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The In Between Realm is a strange realm that appears to observe other realms like the Human Realm and the Demon Realm from a distance through reflective materials.


The realm is abstract, yet seemingly small, consisting of a nebulous space occupied by a black reflective pool on both surfaces of the dimension. In the pools themselves are structures of iridescent, abstract architecture stretching upward, forming a continuous canyon, while black cubes float from the bottom pool toward the pool raised above. Anyone who visits can look through one of the cubes floating around and appear in a reflective surface somewhere in the Human or Demon Realms.

To view a specific entity, the person inside the dimension must say their target's full name, then one floating cube will glow and float towards the user. They are then able to interact, although limited, with the user only being able to communicate to people of the Human and Demon Realm and (presumably) not much else.

Aside from the whispering voice, this realm appears to have no active inhabitants. Additionally, glyph magic cannot work in this realm, as summoned magic will be countered and absorbed into the pools.



The origins of this dimension are unknown, only that it seems to exist as the space occupying the gateway between realms. Long ago, the Collector was trapped in his prison in the In-Between Realm by a certain Titan, who seemingly died in the process. While it is not clear what the specific circumstances were, the long-standing opposition the Collector and his followers, the Titan Trappers, were in with the Titans is hinted to be connected to it, as the Collector has also implied the Titan did this to keep the Collector from harming the Titan's unborn son, King.[1] This left the Collector trapped for countless millennia within the In Between Realm, only able to view the world and communicate through a number of tablets as a two-dimensional shadow. Belos had promised the Collector that, in exchange for his cooperating in creating the Coven System and Draining Spell, as well as teaching him Artificial Magic, he would find and use some Titan's Blood to free the Collector and bring him to the Human Realm to play new games together.[2][3][1]

Current days[]

Visited by Luz[]

Many years later, Luz accidentally discovers this dimension after a failed attempt to make a portal door to the Human Realm. Using the floating cubes in the dimension, she communicates with her mother and Vee.[4]

King's dream[]

After the events with the Titan Trappers, King gains the ability to visit the In Between Realm in his dreams due to the connection made between him and the Collector, of who is trapped within. He discovers the Collector in a ball-like prison, and the latter gloats that he'll finally be free soon. When the Collector finally notices King, he begs him not to leave, but scared and confused, King wakes up before he can do or say anything.[5]

The Collector's release[]

When the Day of Unity finally begins, Belos betrayed the Collector and, after throwing away his tablet, King would finally free him in exchange for stopping Belos and the Draining Spell.[1]

Luz's encounter with the Titan[]

When Luz returned to the In Between Realm, she saw a golden being similar to a Titan standing on the ground "above" her.[6] Luz later would end up in the In-Between after she was killed by Belos and would have sunk into the pool if it wasn't for the Titan's intervention. He told her that she will be "dead looking" if she goes under without a portal. He gives Luz the last of his powers to her to defeat Belos alongside her friends.[7]



  • A disembodied voice can be heard whispering throughout the entire period Luz is inside the dimension. However, it is not very obvious, and one needs to pay close attention in order to hear it.
    • Some things the voice whisper includes "Hello", "Yes" (after Luz asks, "Can anyone hear me?"), "Noceda", and "Stay here."
    • It's possible that the voice is the Collector, following the revelation in "O Titan, Where Art Thou" that they are imprisoned in the Between Realm.
    • It may also be the Titan's, as he was seen waving at Luz at the beginning of "For the Future".
  • Its name is taken from Brad Breeck's music suite for "Yesterday's Lie", wherein the scenes' tracks that play for the dimension are labeled "In Between Realm".
  • The Titan explained to Luz that this realm is "in between a lot of places", suggesting it bounds more than just the Human Realm & Demon Realm.
  • When Luz was sent back to the Demon Realm, the Titan, now in his giant skeleton form, sunk beneath the black reflective pool and finally died. This suggests that the In Between Realm doesn't just separate realms but also serves as limbo between life and death.


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