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Hawksley is a hawk-like palisman belonging to Gwendolyn Clawthorne. He assists her with beast keeping magic.


Hawksley is a brown hawk or eagle-like creature somewhat resembling a red-tailed hawk. He is mainly a desaturated medium brown with a lighter head and neck, and has darker, black-tipped wing and tail feathers. His beak is a more yellow-brown, as are his talons, and he has glowing white eyes.

In staff form, he is hunched over and imposing, with his eyes being medium brown instead of white.

Powers and abilities

  • Attachment and Detachment: Hawksley has the ability to attach onto a staff as a palisman and detach to fly and walk around like a conscious entity.
  • Wood mimicry: He is able to turn into wood when attached onto the staff.

Behind the scenes

Name and basis

His name is most likely a pun of the word "Hawksley" (a name) and Hawk (a type of bird).


Hawksley debuted in "Keeping Up A-fear-ances".




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  • Hawksley is the first palisman to have a staff that is not completely straight, as his has a shepherd's crook at the top rather than immediately ending where the palisman connects.

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