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The Human Realm is a location of The Owl House. It is the realm where humans reside. The only location from the Human Realm that has appeared in the series is Gravesfield, Connecticut.

Following the Day of Unity and the unleashing of the Collector at the Demon Realm in "King's Tide", Luz is finally back home at Gravesfield while Amity, Gus, Hunter and Willow are currently stranded there.

Places of interest

  • Gravesfield: A town in Connecticut, USA, Earth. It is where the Noceda family is from.
  • Burger Queen: A fast food restaurant possibly centered around fast food like hamburgers.



  • The Burger Queen is inspired by the restaurant Burger King.
  • In "Hunting Palismen", it is revealed that Luz is from the state of Connecticut, which means her mother and the other 21st century human characters who appeared in "A Lying Witch and a Warden" are from said state within the Human Realm.