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Now you see me... now you don't!

An unnamed invisibility spell is the use of magic to render an object invisible. It is the first spell Luz created through the use of glyph combinations.


The spell can make any object it comes in contact with disappear from sight. In the case of a living being, the effect will persist until said being breathes, although it is unclear if this limitation can be overcome. Objects and other items in contact with the spell's recipient will vanish along with them, as Lilith, with both Hooty and her staff on person, all turned invisible. The spell can also be focused on a specific item the user has on their person, as Luz did to conceal a branding glove she was wearing from Emperor Belos in "King's Tide".


The combo features the light glyph in the center, with a ring around it featuring a second light glyph in the top left, and two ice glyphs in the bottom left and right.