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Humans (Homo sapiens) are the dominant species on the planet Earth.


Humans are a fairly technologically advanced species occupying Earth, or what the witches and demons of the Boiling Isles refer to as the "Human Realm". While humans and witches are morphologically similar, there are anatomical differences. Witches have pointed ears, as opposed to the rounded ears of humans. Humans also lack the magic bile sac that allows witches to perform magic, as such, they are unable to cast spells without drawing glyphs or using tools with magical power sources.

Witches are aware of the existence of humans and human culture, but have minimal knowledge of them. According to Willow Park, most witches will not be able to recognize a human right away. Many human artifacts have found their way into the Demon Realm, but witches have little to no understanding of what they are or how they function. Regardless, there are those who earn their living trading in these artifacts (i.e. Eda's Human Collectibles). Actual humans are extremely rare in the Demon Realm. When one does turn up, they can become an object of curiosity. Human items and artifacts are often brought to the demon realm by a magic substance called Titan's Blood, which creates transient rifts between the human and demon realms that transports things in between. Some of these items can be found inside the contents of trash slugs.

While humans and human artifacts can be brought to the Demon Realm, evidence of witches or witch artifacts being brought to the Human Realm is less understood, given that demons and witches that entered the human realm influenced Earth's real-life mythologies and legends, but the last natural sighting of witches occurred centuries before present day, in the town of Gravesfield. However, Eda's use of the portal to travel to Earth in her lifetime suggests the passage between the two realms is bi-directional. Her activities have been spotted by several humans during those years, but many are unaware she is a witch. Jacob Hopkins has a paranoid but inaccurate understanding of witches, and collects the items Eda brought from the Demon Realm in order to expose them.

While actual humans are a rare sight in the Demon Realm, there are at least two known humans who have been on the Boiling Isles. One of these humans is Philip Wittebane, who came through Eclipse Lake in the 1600s and likely designed the portal, later taking control of the Isles, taking the name Belos and masquerading as a witch. The other human is Luz Noceda, who came through the portal and currently attends Hexside School of Magic and Demonics to be a witch.

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  • Although humans are despised and treated like lesser beings in the Boiling Isles, Luz is able to become popular and well liked by many. On a general scope, despite Boiling Isles citizens being remarkably prejudiced against humans, the society which has 'flourished' on the Isles mirrors human civilization considerably.
  • Many witches (like Willow and Gus) are fascinated with Luz and different items from the Human Realm. Gus was the president of a Hexside club called the Human Appreciation Society, which catalogs human artifacts and their culture (however, Gus was later expelled from the club and replaced by Mattholomule).
  • When Gus gets his palisman, he states that he wants to become an ambassador to the Human Realm.
  • Humans can easily penetrate magic barriers, usually impenetrable to demons and witches.
  • Human items can be found on the Boiling Isles as a result of Titan's Blood. Examples of these are "The Good Witch Azura" books and the items found inside trash slugs.
  • In "Hunting Palismen", it is revealed that Luz is from the state of Connecticut, which means her mother and the other 21st century human characters who appeared in "A Lying Witch and a Warden" are from said state.
    • In "Yesterday's Lie", it is shown that the aforementioned humans live in the fictional town of Gravesfield, and said town was founded in 1635 AD.

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