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We have a lot in common, Blight. We're both trying to show what we can bring to the table. And we can't fail, because there's nothing worse than disappointing someone who thinks you're special.
—Hunter to Amity Blight, "Eclipse Lake"

Hunter, formerly known as the Golden Guard, is a major character of The Owl House, depicted originally as an antagonist. He was the right-hand man of Emperor Belos and the former head of the Emperor's Coven. Hunter was presumed to be the nephew of Belos and as such, he was dedicated to his cause of ending all wild magic in the realm, but in reality, he is the latest version of the Golden Guard clones created by Belos to serve him faithfully in his mad quest.[4]

Upon this discovery, and realizing he can never go back, Hunter abandons Belos and the Emperor's Coven altogether. Following his desertion, Hunter relocated to Hexside School of Magic and Demonics in order to hide from the Emperor's reach. There, he found acquaintences in Hexside's students, and after coming to terms with his identity, Hunter made it his goal to help them stand against Belos and the Day of Unity.[5]



Hunter is a humanoid boy sharing the physical traits of a witch such as pointed ears. He has a fair complexion, a slightly hooked nose, dark magenta eyes, thick black eyebrows, a gap between his front teeth, bags under his eyes, and ash-blond hair that is shaved below the top, with a long, jagged forelock. He has a notch on his left ear and scars on his right cheek, upper left arm, two on his right kneecap, forming an X-mark, and one on his left calf. He is described as scrawny by Amity in "Eclipse Lake".


During his time in the Emperor's court, Hunter wore an ivory hooded cloak with a golden triangle clasp, like other members of the Emperor's Coven. Under the cloak was a golden-yellow tunic with darker sleeves and a dark brown belt, black leggings, dark brown gloves, and boots. He wore a golden pauldron on his left shoulder and a pointed two-faceted mask with a thin slot across it. Underneath his tunic, he had a gray shirt and golden chest armor with brown straps.

In "Eclipse Lake", he disguised himself in a standard Coven Scout uniform during his excursion to the Knee.

In "Any Sport in a Storm", Hunter disguises himself as a Hexside student, donning a Hexside school uniform consisting of a gray tunic with a dark gray belt, cowl, and boots. His sleeves and leggings of his uniform are colored yellow to suggest he is affiliated with the potions track. Part of his Golden Guard tunic can be seen hidden underneath his uniform, seen notably at the collar. Hunter also wore red socks that resemble Flapjack.

While in hiding from the Emperor's Coven, Hunter donned his sports uniform again alongside a blue cloak with red patches, albeit the clothes had become tattered and dirty.

After joining the resistance, Hunter now wears a pale rose-colored undershirt covered by a collared light brown shirt bearing a cross-stitch in the center, as well as a brown belt bag. He keeps the same globes, leggings, and boots from his Golden Guard uniform.


During his time as the Golden Guard, Hunter acted authoritative and confident in the persona, while praising the cause of Emperer Belos. He was, however, more laid-back and easygoing than Emperor Belos, sometimes comedic and snarky in his dialogue. Despite his high-ranking position and upper-class status, he never takes advantage of his power for personal gain, only using his authority when ordered by Emperor Belos himself. He showed respect towards Belos, yet quite a bit of hubris and egotism towards anyone else. Lilith described Hunter as a brat who was well renowned within the Emperor's Coven and would always receive special treatment for being a "genius teen prodigy",[6] although whether or not this is his actual personality or was simply said out of pure jealousy by Lilith is unknown.

He was, however, an opportunist who is willing to use blackmail or extortion to manipulate others, offering to let Eda and Luz go in exchange for slaying the Selkidomus, and then threatening to kill King when they refuse to do so. Whether this is due to pragmatism or simply laziness is hard to say, but having said that, he does give Luz a sword and does indeed let them go after he believes the job is done. Seeing as it was not done (and Eda is well-known as a con artist) might suggest some naivety on his part.[6] After seeing the portal key around Amity's neck, he attempted to steal it from her and threatened both her and Luz when the two were caught in a deadlock. Despite this, he was genuinely appreciative when Amity complied, showing that it was done out of desperation rather than malice.[7]

Despite his laid-back persona, Hunter is easily annoyed when things don't go his way, as seen with his interactions with Luz. He also seems to have a fascination with wild magic, despite Belos telling him not to, and is seen nerding out over it with Luz. He also seems to have a soft side, as he was sickened by the apparent slaying of the Selkidomus,[6] and was visibly affected by Luz's words when he tried to double-cross her.[8] His softer side grows more prominent later on when he is bonded to his new palisman, not only starting genuinely care for his,[7] but all other palismen who suffer.[9]

He was very loyal to Belos at first, even worrying about the condition of his "uncle" whenever Belos transformed. He occasionally offered alternatives to help Emperor Belos with wild magic, but also fearing his reaction to the mere mention of it. However, his loyalty was not absolute; he continually wondered why Emperor Belos has such a strong hatred for wild magic, albeit was discouraged or threatened by Belos when he ever brought up the thought. He also did not seem to hand over Flapjack to Emperor Belos after he chose him as a partner.[8]

Even though he was committed to Belos and his supposed purpose as the Golden Guard, Hunter appears to be very insecure about himself. Ever since his failed mission to find palismen for Belos, Hunter showed signs of anxiety towards the idea that Belos would replace him and was desperate to get back in his good graces. When he failed to find any more Titan's Blood, Hunter began to suffer a mental breakdown and chose to lie in a grave rather than return empty-handed, showing that deep down, he fears Belos and the idea of what he'd do to him if he were to fail a second time.[7] His beliefs would be completely shattered after learning the truth of the Golden Guard lineage, and that the life he was raised in was all a lie, which sent Hunter into a period of trauma and depression.[4]



Hunter standing next to his "uncle".

Hunter was created from a line of clones known as Grimwalkers, artificial beings who take the mantle of the Golden Guard in order to assist their creator, Emperor Belos, in his plans to enact the Day of Unity. To ensure Hunter did not rebel like the other Guards did, Emperor Belos presented himself as Hunter's uncle, claiming that he took him under his wing after wild magic wiped out their family, and that the Titan had big plans for him.[8][4] Hunter grew up unaware of the fate of his predecessors and his true nature. Despite being raised to believe he was a witch, he was unable to cast magic; the false reason given was he was from a family of powerless witches.[8]

The Golden Guard wielding his staff.

When Hunter came of age, he was allegedly promoted from the scout rank to Golden Guard, inheriting a staff imbued with artificial magic as part of his graduation.[4] Since then, Hunter worked under the Emperor as the current Golden Guard, serving as the Emperor's right-hand man.[6] Hunter can be seen standing next to Emperor Belos' throne when the latter lectured Lilith.[10] After Lilith defected from the Emperor's Coven, Hunter subsumed leadership of the Emperor's Coven.[6] He was also tasked with keeping an eye on the Owl House and its residents.[11]

Selkidomus killing

The Golden Guard messing around with King.

The Golden Guard is tasked by the Emperor himself to slay the Selkidomus, and a bounty is placed on Greg's List. At the time it was posted, the bounty for the Selkidomus had the highest pay and drew various bounty-hunters to the Emperor-affiliated Captain Salty. The Golden Guard witnessed Luz accept the bounty and boarded the ship, and he stayed within the captain's quarters until he found King wandering in. After Eda robs the ship of its snails and Luz pursues the burglar, the Golden Guard finds the two on the island where the Selkidomus resides. Both Luz and Eda attempt to fight him, but he easily overpowers them both with his staff. The Golden Guard then offers a compromise to the two criminals; they either kill the beast, or he drowns King in the Boiling Sea. The two successfully kill a decoy Selkidomus, and the Golden Guard returns King to them as promised. However, he warns both Eda and Luz that the Emperor is not a merciful man before leaving. It is currently unknown if he is aware that the Selkidomus Luz and Eda killed was merely a decoy.[6]

Seizing the Abomaton production

The Golden Guard telling Alador and Odalia that Emperor Belos will be funding their research into making the Abomatons stronger.

After the unveiling of the Abomaton 2.0 during a Blight Industries presentation, the Golden Guard approaches Odalia and Alador Blight. He is impressed with the Abomaton's performance and announces that Emperor Belos will personally purchase all the Abomatons and fund for further research and development. Though Odalia is honored to have her products recognized, the Golden Guard warns the Blights that the Emperor does not like citizens building their own private armies.[12]

Hunting palismen with Luz

The Golden Guard witnesses the Emperor transform.

While showing the nine Coven Heads a vision of the Day of Unity, a coughing fit overtakes Emperor Belos, and the Golden Guard escorts the Emperor back to his throne room. Kikimora attempts to follow, but the Golden Guard assures her that he can handle it alone. He prepares a palisman for his uncle, but the Emperor demands more. However, with palistrom wood becoming an increasingly rare resource, palismen are becoming much more difficult to come by, and while the Golden Guard suggests a method of using wild magic, Belos refuses to entertain that notion. Instead, he is ordered to find more.

Luckily for the Golden Guard, Hexside is holding a palisman adoption day, and in the middle of the night, he uses his ship to steal the palismen, not knowing that Luz is among them. While the Golden Guard is distracted with flying his ship, Luz manages to slap a fire glyph on his back and send him flying off uncontrollably. Though he manages to get back on the ship with his staff and even restrain Luz, the human uses the grime on the ship's floor to draw an ice glyph, and the resulting icicles knock the staff away. To make matters worse, a hand dragon attacks, causing the ship to crash-land near Latissa.

An unmasked Golden Guard in Latissa with Luz.

The resulting crash leaves the Golden Guard unmasked, unconscious, and vulnerable, but Luz is unable to leave him to die at Kikimora's hands and subsequently slaps the guard awake. Even though he does not fully trust the human, the Golden Guard leaves his cloak as bait for the dragon while he and Luz escape to Latissa. He immediately storms over to one of Latissa's police precincts to contact the castle and shows his coven brand as proof. However, the guards running the precinct do not recognize their superior due to his young age, and when the Golden Guard asks for his staff in order to prove his identity, Luz hides it behind her back. Annoyed, the Golden Guard chases Luz through Latissa, and while she manages to elude him by using an ice pillar, the Golden Guard easily manages to climb up and corners her. Luz may have had the advantage now that she was armed with a staff, but the Golden Guard points out that no matter what she does, it won't end well for her; she won't attack him because she's too nice, and she can't fly away either because then she'd be leaving the rest of the palismen behind. However, neither Luz nor the Golden Guard want Kikimora to return to the palace with the palismen, and the two form a truce.

Hunter is scared of Flapjack approaching him.

Luz comes up with a plan to get the palismen away from Kikimora while en-route to the Emperor's Castle. Using a fire and ice glyph combination, she can conjure up a thick mist, combined with pollen from sleeping nettle flowers that will create a sleeping-induced smoke, forcing Kikimora and her dragon to land. The Golden Guard is impressed by Luz's knowledge and compares Luz's glyph magic to the elemental magic once used during the Savage Ages. Just as he is about to talk about his knowledge of wild magic, the Golden Guard stops himself, knowing that such magic is restricted by the Emperor. Luz then asks why the Golden Guard wanted to join the Emperor's Coven, and he reveals to her that he's a powerless witch who was taken in by the Emperor and had his entire future planned out. Luz muses that the Golden Guard had his future planned for him, but he is envious of her freedom and ability to decide her own future. During this time, Flapjack, a cardinal palisman, takes interest in the Golden Guard, but the guard is apprehensive and sees the creature as dangerous due to the fact that it is made of wild magic.

Hunter turns on Luz the moment he gets his staff back.

Soon, Kikimora is on the move and Luz returns the Golden Guard's staff before activating the glyph combo. The plan is successfully executed, but Luz forgets one crucial detail. She forgets that the Golden Guard has to take the palismen to the Emperor, and he prepares to double-cross her now that the staff is back in his possession. Luz criticizes him for what he is willing to do to the palismen for the sake of the Emperor, and acknowledges that the Golden Guard is not a friend, but an enemy. Visibly hurt, the Golden Guard lowers his staff and reveals his name, "Hunter." Immediately after this, Kikimora attacks him. Due to the sleeping smoke, she cannot see Hunter very clearly. The two fight, with Kikimora managing to set fire to a strand of Hunter's hair. He easily defeats her and sees Luz leave with the palismen.

Emperor Belos is disappointed that Hunter failed his mission.

Later, at the Emperor's Castle, Belos scolds Hunter for failing to retrieve the palismen. Hunter responds that if he knew more about wild magic and how it cursed his uncle, he could potentially find a cure. This causes Belos to lash out and just barely miss hitting him with a sharp tendril. The Emperor, however, forgives Hunter, as he knows that he can do better. Hunter returns to his room to find that Flapjack has chosen him to be its wielder. Hunter is hesitant, knowing that it is dangerous for the palisman, but he accepts his new staff.[8]

Hunting for Titan's Blood

Hunter falls and gets caught by King, Eda and Amity.

Originally, Hunter is tasked by the Emperor to find Titan's Blood for his next mission, but Belos opts to replace his nephew with Kikimora. Wanting to prove himself to his uncle, Hunter decides to go find Titan's Blood despite Belos' orders. Disguising himself as a regular member of the Emperor's Coven, Hunter attempts to sneak past Kikimora's expedition group to get to Eclipse Lake, but is caught by Eda, Amity, and King, who are also searching for Titan's Blood. After realizing Hunter's identity on account of his "annoying voice", Eda and Amity capture him and tie him up.

Amity tries to console Hunter and offers him her hand.

Hunter cooperates with them and even helps guide them to Eclipse Lake. However, when Hunter convinces Amity to untie him due to Kikimora having found them, he turns on Amity, kicking her legs out from under her and leaving her to be captured by the Emperor's Coven while he runs off to get the Titan's Blood before anyone else can. Amity later finds Hunter in the middle of the dried up Eclipse Lake, visibly exhausted from having fought his way through Kikimora and her guards and having a mental breakdown due to having found no Titan's Blood for Belos. Hunter begins digging a hole which he refers to as his "grave" before lying down in it. Amity attempts to console the distraught Golden Guard, telling him that he too can find people that care about him for who he is, rather than what they want from him, like she did.

Hunter attempts to grab the key dangling from Amity's neck.

Hunter seems to be willing to take Amity up on her offer to go with her, but upon seeing the portal key on Amity's neck, he quickly turns on her and tries to grab the key off her. A fight ensues, with Hunter (with the help of Flapjack as his palisman) fighting both Amity and King in an effort to get the key. Hunter and Amity eventually stalemate each other, and he manipulates her into giving him the key by saying that he knew where to find both her and Luz. However, Hunter seems to show some degree of remorse about this before leaving. On his way back to the Emperor's Castle, Hunter bonds with Flapjack, thanking him for never leaving his side and even now being able to understand what his palisman is saying.[7]

Mission to Hexside and joining the Emerald Entrails

Hunter eager to prove himself.

Feeling undeserving of the title of "Golden Guard" after Darius tells Hunter about his predecessor, saying that they were a powerful witch, Hunter goes to Hexside in search of new recruits for the Emperor's Coven. There, he meets Willow and, after some hesitation, decides to join her Flyer Derby team.

Hunter as part of the Emerald Entrails before their Flyer Derby match.

After helping their team win a match of Flyer Derby, Hunter comes up with the team name, "The Emerald Entrails". However, he then reveals his true intentions, and the "recruits" are taken to a holding cell before Darius picks them up. Hunter soon regrets his actions, and stops Darius from taking the team away.

Hunter's cloak, fixed by Darius.

He renounces his title, but Darius admits that the Emperor's Coven has enough recruits as it is, and that he was going to return the children to Hexside. He then patches up the sigil on Hunter's cloak, noting that he needs sewing lessons.


Emperor Belos

Emperor Belos telling Hunter that the Titan has big plans for him in "Eclipse Lake".

Hunter is Emperor Belos' latest Golden Guard created. As the previous Golden Guard had fallen or turned against Belos in some way, Belos lied to Hunter that he is his only surviving family after an incident that involved wild magic. Belos was the one who mentored Hunter, giving him a staff with artificial magic at some point in time. This eventually leads to Hunter becoming Emperor Belos' right-hand man, and the boy being chosen as Lilith's replacement as Head of the Emperor's Coven.

They are shown to have a complicated relationship with an abusive/manipulative undertone, as Emperor Belos aggressively clutches the boy's shoulder in "Hunting Palismen", and later misses hitting Hunter's cheek by a tendril, after Hunter fails his mission to capture palismen and speaks of healing Emperor Belos' curse with wild magic. It appears as though the Emperor set a fear of wild magic into Hunter, as he is wary of Flapjack when the cardinal palisman touches him. In "Eclipse Lake", Emperor Belos implies that Hunter's failure from the events of "Hunting Palismen" is the reason he switched Hunter with Kikimora to gather Titan's Blood. This makes Hunter believe he is going to be replaced, and he tries to get to Eclipse Lake before Kikimora. He succeeds in getting there, but finds that the lake has dried out. This causes him to have a mental breakdown, as he thinks he has failed again, and starts digging his own grave. Though Emperor Belos was somewhat familially attached to Hunter, the genuineness of this relationship is, in fact, a pretense Belos puts in order to keep Hunter devoted to him.


Hunter and Kikimora fighting each other in "Hunting Palismen".

Kikimora and Hunter are rivals. She appears to be jealous of the Golden Guard, thinking Emperor Belos favors him over her. In "Hunting Palismen", she sabotages Hunter's mission and attempts to kill him. She thinks she succeeded, and is surprised to bump into him still alive later. The two appear to be at odds with each other, both trying to prove that they're useful for Emperor Belos. Later, in "Eclipse Lake", Kikimora tries to find Titan's blood as fast as possible, constantly paranoid about Hunter ruining her plans and stealing her work in the mine tunnels.

Luz Noceda

Hunter refuses to believe that Luz is helping him in "Hunting Palismen".

Luz and Hunter are enemies, but on a slightly friendlier term. When they first met each other in "Separate Tides", Luz is shown to heavily dislike the Golden Guard after he gives them the ultimatum to kill a Selkidomus or he would drown King in the Boiling Sea.

In "Hunting Palismen", the duo are forced to work together to regain the stolen palismen. After realizing that Kikimora wants to kill Hunter, she saves his life, even though she makes it clear that she doesn't like him. They are shown to tease one another, with Luz purposefully annoying and egging on Hunter throughout the episode. The two eventually have a heart-to-heart chat about each other's magical capabilities, and Hunter reveals his backstory to the girl. Luz eventually trusts Hunter enough to hand back his staff, but is later betrayed when Hunter turns it against her. Luz is emotionally hurt, telling Hunter that he is not her friend as he is just "The Golden Guard". Hunter then reveals his name to her, and defends her from Kikimora when she starts attacking them, allowing Luz to get away safely with the palismen.

In "Eclipse Lake", Eda says that Luz refers to Hunter as a "beat up blond with no magical powers" and calls him a "bad, but sad boy," which makes Hunter embarrassed.

In "Any Sport in a Storm", Willow asked Hunter if he's the one Luz told her and Gus about, which he gladly confirmed. Luz and Amity were shocked to learn that Hunter hung out with Willow, Gus, Skara and Viney.

In "Reaching Out", Luz reveals that she asked Willow for Hunter's Penstagram contact, so she could get more information on Emperor Belos from him. However, he snaps at her to leave him alone, followed up by accidentally sending a picture of Flapjack and admitting that he sent it to the wrong person.

In "Hollow Mind", Hunter is continuously frustrated with Luz's antics during their journey in Belos's mind. He was initially hesitant to pry into the Emperor's memories at Luz's prompting, and still thinking Belos had good intentions, refused to listen to Luz that Belos was deceiving him, despite the increasing evidence she pointed out. Yet at the same time, Luz protected him when they encounter what they initially thought to be Inner Belos, and seeing how much Luz cares about him, Hunter begins to trust and care more about Luz. Later, when Luz tries to save him with the jacket, Hunter escapes with the glyphs in the jacket and arrives in time to save Luz from Belos, and they both escape the mindscape.

In "Labyrinth Runners", when Gus asks Hunter if he knows where Luz is, Hunter is surprised that Luz isn't with Eda, causing him to worry. When he reunites with Luz in "Clouds on the Horizon", they are more sympathetic with each other. Hunter tells Luz that he is given orders by Darius to protect her. While Luz is at first concerned about Hunter in the events following "Hollow Mind", Hunter reveals he knows who Belos is and that Luz unknowingly helped him because he overheard Luz and Philip's conversation, however, he also empathizes with how Luz feels about it, and in return asks her to not tell Willow or Gus about his Grimwalker nature in respect to his wishes. Later, when Kikimora taunts Hunter, Luz tells Kikimora to leave him alone. At the end of the episode, Luz has Gus switch her place with Hunter to protect him.

Eda Clawthorne

Eda trying to fight Hunter in "Separate Tides".

Eda is shown to be annoyed at Hunter and shows a clear dislike for him after he defeats her and Luz in "Separate Tides", and he threatens to drown King in the Boiling Sea, if she or Luz doesn't kill the Selkidomus on his behalf.

In "Eclipse Lake", Eda recognizes his voice even though he wears a Coven Scout disguise. Later, she gets angry at Hunter for doubting her ability to turn into a Harpy.

Lilith Clawthorne

Lilith and Hunter both once belonged to the Emperor's Coven, with Hunter taking her role as Coven Head once she defected. They have an unknown past history, which is implied to be negative as Lilith is shown to be jealous of, and to hold a form of contempt against Hunter, calling him a "brat" in "Separate Tides" and screwing up his poster when Luz asks her about him. She describes knowing him as "unfortunate" and saying that he always got special treatment for being the "genius teen prodigy".


Hunter about to capture King in "Separate Tides".

King was kidnapped and held hostage by Hunter in "Separate Tides". Hunter appears to enjoy teasing him, and describes King as "strangely endearing", although King doesn't take notice of his remark. He also remarks that King smells bad, before tossing the cage holding King to Luz.

In "Eclipse Lake", King tries to calm things down between Eda and Hunter. Hunter then calls King a "rat", which angers him as he jumps onto Hunter's head and starts pulling on his hair.


Hunter starting to understand what Flapjack is saying in "Eclipse Lake".

In "Hunting Palismen", Flapjack took a liking to Hunter while he saw the red-colored bird as just another palisman for his uncle, but after spending time with both Flapjack and Luz, Hunter begins to act nice towards him. When the bird comes to him later, he tells the palisman he previously called "bird" to leave before Belos could see him, knowing the fate that falls upon any palisman his uncle gets his hands on, but becomes surprised when Flapjack picks him to be his bounded witch by turning into a staff in front of him.

In "Eclipse Lake", Flapjack continues to follow Hunter around despite his objections, but he still hides the palisman from Belos for his own protection. After fighting side-by-side in the old mine, Hunter acknowledges that the little bird never left his side and begins to bond with him. At the same time, Hunter starts being able to understand what his new little friend is saying, allowing him to learn Flapjack's name.

Amity Blight

Hunter and Amity fight for the portal key in "Eclipse Lake".

Hunter and Amity share some similarities in terms of their life purpose and backstory. Despite that, they are enemies with each other.

The duo first met each other in "Eclipse Lake", where Hunter is captured by Amity and is forced to follow her, Eda and King into the mine tunnels. Noticing Luz's mesages to Amity on the game device, Hunter interprets it as Luz wanting Amity to come back with results or she will break up with her. When Kikimora starts getting closer to Hunter and Amity's hiding place, he begs Amity to untie him, saying he doesn't want to be replaced. Amity reluctantly obliges, but Hunter immediately betrays her by tripping her down and rushes towards Eclipse Lake. Later, after realizing what Luz's messages truly meant, Amity tries to console Hunter by telling him that there are people out there who won't make him feel worthless, and offers him her hand. However, Hunter sees the key dangling from her neck and attempts to grab it, resulting in a fight between the duo. Hunter and Amity eventually come to a stalemate, but Amity is forced to hand the key over when Hunter threatens Luz's safety. Hunter appreciates Amity for doing so, and flies away without realizing Amity has actually broken the key, leaking half the Titan's Blood onto her glove.

Willow Park

Willow aggressively shakes Hunter's hand.

Willow and Hunter are friends, and they both share some similarities in that they are both referred to as "half a witch" by their peers and have a desire to prove themselves.

When Willow recruited Hunter to join her Flyer Derby team, the two quickly became friends. Willow was annoyed by Hunter saying that their other teammates were "pathetic", but she quickly showed him how capable they were. After Hunter tried to recruit Willow into the Emperor's Coven against her will, he quickly realized his mistake and helped her escape from Darius' blimp. Despite Hunter's initial betrayal, Willow is shown to have forgiven him and still consider him her friend, looking forward to his next day off. Willow immediately went on Hunter's Penstagram account, remarking that "he is a slow typer".

In "Reaching Out", Hunter has Willow as a contact on Penstagram. This is confirmed by Luz, who reveals that she had Willow give it to her so she could ask Hunter for information on Emperor Belos. It is implied afterward that Hunter and Willow regularily talk when Hunter mentions that the picture he accidentally texted of Flapjack was meant for another person.

Emerald Entrails

A scroll showing a photo of Willow, Hunter, Skara, Gus, Viney, and Flapjack. With the exception of Flapjack, they are all wearing green facepaint and green uniforms, Gus and Willow are wearing fingerless gloves , and Viney can be seen wearing elbow pads.

Willow's team photo featuring Hunter in between the rest of the Emerald Entrails.

Alongside Willow, Hunter manages to successfully befriend Gus Porter, Skara, and Viney.

Gus is initially distrusting of Hunter, believing him to have malicious intent. He asks that Hunter not mess things up for Willow, explaining that she's worked hard for what she has. After first seeing him, Hunter refers to his skills as pathetic, but is swiftly proven wrong when Gus shows off his flying skills, and even calls what Gus does cool. Their interactions throughout the episode are minimal, but by the end it is clear that they are friendly.

Similar to Gus, Skara and Viney have minimal interactions with Hunter⁠—Hunter calls them pathetic and Willow proves him wrong⁠—but are shown to be friends with him by the end.

Darius Deamonne

Darius consoles Hunter.

Darius was initially shown to dislike Hunter, talking down to him and finding him annoying. Hunter's predecessor was Darius' mentor, and he said that Hunter wasn't worthy of wearing the Golden Guard's sigil.

However, it was soon revealed that Darius actually liked Hunter and simply wanted the young Golden Guard to rebel a little and to have a life and friends outside of the Emperor's Coven. Darius even gave Hunter a scroll and helped him set up a Penstagram account after Hunter showed a willingness to rebel, in addition to keeping Flapjack, his palisman, a secret from Belos.

Powers and abilities

  • Artificial magic: Hunter has to rely on artificial magic. However, he is still considered a prodigy in this regard whom Emperor Belos, the most powerful magic user alive and a fellow artificial magic user, gives special treatment because of his status. Like Emperor Belos, he cannot use spell circles and instead uses his artificial staff to do magic, as he is powerless without it.
    • Telekinesis: He is able to use his artificial magic to telekinetically move objects and individuals without touching them.
    • Teleportation: Hunter can use his artificial magic to teleport like Emperor Belos. He frequently uses this ability to evade enemy attacks and move in high-speed dashes.
    • Creation magic: He can create a sword out of thin air, which seems to be made of flesh. He is also able to create rope that he can use to tie someone up, and summon a giant fist from the ground that he used to knock Amity off her staff during their fight.
    • Energy blasts: Hunter is able to shoot blasts of magical energy from his staff.
    • Water magic: He can travel underwater via shaping a section of the water into a giant arm.
    • Earth magic: Hunter was shown to be able to control sand and dirt with his magic during his fight with Eda and Luz. He also was able to create a small earthquake during his fight with Amity.
    • Flight: Hunter has shown that he can use his staff to fly. He is extremely skilled at flying, his skill impressing Willow when she was looking for team members for the Emerald Entrails.
  • Palisman magic: Hunter, while lacking magic of his own, can harness magic generated by his palisman staff due to the natural magic all palismen possess. With it, he is able to recreate the magic spells he used before with his artificial staff, such as teleportation, energy blasts, and earth magic. Although, as he is currently inexperienced at it, they lack the same power as they do with artificial magic. However, he was able to wield this power well enough when he faced off against Amity until they came to a stand-off. His staff is also shown to block energy attacks such as King's sonic screech.
    • Palisman communication: Hunter is able to communicate with and understand his palisman.
  • Agility: Although not an expert, Hunter has shown some degree of agility and parkour skills. Hunter likely possesses these skills so that he doesn't have to overly rely on his artificial magic.
  • Combat: Hunter displays some degree of physical fighting skills, using his staff and agility to evade and parry attacks as well as to land physical strikes on his opponents. Much like his parkour and agility, he likely has these skills so he doesn't have to overly rely on his artificial magic.


Behind the scenes

Early development

Hunter was conceptualized back in 2017, during the series' early development. Initially envisioned as a human and companion of Luz, Hunter's design had orange hair, freckles and green eyes, and wore colonial attire.[13]


Hunter is voiced by Zeno Robinson. The announcement came from Zeno's Twitter on June 5, 2021.[1]


Hunter made his proper debut in the second season episode "Separate Tides". However, before his official debut, he made non-speaking cameos in the episodes "Agony of a Witch" and "Young Blood, Old Souls", and is also shown briefly in the second season main theme.

Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Patricio Lago
Brazil Portuguese (Brazil) Vágner Fagundes
Germany German Benjamin Krause
Indonesia Indonesian Salman Pranata (1st Voice) Salman Pranata voices Golden Guard for the first two episodes of Season 2.
Poland Polish Mateusz Narloch
Thailand Thai Akapon Subpaya-archin (อรรคพล ทรัพยอาจิณ)


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  • He was first teased in a charity Twitch stream hosted by Dana Terrace as part of a request to draw half of a Season 2 character.[14]
  • In his appearances until "Hunting Palismen", he was credited as the "Golden Guard".
  • Hunter's room contains plush toys that resemble characters from different shows.[8]
  • Hunter has whistled the main theme, thus breaking the fourth wall.[8]
  • Hunter shares certain features with Sir William, a character from the series pilot who appeared in a scene that mirrored Luz slapping Hunter in "Hunting Palismen". Their designs also bear similarities, such as their hair and eyebrow color, skin tone, and overall body shape. It is possible, albeit unconfirmed, that Sir William was meant to be Hunter during production.
  • In the credits theme of the second season and in some storyboards, Hunter is depicted with two pauldrons instead of one. The change in design may have been to accommodate Flapjack perching on his shoulder.
  • According to an audio recorded by Zeno Robinson in character as Hunter during the "Be Gay Do Witchcraft Charity Drawathon" charity stream, Hunter does not know what flapjacks or pancakes are.[15]
  • It is shown in "Any Sport in a Storm" that Hunter is terrible at sewing.
  • According to Willow in "Any Sport in a Storm", Hunter is a slow typer.
  • In "Hunting Palismen", Hunter's mask was depicted as a full helmet when held by Kikimora. Whether this was a design error or means that he owns multiple versions of his mask is unknown.
  • Hunter states in "Any Sport in a Storm" that he has never actually spoken to kids his age prior to the episode.
  • It is shown in "Reaching Out" that Hunter struggles with texting, inconsistently using upper and lower case, randomly using dots and commas, as well as accidentally sending an image to the wrong person.
  • Hunter's Penstagram username is RULERZREACHF4N.[2]
    • This also shows that he is a fan of King's book, Ruler's Reach.
  • According to Belos, Hunter is the only Golden Guard who most closely resembled the person the Guards are cloned from. Belos does not disclose the person's identity, however, portraits of a younger Belos with a man who strongly resembles Hunter can be seen in Belos's memories.[4]


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