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I was. Love, sadness, fear. I used to be a being made of all emotions. But ever since you set Willow's mind on fire, all I can feel is anger!
—Inner Willow to Amity, "Understanding Willow"

Inner Willow is a character in The Owl House. She is a metaphysical manifestation of Willow's thoughts and memories that exists only in her mind. She is the former antagonist of "Understanding Willow".


Inner Willow shares her appearance with the real Willow, although she has a few loose strands. She emits a purple glow and her eyes can turn completely black. When she was corrupted by anger, she became a humanoid creature engulfed in magenta flame with large black eyes.


Embodying Willow's innermost thoughts and feelings, Inner Willow is passionate and direct, and is fiercely protective of Willow's mental state. While she cares about Willow, she becomes vengeful when she feels Willow is mistreated and will take matters to the extreme. This came to the point she was willing to destroy her own host's memories of her relationships to preserve Willow no matter what impact they could have on Willow's psyche. Despite this, Inner Willow can be mollified if the person owns up to their actions against Willow. She also has a nurturing side, as shown when she agrees to let Willow's bad memories of Amity remain, so the two can work out their damaged past together.


Inner Willow originally acted as the guardian of Willow's mind. One day, during Amity's birthday party, Amity rejects Willow for being unable to perform magic well, and ends their friendship. Since then, Inner Willow became embittered by the falling out, and over the years, she came to resent how Amity bullied Willow. Their negative relationship eventually culminated in an incident where Amity accidentally burns Willow's memory photos she took in class, which causes Willow to lose her memories of herself. The spell also had the indirect effect of corrupting Inner Willow, which served as the final straw, and she decides to erase the memories of Amity altogether with the same flames that destroyed them in the first place.

When Luz and Amity enter Willow's mind to repair the damage, Inner Willow, in the form of a flame monster, pursues the duo through memories and burning them at the same time. After following them into a memory on the beach, the monster slips on a glacier Luz conjures and falls into the sea, revealing her true form to Amity and Luz. Inner Willow shows them the memory of when the feud started, and explains she intends to erase Willow's memories as a clean slate.

Before she can burn Amity with flames, Amity implores Inner Willow to see her own memories to understand why. Inner Willow and the girls then watch a memory of Amity's parents telling Amity that if she didn't stop hanging out with Willow, they will end her chances of getting into Hexside. After the memory ends, Amity apologizes to Inner Willow for how she treated Willow. Touched by her sincerity, Inner Willow allows Amity and Luz to heal Willow's memories, and keep the ones with Amity, stating Willow should keep all of her memories good and bad. Once the two completely fix the memories and prepare to leave, Inner Willow reappears with a younger version of Willow to wave goodbye one last time before they depart.


  • Memory manipulation: Inner Willow has the ability to enter, corrupt, and destroy parts of, or entire memories. When consumed by fury, this ability simulates the effects and appearance of fire.


Behind the scenes


Inner Willow is voiced by Tati Gabrielle.


Inner Willow appears in only one episode, "Understanding Willow".


I was. Love, sadness, fear. I used to be a being made of all emotions. But ever since you set Willow's mind on fire, all I can feel is anger!
—Inner Willow to Amity angrily, "Understanding Willow"
But Amity wanted this. Every moment she touched, I'm going to burn.
—Inner Willow to Luz, "Understanding Willow"
You said I was hurting Willow? I was just finishing what you started!
—Inner Willow to Amity angrily, "Understanding Willow"
Then you let your new friends pick on her for years. All because you thought she was weak. Well, now I can erase all that pain. After all, out of sight, out of mind.
—Inner Willow to Amity, "Understanding Willow"
I do. I think Willow should keep her memories of you. The good and the bad.
—Inner Willow to Amity, "Understanding Willow"


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