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The Ice Glyph[1] is a spell that generates ice. It's the second spell learned of by Luz Noceda.[2]


Luz learned of this glyph when she found the connection between magic and the Titan, discovering that it (along with glyphs) are a "gift" from the Titan. The pattern of the light glyph appeared in the stars, prompting Luz to see the pattern of the ice glyph within the snowflakes. She subsequently used this glyph against the Slitherbeast by drawing an ice glyph that conjures an ice pillar to send it careening through the sky.[2]

After Eda and Lilith lose their magic, they begins utilizing glyph magic using ice glyphs in combat.[3]


The ice glyph takes the shape of a kite with a line down its center, sat on a horizontal line across the lower third of the circle. A curved line from the two center points on either side of the kite curves through it in a bow shape.

Sometimes, a small diamond is included at the bottom, and will change the effect of the glyph. The small diamond can also be replaced by a triangle.[4][5]


When activated, the glyph summons a pillar of ice from the surface on which the glyph is set.[2] The ice glyph can also be attached to objects such as weapons, enabling them to create ice on impact. The diameter, height, and speed of growth of the pillar are dependent upon the size of the glyph.

Combining multiple ice glyphs results in more refined and specific ice creations such as popsicles, crowns, and sculptures.[3]



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  • While the light glyph consumes the paper it's written on, the ice glyph doesn't.
    • However, in "Separate Tides", an ice glyph is drawn on paper, and the paper is consumed.
  • By modifying the glyph, the appearance of the ice pillar can be changed, first seen in "Understanding Willow".