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Jean-Luc is a golem-like creature made to guard and protect King. Its name was given to it by King after the events of "Echoes of the Past".


Being a silent character, not much of Jean-Luc's disposition is understood. However, its assassin-like level of stealth and determination toward whomever it is targeting portrays Jean-Luc with a hostile behavior, to the degree that it will not cease until its target is vanquished. Despite this, Jean-Luc is seen placing rocks in small formations shaped similarly to itself as King grew older, and protected him when it took Eda to be a trespasser, hinting at a higher level of intelligence than simply being an automaton designed to guard King. Furthermore, Jean-Luc will obey King's commands and cease previous violent actions that are not in King's interest. This suggests that Jean-Luc was designed not simply a guard, but perhaps a servant or caretaker, for King.


Jean Luc meets the newborn King.

This creature's origins are wrapped in mystery, coming from an island hours-away somewhere off the coast of the Boiling Isles. The island's castle wherein King was found contains not just Jean-Luc, but many other minions in the so-called "Horrifying Monstrosity Room." All except Jean-Luc, however, were long dead, and desiccated to the point of disintegrating upon touch. The murals in the castle regularly depict these creations kneeling, along with another that shows a Titan royal or warrior that strongly resembled King.

Some time before King was born, Jean-Luc was seemingly given the task to guard the Titan egg; additionally, the creature was tied to the castle by an archaic magic of sorts that made it animate, and thus would revert to a lifeless state if it went beyond the perimeter. When King hatched from his egg, it was Jean-Luc who entered into his nursery and gently cradled the newborn demon. Since then, it watched over King growing up in the castle, protecting him from danger until the day that Eda Clawthorne came to the island seeking shelter from the Emperor's Coven and unknowingly separated King from his guardian. For the next eight/nine years, Jean-Luc remained solely on the island until King returned, attempting to prove to Luz and Lilith that he was truly the "King of Demons."[1]

Powers and abilities

  • Polymorphism: Jean-Luc is capable of morphing itself into many shapes, which makes meaningfully damaging it a difficult task, as it can simply morph around the wound. The same polymorphism allows Jean-Luc to stretch his limbs long distances, turn the ends of its limbs into claws to grab things, a loose clay-like substance to stick to ceilings and walls, a sharp blade akin to an axe, and a bow to launch arrows.
  • Flexibility: Jean-Luc is able to contort its limbs, rotating its head 180°, and crawling along the ground like a spider. It can also assume a bipedal stance.



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