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I mean, do I wanna study different kinds of magic? Heck yes! But why is joining the Emperor's Coven my only option? When I get older, I'm gonna give this system a long-overdue update.

Jerbo is a recurring character in The Owl House. He is a student at Hexside School of Magic and Demonics, initially part of the "detention track" with Viney and Barcus, but now enrolled in a dual track that includes both plant and abomination.



Jerbo has pale white skin, and short brown hair wefted over the right side of his forehead. He has thick black eyebrows and pointed ears, similar to the other inhabitants of the Boiling Isles. He has a pointed nose and brown eyes; however, unlike the other characters, he and Viney do not have white shine in their eyes in the first season.

As an adult in the epilogue of "Watching and Dreaming", his face is more defined with an angular chin and he's now taller than Raine.


Jerbo has a cape similar to those of the other students at Hexside, except that his cowl is ripped. He wore a gray outfit that had lighter gray sleeves and leggings to represent the detention track.

After getting to choose his own tracks, his sleeves and leggings become green and orchid, respectively, to represent the plant and abomination track. Before that, he only had the green of the plant track.

In "For the Future", Jerbo still wears his uniform but it has noticeable tears all over it. He has a rope belt instead of the standard one and wears black fingerless gloves.

In the epilogue, he wears a white lab coat with orchid trims over a green shirt with black pants and shoes.


Jerbo expresses a desire to make positive changes in the Isles, especially in his own environments, such as Hexside. This is shown in "The First Day", where he helps to allow students to be enrolled in multiple tracks, and in "Any Sport in a Storm", when he tells Hunter about his desire to give the coven system a "long overdue update". His efforts and goals do pay off in the end, as shown in "Watching and Dreaming", where he is shown working together with Raine and Alador to remove coven sigils.

Jerbo is also prone to nervousness. This is shown in "Any Sport in a Storm" after Viney rejects him due to him being placed on the opposing team, which also suggests Jerbo has a fear of rejection. Another example of this is in "For the Future", where Jerbo requests a change to Boscha with noticeable anxiousness in his voice.


Trying multiple tracks[]

S01E13 The First Day - Jerbo 3

Jerbo failing to control his soil-based abomination.

After trying to get into both the abomination and plant tracks and causing a ruckus with his plant-abomination dirt hybrid, Jerbo is placed in the detention track, along with Viney and Barcus. However, they stumble across a secret room that gives them access to the entire school. When Luz Noceda is placed in the detention track, the three share their secret room with her. After Jerbo, Viney, and Barcus overhear Willow and Gus say that Luz thinks she is too good for them, an opinion she formed before getting to know them, they shun the human.

S01E13 The First Day - 45

Jerbo and the others in the detention track being granted permission to study multiple tracks.

When Luz tells them that Hexside is in danger, Jerbo and the others rebuff her at first, but then reluctantly agree to help. Upon seeing the Greater Basilisk, the four form a plan. They lure it to the auditorium and attack it, with Jerbo creating a plant-abomination hybrid to assist in the battle. Once the basilisk is subdued, Principal Bump berates them for practicing multiple tracks, but Luz in turn condemns him for not allowing students to practice any type of magic they want. Realizing the error of his ways, Bump lets the detention track students study their desired tracks, and Jerbo is placed in the plant and abomination tracks.[1]

Flyer derby[]

When the Bat Queen comes to Hexside to place students with abandoned palismen, Jerbo watches as his friends receive one, but isn't shown bonding with a palisman himself.[2]

Any Sport in a Storm - 978

Jerbo and Viney collide during a flyer derby match.

During Hexside's club fair, Jerbo is approached by a potion student who demands that he join the Emperor's Coven. However, Jerbo turns him down and expresses his desire to change the system when he is older. After Professor Hermonculus puts together a team of his students to play against Willow's flyer derby team, he is selected to play on Hermonculus' team, earning him a bitter rejection from Viney, which mildly terrifies him. He ends up getting knocked out of the match along with Viney, and watches as his team proceeds to lose.[3]

Resisting a coven[]

Labyrinth Runners - 362

Jerbo and the other multi-track students concerned over hearing the Emperor's decree.

As the Day of Unity approaches, Jerbo and the other Hexside students and faculty are surprised when Adrian Graye Vernworth, the head of the Illusion Coven, comes to Hexside. Adrian informs them that the Emperor has decreed all young witches must be placed in a coven before the Day of Unity. Jerbo and his fellow multi-track students are unnerved by the decree, but Adrian claims to side with the students and only wishes to put fake sigils on them. Just before Adrian is about to "brand" Edric, Gus realizes that the brand is real and reveals the truth to the entire school. After seeing multiple coven scouts and watching as the Head Illusionist tries to force him into the Abomination Coven, Gus creates a school-wide illusion, allowing Jerbo, the students, and the faculty to flee to the healing homeroom.

Labyrinth Runners - 1528

Jerbo facing off against Coven Scouts with a soil-based.

As the students and staff at Hexside are recuperating, Viney and Skara go to find Gus and Hunter. They find Hunter unconscious and bring him to the healing homeroom. After the former Golden Guard tells the others that Adrian has Gus, the majority of the school does not trust him until Willow convinces them, recalling a breathing technique he demonstrated. Jerbo and the rest of the school fight the Emperor's Coven to get to Gus with her, and during the battle, Jerbo summons a soil abomination hybrid that is easily sliced through by a Coven Scout. Once the Emperor's Coven retreats with a vegetative Adrian, Jerbo and the rest of the students and staff at Hexside listen as Hunter explains the truth about the Day of Unity.[4]

Hiding from the Collector[]

For the Future - 1555

Jerbo and Barcus watching the eclipse.

After learning of the Draining Spell, Bump allows the staff and students of Hexside to camp out at the school during the Day of Unity. After the spell is activated, he and the students watch in horror as it affects the adults. After the spell ends, the Collector’s spies come to the school to collect those present. While the majority of the students are safe, the staff and a few students are turned into puppets. In the following months, the school falls into anarchy after Boscha takes control. He and Mattholomule make multiple attempts to improve the condition of the school, but Boscha refuses with the advice from her advisor Miki.

For the Future - 4194

Jerbo and the other students of Hexside ready to take on Kikimora.

A few months after the Day of Unity, he is shocked to find Luz, Amity, Gus, Willow, and Hunter have returned after another failed attempt to convince Boscha to make improvements in the school. After Amity convinces Boscha to save everyone turned into puppets, he joins the charge against Miki, really Kikimora in disguise, as Luz and her friends make a glyph combo to teleport to the Titan's Head.

Watching and Dreaming - 4667

Jerbo and the other students cheer as they welcome Principal Bump, Cat, and Amelia back to Hexside after everything is over.

When Luz brings the Collector to Hexside, he, Moon girl, and Mattholomule watch from behind the bleachers of the Grudgby field. When the three are spotted, they flee. After Belos is defeated, Jerbo and the other students welcome back Bump, Cat, and Amelia.

Four Years Later[]

Watching and Dreaming - 5356

Jerbo taking notes after a method of removing Coven Sigils is discovered.

Four years after Belos is defeated, Jerbo is part of a team of researchers trying to discover a way to remove Coven Sigils along with Viney, Raine Whispers, Emira, Alador Blight, and others. Soon after finding a way, he takes notes and talks with Raine before informing them that Amity, Hunter, Willow, and Lilith are present. Jerbo later attends Luz’s belated quinceañera and watches a light show the Collector puts on.



S01E13 The First Day - 30

Jerbo and Viney in their hideout.

Jerbo and Viney met through the detention track along with Barcus and became friends. The two get along well. However, when he was part of Professor Hermonculus' flying derby team, Viney saw this as a "betrayal", but the two still remained friends. After Adrian announced the decree that all young witches must be placed in a coven before the Day of Unity, he, Viney, and the other multi-track students, looked at each other in shock and comfort. They later worked together to drive the Emperor’s Coven out of Hexside.


For the Future - 1550

Jerbo pouring food for Barcus.

Jerbo and Barcus met in the detention track and became friends along with Viney. He still hangs out with him. After Adrian announced the decree that all young witches must be placed in a coven before the Day of Unity, he, Barcus, and the other multi-track students, looked at each other in shock and comfort. They later worked together to drive the Emperor’s Coven out of Hexside, and cared for each other when camping out at Hexside.

Power and abilities[]

  • Magic: Jerbo can perform magic by drawing spell circles. Like most witches, his magic comes from a sac of magic bile attached to his heart.
    • Plant magic: Jerbo can accelerate the growth of plants.
    • Abomination magic: Jerbo can create fully functional abominations that obey his every command. Aside from the normal type of liquid, Jerbo is capable of conjuring abominations made from other substances.
    • Soil abomination creation: Using plant magic infused with abomination magic, Jerbo can turn the soil of a plant pot into an abomination made of it, instead of the normal purple matter of which the abominations are made.


Behind the scenes[]

Name and basis[]

Jerbo is based on John Bailey Owen, one of the writers of "The First Day", while his name is derived from the phonetic pronunciation of Owen's initials.[5]


Jerbo is voiced by Noah Galvin.


Jerbo debuted in "The First Day".

Foreign voice actors[]

Language version Actors Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Sebastián Rivero Rama
Germany German Grischa Olbrich
Indonesia Indonesian Frederick Priya Purnama
Poland Polish Damian Kulec


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  • Jerbo appears to be able to understand Barcus.
  • In "Any Sport in a Storm", Jerbo reveals that his goal is to change the coven system so more mixed-magic covens can exist.


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