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Human Collectibles is the mobile business of Eda which she hosts at various locations, such as the marketplace of Bonesborough.[1]


The sign is red lettering on a yellow background. She uses a purple tent and spreads a green tablecloth atop a white table. In front of the tent are blue and yellow shelves to display items, along with a wooden check register. There are also shelves which she puts trash from the human realm she has found.


The stand only opens on weekends, and despite having run the stand for a long time, Eda does not have a permit to do so.[2] When Luz finds her way into the Boiling Isles, Eda hires her to help with running it.

Eda has found human artifacts through various methods. Most commonly she has Owlbert enter the human realm to hunt for discarded items, while one time she found such items inside of a Trash Slug.[3]

Despite seeming to have been selling human items for some time, Eda has no idea what even the most simple things are or how they work; she's labeled batteries, deodorant, and paper clips as "candy" and identified a clothes hanger as an earring. When Luz showed up and turned on a portable TV by the simple act of putting in batteries, she realized Luz was a human, and could make her more money if the thing she had actually worked.[1]

As a result of the portal's destruction, the stand was closed down due to Eda being unable to obtain any merchandise from the Human Realm to sell.[4]



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