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Who dares intrude upon I, the King of Demons?!

King Clawthorne is the tritagonist of The Owl House. He is a small demon who claims to have once been a king of demons as his name suggests, but is now Eda's roommate and sidekick seeking to restore his title and glory. But after understanding the truth about where he came from, he's now trying to find his father.



King is an feline creature that somewhat resembles a fox. He has mostly dark gray fur, although his torso and the tip of his tail are covered in light gray fur. The highlight of his appearance is a dog-like skull with white horns on his head, one of which is broken. In "Echoes of the Past", his broken horn is glued back on by Luz. His eyes have pink irises with yellow sclerae. He has three fingers and two toes that (excluding his thumbs) look like white claws. His mouth does not open except when he's eating, which shows he has a purple tongue and two small fangs on his lower mandible.

When swapped with Luz Noceda, he resembles almost of Luz's appearance and characteristics, but with erect hair, pink eyes with yellow sclera, fangs and no eyelashes.


He wears a red collar with a yellow tag. As of "Echoes of the Past", he has carved the tower symbol into his collar tag.


King is loud, feisty, self-centered, expressive, lazy, comedic and constantly laughs at anything that gives him enjoyment.

Befitting his name, he is used to acting like a monarch, treating people and objects as minions, ordering others around and acting bigger than he is. He sometimes manages to assume leadership of some form, but loses it due to his negligence and ignorance. King hates being called cute and others treating him like a baby, yet due to his small size has to rely on accessories made for infants.

King has a tremendous love for food. When Luz offered to stay to become a witch, King first wanted Eda to accept, so she could make them snacks, and whenever he is against doing something the mention of food can change his mind. He is also shown to be lazy, often lying around for naps instead of working and at times must be forced or blackmailed, much to his annoyance. When he gets exhausted, his body goes limp and can be picked up without a fuss.

Interestingly, in "Sense and Insensitivity" he tells Luz fame is the closest he'll ever come to accomplishing his dream, implying that he doesn't believe he'll ever reclaim his throne.

In "Echoes of the Past", King in shown to be insecure after Lilith and Hooty expressed their doubt on King past, he goes out of his way to prove it. After Eda reveals the trust that she just found him he was hurt and left confused and troubled. Doubting his friends will like him if he wasn't King of Demons.


King was found by Eda on an unknown island in the boiling ocean. According to Lilith, the castle he was found in is ancient.

King hatched from an egg in the chamber at the top of the castle, after an unknown event led his father away from there. Jean-Luc was there to protect him in the absence of his father. To survive, baby King would catch flies that had flown into the castle to eat.

While Eda was on the run from the Emperor's Coven, she came across the island and went inside the castle to shelter herself from the boiling rains. Inside, she found King stacking rocks and pet him, initially believing he was some kind of dog. Soon after, Jean-Luc attacked Eda, trying to protect King. Fearing for her life, she took King and fled, prompting Jean-Luc to fire a makeshift arrow at them, knocking off King's horn. Afterwards, Eda took King home with her and put a collar on him. One day, she came in to find King stacking rocks like he did in his castle, and commented how it looked like "a king amongst his subjects". To her surprise, King repeated the word. Eda then explained what a king was and what they did, making King believe that he was one.


Luz Noceda

Luz and King in "The Intruder".

At the start of the series, King did not enjoy Luz's affection for him and, for the most part, he will try to escape her embrace. However, he did enjoy Luz's meals that she provides the duo (which she started doing per his suggestion). King sometimes treats Luz like a servant, but yet knows deep down that she will in no way serve him. Eventually, he does warm up to Luz, as seen in "The Intruder", as he wishes that, because she is one of the few creatures that is his friend, she would pay attention to him and his interests (i.e., the types of demons that he was trying to teach her) instead of focusing all her attention on magic. King has shown to be defensive for Luz, such as when he fears his "boo-boo buddy" was taken by the 'monster' in "The Intruder", and during "Covention" he is quick to get angry at a student for cheering Amity's name and not Luz's. To King, Luz is probably the most comforting thing he has. He sometimes wants to learn how to draw more realistic like Luz.

Eda Clawthorne

Eda and King in "A Lying Witch and a Warden".

King is Eda's roommate at the Owl House.

Eight years prior to the start of the series, Eda found him on an unknown island while running from the Emperor's Coven. Since she couldn't resist, she took him home, naming him King after seeing him build a series of small statues out of pillows and stuffed animals. It was then that King said his first words, and began to think of himself as a tyrannical overlord. Not knowing what else to do, Eda simply played along. Since then, the two have been good friends, and they have a friendly banter every now and then. King believes himself to be better than Eda by title and is not afraid to go up against her to prove himself as seen in "I Was a Teenage Abomination". He hates admitting that he was wrong about anything to her as it would give her bragging rights. Nevertheless, he seems to have taken to her like a child to his mother. Due to his small body, he is usually found being held like an infant by her, showing that they are at least close.

On occasion King puts into question Eda's methods and ethics. He's on occasion voiced his concerns about Eda's treatment of Luz. In "I Was a Teenage Abomination" he calls Eda out on her teaching methods, clamming that she could very easily lose Luz if she doesn't shape up. In "Enchanting Grom Fright" he expresses genuine concern that Eda acted a bit to hard on Luz for proposing to become Grom Queen.


Much like Eda and any other character who's ever met the enchanting doorknocker, King is distant towards Hooty, although with a much more cruel approach. He openly criticizes and insults Hooty whenever the opportunity presents itself, such as calling him desperate just for wanting to hang out. King finds Hooty's voice to be annoying and is disgusted at the thought of having to wash him whenever he rolls in the mud. Despite his bad attitude towards him, King relies on Hooty for shelter and understands that he maintains the house's utilities. Their relationship got better in "Adventures in the Elements" after King's animated plush toys turn on him, thus forcing King into befriending Hooty for assistance.

King and Hooty in "Adventures in the Elements".

Amity Blight

In "Covention", King developed a grudge against the witch-in-training after she crushed his cupcake on purpose, demanding that Luz avenge both him and his treat. At the subsequent witches' duel, he attempted to coerce a fan of Amity to cheer for Luz instead, only to accidentally fall into the arena and expose Eda's deception.

Gus Porter

King doesn't have much interaction with Gus until "Really Small Problems", where it is shown that he is spiteful over the fact that Luz pays less attention to him because of Gus and Willow. Gus also treats King as a pet or small child, to his annoyance. But after King saves them, Gus shows sympathy towards King and takes the charm that King gives him and Willow.

Gus and King in "Enchanting Grom Fright".

For Grom Prom in "Enchanting Grom Fright", their relationships improved when King was appearing as a co-presenters with Gus. Gus shows genuine concern towards King after he runs away in the middle of the event from stage fright, and gives advice to King afterward to help him with speaking in front of crowds. He continues to show support for King after he faces his fear.

Powers and Abilities

  • Demonology: Being a demon himself, King is a self-professed expert on his own kind, having several books on the subject, and wishes to help Luz understand the strengths and weaknesses of the monsters she will inevitably meet. Despite his extensive knowledge, he isn't always right; while did get the appearance pretty close, he initially assumed the Snaggleback was one of the most powerful demons on the Boiling Isles. With this knowledge, he can deduce some strengths and weaknesses of an unknown Demon, such as when first encountering Eda's cursed form.


Behind the Scenes

Early Development

In an early design, King's head is a complete skull, with blue and pink eyes, and he has yellow golden fur.


King is voiced by Alex Hirsch, who also voices Hooty, and by Dana Terrace in his squeak of rage and his youth.


King debuted in the series premiere, "A Lying Witch and a Warden", and in Owl Pellets, he made a cameo in "Welcome to Hexside", but his official debut was in "Paint Scare!".

Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Damian Stavros
Brazil Portugese (Brazil) Yuri Chesman
China Chinese Niu Kai Yang (鈕凱暘)
Germany German Pascal Fligg
Denmark Danish Mathias Klenske
Spain Spanish Fernando Delgado
France French Olivier Prémiel
Greece Greek Vassilis Milios (Βασίλης Μήλιος)
Indonesia Indonesian Nanang Kuswanto
Israel Hebrew Danny Leshman (דני לשמן)
Italy Italy Gabriele Patriarca
Japan Japanese Kenta Matsumoto (松本 健太)
South Korea Korean Jeon Tae-yeol (전태열)
Poland Polish Bartosz Martyna
Portugal Portuguese Alexandre Carvalho
Russia Russian Andrey Levin (Андрей Лёвин)
Netherlands Dutch Dieter Spileers
Thailand Thai Nont Sripho (นนท์ ศรีโพธิ์)
Turkey Turkish Alişan Özkan



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  • He resembles Cubone from the Pokémon franchise.
  • As seen in "Coven Lovin Soap Opera", King is strong enough to throw the TV magic ball up with enough force to break through to the second-floor.
  • King has a mouth, but it's only really seen when he is eating, yawning (as seen in "Adventures in the Elements"), or sneezing (as seen in "Escaping Expulsion").
  • In "Sense and Insensitivity", he considers "King" as "More of a rank, than a name", implying his real name remains unknown.
  • In "Enchanting Grom Fright", it is revealed that King has stage fright.
  • King can survive and function normally in the Human Realm.[2]
  • In the Amphibia episode, "Bessie & MicroAngelo", King's skull head can be seen next to Anne, as part of the armor she tries on.
  • In the Big City Greens episode "Present Tense", a doll of King can be seen in the claw machine at the arcade.
  • According to Dana, King's parallel of Gravity Falls would be Bill Cipher.[citation needed]
  • King's expression, "Weh", may be a reference to Waluigi from the Mario franchise.
  • King was born with his skull on the outside of his head.
  • King claims demons have two weaknesses, purified water and passive-aggressive comments.
  • As of Eda’s Requiem his last name is Clawthorne, changing it because Eda raised him.


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