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A good friend would respect her wishes, but a better friend would help no matter what!
—Hooty, "Separate Tides"

Hooty is the titular character of The Owl House. Being a house demon attached to the door of the Owl House, he serves as its protector and as the house itself.


Hooty has a wooden light beige owl face with a darker orange upper side, brown eyes, and an orange beak. Behind the door where he is placed, there is a back frame of his owl body with wings and two peepholes attached where his eyes normally are. While Hooty has been described as a house demon, his specific type was revealed to be a bug demon. As a bug demon, owing to his extensive brown "neck", Hooty can stretch and move around in a worm-like fashion, and extend his mouth to allow visitors entry to the house or swallow items for storage. His overall appearance is similar to a barn owl, as in "Hooty's Moving Hassle", his legs can be seen underneath the house. His anatomy has a peculiar nature, as in "Echoes of the Past" which suggests he is at least partially an organic creature when separating himself from the door reveals veins and organs spilling from the gap. "O Titan, Where Art Thou" later reveals he has several rows of teeth inside his mouth running down to his stomach, along with a second "head" that is obscured at the back of his mouth.

Hooty's skin is able to be removed, and when done so only his skeleton can be seen, and his skull resembles that of an owl's skull.[1]


Hooty is shown to be a jovial and very welcoming creature with a falsetto voice, often greeting visitors to the Owl House and trying to be accepted as part of a group activity. He is rather talkative and claims to have many stories of his experiences to share, but he rarely, if ever, gets to share them since most people, including the inhabitants of the Owl House, consider him to be annoying.

Hooty playing hard to get S1 EP11

Hooty playing hard to get, which frustrates King.

King refers to him as being desperate for attention, which he doesn't deny. He is easily annoyed by the neglect which Eda and King throw at him, but nevertheless offers help if needed. Hooty can also be passive-aggressive at times. In "Adventures in the Elements", King refused to let him into his boot camp, causing Hooty to play "hard to get" when King comes to him for help later. Because of his station in life, being bound to the house, most of his activities and hobbies involve talking, telling riddles, listening to music, and rolling around in the mud.

Much like Eda and King, Hooty also has a cheeky and mischievous streak to his personality, occasionally being amused by seeing people getting hurt or poking fun at other people's bad luck. However, Eda also claims that despite his annoying tendencies, he still finds his way into her heart.

Like real owls, Hooty is also aggressive and territorial. In the short "Art Lessons with Luz", he mistakes Luz's painting of himself as another owl trying to take his territory, prompting him to freak out and tear up the drawing. Despite this, he usually won't make this mistake if he sees the person creating the art of himself. He later shows his aggressiveness again in "Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door" when he angrily told King not to interrupt him while demonstrating about demons and became furiously aggressive when he was offended by King's weird dance as he believed that he's making fun of his mother.

Hooty crying hysterically S2 EP08

Hooty crying hysterically, thinking he failed to help everyone.

Hooty can also be quite emotional at times. In "Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door", he cries and pulls himself away every time when he thinks he failed to help King, Eda, and Luz with any of their problems. After thinking he failed for a third time, Hooty has a nervous breakdown. He decides that everyone in the Owl House will be better off without him and tries to leave, going so far as to rip himself out of the door in an attempt to get away from the house, all while crying hysterically. It is only until Eda and King convince him that he did end up helping them and seeing Luz and Amity hold hands together that he finally calms down and cries happily, knowing that he did help everyone.


Early life[]

Hooty's origins are currently unknown. When talking about his past, Hooty mentions that it all started with a hunt and the skies were blood red.[2] He supposedly has a mother, but it is unknown what happened to her or if she is still alive.[3] Eda met Hooty prior to stumbling upon King on an island, and they have been together for at least eight years.[4] Hooty mentioned that Eda acted as a teacher to him sometime in the past, but the events of this interaction are vague at best.[5]

What is known about Hooty is that he is widely considered to be annoying and is often the butt of many jokes. At the same time, Hooty also acts as the guardian of the Owl House and protects the inhabitants from being attacked by enemies, such as Coven Scouts from the Emperor's Coven.[6]

In "Watching and Dreaming", when Luz meets the Titan in the In Between Realm, something which resembles Hooty can be seen in his right eye. While it is not revealed whether that was Hooty or not, this at least implies that he used to be part of the Titan's eye.

First days with Luz[]

The Owl House S01E01 - A Lying Witch and a Warden 272

Hooty getting poked in the eyes by Eda.

Not long after Luz first arrives in the Demon Realm, she is brought back to the Owl House by Eda Clawthorne after the duo escaped from a Coven Guard. There, Eda describes Hooty as a "state-of-the-art defense system". When Hooty asks for a password, he is poked in the eyes by the Owl Lady instead.[7]

S01E02 - 6

Luz karate chopping Hooty after getting startled by his sudden appearance.

A day after Luz's arrival, Hooty greets the human, but accidentally startles her into karate chopping his head. He later tells Luz to have a nice trip when she leaves with King to do some errands for Eda. Later, Luz goes on a quest given to her by Adegast on her own. When Eda notices Luz's disappearance, she asks Hooty where the human went. He tries to give her the answer in a riddle form, but the annoyed Owl Lady smashes one of the house walls with her fist. This causes Hooty to yelp in pain and tell Eda that Luz went to a forest towards Bonesborough.[8]

S01E04 The Intruder (528)

Luz welcoming Hooty to the Boo-Boo Buddy Club in "The Intruder".

Hooty serves as the sentient door knocker located on the Owl House's front door, but is also the house itself and controls several of its utilities, such as the lights.[9] When Luz becomes frustrated at her lack of magic powers, King mentions that Eda drinks some sort of special elixir every day, and suggests that maybe it's where Eda got her magic powers from. He then proceeds to stole the elixir from Eda's room for Luz, not knowing the true purpose of the potion. Without the elixir, Eda transforms into the Owl Beast and rips Hooty off his hinges, causing the lights to go out. However, once Eda returns to her normal form, Hooty is tended to by Luz, and is welcomed into the "Boo-Boo Buddies" club by her.[10]

S01E06 Hooty's Moving Hassle (247)

Hooty standing up after Luz, Willow, and Gus accidentally animated the entire house.

During the Moonlight Conjuring, Luz, Willow, and Gus accidentally animated the entire Owl House, making it mobile. The trio then proceeds to take Hooty on a joyride, passing through Bonesborough and causing residents to run away in fright. After the trio got captured by Animal Control, they were almost killed when they got thrown off a cliff. Luckily, the teenagers were able to get back up and get inside the house, then returning the house to its original location.[11]

S01E08 Once Upon A Swap - Hooty playing in mud 4

Hooty playing in the mud.

Throughout Luz's first few weeks in the Isles, her, Eda, and King treat Hooty with neglect on account of his "annoying" demeanor and his tendency to get himself exceedingly filthy while playing in mud. Every once in a while, someone in the house will be tasked to clean Hooty, a task which Eda calls "house cleaning duty".[12]

Hooty S1 EP18

Hooty casually fighting off the Coven Scouts trying to attack him.

Hooty would often guard the occupants of the Owl House from the Emperor's Coven, fighting off the Coven Scouts trying to attack the house. After defeating the scouts, Hooty would throw a tea party with them. It is unclear what happens during the event, but these tea parties would often traumatize the scouts.[6]

Befriending Lilith[]

Separate Tides - Lilith and Hooty

Hooty comes back to rescue Lilith and fight off the Fire Bees.

After Lilith took on half of Eda's curse and started living in the Owl House, Hooty would constantly try to befriend her. When Lilith was gathering ingredients for a scrying potion, he followed her around against her wishes. He notices that Lilith has issues trying to gather the fire bee honey, and offers to help. However, Lilith refuses the help, and berates Hooty instead, causing him to leave sadly. Later, Lilith realizes that she can't really carry out the task alone when she got surrounded by the fire bees, and calls out for help. Immediately, Hooty comes to her rescue and fights off the bees, successfully helping Lilith acquire the honey for the potion. The two then slowly bond as she tends to his stings. Eventually, Lilith accepts Hooty as her BFF and gives him the nickname "Hootsifer".[13]

Echoes of the Past - Hooty firing potions

Hooty fighting off Jean-Luc by firing Eda's potions from his mouth rapidly.

One day, while Lilith is experimenting with glyphs, Hooty offers her a cup of tea. Soon after, when King starts ranting about his glorious past while he was still the King of Demons, both him and Lilith show disbelief towards the story. To prove himself, King leads Hooty, Lilith, and Luz on an expedition to an uncharted island. After seeing some drawings on a wall, Hooty and Lilith start to believe that King's rants about his supposed grandeur might be true, until they are attacked by a guardian entity. Eda arrives just in time to rescue everyone, and later reveals that she told King everything he believed in, which are all made up. She gives King his chipped horn back, which jolts his memories after he put it back on. Shocked, King has a mental breakdown and runs away. Hooty is saddened by this and starts crying when everyone failed to find him. Luz finds King a while later and suddenly remembers that there's an unexplored space on the top inside the building, so after bringing King back, she comes up with a plan with everyone to go back inside. While Hooty and Lilith distract the guardian, Luz and Eda uses glyphs to create an explosion and remove the barriers blocking the entrance to the top. Once there, King accidentally unlocks an entrance to a secret room. There, he learns that his father might be still alive, and Luz promises to help him find his dad. When King requests to take the guardian home, Hooty excitedly agrees, despite the others coldly rejecting the notion.[4]

Lilith and Hooty S2 EP04

Hooty is devastated at Lilith leaving the Owl House.

When Gwendolyn comes to visit, Lilith is ignored by her and she is more focused on Eda. Dejected, Lilith starts binge eating ice-cream with King. Hooty becomes concerned at this, but is told off by Lilith. A while later, Hooty becomes horrified when Lilith transforms into her cursed form. After Gwendolyn and Luz turn the sisters back to normal, Hooty tearfully says goodbye to Lilith as she returns to her parents' house to catch up with them, but the two become pen pals instead.[14]

Helping his housemates[]

Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door - 089

Hooty preparing to help King find out who he really is.

As the residents of the Owl House struggle with personal issues - King trying to figure out who he really is, Eda struggling to figure out a plan to stop Emperor Belos, and Luz attempting to build a new portal while also wishing to ask out Amity, Hooty takes it upon himself to help them with some encouragement from Lilith. After swallowing King and regurgitating him in the tower behind the Owl House, Hooty tries to help him find out what kind of demon he is: bug, biped, or beast. For the first test, he instructs King to perform a dance to show if he is a bug demon, but this backfires when he unintentionally insults Hooty's mother. To test him being a biped demon next, Hooty has him fight Tinella Nosa, only for King to last not even five seconds with her potent magic. Finally, Tinella Nosa takes a blood sample from King to check if he is a beast, but the results come back inconclusive. While Hooty reassures him that he is who he is, King berates him for lying about having answers, causing him to let out a sonic scream that ripples around the tower and surrounding area. Hooty, having failed miserably, sobs hysterically and leaves King alone.

Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door - 308

The cookies prepared by Hooty for Eda.

Hooty then decides to help Eda next after collecting himself. He prepares cookies for her, which are spiked with sleeping nettles. While Eda is out cold, she calls a truce with the Owl Beast, and makes an alliance with it. When she wakes up, she gains a new harpy form, a hybrid between her normal body and the Owl Beast's. However, Hooty is dismayed upon seeing this, and believing he has failed again, dashes away.

Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door - 840

Hooty desperately trying to remove himself from the house.

After overhearing Luz's desire to ask Amity out, Hooty devises a plan to motivate the human. He creates a cheesy tunnel of love and kidnaps Amity, leaving a note for Luz to head to the basement. Once there, she finds Amity in one of Hooty's owl pellets. Hooty then opens a trapdoor when the duo accidentally steps onto it, and the girls fall down a pit, landing in front of the tunnel of love. While Amity is impressed, Luz freaks out and destroys the decorations, not wanting Amity to believe that she is weird. This ends up hurting Amity, who proposes that the idea of them dating was stupid all along. Hooty, now firmly believing he is incapable of helping, starts having a breakdown and pulls his entire body out of the door of the Owl House in an attempt to rid it of his presence, causing the other half of his body to attach itself to the ground instead.

Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door - 989

Hooty crying happily, knowing that he did help out everyone in the end.

In his distress, Hooty's detached form begins rampaging around the grounds of the Owl House, creating many long trails in the earth where he drags himself and causing the entire house to start shaking. A stone slab falls from the tower, almost crushing Luz and Amity, but King uses his newly acquired sonic shout ability to break it. A while later, Luz confesses to Eda that Hooty was trying to help her ask Amity out. Eda urges Luz to do so, and seizes an opportunity to pull Hooty away, leaving Luz and Amity alone. Despite her nervousness, Luz gathers the courage to speak to Amity, and the girls finally ask each other out, starting their relationship. Hooty finally calms down and sobs happily, now at peace with the knowledge that he has indeed helped his home's occupants. He informs Lilith of these events in a letter, and stretches to the house's mailbox to mail it out. Right then, a figure resembling King approaches Hooty, and gives him a letter addressed to King. However, Hooty accidentally eats it when a bug crawls onto it. Upon realizing his mistake, Hooty disregards the letter as likely junk mail.[3]

Yesterday's Lie - 1139

Hooty helping Luz up after she is pulled out from the portal.

When Luz contracts the common mold, Hooty secures the perimeter of the house while Amity goes around making sure that everyone is doing their part. Later, Hooty, Gus, and Willow look after Luz while Eda, Amity, and King go to Eclipse Lake to try and find Titan's Blood.[15] After Amity saves some blood from the portal key on her glove, Hooty, Eda, Luz, and King manage to construct a portal and hold a safety rope tied to Luz as she goes inside. They pull her out when the portal starts to close.[16]

The Coven Day Parade[]

Follies at the Coven Day Parade - Hooty Effigy 1

"Law is meaningless! Stealing is legal now! I AM YOUR GOD!"

During the Coven Day Parade, Hooty and King pilot an effigy resembling Emperor Belos to distract the Coven Scouts while Luz and Eda grab Kikimora and Raine. Hooty then proceeds to bounce around town in the effigy, wreaking havoc and chasing after scouts. Later, he abandons the effigy, and brings King to meet up with Eda, Luz, and Amity. He watches with the rest of his companions as Emperor Belos addresses the witches of the Boiling Isles about the Day of Unity being a month away.[1]

Elsewhere and Elsewhen - 017

Hooty hosting a party to celebrate Lilith getting a new job.

A few days later, Hooty hosts a party for Lilith after she becomes curator of the Supernatural History Museum. When Dell comes to visit, Eda tries to hide, while Hooty manages to communicate with him. In the end, Hooty thinks of Dell as a nice guy, and wonders how he got the scar on his face, asking Eda about it which makes her feel worse about it.[17]

Hollow Mind - 1494

Hooty bringing the potion left by Raine, Darius, and Eberwolf into the house.

After Luz and Hunter become trapped in Belos' mindscape, Eda tries to come up with a rescue plan, and orders Hooty to put the Owl House on lockdown mode. Hooty then chats with Flapjack about Hunter, and thinks that Eda can't do much without magic. Later, Raine, Darius, and Eberwolf prepare a teleportation potion and disguise it as a bunch of flowers. They then leave it in front of the Owl House, knocking on the door before running away. Hooty goes to check, and brings back the flowers to Eda. She soon uses the potion to bring Luz and Hunter back. Once they are freed, Hunter realizes that Belos now knows he was inside his mind. Panicked, Hunter flings open the door and runs away.[18]

Trip to the Titan Trapper Island[]

Edge of the World - 095

Hooty and King giving Luz a hug to make her feel better.

Sometime later, Luz tells Hooty, King, and Eda about what she saw inside Belos' mind, revealing him to be a human witch hunter.[19] As Hooty and King hug Luz to comfort her, Lilith arrives, and overjoyed, Hooty vomits up the letter addressed to King that he previously swallowed. After some persuading, Eda agrees to let King head to the location of his kin as stated in the letter. Lilith entrusts Hooty to go with King and Luz, and he swears to protect the duo with his life. The trio head to the location on Salty's ship, and once they arrived, the trio are transported to a land known as Titan Trapper Island. As King appears to bond with others of his kind, Hooty goes with Luz to ask their leader, Bill, to help them defeat Belos. Bill brushes them off and claims that Titans are the greater threat, happy to have his people vow to take down the last Titan in order to free the "Grand Huntsman". After hearing Bill's description of the Titans, Luz becomes uneasy, as it fits King perfectly. She soon realizes that the Titan Trappers are actually hunters disguising as Titans who worship the Collector, and that King is a Titan himself. She immediately excuses herself, and flees with Hooty to go fetch King. Later, when King expresses frustration toward Luz for removing him from his supposed induction ceremony, Hooty informs him that Luz just saved him from being killed. As Luz runs away from the Titan Trappers, Hooty shields her and King from the incoming attacks, and later sends Bill flying by barging out from the ground. Once the trio teleport back to their original location, they start falling from high up, and Hooty wraps himself around the finger teleporter to slow their fall. He also shields Luz and King from the incoming dust after King destroys the portal.[19]

Preparing for the Day of Unity[]

O Titan, Where Art Thou - 1185

Hooty attacking Steve, sending him flying backwards.

Upon returning home, Hooty, Luz, and King learn that they have bounties on them and flee to the Owl House, only to find it's been looted by the Emperor's Coven. They find a clue left by Lilith, instructing them to go to the Knee. Once they reunite with the Clawthorne sisters, Hooty gives Lilith the t-shirt he previously got from the Titan Trapper's Island, and Luz reveals that King is a Titan. When Luz and Eda fly off to retrieve their belongings from the Emperor's Coven, Hooty tries to get Lilith to treat King as she usually would, but she ignores him. Later, King mysteriously vanishes, prompting Hooty and Lilith to search for him. They eventually find King with Steve, and although King tries to assure them that Steve has left the Emperor's Coven, Hooty still distrusts Steve, and attacks him anyway. Some time later, Hooty calms down under unknown circumstances. Soon, the quartet regroup with Luz and Eda in Latissa, having joined a rebel group led by Raine - the Covens Against the Throne.[20]

King's Tide (923)

Hooty trapped inside a bubble after getting captured by the Abomatons.

After planning for Eda to be branded with a Bard Coven sigil, in addition to taking Raine's place during the Draining Spell, Hooty goes to the head of the Titan with most of the CATs.[21] He reminds Eda to scream loudly if she needs help, and tearfully bids her goodbye, before receiving a kiss on the head from her. Soon, Hooty, Lilith, and the CATs are discovered and restrained. Raine is brought to the platform where the other Head Witches are at, so that the Draining Spell can commence as normally planned.[22]

Under the Collector's control[]

For the Future - 175

Hooty shielding Lilith from the incoming attack, before getting turned into a puppet himself.

After the Collector stops the Draining Spell, Hooty, Lilith, and the others escape and he and Lilith try to save King, but the Collector turns him into a puppet resembling a jack-in-the-box as he tries to shield Lilith, who is also turned into a puppet soon after. Months later, King found him and brought him to Lilith. Lilith sheds a tear when she sees him, which drips onto Hooty's eye. This awakens Hooty and he starts speaking to her. King suggests having the Collector turn Hooty back to normal, but both Eda and Lilith reject the idea as it is too much of a risk.

Watching and Dreaming - 4879

Hooty wrapping around Lilith upon seeing her after waking up.

After Belos is defeated, Hooty is returned to Lilith by the Collector. A touch from Lilith turns Hooty back into his normal form. After waking up, he is ecstatic to see Lilith, and happily hugs her.


Watching and Dreaming - 5188

Hooty and Lilith studying the blueprint of the Bonesborough Library's upcoming additional museum wing together.

Four years after Belos is defeated, Hooty helps Lilith oversee the construction of the museum wing on the Bonesborough Library. He is also working on the museum together with Lilith and Amity, and will become the curator once it is finished. Later, he joins the others in celebrating Luz’s belated quinceañera.


Luz Noceda[]

Eda's Requiem - 158

Luz annoyed at Hooty for swallowing the Echo Mouse in "Eda's Requiem".

Hooty has not interacted much with Luz ever since she began living at the Owl House, although their relationship is shown to be marginally better than that shared with either Eda or King. She finds his habit of sneaking up behind her to be scary and even hit him the first time despite his protests that he was simply trying to say good morning. Luz also seems to find him annoying at times and will upright ignore him when something more important is taking place. Despite this, Hooty has been taken care of by Luz given that he is part of the house and as such Luz must attend to the house's regular cleaning duties, including cleaning him whenever he ends up being covered in mud. During the events of "The Intruder" Luz accepted him into the "Boo-Boo Buddy Club" after treating his injuries, which made Hooty very happy.

In "Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door", Hooty tries to help Luz ask Amity out by putting the two of them in the Tunnel of Love set up by him, which Luz desperately destroys, thinking that Amity will find this a lame way of her confessing her feelings. Luz then apologizes to Amity for this, saying that it was Hooty's stupid idea, but Amity despondently replies that she is leaving, saying that the idea of them dating was stupid. Luz is shocked by this, and Hooty once again believes he messed up. He starts crying hysterically and desperately tries to leave the Owl House, putting it at danger of collapsing. At the end of the episode, Luz ends up confessing her feelings to Amity and asks her out, which Amity excitedly accepts. Upon seeing this, Hooty finally calms down and starts crying happily.

Eda Clawthorne[]

Hooty and Eda S1 EP09

Eda confiding her feelings to Hooty in "Something Ventured, Someone Framed".

Eda has been shown to ignore and mistreat Hooty on a regular basis, going so far as to hit the walls of the house whenever he is being uncooperative and poking his eyes whenever he does not open the door immediately. However, Hooty does offer help when needed and has been shown to be useful when needed. According to Hooty, Eda acted as a mentor in magic to him some time ago. She was even shown to confide in him on occasion when she is feeling troubled or disappointed.

In "Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door", Hooty is worried about Eda not getting enough sleep, so he tricks Eda into eating cookies filled with sleeping nettles. While in her dreams, Eda manages to make a truce with the Owl Beast, and turns into Harpy Eda after she woke up. However, Hooty, upon seeing that and not knowing what actually happened, pulls himself away in tears, thinking he just made Eda's situation worse.


Knock, Knock, Knockin' On Hooty's Door - Hooty and King on demon anatomy

Hooty explaining the history and physiology of demons to King in "Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door".

King's relationship with Hooty has been shown to be the most distant and cold of all his other interactions. King finds Hooty's voice to be annoying and considers him to be desperate. But unlike Eda's more physical intimidation, King is more verbally and emotionally abusive, merely calling him out on his behavior rather than attacking him in some form. Their relationship gets better during the events of "Adventures in the Elements", wherein King is forced to befriend Hooty in hopes of destroying his animated plush toy soldiers.

In "Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door", Hooty tries to help King figure out what kind of demon he is. Unfortunately, the result ends up inconclusive, so Hooty tells King that he and Tinella Nosa doesn't need to know that to be his friends. This upsets King, who thought Hooty had real answers. He becomes increasingly frustrated at his dad's absence, and shouts in anger, inadvertently unlocking his new voice powers. However, Hooty is too upset to notice that and pulls away in tears, not hearing King calling after him. At the end of the episode, a stranger asks Hooty to deliver a letter to King for him, but Hooty accidentally swallows the letter along with a bug he saw crawling on it.

Willow Park and Gus Porter[]

Hooty with Gus and Willow S2 EP09

Willow, Gus and Hooty listening to mixed-up audio tracks in "Eclipse Lake".

Willow and Gus become acquainted with Hooty after their very first Moonlight Conjuring that took place at the Owl House, during the events of "Hooty's Moving Hassle". As is the case in his relationships with Luz, Eda, and King, Hooty is often ignored by Willow and Gus, usually whenever something more important is taking place. After several visits to the Owl House, the two young witches have come to consider him very unnerving and creepy. In the episode "Understanding Willow" Gus tries to interview Hooty for a school assignment after coming to the realization that Hooty must have been the cause of Eda and King's eccentric personalities, only for Hooty's obnoxious behavior to drive Gus away. Despite their dislike of him, Hooty appears to be oblivious of the fact that he is driving Willow and Gus away.

In "Eclipse Lake", Hooty's relationship with Willow and Gus improves as they work together to take care of Luz when she gets sick with the Common Mold.

Amity Blight[]

Hooty and Amity S1 EP16

Hooty annoying Amity in "Enchanting Grom Fright", which enrages her.

One of the most volatile relationships so far, Amity has shown nothing but hostility to Hooty since they first met during "Enchanting Grom Fright". For butting in on her conversations and invading her personal space, making her extremely annoyed, she has physically assaulted the enchanted doorknocker, resulting in Hooty having to wear an eye-patch and several bandages on. Even so, Hooty is shown to be good towards her by giving her a lift to the couch to join the others at the end of "Wing It Like Witches".

In "Eclipse Lake", Hooty and Amity are finally on good terms as they work together to secure the perimeter of the Owl House from Emperor Belos.

Lilith Clawthorne[]

Hooty and Lilith S2 EP03

Lilith thanking Hooty for the cup of tea in "Echoes of the Past".

Hooty and Lilith were initially enemies. While Lilith was still the coven leader at the Emperor's Coven, she attempted to arrest Eda at her house. But Hooty, being a state-of-the-art defense system, easily defeated her and the Coven Scouts she brought along, utterly humiliating her.

This begins to change after Lilith moves into the Owl House. From the start of "Separate Tides", Lilith makes it clear that she did not want Hooty's help with collecting potion ingredients, but he still considers her his friend and tries to be the best friend he could. This consists of him calling her "Lulu" and following her when she was searching despite her protests. However, their relationship dramatically improved after Lilith realizes that she does, in fact, need help and Hooty comes to her rescue. After they return to the Owl House, they apologize to each other for their behavior and Hooty calls Lilith his best friend. Although she didn't reciprocate, Lilith gives Hooty the nickname "Hootsifer". She also offers to protect him from Luz, Eda, and King, who plan to draw faces on him. In "Keeping up A-fear-ances", Hooty is greatly saddened when Lilith decides to move back in with her mother, as well as the fact he cannot personally write to her, since he can't hold a pen.

In "Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door", Hooty solves that by using a typewriter. In a previous letter he wrote, he mentioned that he feels unimportant while Luz, King and Eda are out on adventures. Lilith replies by saying that he is The Owl House itself and he takes care of everyone in it, which is a worthy purpose. Lilith's words inspire Hooty and he ends up trying to help King, Eda and Luz solve their problems.

Powers and abilities[]

  • House manipulation: Being the demonic component of the Owl House, Hooty has control over the architectural facets of the house. This extends to utilities, as Hooty can control the house lights.[9]
    • Door manipulation: Due to him being part of the front door, Hooty can open it at will. One method of opening the door involves Hooty stretching his mouth to encompass the entire surface of the door, thus allowing people to walk inside before shutting his beak back to normal size.
    • House alteration: Hooty can change his body, and therefore, the location's structure, in any way he wants. Notably, he can add pipes and electricity to the house.
      • House transportation: Hooty has demonstrated the magical ability to transport the Owl House by sprouting a pair of bird legs from the house's foundation and walking away with it. The full extent of this power is not currently known and was only used while under the influence of a Moonlight Conjuring, as shown during the events of "Hooty's Moving Hassle".
  • Elasticity: Hooty's most commonly used power is his ability to elongate his head, being able to stretch himself enough to enter the house, interact with his immediate surroundings or ensnare intruders. His elasticity makes him incredibly versatile in combat, allowing him to stretch circles around enemies, as seen when he fought Lilith and several members of the Emperor's Coven in "Agony of a Witch". He can move himself to great lengths effortlessly, and it is currently unknown what his limit is, or if he even has one. In "Escaping Expulsion", Hooty can stretch himself as a means of transportation, as he uses his elasticity to transport Luz to Hexside.
  • Owl physiology: Being an owl-like demon, he possesses all physical traits revolving around real owls, such as being able to puff his feathers when excited or alarmed, or even shedding feathers off his body.
    • Beak: Just like real-life birds, Hooty can use his beak as a means of attacking enemies. It is at least sharp enough to cut and tear through various objects, such as plush toys and papers. Hooty is also capable of lifting a person with his beak, as seen in "Escaping Expulsion".
    • Owl pellets: An ability that stems from his owl physiology, Hooty occasionally regurgitates objects and beings within brown-green owl pellets.
  • Demonology: Being a demon himself, Hooty appears to have extensive knowledge of his fellow demons.
    • Communicative dance: As a bug demon, Hooty is able to understand the communicative dances used by fellow bug demons.
  • Enhanced strength: Despite his cheerful demeanor, Hooty is deceptively strong. He is able to lift Amity, Lilith, and a coven soldier off the ground with his neck, quickly smash his way underground for a surprise attack, and hit Lilith hard enough to send her flying into a tree.
  • Enhanced hearing: Hooty has excellent hearing, as seen in "I was a Teenage Abomination", where it is shown that he can hear Luz's footsteps despite her being quite some distance away at Hexside. Because of this, he is a very light sleeper, thus he can quickly react to a threat when the Emperor’s Coven was trying to raid the house in "Agony of a Witch", even when they were several hundred feet away from him.
  • Portability: In "Echoes of the Past", it is revealed that Hooty is able to remove his head from his hole in the door and move to a cuckoo clock-like enclosure to make himself more mobile. However, he leaves behind some guts and veins in the hole in the process, since the house is a part of his body.
    • Protection: Hooty is able to coil his body around something to protect it. His body is very durable, meaning he can withstand a large amount of force. This can be used in his "Porta-Hooty" form, as seen in "Edge of the World".
    • Flotation: Hooty is able to rotate at fierce speeds like a helicopter propeller, and lift objects he is attached to up into the air. This is primarily used in his "Porta-Hooty" backpack, and is able to lift up people, as seen with Lilith in "O Titan, Where Art Thou."
  • Storage: Hooty can store things within himself and regurgitate them with ease.
  • Baking: According to Eda in "Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door", Hooty is an exceptional baker, making delicious cookies resembling his own face (even though they were spiked with sleeping nettles). He also made a crumble (that was mistaken for a cake by Tinella Nosa) for King's party that was accidentally ruined by King's sonic shout.
  • Longevity: According to Amity in "Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door", house demons tend to act strangely after a few thousand years. While Hooty's exact age is unknown, this statement at least confirms that house demons can live to be a few thousand years old.


Behind the scenes[]


Hooty is voiced by Alex Hirsch, who also voices King. Hooty's voice was originally a scratch recording made by Hirsch for the show's pilot, performing a bad impression of Mickey Mouse. However, Dana Terrace ended up liking the voice, and kept it for Hooty in the main series.[23]


Hooty debuted in the series premiere, "A Lying Witch and a Warden", and in Owl Pellets, he debuted in "Art Lessons with Luz".

Foreign voice actors[]

Language version Actors Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Tian Brass
Brazil Portuguese (Brazil) Felipe Zilse
Hong Kong Cantonese Frankie Chan Hon Ki (陳漢祺)
Taiwan Chinese Li Shi-Yang (李世揚)
Czech Republic Czech Radovan Klučka
Germany German Pascal Fligg
Denmark Danish Sonny Lahey
Spain Spanish Juan Enrique Palacios Fernández
France French Olivier Prémiel
Greece Greek Vassilis Milios (Βασίλης Μήλιος)
Hungary Hungarian Gábor Seder
Indonesia Indonesian Bambang Riyanto
Israel Hebrew Yuval Garbash (יובל גרבש)
Italy Italian Alessio De Filippis Name adapted as Gufy
Japan Japanese Kenta Matsumoto (松本健太)
South Korea Korean Seo Ban-seok (서반석)
Netherlands Dutch Roel Dirven
Norway Norwegian Scott Maurstad
Poland Polish Wojciech Urbański
Portugal Portuguese Luís Nascimento
Thailand Thai Apichit Likhitlimpreecha (อภิชิต ลิขิตลิ้มปรีชา)
Turkey Turkish Mertkan Acar


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  • In a Disney Channel music video, Hooty is shown in a band called Hooty and the Parliament Owls Angelic.[24]
  • The whole house, not only the door he resides in, is a part of Hooty's body, so he can feel pain if the house is damaged (such as Eda cracking a wall in frustration).
  • In "Follies at the Coven Day Parade", it is revealed that Hooty can remove his skin.
  • As seen in "Art Lessons with Luz", Hooty cannot distinguish between a real person and a drawing and very easily freaks out as a result.
  • As a demon, Hooty is both a living creature and an object. In the episode "Something Ventured, Someone Framed", Hooty can be seen trying to catch flies in his beak and he mentions that he enjoys eating them, thus implying that he needs to eat in order to survive. This is further emphasized given that the Owl House is alive.
  • He, along with the Bat Queen, are the only known characters to be identified as being both sentient objects and demons at the same time.
  • In the Polish dub, he is portrayed as a female for unknown reasons despite being voiced by a male actor.
  • In an AMA Dana Terrace hosted, a fan asked a question regarding Hooty's complete length. To which the creator responded with "There is no beginning. There is no end. There is only... Hooty." This implies that Hooty's neck is infinite.[25]
  • According to Dana Terrace, Hooty has an evil twin called "Booty".[26]
  • He is 20% mucus as stated in "Once Upon a Swap".
  • Hooty is very likely inspired by the Slavic tale of Baba Yaga, who is said to live in a hut on chicken legs. This is supported by him growing legs in "Hooty's Moving Hassle".
  • Lilith's nickname for Hooty, "Hootsifer", is a reference to "Lucifer", one of the many names given to the Devil.
    • It might as well be a reference to "Calcifer", the fire demon from Howl's Moving Castle that similarly, is bound to their witch's house, and keeps it running.
  • He is able to remove himself from the door.
  • He hates wearing clothes.[21]
  • In "Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door", Amity mentions that house demons tend to act weird after a couple of thousand years, which could suggest that Hooty is at least a thousand years old.
    • However, it's unlikely that Amity knew the actual age of Hooty, and therefore considered this possibility simply as an explanation of Hooty's behavior.
    • If Hooty actually is a few thousand years old, he would be one of the oldest known living characters in the series to date, the other one being the Bat Queen.
  • Based on Hooty's anatomy diagram posted by Ryan Andrews on his Twitter, Hooty has teeth inside his stomach.[27]
  • In "Watching and Dreaming", the Titan's right optic nerve is sticking out of his right eye socket. This optic nerve bears a resemblance to Hooty, this may suggest that Hooty and the rest of his species are organisms burrowing in Titans.
    • When inquired about the connection, Dana Terrace declined to say, but did state that a theory made by YouTube reviewer TheThirdBill about Hooty was correct.[28] Although not named, it is likely TheThirdBill's "Hooty Hole" theory, wherein he speculates Hooty can travel around the Isles in a tapeworm-like fashion, and due to having internal access to the Titan's wild magic through its blood, then Hooty, or something associated with Hooty, could be the conduit to the portal's technology like the portal's eye is.


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