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Hettie Cutburn[1] is a minor antagonistic character in The Owl House. She is the head witch of the Healing Coven.



Hettie is a tall, brawny woman with pale skin.


Hettie wears a white hood over most of her head with a semicircle-shaped top that has light blue bands. Her eyes are covered by a light blue patch on her face; her robe consists of a light blue top banded with a Healing Coven patch, and this same blue appears on the sides of the robe, which is primarily dark navy blue. In addition, Hettie dons a white band around her waist and white clawed gloves on her hands. She seems to wear a dark shade of blue lipstick.

In "Hunting Palismen", Hettie wore a white cape with the Healing Coven sigil on her neck over her current outfit.


Not much is known about Hettie's personality, but like Terra and Adrian, she was loyal to Belos, or at least his word of "becoming royalty" after the Day of Unity. During the fight in "King's Tide", she appears passive at first, but this is deceptive, as she ends the fight by threatening to stab Eberwolf with a knife. This shows that Hettie is very cold-blooded, as she has no hesitation in using deadly force against those she considers her enemies, despite being the leader of a coven whose primary dedication is to the art of healing.


Hunting Palismen - 031

Hettie getting a glimpse at the Day of Unity with the other Coven Heads.

As Head Witch of the Healing Coven, Hettie is integral to Emperor Belos' plans and is tasked with inducting members into the Healing Coven.[2] Along with her peers, she was present when Raine Whispers became the new head of the Bard Coven.[3]

A few weeks before the Day of Unity, Hettie and the other head witches walk out of a meeting upon learning Belos will not be present and ignore Hunter as the Golden Guard orders her and the others to stay.

King's Tide (895)

Hettie and Osran threaten Eberwolf to get Darius to comply.

Later, during the Day of Unity, Hettie and other Coven Heads expose the CATs' plan to corrupt the Draining Spell by uncovering Eda, who was disguised as Raine. A fight breaks out, and Hettie throws a knife at Eberwolf, just barely avoiding killing him and making Darius quit fighting. Afterwards, Eda, Darius, Eberwolf, and Raine are restrained and put into place, allowing the Draining Spell to continue as planned. However, when the Draining Spell's true effect takes hold, Hettie collapses on the ground, her magic and life draining out of her until the spell is stopped by the Collector.[4]

For the Future - 2451

Hettie and the other Coven Heads, save for Terra, as puppets guarding Eda.

However, she and the other Coven Heads, except Terra, are turned into puppets and placed in the Archive House to guard Eda, who is believed to be trapped in her owl beast form, attacking the Owl Lady if she tries to escape. Months later, after Belos is defeated, she and the other Coven Heads are returned to normal.

Powers and abilities[]

  • Magic: As a witch, Hettie is able to use magic. Like all witches, her connection to magic comes from a sac of magic bile attached to her heart. Having earned the rank of coven leader, she is undoubtedly very powerful.
    • Healing magic: As the leader of the Healing Coven, Hettie can cast spells that allow her to heal or protect the injured.
      • Tractor beam emission: Hettie is able to conjure a beam that would hold a moving object in place to prevent harm. Despite this usually being used to defend someone, Hettie has ironically displayed using it for harmful purposes, such as throwing and holding a knife in place to take Eberwolf hostage.
  • Weapon brandishing: Hettie appears to be skilled at throwing and using projectiles, as she throws a scalpel knife at Eberwolf with ease but avoids killing him in order to make Darius cease fighting.


Behind the scenes[]

Name and basis[]

Hettie's name was first revealed in a tweet by Rebecca Bozza on June 4, 2022.[1]


Initially, Hettie was seen on the Healing Coven banner in "The First Day", before making her first on-screen appearance in "Hunting Palismen".


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