willow promote her flyer derby team.

When Willow is trying to start up a flyer derby club at school, Gus helps her despite the resistance she faces from Professor Hermonculus as retaliation for transferring out of his class. They resolve this by proposing a match between their teams, with Hermonculus dead set on proving that Willow is a failure. They see a new student evading Puddles, and Willow asks him if he wants to join her team, to which he agrees. After Willow leaves, Gus tells the student, who introduces himself as Caleb, to not hurt Willow.

Any Sport in a Storm - 931

Gus and Hunter during the flyer derby match.

After recruiting Skara and Viney for the match, they play against the Professor's team of abomination students and emerge victorious due to the efforts of Caleb. Caleb, in their victory, states that they should be called the Emerald Entrails, but also reveals they should join the Emperor's Coven, exposing himself as the Golden Guard, shocking him and the others. Just then, Coven Scouts arrive and take the Entrails into a holding cell until Darius can take them to get branded. The four students go with the head of the Abomination Coven when Hunter arrives to save them, causing the blimp they are in to crash and convincing Darius to let them leave. After Gus and the other students leave, Darius reveals that the Emperor's Coven has enough recruits anyway and that he was going to drop them off at Hexside. On the way back, Gus and the others run into Luz and Amity, who are shocked to find Hunter in the Emerald Entrails group photo.[20]

Labyrinth Runners - 419

Gus dispelling Adrian's illusion.

About a week before the Day of Unity, Gus sees a cardinal palisman picking a sandwich out of the trash and follows him, leading him right to hunter. Gus tries to get Hunter to answer his questions, but fails, and Bump soon calls every student down to the gym for an emergency assembly. At the assembly, Head Illusionist Adrian Graye Vernworth informs the students of Belos' decree that all young witches must be placed in a coven before the Day of Unity. However, he claims to side with the students and states that his intention is only to put fake sigils on them. As Adrian is about to brand Edric, Gus sees through the ruse and reveals that the branding is real, causing a swarm of Coven Scouts to appear in the gymnasium. Adrian goes over to Gus to give him an abomination brand, but out of his overwhelming distress, Gus accidentally casts a labyrinth-like illusion spell around the school, allowing the students and faculty to escape.

Labyrinth Runners - 1644

Gus trapping Adrian and two Coven Scouts in their worst memories.

Hunter rescues Gus, and the two walk through the halls before finding the edge of the illusion. Willow greets them, relieving Gus, but Hunter realizes that her behavior is off and exclaims that she is an illusion, making more Coven Scouts appear. Hunter is incapacitated by a Coven Scout and dragged away while Gus is taken to the gym, which is covered in an illusion of the Looking Glass Ruins. Adrian attempts to prompt the location of the Galdorstones out of the young illusionist, and when he refuses to speak, the Coven Head attempts to enter his memories. However, this backfires horribly, as it instead traps Adrian and a few Coven Scouts in their worst nightmares. Hunter manages to snap Gus out of his illusion, dispelling it completely, and they watch as the Emperor's Coven leaves with a vegetative Adrian. Soon after they leave, Gus and the rest of the school listen as Hunter reveals the truth about the Day of Unity.[6]

Clouds on the Horizon - 607

Gus revealing hidden Coven Scouts as he and his friends free the Blight siblings.

Hours before the Days of Unity is set to begin, Gus and Willow go with Hunter to help Luz free the Blight children. After freeing the three, they head to Blight Industries to warn Alador and Odalia, and Gus disguises themselves as Coven Scouts Things go smoothly until Kikimora, who is at the factory to take the last shipment of Abomatons, hears Hunter's voice, in addition to Odalia seeing the children attempt to infiltrate Alador's quarters. Gus, Willow, Hunter, Luz, and Amity are placed in a forcefield, but Alador frees them and tries to warn his wife about the Draining Spell, only for him to fight her soon after learning she already knew. When Kikimora attacks the teenagers, Gus uses illusions to make Hunter and Luz look like each other. Soon, Kikimora takes "Hunter" and flies off as Alador destroys the factory. After Odalia retreats, the six commandeer the airship Kikimora brought and, as soon as the illusion on Hunter wears off, Gus reveals that Luz told him to disguise her and Hunter as each other so that she would be taken to Belos rather than Hunter.[21]

King's Tide (1657)

Gus trying to distract Belos by showing him his memories.

As they move towards the head, tensions flare, and Gus, Hunter, Amity, and Alador argue until the palismen offer them food, allowing them to take a break. However, the airship is shot down by Coven Scouts, causing everyone to crash down. While Alador stays behind to fight off the Abomatons, the children approach the head of the Titan. After checking on the Coven Heads, they fly to the portal and help Luz fight Belos, who has transformed into his monster form. Gus forces the emperor to relive his worst memories, and when the emperor tries to attack, Hunter saves his friend. During this, he learns that Hunter is a grimwalker. Just as Belos gets the upper hand, the Collector saves the kids, smashes Belos against a wall, and ends the eclipse to stop the Draining Spell.

King's Tide (2541)

Gus and his friends arriving at Luz's house.

However, it is not without another consequence, as the Collector wishes to play "Owl House" with them. As they deconstruct the quarters and matter around the Titan's head, Gus and the others head through the portal to the Human Realm, seeing no other option left. Luz wishes to stay behind and rescue Eda, but King forces her through with his sonic shout. On earth, the portal door closes, leaving the kids stranded and Gus sobbing all while it pours rain. Luz then takes Gus and the others to her house, where they meet Camila for the first time.[22]

Time in the Human Realm

Thanks to Them - 551

Gus attempts to throw a fire extinguisher at the fire after the portal they tried making exploded.

After being accepted in the Noceda home, he and the others are given a meal and he helps clean up. Afterwards, he and the others explain the current state of the Demon Realm to her and is given the basement to stay in with Hunter. In the following weeks, Gus and the others adapt to the Human Realm and make multiple failed attempts at creating a new portal. He and the others help out around the house during this time as well, trying their hands at cooking with not so favorable results, such as making mustard ravioli.

SEASON 3 PREMIERE FULL EPISODE Thanks to Them S3 E1 The Owl House Disney Channel Animation 8-38 screenshot

Gus and the other Boiling Isles residents finding a clue.

Close to Halloween, he and the other residents from the Boiling Isles are learning Spanish, with Vee having the easiest time, when Camila arrives and tells them she is picking Luz up from school. After their caretaker leaves, Amity comments that Camila cannot take care of them forever. As he and the others suggest they pull more weight around the house, Amity suggests they explore the town while Luz is at school to find something on getting back to the Demon Realm. Gus theorizes that since Eda came to Gravesfield constantly, she might have left something behind that could help them. After Amity trips in a hole Flapjack made, she finds a map with puzzles on it and the five decide to decipher it on their own as they feel Luz blames herself for failing to find a way back to the Demon Realm. That night, he patches Hunter up after the older boy cuts himself on a sewing machine and expresses that he misses his father. Hunter promises they will get back and Gus shows him Cosmic Frontier, a book he found in the basement and insists Hunter reads it.

Thanks to Them - 2067

Gus and his friends decoding the Rebus.

In the morning he, Hunter, Willow, Amity, and Vee get ready to search the town for anything related to the portal, but Hunter is forced to stay behind after he cosplays as his favorite Cosmic Frontier character. Gus, Vee, Willow, and Amity explore the town, stopping at a magic shop called The Magic Circle where he and Willow get the four kicked out for disturbing the other customers, the town library where Amity embarrasses herself by screaming in terror at a child opening a drawer, and to the local Zoo where the four encounter a giraffe. After encountering one dead end after another, Vee reluctantly takes them to the Gravesfield Historical Society. Much to Vee's relief, Jacob has been fired for making unauthorized, ego-stroking edits to the exhibits, and new part-timer, Masha, tells the four their map is a rebus and deciphers part of it for them. The four wanders around the museum and soon realize the rebus leads to Titan's Blood.

Thanks to Them - 2481

Gus handing over a prop gadget to Hunter, much to his delight.

After reflecting on the quick bonds of friendship they forged, the fours take a picture of themselves, and Vee realizes a map in the picture's background is the same as the rebus and they know a possible location for the blood and Amity desires they should tell Luz at the Halloween festival. That night, he and the others are getting their costumes ready, and Gus tells Hunter they will be going as their favorite Cosmic Frontier characters.

Thanks to Them - 2813

Jacob exposing Gus as a real witch, to the belief of none watching.

The following night, Gus, Hunter, Willow, Amity, and Luz attend the Halloween festival, he crashes a mock witch trial and gives the actor playing the prosecutor cloven hooves and a tail with his illusion magic. The crowd cheers and Jacob Hopkins comes forward accusing Gus of being a real witch before security tackles the man. The five check out the haunted hayride where they learn the towns legend of Caleb and Philip Wittebane.

Thanks to Them - 3667

Gus fighting Belos as the Emperor possesses Hunter.

After the ride, Luz and Hunter vanish as Amity realizes the rebus is missing as well. Just then Camila and Vee arrive, and they track Luz to a half-flooded graveyard and find Luz fighting Hunter, who is possessed by Belos. Gus, Willow, Amity, and Vee try to subdue Belos after he reveals Luz helped him meet the Collector, but the four are quickly defeated and they watch in horror as Belos crushes Flapjack. Hunter regains control long enough to throw the found blood into the water. However, Belos goes after it, and he watches as Camila pulls an unconscious Hunter out. Belos leaves Hunter's body and opens a portal. After Belos returns to the Demon Realm, he and the others wonder what to do for Hunter as an injured Flapjack sacrifices himself to revive Hunter. After Hunter regains consciousness and Luz confirms she did aid Belos, they do not blame her and everyone, excluding Vee, who stays behind to keep up appearances, goes to the Demon Realm.

Returning to the Demon Realm

For the Future - 534

Gus creating an illusion after Willow greets the grass.

Upon returning to the Boiling Isles, Gus and the others are happy to be back. When Willow sees the familiar flora, Gus creates an illusion to make it look like they are greeting her. At Hunter's insistence, they keep moving and find most of the Boiling Isles covered in pink mist. They go to The Owl House to find it coated in graffiti from the Emperor's Coven. As Hunter scouts the property and Luz and Amity talk upstairs, Camila speaks with him and Willow on how to talk Luz out of making a bad decision. After telling Camila about the time Willow stopped him from running away after failing a project because he thought he let his dad down, Gus starts to cry as Willow comforts him. He and Willow then go to check on Hunter. Soon, Hunter informs everyone he saw Eda and King and fly to Bonesborough with Luz riding with him.

For the Future - 1431

Gus and the others watching the Collector turning Terra into a puppet.

When they arrive in town, they find it abandoned and avoid a wave of sparkles that comes their way. When it passes, multiple puppets of the town's residence appear. Soon Eda appears in her owl beast form and the puppets run. They watch as the Collector and King arrive and "save" the citizens. Soon it is revealed that Eda was actually Terra Snapdragon, who was turned into a puppet after angering the Collector. As the Collector and King fly off, Luz decides to go after them before they are found by Skara, Barcus, and Mattholomule.

For the Future - 1867

Gus is surprised to learn people have been using paper clips as a meat substitute.

When they reach Hexside, they learn that the staff and a few of the students have been turned into puppets by the Collector's spies and they have been sheltering at the school ever since. After Boscha, who has taken command of the school, rejects their requests to take on the Collector after her adviser Mimi says it is too risky. After that, they go to the photo lab to try and get Luz's memory of Philip's teleportation glyph. After Willow hands Hunter a picture of him and Flapjack, Hunter reacts negatively and Willow leaves. Gus reveals he knew Hunter was a grimwalker and was waiting for him to reveal it. They two go after Willow and they are put to sleep by Miki, really Kikimora in disguise, and placed in a cavern with Willow.

For the Future - 3946

Gus telling Willow it's alright for her to be vulnerable.

They come to and find Willow, who is losing control of her magic due to the stress she is keeping in and Boscha's words from a recent encounter. They two are almost smothered in vines until Hunter teleports away and tells Willow it is okay to be vulnerable. Willow cries for her fathers as Hunter teleports them out of the cavern and they inform him of his new found magic. Hunter teleports them out of blast range when Luz, through her newly forming palisman, unleashes a blast of energy.

For the Future - 4393

Gus and the others watch Luz's palisman take form.

Kikimora soon finds the group and he and the others fend off Kikimora as Luz draws the teleportation glyph. After the students of Hexside arrive, Gus, Willow, and Amity join in creating the complex glyph combination as the students of Hexside take on Kikimora. After finishing at the last second, the six teleport to the head where they celebrate, and Luz introduces them to her new palisman, Stringbean. Gus and the others watch as Stringbean plays with the others as Belos and the Collector watch the group from afar.

The Final Battle

Watching and Dreaming - 703

Gus and the others after being collected.

Suddenly, the platform they are one begins to shake as he, Camila, Amity, Hunter, and Willow are separated from Luz and turned into puppets. Gus, Amity, Willow, and Hunter's puppets are used to torment Luz in a dream, manipulated into blaming her for everything. However, Luz snaps them out of it and they are brought to the Archive House.

Watching and Dreaming - 1870

Gus and the others in the Archives.

After being placed in the Archives, Amity manages to move and creates a light glyph to free her and the other. They look around to find everyone they know as puppets. After Luz sacrifices herself, they watch as Camila return to normal. As Belos possesses the titan, he and the other teenagers try and fail to utilize their magic as they are exhausted and Camila gives them a pep talk.

Watching and Dreaming - 3656

Gus saving puppet Amelia.

After Luz is resurrected and fights Belos with King and Eda, he, Willow, Hunter, and Amity use glyphs drawn by Camila to save the puppets. As the Archive House starts to fall, they watch in amazement as The Collector helps hold it in place.

Watching and Dreaming - 4603

Gus happily reuniting with his father.

When Belos is defeated, Gus and the others thank The Collector for helping and they work with him to revert the citizens of the Boiling Isles back to normal. Gus finds his father and, after creating four illusions of himself, runs over to hug him.


Watching and Dreaming - 5459

Gus holding a class at the University of Wild Magic.

In the four years that follow, Gus becomes a teacher at the University of Wild Magic and starts a human student exchange program. One day, he is brought to The Owl House to surprise Luz with a delayed quinceañera. Soon after Luz arrives, Gus and the others watch the Collector put on a light show.


Luz Noceda

S01E06 Hooty's Moving Hassle - We Got A Bucket

Luz and Gus in "Hooty's Moving Hassle".

Being an enthusiast in human culture, Gus was ecstatic to have a friend like Luz. Luz was the one who initially nicknamed him Gus, a nickname he adopted immediately and proudly. He was eager to learn more about human traditions from her, like the high-five or even about human buckets, treating Luz almost like an almighty being. However, Gus did once use his friendship with Luz for his own gain. When his title in the H.A.S. was threatened in "Something Ventured, Someone Framed", he lied to Luz about her school ban out of desperation, which led to them getting into trouble. He later took responsibility for his actions so Luz would not be punished.

In "Through the Looking Glass Ruins", when Luz comes to visit him while giving him various nicknames, he's able to quickly deduce that her reason for stopping by is so that she can borrow his library card in order to visit Amity. He also talks to her about how he is considering looking into other types of magic after having doubts about illusions.

Willow Park

For the Future - 880

Willow and Gus reminiscing about a past event in "For the Future".

Gus and Willow are good friends. Willow is one of the few friends Gus hangs out with on a regular basis other than the H.A.S, and he was Willow's only friend at the time before Luz came along. Gus has a close relationship with Willow, as seen in "Wing It Like Witches" when Boscha is picking on Willow and takes her hair clip, Gus snatches it out of her hair and gives it back to Willow. Willow also shows genuine concern when Gus almost gets hurt during the thorn vault and offers to help fix his broken flags. Gus is also seen cheering for her during the grudgby game.

In "Labyrinth Runners", it's revealed that, just like Gus being Willow's only real friend in Hexside before Luz's arrival, Willow was Gus' only friend as well, meeting her after feeling sad over the fact that he was used by one of his classmates that he thought to be his friend. Willow helped Gus regain control over his magic, which had gone out of control and was tormenting him, by teaching him a special breathing her dads taught her that helped him calm down.

In "For the Future", he helps her let out her stress when she was losing control of her magic.

Perry Porter

Gland Prix

Gus and his father hosting the Gland Prix.

Gus is close with his father, becoming an illusionist at his father's insistence and often joining him in events. When he failed an assignment, Gus thought it would be better to run away then tell his father he failed. After being expelled, Gus feared how his father would react.

After becoming stranded in the Human Realm, Gus drew a picture of his father as motivation to get back home. After talking with Camila about a time he feared disappointing his father, Gus started to cry as Willow comforted him. After Belos is defeated, Gus joyfully reunites with his father.

Matt Tholomule

Gus and Mattholomule S1 EP09

Gus and Mattholomule in "Something Ventured, Someone Framed".

Though Gus welcomed Mattholomule to the H.A.S. with open arms, he quickly began to despise him because of his attitude, and when he challenges Gus for his spot as club president and outs his friend, Luz, to the school guards.

In "Through the Looking Glass Ruins", Gus and Mattholomule continue their rivalry while on a quest for the Galdorstones. However, after being pushed around by Bria, Gavin, and Angmar, Mattholomule decides to help Gus scare them away from the ruins, recalling how Gus helped him escape detention and that illusion magic isn't as useless as he thought. Afterwards, Gus asks whether or not the two have become friends, to which Mattholomule responds that he is not sure. While walking away, they jokingly punch each other on the shoulder and laugh, implying that they did become friends.

In "Labyrinth Runners", a photo of Gus and Mattholomule can be seen in Gus' room alongside other photos of his friends, showing that they have grown closer.


Gus and King S1 EP16

Gus letting King become his co-emcee in "Enchanting Grom Fright".

Gus doesn't have much interaction with King until "Really Small Problems". In the episode, Gus tries to baby King, much to his annoyance. While struggling to break free, the liquid given by "Obvioso" to King slips from his pouch and drops to the ground. Some of the liquid from the bottle splashes onto Gus and Willow, making them shrink. Gus is angry at King for making him become smaller, and even calls him a "monster" at one point. Later, King risks his life to save him, Luz and Willow. When King tries to give him and Willow a piece of broken bracelet each as a form of apology, Gus accepts it, saying he always wanted to own a jagged piece of cheap metal.

In "Enchanting Grom Fright", he let King become his co-emcee on Grom night. He becomes concerned when King suddenly runs away from the stage, and has a conversation with him after he finds him outside. He finds out that King has stage fright and encourages him to face his fears. His encouragement boosts King's confidence and makes him go back to continue hosting the show.

In "Through the Looking Glass Ruins", it is shown that Gus convinced King to help him record a greeting on his answering machine.

In "Eclipse Lake", he and King bring music from the basement in preparation for Belos' attack while Luz is sick with the Common Mold.

Amity Blight

Escaping Expulsion - Gus and Amity

Gus and Amity in "Escaping Expulsion".

Gus used to dislike Amity, because of her treatment of Willow. However, after Willow makes up with Amity, he considers her one of his friends. Even though he didn't have much interest in "Understanding Willow", Gus shows genuine concern when Amity is voted Grom Queen in "Enchanting Grom Fright", and cheers for her and Luz when they defeat Grom. In "Wing It Like Witches", he and Amity seem to be on much friendlier terms, and he welcomes her into the house along with Luz, Willow, King and Eda.

They are much closer in "Escaping Expulsion", as Amity is sad that he, Luz, and Willow are expelled from Hexside, which is caused by her mother Odalia. He was also the first of their friends that she came to get upon discovering that Luz was in danger. While fighting the Abomaton, she refers to him as her friend.

In "Eclipse Lake", he helps Amity while Luz is sick with the Common Mold.

In "Follies at the Coven Day Parade", he gives Amity a book to learn how to speak Spanish. After Amity calls Luz a "sweet potato", he gives her two supportive thumbs up.


Labyrinth Runners - 1863

Hunter and Gus in "Labyrinth Runners"

Gus first met Hunter "Any Sport in a Storm". Unlike Willow, he didn't seem too fond of the Golden Guard at first and encouraged him to not mess up Willow's efforts to form a flyer derby team. After Hunter almost handed him and the Emerald Entrails to Belos, Gus grows wary of him, especially when he finds a disheveled and outcast Hunter taking refuge in Hexside. However, after the former Golden Guard saves him from Head Illusionist Adrian, Gus begins to grow closer to him, even helping him pull out of a panic attack. When they find Willow in the labyrinth illusion, Hunter saves Gus from the trap, though they get separated thanks to Adrian and a few Coven Scouts. Hunter soon wakes up, and after getting on the school's side, rushes to the gymnasium without hesitation to save his friend from Adrian.

Following the encounter at Hexside, Hunter and Gus grow into good friends. In "King's Tide", Hunter saves Gus from Philip Wittebane after he looks into his memories, during which Gus learns of Hunter's status as a grimwalker.

During their time in the Human Realm, Gus and Hunter bunked together in the basement of the Noceda residence. Gus would express his joy in Hunter feeling happy and the two grew to become fans of Cosmic Frontier after finding books and DVDs of the franchise in the basement closet. Gus chose to keep his knowledge of Hunter being a grimwalker to himself, wanting Hunter to confess when he's ready while dropping hints through the Cosmic Frontier characters Captain Avery and Chief O'Bailey, who were later cosplayed by Gus and Hunter, respectively. After Hunter was freed from Belos' control he, along with the others, were fearful Hunter would not survive and he is relieved when Hunter wakes up.

Camila Noceda

Thanks to Them - 025

Gus for helping Camila with the dishes.

Despite only knowing her for a few months, Gus is grateful to Camila for taking him and his friends in. In return, he would cook for her, albeit not to her liking. After finding her Cosmic Frontier memorabilia in the basement, he and Hunter followed in her footsteps and became fans of the franchise. When Belos, possessing Hunter, tries to attack Camila, he, Willow, Hunter, and Vee defend her.

When at The Owl House, he and Willow give her advice when she is trying to talk Luz out of making a bad decision.

Powers and abilities

  • Magic: Gus is studying to become a professional witch. Like all witches, his magic comes from a sac of magic bile attached to his heart. Despite the general rule of restricting magical learning to one area of study, Gus has displayed skill in multiple fields.
    • Illusion magic: Gus specializes in magic that involves manipulating perception. These illusions can interact with physical objects and people. He has shown to be quite proficient in illusions, and he is perceptive enough to tell if someone is disguising themselves using an illusion, such as when he realized a member of the Emperor's Coven had disguised himself as Adrian Graye Vernworth in an attempt to force a coven sigil on Edric and was able to dispel the illusion to reveal the duplicity. Similar to Willow with her plant magic, Gus' illusion magic becomes much stronger whenever he feels a strong emotion, like extreme sadness or stress, causing his eyes to glow blue, like Willow's eyes glowing green, and allows him to cast magic without a spell circle.
      • Glamour: Gus can change his or a person's appearance similar to a transformation.
      • Illusion duplication: Gus can create tangible copies of himself and others. He can use a copy to take his place when he goes out of class; the copy is independent and sometimes won't do what Gus tells him to do unless Gus uses intimidation.
      • Illusion construct: Gus is able to use his magic to make the shapes of everyday objects, as seen in "Really Small Problems" when he used his magic to make the shape of a vacuum to scare the animals. Gus is even able to make floating captions as seen in "The First Day" when he tried to use one to congratulate Luz on getting into Hexside but accidentally used the wrong caption.
      • Illusionary terrain: As seen in "Through the Looking Glass Ruins", Gus can cover an area about a hundred feet radius with very convincing phantasms. In that instance, he was able to convince Bria that the cemetery's statuesque headstones had turned into demonic angels weeping bleeding tears, that her hands had turned to dust, and that a statue resembling her own corpse was clawing at her. Additionally, he could mask the constructs of her magic and make her spell circles appear to crumble when she drew them to make it appear as if her magic wasn't working. However, he stated afterward that this sort of illusion is difficult and exhausting to cast and maintain. As seen in "Labyrinth Runners", when in a stressful situation, he can unconsciously cover large areas like a significant portion of Hexside in a number of identical replicas of places he remembers going to. These illusions are so well-blended together that they can match locations with objects in reality to give authenticity, like matching an illusion location's stairs with stairs in real-life.
      • Mind illusion: As seen in "Labyrinth Runners", while under a great stressful situation, Gus can unconsciously project illusions from his memories of his own insecurities and fears. He can also cause the ones near him to relive their own traumatic memories. This ability of his is so strong that it can traumatize the ones that get affected by it, as Adrian Graye Vernworth, the Head Witch of the Illusion Coven, was still affected by Gus' mind magic even after the latter turned it off.
        • Traumatic re-memory: As seen in "King's Tide," whilst using Adrian's magic amplifier, Gus is able to force others to relive their traumatic memories. This spell requires his full concentration, and if Gus' concentration is broken, the spell will end.
  • Telekinesis: Gus is capable of moving objects with his mind.
  • Strength enhancement: He can enhance the physical abilities of magical beings, like how he makes Willow's plant monster stronger and more muscular.
  • Glyph magic: Upon receiving some from Luz, Gus learned to summon magic through glyphs. He is particularly fond of the fire glyph.
  • Orator/Comedian: He is excellent at keeping a crowd entertained, as he does in "Enchanting Grom Fight".
  • Staff flying: In "Any Sport in a Storm", Gus is terrible at riding on a witch's staff, but he is good at flying on one when he stands on it.


Behind the scenes

Name and basis

The name Augustus is a masculine given name derived from the word Augustus, which means "majestic," "the increaser," or "venerable".


Gus is voiced by Issac Ryan Brown. During the production of "Agony of a Witch" and "Young Blood, Old Souls", Brown was going through puberty, so his voice was electronically manipulated to make him sound younger. In "Escaping Expulsion", it was stated that Gus had gone through "witch puberty" to explain the change in his voice.

Carter Jones voices a young version of Gus in "Labyrinth Runners".


Gus debuted in the episode, "I Was a Teenage Abomination".

Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Máximo Thomas
Brazil Portuguese (Brazil) João Vitor Mafra
Bulgaria Bulgarian Nadya Polyakova (Надя Полякова)
She is also the voice actress for Amity and Lilith in Bulgarian
Hong Kong Cantonese Nicole Chong Hau Yi (莊巧兒)
Taiwan Chinese Fu Chi-Hui/ Katrina Fu (傅其慧)
Czech Republic Czech Mateo Klimek
Germany German Benjamin Weygand
Denmark Danish Sigurd Philip Dalgas
Spain Spanish Ainhoa Martín
France French Emilie Guillaume
Hungary Hungarian Bálint Maszlág
Israel Hebrew Adam Riftin (אדם ריפטין)
Guy Goldberg (גיא גולדברג)
Italy Italian Gabriele Meoni
Japan Japanese Mei Shibata (柴田芽衣)
South Korea Korean Seo Ban-seok (서반석)
Malaysia Malay Iqa Zawani
Netherlands Dutch Deante van der Kust
Norway Norwegian Teodor Barsnes-Simonsen
Poland Polish Paweł Szymański (I Was a Teenage Abomination-Through the Looking Glass Ruins)
Jan Szydłowski (Hunting Palismen-Present)
Portugal Portuguese Ana Vieira
Romania Romanian Denis Nadolu (S1)
Cristian Neacșu (S2-Present)
Sweden Swedish Adil Backman
Thailand Thai Niramol Gijpinyochai (นิรมล กิจภิญโญชัย)
Turkey Turkish Ece Bozçali


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  • Gus has coulrophobia, the fear of clowns.[3]
  • His surname was revealed in "Young Blood, Old Souls" through the revelation of Perry Porter being his father.
  • He has a huge fascination with humans, implied to have founded the Human Appreciation Society in Hexside.
    • This may have played a part in his ability to tell apart humans from witches much better than ordinary witches can.
  • Despite his abilities in illusion magic, he also seems to have an interest in other types of magic, such as oracle magic, choosing to wield the Oracle Sphere instead of the Illusion Coven's gift.
    • This is explored further in "Through the Looking Glass Ruins", when he considers branching out to other types of magic, becoming bored with illusions.
  • In "Escaping Expulsion", it is shown that Gus has undergone witch puberty.
  • In "Labyrinth Runners", it is said that Gus skipped two grades.


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