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I don't need this wretched school to start my own empire. I'll make my own! And I'll start by taking you apart, piece by piece, brat by brat!
—Kikimora, "For the Future"

Kikimora is an antagonistic character in The Owl House. She is the former assistant of Emperor Belos who delivered his orders to other subordinates in or outside of the Emperor's Coven.

After being tricked by Belos, Kikimora officially turns on him after finally having enough of his demeaning and abusive nature, helping King reach out to the Collector in order to subdue Belos and stop the Draining Spell. After the Day of Unity, she attempts to restructure the Boiling Isles with herself on top. After Belos' final defeat, she takes up work in construction.



Kikimora is a red-skinned biped demon of diminutive stature and child-like proportions. She stands several heads shorter than her subordinates, with three-toed, talon-clad arms and legs similar to those of a bird's. Her talons are colored dark brown. Her left eye has yellow sclera and a brownish red iris; inversely, her right eye has red sclera and a yellow iris. Like many of the other creatures in the Boiling Isles, her ears are pointed and witch-like. Her mouth, usually hidden from view by her collar, features sharp yellowish teeth and a single upturned tusk.

Her most defining feature are the conjoined hands which make up her hair: one with fingers that form a fringe which hides her right eye from view, the other is clenched behind her head to form a bun-esque fist. It is shown in the second season intro that these hands are prehensile, and that the fingers can be used to cast spells, as first seen in "Eda's Requiem". The hands are dark blue with turquoise claws. "Clouds on the Horizon" shows that Kikimora has the sigil of the Emperor's Coven branded on her right wrist.


Being a high-ranking affiliate of the Emperor's Coven, Kikimora wears robes reminiscent of Belos' regalia. These are a white tunic over a black ensemble, as well as a high-collared veil which shrouds the lower regions of her face. This veil is fastened by a triangular golden accessory. She typically walks barefoot.

Following her demotion, she wears a "Coven Crate" delivery uniform comprised of a yellow and white hat with the company's logo on it, a two-toned pale green veil with a paw at the end, a golden yellow short-sleeved shirt and brown shorts.

Under her guise as "Miki", her costume consists of a St. Epiderm abomination track uniform that hides most of her recognizable features. She wears a light pink wig with a ponytail that covers up her conjoined hands, as well as a pair of glasses to obscure her eyes. Unlike her usual attire, her mouth remains visible, showing an upturned tusk scarcely visible prior. She wears a dark blue cape over her arms, with a brown pauldron sitting atop her right shoulder. She is no longer barefoot, wearing gray boots. Upon revealing herself to Luz, she discards her wig, glasses, and gloves.

In the epilogue, she wears a reddish-brown shirt, pinkish-tan pants, a green cowl and a red bandana in her hair.


Kikimora is a prim and professional individual, being exceptionally well versed in the accepted history of the Boiling Isles. As the personal attendant to Belos, Kikimora was loyal to the Emperor and carried out his commandments with visible relish, encouraging a worshipful attitude towards Belos and his vision. Much like Belos, she appears to have a low tolerance for failure or dissidence. She is particularly subtle in her hostilities, choosing to admonish those who displease her quietly. Regardless, it can be inferred that many of her subordinates are fearful of her.

Young Blood, Old Souls - 1600

Kikimora was threatened by Luz into releasing Eda, King, and Lilith, showing her cowardice.

Despite her high station and her loyalty to Belos, Kikimora appears to be somewhat cowardly when confronted head-on, as Luz is easily able to intimidate her into compliance by threatening her with a fire glyph. In this regard, she is also a hypocrite, angrily reprimanding Warden Wrath for failing to apprehend Luz and King beforehand, despite Wrath at least making an honest attempt to do so.

Hunting Palismen - Kikimora suspicious

Kikimora's hunger for power is shown when she became jealous of the Golden Guard being favored by Emperor Belos.

In "Hunting Palismen", Kikimora appeared to be jealous of the Golden Guard, sabotaging his mission to get the Bat Queen's palismen so that she could deliver them to Belos herself and gain the Emperor's favor, while at the same time attempting to assassinate the Golden Guard outright, showing that she is willing to conspire against her colleagues and even kill them to remove them as rivals for Belos' favor. By the events of "Eclipse Lake", Kikimora's mental state has degraded, leading her to fits of immense aggression and paranoia, specifically over being outperformed by the Golden Guard. This translates to shortsightedness and abusive tendencies toward her underlings, often resulting in their injuries. At several points, she loses composure completely over the prospect.

Follies at the Coven Day Parade - 195

Kikimora cares for her family so much that she's afraid of disappointing them.

She seems to value her family, as she fears her mother and was utterly distraught at the prospect of being disowned by her family back in her hometown if she failed to attend the family gathering while being torn by her duties with the Emperor's Coven. However, when Terra Snapdragon reveals that Belos wants to give her a promotion, she immediately disowns her family and heartlessly states that her family and hometown can burn, showing that despite her love for her family, she values her career more than them.

After Belos affected her with the Draining Spell and cast her away for a final time, Kikimora realizes her entire life quest in earning Belos' approval and climbing ranks were for nothing but her death. She then becomes willing to help Luz and her friends take down Belos by bringing King to the Collector, finally having had enough of Belos' ungrateful treatments toward her after many years of service and devotion.

For the Future - 4310

Kikimora becomes more mad and unhinged out of her obsession of creating her own empire to rule over the Boiling Isles.

Following the Day of Unity, however, Kikimora fell back to her power-hungry tactics and wormed her way into Boscha's favor, disguising herself and her Abomitron as students from St. Epiderm named 'Miki' and 'Roka', manipulating Boscha into imposing her will over the students of Hexside. After Luz and her friends returned, Kikimora correctly suspected they would undermine her schemes and became psychotically obsessed with eliminating them once and for all so that no one would get in her way of forming her own empire. The fact that she does these things in spite of all that's going on (the Collector taking over and turning the people of the Boiling Isles into puppets for his own amusement) shows that regardless of the situation, Kikimora will always put her own self-interests and ambitions first, and has no sincere respect or consideration for anyone but herself.


Managing the Clawthorne sisters[]

S01E05 Covention (688)

Kikimora talking to Lilith about her sister.

Kikimora appears in an audiovisual transmission to Lilith following her duel with Eda at the covention, softly admonishing her for her failure in subduing the Owl Lady. She advises Lilith to remember the reward that Emperor Belos has promised her for Eda's capture, but is nonetheless mollified by Lilith's renewed promise to succeed in her mission.[1]

Kikimora - AOAW1

Kikimora questioning Lilith on her multiple failed attempts to bring in her sister.

Kikimora later eavesdrops in Lilith's soliloquy regarding her mission to capture Eda. She accuses the coven leader of protecting her sister, to which Lilith responds by summoning the troops she has gathered to ambush the Owl House. Later, when her attempted raid is foiled by Hooty, Kikimora summons Lilith before the Emperor after dryly remarking that a bird has perched on her head.

Kikimora aoaw3

Kikimora giving Hexside students a tour of the palace.

Kikimora soon conducts a tour throughout the Emperor's Castle for the children of Hexside, among them Luz, whereupon she lambasts the era preceding the coven system, which she calls the "Savage Ages". She hails the Emperor for supposedly bringing order from this chaotic time. When a disheveled Lilith returns, Kikimora has her tour group unintentionally humiliate her further, telling them to "wish her luck".[2]

Young Blood, Old Souls - 1087

Kikimora bringing out the petrification machine.

Before Eda's petrification, Kikimora announces the event to the crowdgoers. At the ceremony, she acts as executioner and operates the relic which accomplishes the procedure. She is startled by Luz's sudden disruption and subsequently intimidated into lowering the magical cage containing Eda. She is present for Belos' announcement afterwards that Eda was spared on the Titan's orders.

Later, in the shadow of the portal he is reconstructing, Belos waves aside Kikimora's offer to apprehend Luz and her companions herself before dismissing another emissary to keep watch over the Owl House.[3]

Sabotaging Hunter[]

Hunting Palismen - 553

Kikimora ordering her steed to track down and kill Hunter after she had it take down his airship.

A few weeks later, Kikimora welcomes the Head Witches of the main covens to Belos' throne room and lauds their forthcoming "reward": a glimpse of the Day of Unity. During this ceremony, however, Belos is overcome by his illness and ushered away by Hunter, who insists that Kikimora not follow. This causes a spike of jealousy in Kikimora, who eavesdrops on their conversation and overhears Belos' desire for more palismen. She sends her dragon steed, Princess, to disrupt Hunter's mission and personally steals his quarry. She further leads a fraudulent search for the Golden Guard, during which she insists that he perished following the attack, presenting his mask as proof.

Hunting Palismen - 1203

Kikimora surprised to see Hunter alive.

She is later caught off guard by a glyph combo pieced together by Luz and Hunter which, coupled with sleeping nettles, creates a sleep-inducing smog which subdues her steed and disorients her, allowing Hunter to rob her of the whistle which commands her dragon. Delirious, she attempts to fight back, but is unable to resist the effect of the fog. When she awakes and returns to the Emperor's Castle, she is startled to see that Hunter survived, but grows suspicious when she notes his singed hair would correspond to those of her assailant.[4]

Eda's Requiem - 1196

Kikimora using Raine's coven sigil to imprison them.

Kikimora briefly appears during a broadcast of Raine's initiation as the head of the Bard Coven. After Raine is caught by Darius and Eberwolf, she uses her magic to incapacitate them using their own seal. She insists that it would be a waste of resources to kill them outright, as finding a replacement for the Day of Unity would take too long.[5]

Eclipse Lake - 196

Kikimora overseeing operations at the knee.

Kikimora would then replace Hunter as the leader of the operation at the Knee. During the operation, it becomes obvious that she desires revenge against the Golden Guard, even more so than she desires to serve Belos. Her increasingly aggressive and petulant tangents imply that her mentality is rapidly devolving under the strain of her ambitions. This translates to heightened acrimony toward her subordinates, namely the Guard Captain, whom she frequently castigates and even threatens. When her party locates Amity, her paranoia is supposedly validated, and she leads several scouts down an ill-fated plunge through a mining shaft towards Eclipse Lake. Though unseen, the resulting crash injures and incapacitates her and her subordinates, leading King to remark that mine cart chases are more "dangerous" than one might think.[6]

Coven Day Parade[]

Follies at the Coven Day Parade - 574

Kikimora being "abducted" by Luz.

As the Coven Day Parade approaches, Kikimora's mother threatens to disown her if she fails to show up to a family reunion. Hearing this, Luz convinces Kikimora to help her and Luz and her friends kidnap Raine, also agreeing to be "kidnapped" as well to get to the reunion. When Kikimora is taken by Luz, Terra starts to tail the two and claims that Kikimora is up for a promotion. After Amity joins the two, they make it to the dock where Princess is waiting, but she attacks the girls, growling that a promotion is better than a family reunion. Soon, Terra comes by to say Kikimora has passed her test and gets to live as a result. The head of the Plant Coven then takes her away. Kikimora stands with Terra and Raine on stage as she adresses the crowd that Belos has an announcement for the Boiling Isles.[7]

Day of Unity[]

Clouds on the Horizon - 105

Kikimora picking up a shipment of Abomatons for the Day of Unity.

After being demoted to cargo transport, Kikimora arrives to pick up the last shipment of Abomatons for the Day of Unity when Odalia Blight presents her with their latest model, the Abomatron. She happily accepts it shortly before she hears Hunter's "annoying voice" and grabs the former Golden Guard. She fends off his friends in a fight and flies to the head of the Titan, unaware that she really has Luz.[8]

King's Tide (1645)

Kikimora agreeing to help King after Belos betrays her.

Upon reaching Belos at the head, he chastises and belittles Kikimora for thinking she could be his right hand before sending her away. As the Draining Spell activates, Kikimora is weakened, along with everyone else with a sigil. After King is knocked down to where she is, Kikimora explains that only the Collector can stop the Draining Spell, adding that he is an entity from the stars and even scared Belos. King asks to see him, which Kikimora agrees to, and she leads him through the pit where Belos left his "failures". She watches as King makes a deal with the Collector and frees him.[9] After digging herself out of the rubble of the skull, Kikimora sees the Collector in the distance, watching in awe and fear.[10]

Creating her own empire[]

For the Future - 2262

Kikimora as "Miki", advising Boscha.

After Belos is defeated, Kikimora retreats to the Hexside School of Magic and Demonics as the Collector transforms most of the populace into puppets. There, she disguises herself as "Miki" and her Abomatron as her sister "Roka", with her story being that they were traveling for the Day of Unity before taking refuge at the school. She manipulates Boscha into taking power, doing whatever she could to stop reforms to improve the condition of the school from happening.

For the Future - 4302

Kikimora throwing off the Hexside students attacking her before going after Luz and company again.

When Luz, her mother, Amity, Gus, Willow, and Hunter return to the Demon Realm and are brought to Hexside, she has Boscha throw them and Mattholomule into the detention pit, where Kikimora attempts to eliminate them with her Abomatron. They manage to escape and she searches for them, locating Luz and Camila through Luz's palisman. After they meet up with Amity, it's then when Gus, Willow, and Hunter, fight Kikimora until the students of Hexside, led by Boscha and Mattholomule, bombard her with several flaming Grudgby balls. With her distracted, Luz and the others draw a complex glyph pattern to teleport to the Titan's head before she can attack them again.[10]


Watching and Dreaming - 5182

Kikimora working on an extension to the Bonesborough library.

Four years after the defeat of Belos, Kikimora is seen working on construction being undertaken at the Bonesborough Library as part of a mandatory community service,[11] assisting in the construction of a museum extension to the Library. She is seen lifting a wooden beam as Matt supervises her from a distance.[12]


Emperor Belos[]

Hunting Palismen - 011

Kikimora serving at Belos' side with Hunter.

For her career in the Emperor's Coven, Kikimora was loyal to Belos. She greatly devoted herself to him, to the point where she saw everyone around her as a potential rival for her next promotion. During the Day of Unity, Kikimora graciously presents the emperor with, who she thinks, is Hunter, and requests she become his new right hand.

Rather then receiving the praise she expected, Belos shocks her by saying he would rather cut off his arm than have her as his second in command and tells her to find a hole to rot in. After this shock, Kikimora loses all respect and loyalty for the emperor and willingly helps King free the Collector.


Hunter and Kikimora S2 EP06

Kikimora and Hunter fighting.

For as long as she has known Hunter, Kikimora saw him as nothing more than a rival and an obstacle in her way of becoming Belos' right hand. When Hunter was tasked with retrieving palisman, she sent her dragon to attack the Golden Guard. After Kikimora declares him dead, she has her pet track him down to finish the job. The following morning she was shocked that he survived.

Kikimora could recognize Hunter by the sound of his voice, as she was able to use it to locate him at the Blight Industries factory. As Odalia taunted her daughter for trying to talk her out of helping Belos, Kikimora expressed her desire to get to Hunter as quick as possible.

Luz Noceda[]

Follies at the Coven Day Parade - 916

Kikimora shortly before turning on Luz.

Originally, Kikimora saw Luz as nothing more then a student. However, after the human stops the petrification, Kikimora began to see her as more of a threat. During Coven Day, Kikimora vents her frustration with having to choose between work and family, causing Luz to help her fake Kikimora's kidnapping during the parade to get to her family reunion. However, after Terra Snapdragon flaunts a promotion while pursuing them, Kikimora betrays Luz and Amity, who helped them escape. After sneaking into Hexside and manipulating Boscha, Kikimora reveals herself to Luz and eagerly tries to kill her. Luz in turn is disappointed with her plan for being similar to Belos' as she insulted her for lacking any of her own plans.


For the Future - 3090

Kikimora and Boscha looking down at those she sees as a threat to her rise to power.

Kikimora and Boscha met during the Collector's reign after Boscha's friends were turn into puppets by the Collector's spies. After that, she began pretending to be a student at Hexside and "befriended" her, she convinces her to rule Hexside and not take on the Collector and became Boscha's advisor. During that time, she continued manipulating Boscha and reject others' ideas and proposals. Though Boscha sees her as someone she can count on, Kikimora however is secretly using her to turn Hexside into her own empire and plan to double-cross Boscha later, ultimately turning Boscha against her.

Powers and abilities[]

  • Magic: As a biped demon, Kikimora is able to use magic via a magical bile sac attached to her heart.
    • Fire projection: As an offensive weapon, Kikimora is able to fire purple bolts of magic from her hands.
    • Coven sealing: Kikimora, using a finger on her head, can use the sigil on a witch's arm to seal them in a form of stasis and stifle their magic.
  • Intimidation tactics: Whilst not a magical ability, Kikimora seems to intimidate many members of the Emperor's Coven, mostly Lilith and the guards. This could possibly be because of her status; being so high ranked in the coven, she has more power over most.


Behind the scenes[]

Name and basis[]

Kikimoras are house spirits from Slavic folklore that can be beneficial or harmful depending on a number of factors, such as their personal feelings towards a home's occupants. In modern colloquial Russian, "Kikimora" is used as an insult against people who look "strange" or are weird or annoying.


Kikimora is voiced by Mela Lee.


Kikimora debuted in "Covention".

Foreign voice actors[]

Language version Actors Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Constanza Faraggi
Brazil Portuguese (Brazil) Michelle Giudice
Czech Republic Czech Anna Brousková
Germany German Sophie Rogall
Denmark Danish Sofie Emma Lohmann
Spain Spanish Carmen Podio
France French Sophie Pyronnet
Hungary Hungarian Sipos Eszter
Indonesia Indonesian Jheni Rinjo
Italy Italian Emanuela Ionica
Japan Japanese Ayaka Nanase (七瀬 彩夏) She is also the voice for Willow and Boscha in Japanese.
South Korea Korean Esther Won (원에스더)
Poland Polish Weronika Łukaszewska
Portugal Portuguese Ana Sofia Santos
Ana Viera (Covention)
Sweden Swedish Cecilia Olin
Turkey Turkish Zencan Sakal


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  • In the second season's main theme, Kikimora's claw-like hair opens, revealing that her right eye has a smaller iris and with the inverted colors of her left eye. This was later shown in the show itself in "Eda's Requiem".
  • In Slavic folklore, the Kikimora is a household spirit whose role in the house is usually juxtaposed with that of the domovoy, where one of them is considered a "bad" spirit, and the other, a "good" one. When the Kikimora inhabits a house, she lives behind the stove or in the cellar, and usually produces noises similar to those made by the mice in order to obtain food. Kikimory (in plural) were the first traditional explanation for sleep paralysis in Russian folklore.
  • In "Clouds on the Horizon", Odalia refers to Kikimora as a "gremlin", but it is unclear if that was simply a derisive slur or she meant that Kikimora is actually a gremlin demon.
  • Kikimora has secretly eavesdropped Belos' conversations with the Collector in the past, enabling her to know about the Collector's existence. However, it is not clear how much she overheard of these conversations or if this means she knew all along what the Day of Unity's true purpose was.
  • Prior to "For the Future", Kikimora's teeth were portrayed inconsistently. "Hunting Palismen" depicts a white tusk on the right side of her mouth instead of the left, extruding from her upper set of teeth as opposed to the lower. "Clouds on the Horizon" appears to show off no tusks at all, presenting a pair of fangs rather than consistently sharp teeth.
    • In a clean line reference drawn by Lío Guevara for "Clouds on the Horizon", Kikimora has a blunt tusk on the right side of her mouth.[13] Said tusk is not present in the final shot.
  • Her parents live in a town called Palm Stings, likely a pun referencing Palm Springs, California.


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