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"Hooty's Moving Hassle" is the sixth episode of the first season of The Owl House, and the sixth episode overall.

It premiered on February 21, 2020.


When Luz, Willow and Gus accidentally animate the Owl House, the house runs amok around Bonesborough.


Due to her obsession with playing Hexes Hold'em, Eda forgets to top off on her supply of elixir. Shortly after, her curse begins to show when she starts sprouting feathers, convincing her to go out and obtain more. Luz and King accompany Eda to the market, only to discover the store that sells Eda's elixir is out of stock until the next week. Seeing Eda's desperation, the shopkeeper, Morton, recommends seeing Grimm Hammer at the night market.

Meanwhile, Luz meets up with her friends, Willow and Gus. Both are upset, especially Willow. Amity is having a Moonlight Conjuring at her house tonight, which happens to be a witches' slumber party. Witches spend the night together telling stories, playing games, and bring something to life with moon magic. Amity has invited everyone except Willow, who finds this hurtful. So, Luz suggests having their own Moonlight Conjuring at the Owl House. She asks for Eda's permission, but Eda says no. She already has plans to visit the night market tonight, and she needs Luz watch the house. Not wanting to disappoint her friends, Luz still plans to host a Moonlight Conjuring while Eda is out.

By evening, Eda is about to leave for the night market with King. She advises Luz to keep an eye on Hooty, and warns her that if she messes up the house she will never trust her again. After she leaves, Willow and Gus come out of hiding and three of them begin their Moonlight Conjuring. Since it is their first time, they decide, at Gus' request, to bring an action figure to life. Gathered on a circle and holding hands, they start casting the incantation. But, instead of bringing the action figure to life they end up animating The Owl House. This reveals Hooty's legs, and he begins walking. However, Luz, Willow, and Gus quickly learn that they can control the house with the power of Lunar Magic. Instead of heading back and returning the house to normal, Willow and Gus urge Luz to take the Owl House on a joyride to show off to Amity.

However, their joyride attracts the attention of the demon hunters who identify Hooty as a house demon. They capture the teens, and the house. The hunters plan to rip up the house, and sell it to restaurants as exotic meat. Luz, Willow and Gus get thrown over a cliff, and find themselves hanging from a branch. Willow begins to apologize for letting Amity get to her when they should have returned the house to normal. She also reveals that she and Amity used to be best friends when they were little kids, until Amity got her powers before her. Willow only wanted to prove to Amity that she was a powerful witch too. Luz assures Willow that she is a powerful witch, and she proved it by bringing a house to life. Regaining her confidence, Willow uses her plant magic to free herself and her friends, fight off the hunters, and save the Owl House.

Meanwhile, Eda and King arrive in the night market and meet Tibblet-Tibblie Grimm Hammer the Third, better known as Tibbles. Eda asks for her elixir and he presents her with some. However, she must pay a thousand snails which she does not have. So she challenges Tibbles to a game of Hexes Hold'em. If she wins she gets her elixir for free, but if she loses Tibbles gets to take what is hers. By the end of the game Eda loses and Tibbles claims his prize, King. Eda tries to use her magic, but is no longer able to due to the curse. Tibbles then ties her up in a magical chain, revealing that he knows about her criminal record, and plans to hand her over to the Emperor's coven in return for the reward.

Tibbles' plans to turn Eda in are foiled when the Owl House stomps through the night market, destroying his stand. King manages to get his hands on the elixir, and gives it to Eda. She drinks it, returns to normal, and her magic is restored. She breaks free from Tibbles' chains, and heads home with King. Tibbles vows to get revenge.

Even though Luz, Willow and Gus get the Owl House back to normal, they're busted by Eda, who has already returned home with King. Both are cross at Luz for hosting a Moonlight Conjuring at the house behind their backs when Eda clearly told her not to. Not only that, she animated her house. She is ready to give Luz the ultimate punishment, only for Willow and Gus step in and defend her. They admit all three of them were responsible. Eda punishes the three by having them clean up the house. However, Eda is at the same time impressed by their ability to animate the house, which usually takes powerful magic.

In the final scene, Amity and her friends, who have failed at a conjuring of their own, see Penstagram posts of the animated Owl House with Luz, Gus and Willow clearly shown in control of it, and are bewildered and jealous.


Additional voices

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) La casa ambulante de Hooty Hooty's mobile house
Brazil Portuguese (Brazil) A Casa Coruja Animada The Animated Owl House
Taiwan Mandarin 友情力量大 The Power of Friendship is Strong
Germany German Holzi Außer Rand und Band Hooty Out of Control
Denmark Danish Tudes Flytterod Tudes Moving Root
Egypt Arabic مشكلة سير هوتي Hottie Walking Trouble
Spain Spanish Búhi y el embrollo ambulante Buhi and the mess walking
Finland Finnish Huuhka lähtee liikkeelle Hooty sets in motion
France French Le Manoir animé The animated Mansion
Indonesia Indonesian Kerumitan Bergerak Hooty Hooty's Moving Hassle
Israel Hebrew הטירה הנה של שופר The castle of Shofar
Italy Italian La casa errante di Gufy Gufy's wandering house
Japan Japanese フーティの動く家 Hooty's moving house
South Korea Korean 후티의 움직이는 집 Hooty's Moving House
Malaysia Malay Masalah Memindah Hooty Hooty's Moving Problem
Netherlands Dutch Hooty's Bewegende Geheel Hooty's Moving Whole
Norway Norwegian Hooho på vift Hooho on the fan
Portugal Portuguese A Casa Andante The Walking House
Poland Polish Chodzący Dom A Walking House
Russia Russian Ходячий замок Сычика Sychik's Moving Castle
Sweden Swedish Hois på vift Hois on fan


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  • Viewership: This episode was watched by 0.39 viewers on its premiere.[2]
  • This is the first episode that did not premiere the Friday after the previous episode, mainly due to the premiere of Disney Channel's Zombies 2 movie taking its airing place.
  • This is the second time that Luz is seen speaking Spanish.
  • While the witches and wizards don't have technology like our world's, their spells can summon devices similar to our smartphones and each of them has an app similar to Instagram called Penstagram. Even their Penstagram emojis are somewhat identical to our versions.
  • Boscha makes her speaking debut in this episode while Tibbles and Morton make their first appearances.
  • Skara and Cat are heard laughing, but otherwise have no dialogue.
  • The Moonlight Conjuring incantation goes as follows: Moonlight we call, we sing. Moonlight take this chance. Moonlight come tie the string. Moonlight start the dance!
  • The Night Market featured the following shops:
    • Abyssal Eyes
    • Madman's Candles
    • Sworded Affairs
    • Poison Hut
    • Mud & Sundry (owned by Tibbles)
    • Snake Shack
    • General Spore
    • Stocks & Bonds
    • Iron Maidens
    • Loans
    • Grave Concerns
    • Crow Depot
    • Haunted Masks
    • Ooze Cruise Travel
    • Man-sized Cages.
    • There was also going to be a shop called "Organ Donation" but it was ultimately cropped out of the episode.[4]
  • Eda's transformation into an owl beast is much slower here than it was in "The Intruder".
  • When Tinella Nosa misses the egg bus, the 6th code on the wall got revealed, it gets cracked into "EH-L-OH-N" and translates to "Alone".
  • The episode completed production on September 18, 2019.[5]

Revelations and significant events

  • It is revealed that Willow and Amity used to be friends.


  • Howl's Moving Castle - The title of the episode is a parody of the fantasy novel which was also loosely adapted into an animated movie by Hayao Miyazaki. The episode also features a titular building is moving (Floating Castle, Owl House).
  • Baba Yaga - The Owl House standing on bird legs is a reference to a witch from Slavic folklore known for living in a hut on chicken legs.
  • Texas hold 'em - Hexes Hold'em is a reference to the popular Poker variant.


Closed caption typo error -3.png
  • "Owlbert" was transcripted as "Owl bird" in the closed captioning.


  • In the Southeast Asian broadcast, the lines "dang it", "'No dorks allowed'? What a jerk!", and "You're kind of a jerk!" were cut in the English audio track. Even "You are so busted" and "Oh, man" were cut too.

Memorable quotes

¡Oye, no me hables así!
Luz, I'm sorry. You wanted to turn back but I just had to show off to Amity. The truth is she and I used to be friends. We played together as kids, but when she got her magical powers and I didn't, she stopped hanging out with me. I just wanted to prove to her that I was a powerful witch too.
That's ridiculous. You helped bring a house to life. Amity doesn't know what she's talking about. Next to Eda, you're the most powerful witch I know.



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