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Witches and demons are real... and they're all sent from Mars to harvest human teeth to power their time machine!
—Jacob, "Yesterday's Lie"

Jacob Hopkins is a minor antagonistic character of The Owl House. He was formerly the Gravesfield Historical Society (GHS) museum curator in Gravesfield, a town in the Human Realm until his narcissistic behavior resulted in him being fired. In reality, he made secret findings in his hideout within the GHS about the existence of witches and demons, intending to expose their origins.


Jacob is a light-skinned man with brushed-back brown hair, as well as short facial hair and a soul patch. He wears square glasses with a thick black frame and has been seen to dress professionally. He usually wears a brown coat over a pale green collared shirt and dark brown vest, jeans, and black and white sneakers.


Jacob has a casual, helpful, and friendly outward work persona, as was seen during his initial conversation with "Luz". Additionally, befitting his former role as curator of the Gravesfield Historical Society’s museum, Jacob is very knowledgeable of Gravesfield’s history and witch-hunting legends.

However, his true personality is obsessive and bizarre, being preoccupied with outlandish conspiracy theories. Jacob is both selfish and easy to fool, making Camila agree that she can't share his findings until he does. He has little regard for others around him, as he was willing to attack Camila and threaten Vee despite them both pleading for Vee's innocence. Most notably, he possesses a surprising amount of knowledge of the Demon Realm: as he once encountered (and photographed) Eda's cursed form, which is what inspired him to learn more about witches and demons.

Moreover, he is completely off-base with this information, as he actually believes that witches and demons are aliens from Mars that intend to steal human teeth and create a time machine, which even Luz deems utterly ridiculous. He is rather narrow-minded in his misuse of information, especially since he only wanted to use his "prize money" to verify his MewTube account once he made his discovery public. Jacob considers himself a "good guy" for his exposing efforts, which he uses as justification for his actions; thus, making him unable to grasp the true harm he brings to others.

Additionally, Jacob is also narcissistic and self-righteous in his desire to become humanity's savior. Though he believes himself to be protecting humanity from supernatural threats, in truth, Jacob's actions are motivated by his yearning for fame and recognition, wishing to be praised and revered by others for his "heroic" deeds. This was most notably demonstrated by how he made several unauthorized "edits" to the GHS museum's exhibits that promoted his ego and delusions of grandeur, while also spitefully criticizing others who refused to believe his outlandish beliefs.

Because of his self-righteousness, Jacob is unable to recognize his own faults or take responsibility for his actions. In addition, because of his irrational and egotistical nature, Jacob doesn't think first before acting, often making snap decisions that backfire on him. This was shown by his ego-stroking "editing" to the museum against his superiors' wishes and later by attempting to expose Gus as a witch during the Gravesfield Halloween Festival, with the former resulting in him being fired from his job and the latter in being restrained and arrested by law enforcement.


Jacob was a resident of Gravesfield who was fascinated with witch and demon folklore weaved into the town's history after hearing the legend of the two brothers who disappeared into the Demon Realm. However, he had no meaningful exposure to Magic kind until he encountered Vee, and what little genuine knowledge he gained about magic kind was supplemented by misinformation from MewTube conspiracy theorists, meaning his knowledge is wildly and ludicrously off-base; he was also exposed to other misinformation unrelated to the Demon Realm, including Flat Earth conspiracy theories. He sought to expose witches and demons as aliens like "Martians" who have arrived from Mars trying to steal humans' teeth to construct a time machine.

A Sighting and an Encounter[]

Photo from the Owl Beast S2E10

After seeing the Owl Beast, Jacob's fascination with witches and demons was cemented.

A few years before Luz arrived in the Demon Realm, Jacob witnessed Eda during an escapade as the Owl Beast in Gravesfield, thus fueling his search further. Jacob's activities ranged from collecting items from the Demon Realm, such as the Hexes Hold'em deck Eda dumped and somehow, a training wand (though he doesn't know what it is or how to use it), to setting up traps and spy cameras at the abandoned house to capture demons. He would publish his findings in the Gravesfield Reporter in order to spread his word to the public.

Yesterday's Lie - 687

Jacob being elated upon finding Vee.

He managed to trap Vee in his office after at least a week of setting up cameras and snares, with the intent of dissecting her for his MewTube channel. This, however, was prevented by Camila, who he lets in under the false pretense that she works for the president of the United States, allowing her to access Vee, whom she discovered was a living creature from the Demon Realm. When Camila chooses to free Vee, Jacob dons his armor in an attempt to stop her from escaping. However, he is struck hard by a green flip-flop Camila owns and is trapped in the same cage that Vee was in.[1]

Post Termination[]

Thanks to Them - 2810

Jacob "exposing" Gus as a witch.

Sometime following the incident with Vee and making a number of unauthorized, ego-stroking "edits" to the exhibits, Jacob was fired from the Gravesfield Historical Society and replaced by Masha. A few weeks after losing his job, he goes to the Gravesfield Halloween Festival, where he watches a mock sixteenth century witch trial. During the play, however, he and the crowd watch as Gus appears on stage and performs a magic trick.

Thanks to Them - 2825

Jacob being arrested by law enforcement.

Though the crowd and actors applaud the boy, Jacob, recognizing Gus's trick as actual magic, attempts to expose him and his friends as real witches by forcibly ripping off his costume's makeshift headphones to uncover his inhuman-shaped ears. However, as it is Halloween, nobody believes him, instead thinking that Gus's ears are simply part of his costume. As a result, Jacob is soon tackled to the ground and restrained by the festival's security guards.[2]


Foreign voice actors[]

Language version Actors Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Alejandro Gómez
Germany German Oliver Scheffel
Spain Spanish Roberto Cuenca
Poland Polish Mateusz Narloch


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  • While Jacob's surname is not mentioned in the episode, it is listed in the article he wrote for the town newspaper - Gravesfield Reporter.
  • He is a certified member of the Flat Earth Society and has a framed certificate of membership hanging in his office, as seen in "Yesterday's Lie".
  • Despite having been fired from the Gravesfield Historical Society in between "Yesterday's Lie" and "Thanks to Them", Jacob still wears the same name tag on his shirt.
  • Jacob's surname may be a reference to Matthew Hopkins, a 17th-century English witch hunter who falsely accused hundreds of being witches. Hopkins' efforts would directly inspire the first instances of witch hunts in colonial New England, beginning in Connecticut, which Gravesfield is located in.


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