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Hexside, where the magic of friendship... is no longer taught here due to budget constraints.

Hexside School of Magic and Demonics is a magic school in The Owl House. It is one of the Boiling Isles' local schools for witches, demons, and magic folk. The school is located on the west side of the Boiling Isles.[2]

The standard school uniform is a gray tunic with a dark gray belt, cowl, and boots.[3] The color of the sleeves and leggings vary depending on which track a student belongs to.[4]


Hexside was founded and built on the bones of a rival school, when it was conquered by Principal Bump and other students.[5] Hexside is funded by Emperor Belos and the Emperor's Coven.[4]

Though currently unconfirmed, it is suggested that attendance to schools like Hexside is a requirement, due to the system in place. Hexside teaches witches from a young age up until adolescence, and as such includes a kindergarten section of the school for younger witches.[6]

Incoming students must take a placement exam to determine their academic level at Hexside. Students who have yet to master basic runes and a minimum of two spells are placed in the school's kindergarten, or "baby class".[5]

After Belos' defeat, multitrack students have become more common, with the majority of students studying at least two tracks.


Being a school of magic, multiple subjects are taught at Hexside over multiple grades. Those just starting are often taught the basic essentials, such as learning how to read and write runes, while those higher up learn more complex topics such as the "heximal system".

As Bump recalls, the school once used a "Choosy Hat" to determine which track a new admission would follow, though this practice was suspended after the hat had attacked a student. The relic was subsequently restrained and kept on the campus, though it occasionally escapes.[4]

Hexside has nine individual scholastic tracks. These tracks pertain to the main nine covens and thus categories of magic, which they are eventually expected to choose between at the end of their education; Bard, Beast Keeping, Potion, Plant, Illusion, Healing, Oracle, Abomination, and Construction.[3][7] Prior to Luz's admission to the school, students were only allowed to study an individual track. However, as of now, Principal Bump has altered the rules so that students may study however many tracks they wish, and eventually decide on one type of magic from their selected tracks when it comes time to choose a coven.[4]

The colors of the sleeves of Hexside students' uniforms indicate which track(s) they belong to, these being:

  • Red - Bard
  • Orange - Beast keeping
  • Yellow - Potions
  • Green - Plant
  • Light Blue - Illusion
  • Blue - Healing
  • Purple - Oracle
  • Orchid - Abomination
  • Brown - Construction
  • Dark Gray - Detention
  • Light Gray - Undecided; no track selected


Hexside maintains an athletic field for the sport of Grudgby. There are also gym classes; one activity being "the Game", which is similar to basketball, but requires throwing members of the opposing team through the nets. Like typical schools, it has extracurricular activities and clubs, such as the Human Appreciation Society, which Gus and Mattholomule attend.[7] Luz has discussed with Amity the idea of starting a book club called the "Azura Club" as well.[5] Later, at the Club Fair, The Good Witch Azura club has been formed.[8]


If a student is causing trouble at school, guards send them to a detention room, where students are encased in blue cocoons surrounded by giant serpentine creatures to put them in a trance until they learn and/or are hypnotized to behave.[7]

Troublemakers are put in the Detention Track, where they aren't allowed to use magic; Bump implies this is due to the fact that the aforementioned detention room "still needs repairs". Unbeknownst to most of the faculty, the room where this track is held has secret access to the Secret Room of Shortcuts, which in turn has access to the entire school, enabling inmates to secretly listen in on every class in the school. The room was built by "Lord Calamity", who is revealed to be Eda herself.[4]

Bump also threatened to feed Luz to the Choosy Hat for causing trouble, though this was likely in jest.

Notable staff and students[]


Former Staff


  • Willow Park (Plant Magic, formerly Abomination Magic)
  • Gus Porter (Illusion Magic)
  • Amity Blight (Abomination Magic)
  • Boscha (Potions Magic)
  • Emira Blight (Illusion and Healing Magic)
  • Edric Blight (Beast Keeping, Potions, and Illusion Magic)
  • Luz Noceda (All Magic)
  • Matt Tholomule (Construction and Illusion Magic)
  • Viney (Beast Keeping and Healing Magic)
  • Jerbo (Abomination and Plant Magic)
  • Barcus (Potions and Oracle Magic)
  • Skara (Bard Magic)
  • Eileen (Potions Magic)
  • Bo (Healing Magic)
  • Cat (Healing Magic)
  • Amelia (Plant Magic)
  • Moon girl (Oracle Magic)
  • Black Hat Student (Oracle Magic)
  • Mary (Abomination Magic)
  • Bat Ears (Beast Keeping Magic)
  • Bird-Like Student (Oracle Magic)
  • Spike-Headed Student (Abomination Magic)
Former Students



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  • Hexside seems to take inspiration from the Hogwarts School of Wizardry from the Harry Potter book series, which is also about students attending a magic school, with each separated into different houses all with their own color. Many of the tropes it borrows from the series are done in parody.
    • The Choosy Hat is a direct parody of Hogwarts' Sorting Hat.
    • The Hexside guards who can smell "trouble" are possibly meant to parody the Dementors.
    • The biggest sport is Grudgby, which has similarities to Quidditch, the most prominent being the Rusty Smidge which is similar to the Golden Snitch.[9]
    • There are many secret doors and pathways within the school.[4]
  • Hexside's school colors are yellow and blue.
  • Hexside has a school Grudgby team known as The Banshees.
  • Prior to Luz's admission, students were forced into one-track learning based on the coven system. Bump later seems amiable to allowing students to multi-track.[4]
    • Luz is the first student to be studying in all tracks; Eda wanted to as a student as well, but in photos is shown having been in the Potions track, which is what Luz was also placed in at first.
  • Hexside's school newspaper is called the Hexside Free Press.
  • The school appears to be within walking distance of the Owl House, as both Eda and Luz can travel between the two locations in just a few seconds.
  • Hexside teaches from "first grade" to "twelfth grade", indicating the school teaches parallel to the primary and secondary education in the American school system. Luz and her friends are in the "high school" portion.[6]
  • According to Principal Bump, the magic of friendship is no longer taught at Hexside due to budget constraints.[10]
  • The school has endured many serious incidents caused by Eda when she was a student due to her mischievous nature.[7]
    • Eda let loose a group of feral ghosts in the girls' locker rooms, who wreaked havoc on the students by predicting how they were going to die and shouting horrible pun lines. A group of unprofessional or incompetent "ghost-blasters" was dispatched to deal with the ghosts, but accidentally opened a gateway to the ghost dimension which threatened to take over the city.
    • Eda summoned a group of abominations to start a food fight in the cafeteria after Lilith's lunch money was stolen. However, the abominations gained sentience and merged into one big giant abomination and tried to take over the school. Eda, Lilith, and the thief had to band together to deal with the abomination.
    • Eda hexed the school bell to sing the famous pop song "SINCE U BEEN CONNED" for 5 hours, and the only way to deal with it was to pit the school bells with each other on which boy band was better; "Babies to Boys" or "Two Seconds to New York."
    • Eda summoned two giant worms, and they ate a lot of the school's equipment.
    • Eda let loose a griffin and fed it spicy snacks until it vomited on the entire grudgby field.


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