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Because I am a mother who will do anything for her daughter.
—Gwendolyn to Luz, "Keeping Up A-fear-ances"

Gwendolyn Clawthorne is a character of The Owl House. She is a member of the Beast Keeping Coven, the wife of Dell Clawthorne, the mother of Eda and Lilith Clawthorne, and the adoptive grandmother of King Clawthorne.



Gwendolyn is an elderly witch with pale skin, a violet colored lower lip, olive-green eyes, and rounded-out facial features, such as pronounced dimples. Like all witches on the Isles, her ears are pointed and facing to her sides. Her hair is mostly light gray, with the exception of two patches of white on her sides. She wears her hair in a symmetrical neck-length style, standing upwards on the sides and on top with two locks falling around her cheeks. Despite her chubby appearance, her body is actually well-toned, having strong biceps with scars to complement her training. The back of her right wrist bares a Beast Keeping Coven sigil, thus denoting her as a member of that coven. Her fingernails are long and painted in violet nail polish.

During her daughters' teen years, Gwendolyn's hair was reddish-brown with a lighter-colored front and sides, but still worn in the same hairstyle. Her dimples were unnoticeable at the time and her cheeks were not as lowered; thus, her jawline more closely resembled her daughters' triangular shape.


Gwendolyn dresses in a dark violet, short-sleeved, ankle-length dress with white fur trims and a broad white fur collar. She wears crescent-shaped eyeglasses and a pair of rectangular dark golden earrings. While serving under Master Wortlop, Gwendolyn also wore a large, round brown necklace with Wortlop's rune stamped on, though after learning the truth about him, she quickly destroyed it.

During the time just after Eda's curse had manifested, Gwendolyn wore a different violet dress, also with short sleeves, but instead having white fur trims around the shoulders and waist. At the time she did not wear glasses, nor any other accessories.


Gwendolyn comes across as a sweet and well-meaning motherly figure, but also happens to be short-sighted and oblivious towards people's feelings, most notably her own daughters. She viewed Eda's curse as being something shameful, which led to a rift between the two, as Gwendolyn believed that she had to find a cure for it at any cost without considering Eda's view on the matter. For Lilith, because she acknowledged her self-sufficient capabilities and talent, Gwendolyn wound up not affording Lilith the attention she wanted, and instead relegated any of her accomplishments as just another job well done that did not merit any further interest. This inclination towards face values, coupled with her misguided love for her children, extends towards other characters and situations. Gwendolyn had little patience towards healers who did not offer direct results towards Eda's curse. This also enabled the gremlins posing as Master Wortlop to find an easy target in Gwendolyn because her dedication towards curing Eda blindsided her to the truth.

Not unlike her daughters, Gwendolyn also showed a fierce and very dangerous temper when confronted with people who try to take advantage of her. As soon as Master Wortlop was revealed to have been nothing but a hoax, Gwendolyn slowly turned into an intimidating figure, threatening to have all the local creatures of Bonesborough hound the gremlins and kill them.

Once she came to terms with her actions and realizing the negative effect she had had on Eda and Lilith, Gwendolyn came to regret her decisions and decided to make amends and better her understanding of both. She would stop finding other ways to cure Eda, let her continue her elixir system, and returned home with Lilith to make up for lost time and to learn more about the curse to develop a cure.


Eda's curse

Eda eavesdropping on an angry Gwendolyn

Just as her husband was about to leave for the mandible, Gwendolyn and Lilith would witness Eda's Owl Beast form scratch out one of Dell's eyes and injure his left hand; she promptly made Lilith call the Healing Coven to tend to her husband's injuries and likely to deal with Eda's curse.[1] Shortly after Eda was cursed, Gwendolyn joined the Beast Keeping Coven, hoping to look for answers. However, the beast keepers said that the curse was untamable. Gwendolyn then sought aid from the Healing Coven to cure her daughter's curse. However, the healer was unable to cure Eda, and any solutions would merely keep the curse at bay. Furious with the healer's answer, Gwendolyn wanted them to get rid of her daughter's curse by any means necessary, even if it was by painful procedures, prompting the young Eda to hide from her mother by using the portal. Since that day, Gwendolyn and Eda's relationship had soured, but Gwendolyn continued to spend thirty years trying to find cures for Eda's curse, in addition to visiting her daughter annually. Her attempts made the rift between them even bigger, so much so that Eda refused to call Gwendolyn "mom."[2]

Unfortunately, while raising her two daughters, Gwendolyn paid more attention to Eda, and the self-sufficient Lilith was left craving her mother's attention. According to Lilith, her mother was not even present during her coven initiation. This was revealed to have been even before Eda was cursed, and while Gwendolyn did refer to Lilith with affectionate pet names, she did not give her the proper attention needed, if any, to the point of not even realizing she had caused Eda's curse and now suffered from it as well.[2]

According to Gwendolyn, she had a grandmother who told her the story of a human that once lived on the Boiling Isles before mysteriously vanishing, and then gained the knowledge of Titan's Blood, a rare element that is crucial in traveling back and forth between worlds.[2]

Questing for Master Wortlop

Gwendolyn and Luz comparing arms.

A year earlier, Gwendolyn met Master Wortlop in hopes to learn of his legendary healing abilities. Wortlop agreed to make Gwendolyn his disciple only if she completed a series of dangerous questions. After gathering the sacred items Wortlop requested, Gwendolyn goes to the Owl House to announce her latest cure and even has a very brief reunion with Lilith. However, instead of being grateful, Eda declines the cure, as she did for the past three decades, and launches her mother into the sky. Believing that Gwendolyn has the cure, Luz opts to help her, and in exchange, she promises to tell the human how to return to the Human Realm.

Gwendolyn takes Luz to meet Master Wortlop and hand him the sacred items. In exchange, Wortlop gives Gwendolyn a tome containing his secrets, but before she leaves, Wortlop warns his pupil to keep his tome away from non-believers, lest they be blinded by the power it holds. By luring Eda with signs promising apple blood, Gwendolyn wastes no time in following the instructions listed in Wortlop's tome, and while Luz at first trusts her methods, she soon began to question the validity of Wortlop's teachings. Luz's suspicions are raised when she sees Gwendolyn sell a few "paltry heirlooms" to purchase the next volume in Wortlop's series, and she manages to steal the tome from Gwendolyn using a plant glyph. She reads the contents of the tome for herself and realizes that Gwendolyn is being scammed. She refuses to believe Luz and reveals that she has taken all of Eda's elixirs. Luz tries to take them back, but both get into a squabble and end up revealing themselves to Eda; unfortunately, this causes Eda's stress to overwhelm her, and she turns into the Owl Beast. Gwendolyn checks the tome to find out what to do, only to realize she has to buy the next volume. To make matters worse, Gwendolyn witnesses Lilith's cursed form, and seeing the many mistakes that were made, she flies back to Master Wortlop while her two cursed daughters battle in Bonesborough.

Gwendolyn controlling fire bees with beast keeping magic.

To her horror, Gwendolyn sees that Master Wortlop was not really a mystical healer, but rather a puppet controlled by gremlins to scam witches. She confronts the gremlins by controlling a swarm of fire bees in the cave and threatening to have every beast in the forest come after them if they ever returned to Bonesborough. After dealing with the gremlins, Gwendolyn flies to Bonesborough to heal her cursed daughters. She approaches Eda and is able to get through to her, ultimately accepting the fact that the curse is a part of her, and no matter what, she would love her daughter unconditionally. Gwendolyn apologizes to Lilith as well for never giving her the attention she deserved, and while the beasts are distracted by Gwendolyn, Luz and King get them to drink some elixir, transforming the Clawthorne sisters back to normal. Once the ordeal ends, Gwendolyn embraces her two daughters, reconciling with them and accepting them, curse and all.

That evening, Lilith reveals to her mother that she was the one who cursed Eda and currently shares the curse with her sister, and Gwendolyn wishes that she had known about all of this sooner. While Lilith is packing in preparation for her move back with her parents, Gwendolyn makes one final apology to her younger daughter, and Eda, finally on better terms with her mother, calls her "mom" for the first time. Before leaving, Gwendolyn thanks Luz for opening her eyes and honors her deal with her by telling her about the the first human to live in Bonesborough, as well as Titan's Blood causing rifts between the Human and Demon Realms. She tells Luz to check out the Bonesborough Library and find something that said human left there. Currently, Gwendolyn is living with both her oldest daughter and her husband Dell, making up for lost time.[2]

Helping Eda reconnect

Gwendolyn returns to the Owl House to celebrate Lilith's new job as curator of the Museum of Supernatural History, along with Dell. She tries to get Eda to talk to her father, but Eda refuses to, pushing her away. While she eventually flees on her staff, she sees Dell and finally has a heart-to-heart talk with her.


Dell Clawthorne

Dell is Gwendolyn's husband.

Eda Clawthorne

Eda is Gwendolyn's youngest daughter. Gwendolyn loves Eda dearly, as shown when she calls her "Little Witchlet," but their relationship started to strain after Eda was cursed. The reason for it was due to Gwendolyn wanting to try more extreme methods to remove the curse from her daughter, making Eda believe her curse was something to be ashamed of and resulting in her running away from home.

Years later, Gwendolyn would eventually find Eda living on her own and would visit her regularly with what she believed was a permanent cure for her curse. After she discovered that the healer that she sought help from, Wortlop, was a fraud, she realized how she had been treating Eda all these years and apologizes to her in her cursed form. Afterwards she promises to let her keep using her elixir system and to trust her more.

Lilith Clawthorne

Lilith is Gwendolyn's oldest daughter, who she loves dearly as shown by her nicknaming her "Sweet Flea." Due to Gwendolyn knowing how talented and self-sufficient Lilith is, she ended up not giving her the attention she still desired from her mother, leaving their relationship strained on Lilith's side as according to her, Gwendolyn never attended her coven initiation.

After she sees that Lilith is cursed like Eda, she realizes how little attention she had truly given her and apologizes to her. Afterwards she learns from Lilith that she gave the curse to Eda and apologizes to both her daughters for having them keep it secret from her and returns home with Lilith to make up for lost time with her, and to learn more about the curse.

Luz Noceda

Gwendolyn meets Luz when she visits Eda to attempt to cure her of her curse. After Eda shoos her away, Luz caught up with Gwendolyn and offered to help her cure Eda, which Gwendolyn accepted, promising to help her with her own problem regarding finding a way back to the Human Realm. Unfortunately, Gwendolyn refused to believe Luz when she realized she was being scammed, but eventually saw the truth for herself after seeing both her daughters in their cursed forms. Afterwards, Gwendolyn tells Luz about another human that was on the Boiling Isles and advises her to do more research into it as thanks for helping her.

Master Wortlop

Gwendolyn became the apprentice of Wortlop after he promised her a cure for Eda's curse, and became completely devoted to him as shown by the various tasks she completed for him. Even after Luz declared he was a fake, Gwendolyn refused to believe it, but eventually found out the truth when she observed he was really a bunch of gremlins posing as one person. Afterwards, she angrily demanded they leave, or else she will send every beast in the forest after them, and destroys the necklace with his rune on it.

Powers and abilities

  • Magic: As a witch, Gwendolyn is able to use magic. Like most witches, her connection to magic comes from a sac of magic bile attached to her heart.
    • Beast keeping magic: As a member of the Beast Keeping Coven, Gwendolyn's magic allows her to influence the various creatures on the Boiling Isles. She has shown to be able to control fire bees and various other creatures in "Keeping Up A-fear-ances".


Behind the scenes


Gwendolyn is voiced by Deb Doetzer. Doetzer was confirmed as the voice of Gwendolyn by Acting Studio Chicago on July 16, 2020, months before the second season premiere.[3]


Initially mentioned in "Covention", Gwendolyn made her first on-screen debut in "Keeping Up A-fear-ances".

Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Silvia Aira
Brazil Portuguese (Brazil) Isabel de Sá
Germany German Christina Hoeltel
Indonesia Indonesian May Hartati
Italy Italian Maria Giuseppina Pepe
Poland Polish Joanna Węgrzynowska-Cybińska


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