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I'll sign anything!
—Jon De Plume, "Sense and Insensitivity"

Jon De Plume is a character in The Owl House. He is an author in the Boiling Isles who worked under Piniet. He was soon squared by Piniet for not meeting his deadlines.



He has a shaved head with a green mohawk swept to his right. He has fair skin with a thin mustache and some additional facial hair on his chin. Like most witches, he also has pointed ears.


He wears round, purple sunglasses and a blue jacket, and wears a lighter blue sweater underneath it. He also wears a red scarf.


Behind the scenes

Name and basis

The name "Jon De Plume" is a play on the phrase "Nom De Plume", which is French for "pen name".


The identity of his voice actor is currently unknown.


Jon De Plume appears in only one episode, "Sense and Insensitivity".