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Hecate is a fictional character in The Owl House. She is one of Azura's enemies who is described as her rival. She is challenged to a Witches' Duel by Azura in a book that Luz shows King in "Covention".


Hecate appears to be a woman with orange hair and coral highlights in a blue, sleeveless dress. She wears a golden belt at her waistline. She has at least two faces, one with a pointy nose facing left at Azura and a lady Azura is protecting, and another with a small nose facing away to the right. She has black eyes and carries a long staff with a golden sphere at the top of it.

She is likely intended to have a third face in the middle which is not visible due to being viewed directly from behind, as the mythological figure she is named after does.



  • In the context of the Witches' Duel story, Azura and Hecate serve as parallels to Luz and her then-rival, Amity Blight. Luz mentions later they dueled in the Bog of Immediate Regret, which foreshadowed how she and Amity Blight would come to regret their own duel. As Luz sees herself as Azura, she probably perceives Amity as being Hecate, her rival.
  • In Greek mythology, Hecate is the name of the goddess of magic, sorcery, and necromancy. She can be depicted as having three faces as she can see the past, the present, and the future. While the book presents her as a villain, in mythology, she is depicted as a benevolent and protective goddess who brings blessings and prosperity to those who worship her.
  • After the events of "Escaping Expulsion", Amity starts wearing a moon necklace in place of her mother's, which could be a possible reference to how Hecate is often symbolized by the moon.

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