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I don't want people to see me as a big, scary monster anymore.

King Clawthorne is the tritagonist of The Owl House. He is a young titan (initially believed to be a Demon) who is Eda's sidekick and later adoptive son,[4] and Luz's best friend. Initially, he sought to restore his supposed title and glory as the "King of Demons", before he switched to trying to discover his family and reunite with them. However, it is later discovered that he is actually the last of the titan race,[5] and the son of the Titan, whose remains form the Boiling Isles.[3] This revelation gives King a new outlook on life, and after reflecting on himself, he comes to accept his identity, but doesn't let it define him. King's new goal is to protect those he cares about, namely from Emperor Belos and the Collector, the latter of whom aspires to acquire King's friendship by any means necessary.

During the Day of Unity, King reluctantly releases the Collector in order to save the Isles' denizens from the Draining Spell, causing him to then give himself up to to ensure Luz and her friends safely retreat to the Human Realm. In the months that follow, King is forced to "befriend" and assist the Collector in his twisted reign of chaos over the Isles, which takes the form of an elaborate game based on the events of King's life. Although King tries to convince the Collector to see the error of his ways, the Collector later traps King, Eda, and Luz in a new series of games in retaliation for a perceived betrayal on King's part. Eventually, King and his friends manage to redeem the Collector, but Belos corrupts the Isles and takes control of the Titan soon after. A grueling battle against the tyrant ensues, and King and his friends manage to defeat Belos once and for all and put an end to his reign of terror.

With the Emperor defeated and the Collector reformed, King and his friends help rebuild the Isles to a better state, but keeps contact with the Collector through the years. Four years later, King lives happily with his friends and family as an accepted citizen of the Isles and has matured enough to power glyph magic once more like his father.



King is a young, bipedal titan with a small stature. He has slightly purplish dark gray fur, save for his stomach and the tip of his tail, which are mauve in color. He has short limbs, a round body and stomach, and a bushy, fox like tail. Each of his hands possess two triangular, bone-like claws with flat inner sides, acting as his fingers, as well as short, pointed thumbs. His feet are somewhat stumpy and have mauve metatarsal pads, with two more claws on the front of either foot acting as his toes.

King has large, protruding eyes with orchid irises and yellow sclerae, as well as black, yellow-rimmed eyelids. He has slightly longer and shaggier fur around his cheeks, neck and nape. His inner mouth is light purple, with a long, darker purple tongue, as well as two lower canine teeth, which are the only visible teeth inside his mouth. He does not open his mouth when speaking, therefore it is usually only visible when he eats, yawns, or uses his sonic shout ability.

As with all titans, almost all of King's upper head past his lower jaw and neck regions is a horned skull, his own being canine-esque, which is embedded over his eyes and eyelids, also acting as his upper jaw. His horns are tall and point backward, curving slightly inward, the left of which is broken off near the base in a notch shape. The muzzle of his skull has two large, outward-pointing canine teeth, and he has two molars on either side near the base of it. He has an upside-down triangle-shaped nasal cavity covered by a pointed upper nasal bone, giving the hole a pointed, heart-shaped appearance when viewed head on. The skull itself is entirely stationary, save for his brow ridges, which can change position with his expression like normal brows.

As of "Echoes of the Past", King's broken horn has been glued back on by Luz, appearing effectively identical to the other, except for its slightly darker shade and a thin line from where it has been joined together.

Following an airship crash in "King's Tide", King gains a crack on the left side of his skull, running from his horn to the top of his eye socket.

When swapped with Luz, King resembles almost all of Luz's appearance and characteristics, but with erect, slicked-back hair, violet eyes with yellow sclera, fangs, and no eyelashes.

After witnessing Luz's "death", King took a high-powered form in his rage. He grows slightly larger and assumes a quadrupedal stance, his horns become taller, his eyes turn a bright violet, and his inner mouth, which is now capable of opening much wider, turns blue, with the latter two glowing brightly. His fur becomes much longer and spikier, especially around his neck and chest.

In the epilogue of "Watching and Dreaming", King's limbs, tail, horns, and fangs have become slightly lengthened. His thumbs, previously not claws, have grown bone-like claws like his other two fingers, and his four back teeth have become pointy. His fur has become slightly longer and more ruffled in appearance, giving him fur tufts on his elbows and ankles. His tail is also bushier and the crack in his skull remains.


Initially, King wears practically nothing, save for a dark red collar with a blank circular tag.

As of "Echoes of the Past", he has etched the symbol found on his island into his collar tag.

In "For the Future", King wears robes and a nightcap resembling the Collector's, as well as a small white rectangular bandage over the crack in his skull.

In the epilogue of "Watching and Dreaming", King wears a thin red necklace with a circular gold tag engraved with his initials, "KC". A blue, star-shaped sticker covers the crack on his skull.


S01E10 Escape of the Palisman - 3

King has a wild dream of becoming the King of Demons.

Initially, King is shown as loud, feisty, self-centered, expressive, lazy, comedic, and constantly laughing at anything that gives him enjoyment.

Befitting his name, King is used to acting like a monarch, treating people and objects as minions, ordering others around, and acting bigger than he is. He sometimes manages to assume leadership of some form, but loses it due to his negligence and ignorance. King hates being called cute and being treated like a baby, yet due to his small size, he has to rely on accessories made for infants, such as high chairs and baby carriers.

S01E05 Covention (239)

King has a huge appetite when it comes to food like cupcakes.

King has a tremendous love for food. When Luz offered to stay to become a witch, King first wanted Eda to accept, so she could make them snacks. Whenever he is against doing something, the mention of food can change his mind. He is also shown to be lazy, often lying around for naps instead of working and at times must be forced or blackmailed, much to his annoyance. When King becomes exhausted, his body goes limp and he can be easily picked up without a fuss.

Interestingly, in "Sense and Insensitivity", King tells Luz fame is the closest he'll ever come to accomplishing his dream, implying that he doesn't believe he'll ever reclaim his throne as the supposed “King of Demons”.

Echoes of the Past - 1042

King after realizing the truth about his past.

In "Echoes of the Past", King is shown to be insecure. After Lilith and Hooty express their doubts about King's past, he goes out of his way to prove it by bringing them to an island where he claims used to be his kingdom. After Eda reveals the truth about how she found him, he feels hurt and runs away confused and troubled. At the time, he doubts his friends will still like him if he isn't the "King of Demons".

King's Tide (2461)

With his selflessness and care for Luz's safety, King is willing to sacrifice himself into being captured by the Collector so she and her friends would get to the Human Realm.

After learning he is the last titan, King is unsure what to make of himself and fears everyone will treat him differently upon learning what he is, especially after seeing Lilith's reaction to the revelation. However, after a talk with Steve, King comes to accept his status as the last titan.

After freeing the Collector, King becomes more concerned for his friend's safety, as he forces Luz and her friends into the Human Realm rather than face the Collector. In the months that followed, King became more concerned for the safety of his companions, fearful Eda will be caught not in her own beast form. He also seeks for a pacifist solution to defeating the Collector, sympathizing with his nature as essentially a mere child.


Early life

King in his Egg S2E3

King before he hatched.

King is a baby titan found on an unknown island in the Boiling Sea. According to Lilith, the castle he was found in is ancient. King's father hid his egg in the castle when the Collector-Titan war claimed the lives of the other titans, using a protective rune in multiple locations to ward the place from the Collectors. King recalls hearing his father's roar, meaning "son", and then an explosion, while he was still developing in the egg. An unknown amount of time later, likely many centuries or millennia, since King's father had died and formed the Boiling Isles and its population in the meantime, King hatched into the room at the top of the castle. Jean-Luc was there to protect him in the absence of his father. To survive, baby King would catch flies that had flown into the castle to eat.[2]

While Eda was on the run from the Emperor's Coven, she came across the island and went inside the castle to shelter herself from the boiling rains. Inside, she found King stacking rocks and petted him, initially believing he was some kind of dog. However, she was attacked by Jean-Luc, who perceived Eda as an intruder. Though Jean-Luc did manage to damage one of King's horns, Eda managed to fly herself and King to safety. Afterwards, Eda took King home with her and put a red collar on him. One day, she came in to find King stacking household objects like he did in his castle, and commented how he looked like "a king amongst his subjects". King repeated the word "king", and Eda explained what the word meant. King would adopt the word as his name and believe that he was a despotic tyrant in the past. Eda never told King how she found him and instead played along with his fantasies as the King of Demons. However, she did hold on to King's damaged horn fragment.[2]

Meeting Luz

The Owl House S01E01 - A Lying Witch and a Warden 307

King and Eda enlisting Luz in retrieving his crown of power.

At some point, King owned a "crown of power" that was taken by Warden Wrath, and it was locked behind a barrier within the Conformatorium. Shortly after, Eda brought home a human girl named Luz Noceda who could pass through the barrier holding his crown. She agrees and Eda brings them to the Conformatorium. She drops him and Luz off and they sneak inside and talk to three detained personal and hide from Warden Wrath in an empty cell. After the warden leaves, he and Luz sneak into the confiscation room where Luz retrieves his crown, a cardboard crown from a fast food restaurant. Soon the warden arrives, apprehends King and his companions, crushes King's crown, and asks Eda on a date. In response, Eda spits in the warden's face and the three escape. After Eda fights the warden in the courtyard, a hole is blasted in the cell block and he and Luz convince the prisoners to rise up. The prisoners attack the warden and they escape. Back at The Owl House, he and Eda say their goodbyes to Luz as Eda opens the portal to the Human Realm. However Luz decides to stay in the Demon Realm and learn magic. After Eda puts Luz in a spare room, King comes in and sleeps beside her.

S01E02 Witches Before Wizards (271)

King and Eda rushing to save Luz.

The following morning, after Eda rejects Luz's request to learn magic, she and King go around town dropping off deliveries to the residents of Bonesborough. Arriving at their last stop, a grand manor, and a wizard introduces himself as Adegast and tells Luz she is the chosen one. They go back to The Owl House and Eda dismisses Luz's claim that she is the chosen one. Luz runs off. He and Eda return to the manor to find it in ruins and find multiple maps like the one Luz was given. The two find Luz facing off against the wizard, really a demon who wanted to get Eda out of the way as a business competitor. The three defeat Adegast and Eda eats the defeated foe. Eda takes him as Luz on her staff and shows them an aerial view of the Boiling Isles.

S01E03 I Was A Teenage Abomination (417)

King training a trash slug.

A few days later, King, Eda, and Luz are searching the remains of a trash slug when Eda mentions magic school. Luz slips away soon after and King questions Eda's teaching skills. Eda then hands him a trash slug egg and tells King that if he fails to train it, he will have to change his name to Mr. Wiggles, whereas if King wins Eda will have to wear a dunce hat and live in the shed behind the Owl House in shame. As he trains the trash slug by feeding it treats, they realize Luz has been gone for a while, and Hooty tells them to go north. After Eda learns that Luz is at Hexside School of Magic and Demonics, King declares that he wins the bet. However the trash slug, who grew to the size of a cart, turns on him after he runs out of treats. King begs Eda for help and she helps him douse the trash slug in salt to shrink it. Soon, Luz returns, along with Hexside students Willow Park and Gus Porter arriving soon after.

Learning of Eda's curse

S01E04 The Intruder (13)

King teaching Luz about demons.

As King is teaching Luz about demons, he struggles to hold her attention. Soon, a boiling rainstorm hits the area and everyone is forced to take shelter. After Eda puts a barrier around the Owl House, Luz pesters her for a magic lesson. After showing how to cast a light spell, Eda passes out and he and Luz drag her to bed. After King tries to get Luz to learn more about demons, Luz laments how she is unable to perform magic when King recommends she drink an elixir the saw Eda drink to perform spells. However, Luz drops the elixir and the lights go out. They find Hooty, who powers the lights, knocked to the floor and a demon standing on him. King believes it to be a snaggleback and he and Luz go after it. However, they get separated and King finds her shoe. King finds a snaggleback, who is hiding in a closet after a storm started, and he is eaten by the monster. King then finds Luz hiding in Eda's room and, after finding a label that went with the elixir, they realize the monster is Eda suffering from a curse. Luz's phone falls to the ground and the flash of the camera stuns Eda as the two hide and Luz throws a pot to lure it away.

S01E04 The Intruder (411)

King watching Luz perform her first spell.

Luz tells King she is ready to learn more, and King realizes that the kind of demon Eda has become is sensitive to light. They have no way of generating enough light to stop Eda, but Luz rewatches a video she took of Eda performing a light spell which, after glitching, shows a glyph in the paused image. Luz traces and taps it, creating an orb of light. The two form a plan to subdue Eda. King lures Eda to the hall as Luz draws a giant light glyph. After Eda returns to normal, they give her an elixir and put her in bed. When Eda comes to, she berates King for stealing her elixir, but becomes amazed at Luz casting a light spell on her own. Eda then tells them she was cursed as a child by an unknown person and has taken steps to manage it.

S01E05 Covention (404)

King with his "offerings".

When the Covention occurs, King goes with Luz, Willow, Gus and a reluctant Eda to the event. King is fascinated by all the free hand outs—which he calls offerings—and obtains as any as possible. When Amity Blight steps on his cupcake, Luz challenges Amity to a fight and forces her to apologize for the act of she wins. Amity accepts if Luz stops practicing magic if she wins and places Luz in an everlasting oath. After Amity leaves, King says Luz's chances of winning are slim. After getting more handouts, he falls into the arena during the fight and Luz saves him from a trap Eda set. After the fight ends in a draw, with Amity's mentor Lilith Clawthorne unknowingly giving Amity a power glyph to boost her strength, the girls patch things up and he and Eda a catch up with Luz before leaving.

S01E06 Hooty's Moving Hassle - 37

King and Eda haggling Tibbles for elixir.

As Eda is playing a game of Hexes Hold'em with Owlbert, her curse begins to act up, so she, Luz, and King head into town to get more elixirs from her supplier, Morton. However, Morton is unable to get the ingredients at such short notice and advises her to go to the Night Market. King joins her and they find the supplier, Tibbles, who agrees to sell the elixir at an inflated price. After Eda notices Hexes Hold'em cards, she offers to play to bless for the elixir, but loses and Tibbles takes King to model baby clothes. King encourages Eda to just swipe the elixir and Tibbles catches them and reveals he has already called the Emperor's Coven on her. However, the Owl House, which has been animated by the Moonlight Conjuring, crushes the stand and Eda takes the elixirs before leaving. King and Eda arrive to find the house back in place but a mess and—as Luz, Gus, and Willow clean up—he and Eda are amazed that the teenagers brought the Owl House to life.

S01E07 Lost in Language - 20b

King and Eda watching one of the Bat Queen's children.

When the Bat Queen has Eda watch her three children, she and King struggle to care for the kids until they feed them and read a story. The Bat Queen arrives when they are asleep and leaves a treasure chest as thanks. However, they are upset that the kids are gone.

S01E08 Once Upon a Swap - 18

King, in Luz's body, hanging out with a group of Hexside students.

As King, Eda, and Luz handle Human Collectibles, they argue about who has the hardest time. Eda performs a body swapping spell and he ends up in Luz's body. He finds Boscha and her friends and joins them. After Boscha's friends start to like him more then her and Boscha challenges him to a Ratworm race. He wins but destroys the teen's club house and they chase after him. He finds a Kitty Cafe and hides in it, finding Eda in his body, and he is locked up with her. Luz in Eda's body frees them and the group is found by all three's pursuers. Eda puts the three of them back in their respective bodies, before then switching the bodies of their pursuers. The three then escape.

S01E10 Escape of the Palisman - 110

King using Eda to take control of the playground.

At the playground, King pretends to be the ruler of the playground when a child pushes him off. Later at the Owl House, Eda's curse takes hold—but only partially. After King realizes he can command her, King takes Eda to the playground to cement his rule. It works, but the parents call animal control and Eda is brought in. King goes after Eda, giving up his power, and squeaks to get her to turn back to normal after the elixir fails. Back at the Owl House, Eda leaves him and Luz, who injured Owlbert, before going to her room.

S01E11 Sense and Insensitivity - 44

King becoming a popular author.

At a book fair, Luz gets an idea to write a book and King agrees to help her. However, he hijacks the book and makes it his own, angering Luz. King presents the manuscript to Piniet, a literary agent, picks up the book, Ruler's Reach, and has him sign a contract. King becomes a celebrity, however, when Piniet requests his second book, he rejects King's manuscript and King reveals Luz helped him with it. With this new information, Piniet later locks the two in a shrinking box and forces them to produce something. King apologizes to Luz and they work on something. As they hand Piniet the manuscript, they put a light glyph on the last page and, when he is blinded, they free themselves. Soon, someone else barges in and demands Piniet read her manuscript. Blown away by it, Piniet relieves King of his contract and lets him and Luz go.

While Eda and Luz are at the Knee, King brings his toys to life to do his chores for him. At first they obey him, but eventually they overthrow him and, with Hooty's help, they put down the uprising.

As Luz starts Hexside, King tags along and starts digging through the trash. Luz tells him to say they do not know each other if he gets caught. As Luz is being reprimanded for supposedly studying multiple tracks by Principal Bump, he claims to not know her when she begs for help. Upon finding a classroom without a teacher, King is mistaken for the teacher and becomes captivated by the power it brings, however, he is kicked out of school by Bump at the end of the day.

Bonding with Luz's friends

Really Small Problems - 495

Luz confronts King on shrinking Willow and Gus.

When Luz starts spending more time with Willow and Gus, King gets jealous. After attending a fair, he wants Luz to help him win friendship bracelets, but she gets distracted by Willow and Gus. After they run off without him, King is approached by a merchant, Tibbles in disguise, who gives him a potion to help with his problems. He sprays Willow and Gus with the potion and they shrink. He helps Luz search for the two in an attempt to hide his act, winning the friendship bracelets in the process. However, Luz finds out and the two are shrunk by Tibbles and pitted against his shrunken animals. After Tibbles claims the only way is to have him pat his checks, King and the others trick him and they return to normal size. King apologizes and offers Willow and Gus pieces of the bracelets that broke during the struggle.

Understanding Willow - Goes to Hooty

King and Eda waiting on Gus' decision for his project.

After Luz brings Amity, Gus, and a mind wiped Willow to the Owl House. Willow mistakes King for a hairy fruit and tries to peel him. However, Eda puts Willow to sleep with a spell and, after Eda puts Luz and Amity in Willow's mind, he and Eda fight over who Gus is going to interview for a school project. However, he and Eda are annoyed that Gus chose Hooty over them.

Sadly little pup

King after being booed off stage.

When Grom occurs, Gus invites King to help him host the event. Eda warns him that the students will be highly critical of him but King brushes it off. After Gus calls him up to the stage, King fumbles and the crowd boos him. After running away, Gus comforts him and they run after Luz when she is chased out of school by Grometheus the Fear Bringer. King tries again and entertains the crowd. After Luz and Amity subdue Grometheus, he declares them the winners and joins the girls as the crowd carries them away. At home, he takes Luz's crown and crowns himself king and queen.

When Hooty brings Lilith to the Owl House, he referees a grudgby game between the sisters and later does a cheat in a cheerleader outfit as Eda and Luz record him. He welcomes Amity to the Owl House after she breaks her leg.

Petrification ceremony and aftermath

Agony of a Witch - 2186

King and Hooty comforting Luz.

One day, as Hooty is defending the house from coven scouts, Eda is making Luz a cloak of witch's wool when her curse acts up, with King and Luz needing to use multiple elixirs to get her back to normal. Eda tries to ease their worries to little success. While Luz is on a field trip to the Emperor's Castle, Eda desires to celebrate Luz's success and King bakes a cake. After Eda learns that her sister had Luz, she leaves and he and Hooty decorate the Owl House. When Luz returns without Eda, King and Hooty comfort her as she explains what happened.

Young Blood, Old Souls - 1052

King and Luz returning to the Demon Realm.

Shortly after, King reads Luz The Unauthorized Boiling Isles History as she gets ready to free Eda. After watching a news feed about Eda being petrified, King explains how it is irreversible upon completion and they step on grass to get to the Conformatorium. Once at the prison, he and Luz take on the guards and he guards the doorway as Luz tries to free Eda. However, Lilith overpowers him and Luz attacks her. In the fighting, the three end up in the Human Realm and Lilith explains how she regrets cursing Eda and agrees to help them. They go back and are soon caught. He and Lilith are placed in Eda's cage and he stops Eda from attacking. When the petrifaction starts, Eda shields them, but Luz—who destroyed the portal after handing it to Belos—threatens Kikimora to stop the process and, after Lilith heals Eda, they go back to the Owl House. He and Luz watch as Lilith takes on half of Eda's curse.

Separate Tides - Luz sailor 10

King and Luz with Salty and his crew.

A week and a half after the petrification, King and the other residents of the Owl House take up bounty hunting as a means for income. After Luz overhears Eda telling Lilith she refuses to take more dangerous jobs with greater reward for fear that they might not complete the job and to get Luz food she can eat, she talks King into joining her in the hunt for the selkidomus. As King and Luz enjoy their time at sea, King soon discovers the ship they are on belongs to the Emperor's Coven. He tries to warn Luz, but is captured by the Golden Guard, who threatens to kill King if Luz and Eda—who attempted to rob the ship—does not return with a selkidomus body. As the Golden Guard lifts the sheet covering King's cage, Eda and Luz pretend to slay the selkidomus and he is freed. As she thanks, the selkidomus vomits up selkigris, which can fetch a high price at the Night Market. The three return to the Owl House to find Lilith brewing a scrying potion and they decide to order dinner.

Escaping Expulsion - 412

King and Eda trying to contain her failed attempt at combining glyphs.

As Luz teaches Eda and Lilith about glyphs, King tries to help Eda as she struggles with her idea of combining glyphs by drawing them over each other. Eventually things get out of hand and he begs Eda to ask Lilith, who excels in glyph magic, to help them. Eda is reluctant to ask for help until King becomes stuck in a chunk of ice. Lilith frees him by using a modified idea of Eda's glyph combination by drawing the glyphs side by side rather than on top of one another. It works and King is freed. As they discuss the potential of combining glyphs, King theorizes that the light, ice, plant, and fire glyphs are the only glyphs in existence and most spells derive from combining any of the four elemental glyphs.

Learning his true origins

Echoes of the Past - Luz and King 19

King is angered that Lilith does not believe him.

As Luz and Lilith are experimenting with different glyph combinations, King starts to reminisce about his past as a feared and respected ruler who had a strong army, ate great feasts, and fell from a great height after losing his powers. After Lilith states she thinks King is lying after noticing multiple inconsistencies, he brings out her staff and Owlbert and he brings them, along with Hooty, to his island; leaving a note for Eda. After flying for a few hours, the four stumble upon an Uncharted island And a tower in ruins with pictures showing someone who looked like King. As Lilith and Hooty start to believe him, Luz notices a blocked hole in the ceiling and something attacks them.

Echoes of the Past - King 25

King upon learning his past was faked.

As the creature corners the group, Eda arrives and helps them fight it off. Once outside, their attacker fails to follow and Eda reveals she found King there eight years ago and brought him home with her, thinking he was a beast demon. They were attacked by the creature and it shot off one of King's horns. Eda explains that after she realized he could talk, she named him King and told him all the stuff he believed about himself, and reveals she was just playing along. King refuses to believe this as Eda brings out his severed horn and he puts it on, realizing it is true. Struggling to accept this as his true origin, King runs off as Luz finds him. After talking, they realize Eda never explained the fall King remembers and they go back inside. After evading the creature, they unblock the hole and go up the shaft to find an empty room. However, King puts his hands on the wall and a secret chamber opens.

King writes his name on his collar S2E2

King carving the symbol into his collar.

After seeing eggshells, King puts the horn on his head and remembers waking up before hatching to hear a roar before going back to sleep and hatching. He remembers the creatures and realizes it was meant to protect him. King thinks the roar meant "son" and he thinks it was from his father. The creature arrives and King stops it. Afterwards, he takes it back to the Owl House with him and names him Jean-Luc as he carves a symbol he saw in the tower on his tag.

Searching for his father and discovering new abilities

Keeping Up A-fear-ances - 623

King and Hooty watch as Lilith succumbs to her curse.

After Eda and Lilith's mom visits, King starts to think he might find his father. However, Lilith, who is angry at her mother for focusing more on Eda, tells him to not get his hopes up and if his father was alive, he probably would have contacted him. After Lilith convinces him his father is a dead beat, the two then talk about their parents until Lilith's curse starts acting up and they fail to find any elixir. He and Hooty watch in horror as Lilith transforms and they go to inform Gwen and Luz. After learning Eda has also transformed, the sisters fight and he and Luz go into town to stop them. After Morton refuses them service, since they have no money on hand, Gwen arrives and they work to subdue the sisters and revert them to their original form. That night, he, Eda, Luz, and Hooty say goodbye to Gwen and Lilith, who has decided to go back to live with her parents.

When Luz fails to get paired with a palismen like her classmates, King and Eda steal a piece of palistrom wood from the Bonesborough Garden Club and give it to her so that she can carve her own palisman. Luz thanks them but wants to wait to carve it.

Eda's Requiem - 600

King and Luz speak to Eda before the race.

As the Gland Prix is approaching, King and Luz train for the event, as the winner gets interviewed and King wants to send a message to his father. He also struggles to tell Eda he wants her to adopt him, unsure how Eda would react. During the race, he and Luz crash after he vomits and they come in fifth. Eda decides to put his message on Penstagram and he delivers his message with Eda being shocked and overjoyed that he wants to legally become her son.

Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door - 878

King unleashing a sonic blast.

Shortly after, King's voice starts to crack and he tries to find out what kind of demon he is. Hooty abducts him and takes him to the tower where King is given a lesson on demon puberty. King is reluctant, but accepts Hooty's help as he sees it as his only option, and they see what kind of demon King is—a bug, biped, or beast. When testing to see if he is a bug, like Hooty, King dances to communicate and unintentionally sends a vulgar message. When testing to see if he is a biped, King goes against Tinella Nosa in a match and is quickly beaten by her. When testing to see if he is a beast, they draw blood. At the end of it, the results come back inconclusive and Hooty reveals he has no idea what King is. Angered, King berates Hooty and unknowingly unleashes a sonic blast. Later, after Hooty thinks he failed Eda and Luz with their problems, King realizes he has a power when he saves Luz and Amity from being crushed by debris, and he and Eda say Hooty somehow managed to help them. After learning Hooty was trying to help Luz ask Amity out, he and Eda subdue Hooty as Luz and Amity begin dating.

Eclipse Lake - 560

King, Eda, and Amity exploring the caves with a captive Hunter.

When Luz gets sick with the common mold, King, Eda, Hooty, and Luz's friends work to fortify the Owl House when the echo mouse projects an entry from Philip Wittebane's diary on where the find Titan's Blood, an ingredient in creating a portal. He, Eda, and Amity set out to Eclipse Lake to find the blood. When they arrive at the Knee, the three run into Hunter posing as a coven scout and quickly take him hostage. As they explore the tunnels to avoid the Emperor's Coven, he and Eda test out their new found powers and mess around with mining equipment. Eventually, they are spotted and, after Amity frees Hunter, the three are grown down a crevasse but Owlbert catches them however he is knocked out. As Owlbert cracks, King convinces Eda to talk to the Owl Beast to get her to transform. It works and Eda fends off the guards as he and Amity go to Eclipse Lake. However, they find it bone dry and see Hunter digging his own grave. After Amity reveals she has trouble reading the messages from Luz's communication device, King turns it sideways and she is able to read it. As Amity gives Hunter a pep talk, he notices the portal key and fights King and Amity. They manage to subdue him, but Hunter threatens Luz if Amity does not hand over the key. She then hands it over, but not before cracking it. Eda arrives shortly after and they return to the Owl House mildly successful with Amity's glove being stained with blood from the key.

A few days later, King helps Luz and Eda create a new portal and tie Luz to a rope to pull her out if it starts to close. They wait and eventually the door starts to collapse and they pull Luz out. Luz, who promised her mother she would stay in the Human Realm when she got back, lies and says her mother is excited to meet them. However, they later learn the truth and plan to help her convince Camila otherwise.

Preparing for the Day of Unity

Follies at the Coven Day Parade - 1147

King and Hooty sneaking away from the wreckage of their float.

On Coven Day, King tells Luz how Eda ran into her old significant other, Raine Whispers, who is resisting the Emperor, much to Eda's anger. As Eda is confused as to why Raine is still head of the Bard Coven, Luz sees Kikimora and they speak with her. Kikimora reveals her family will disown her if she misses a family reunion, but she cannot get time off. Luz offers to kidnap Kikimora and they use the incident to get to Raine. He and Hooty pilot a Belos float that sets off insulting fireworks and they distract the guards as Eda and Luz kidnap Raine and Kikimora. After the plan falls apart, he, Amity, and the other residents of the Owl House watch as Belos proclaims the Day of Unity will be in one month's time.

When Lilith becomes curator of the Museum of Supernatural History, King congratulates her with a party attended by her closest friends and family. When Gwen reveals Dell Clawthorne is at the Owl House, he is excited to meet his adoptive grandfather. After Gwen states Eda's attempt to not talk to her father by dressing as Lilith was unbelievable, he tells her to let Eda have this as a win.

Reaching Out - 748

King speaking with Edric as he brews the blabber serum.

As Luz helps Amity compete in the Bonesborough Brawl, King helps Eda create a blabber serum to get Warden Wrath to tell them about Raine. As they struggle to get the ingredients they need, Edric Blight appears and strengthens a rope for them. Eda asks Edric to help them and he accepts. With Edric's help, they get all the ingredients. However, when Eda leaves to get more firewood. Edric adds more fire bee honey as the final match is about to begin. They give the serum to the warden, who mutates due to the alterations in the potion. He helps stop the warden and compliments Edric's skill in brewing potions.

As Luz struggles to create a portal, King and the others comfort her as Eda tells the story of how she met Raine.

Hollow Mind - 1546

King urging Eda to use what was left of the Titan's Blood to free Luz.

A few days before the Day of Unity, King is exploring the Night Market with Luz and Eda when they find Hunter. Luz goes after him, and they enter Belos' mind. He and Eda return to the Owl house and struggle to create an effective way to get the two out of the emperor's mind without magic until they receive the necessary potion from unknown allies and King gets what is left of the bloodstained glove to power it. Eda is against it, but King convinces her it is the only way. They get the two out of the emperor's mind and Hunter, having a panic attack, runs away in fear and shock as Luz is too shocked by what she learned to say anything.

Learning what he really is

Edge of the World - 168

King upon reading the letter.

After freeing Luz and Hunter, King falls asleep and dreams of meeting his family. However, Eda wakes him up and says that Luz is ready to talk. A distraught Luz then reveals to them her findings within the emperor's mind, including his true identity, a 16th century human named Philip Wittebane, and that the Day of Unity is really a cover for a plot to wipe out all life on the Boiling Isles. Eda, King and Hooty comfort Luz, until Lilith suddenly arrives at the Owl House, having heard news of what happened. Hooty is so happy to see Lilith that he coughs up a letter he received for King when King first developed his sonic blasts. They read it and find a key with it. Thinking he could finally meet his family, King convinces Eda to let him investigate. Luz and Hooty go with him and Salty takes them to the location in the letter.

Edge of the World - 682

King bonding with the Titan Trappers.

The ship, arriving at the location, finds a giant titan finger rising from the sea. Using the key, King, Luz, and Hooty are teleported to a far away island, where they are greeted by the man who sent the letter. The man introduces himself as Tarak and explains how he is a member of the Titan Trappers, a tribe dedicated to eradicating the titans and freeing the Grand Huntsman. As King bonds with his suspected family, Luz and Hooty realize the Titan Trappers are merely witches dressed as titans, and rush to save King after realizing he is an actual titan. As King and Tarak are about to play catch, Bill informs Tarak of this revelation, and they plan a ceremony to sacrifice him to in order to release their god.

Edge of the World - 1109

King upon learning he is the last of the titans.

During the ceremony, King holds a torch to a broken disk and unknowingly links himself to the Collector.[6] As he is about to be sacrificed, Luz and Hooty save him and tell King he is the last titan, much to his shock. The Titan Trappers remove their skulls and Tarak tells King he was never one of them as they attack. King and his companions manage to escape and destroy the connection to the Trappers' island. Luz and Hooty comfort him as they sail back to the Boiling Isles. He falls asleep and hears voices. Upon waking up, he sees the Titan as Luz calls him down for breakfast. He waves at the Titan before joining them.

Accepting himself and stopping the Draining Spell

O Titan, Where Art Thou - 372

King surprised by Lilith's offer to perform a sacrifice in his name.

Upon arriving back in Bonesborough, King, Luz, and Hooty find themselves on wanted posters and return to the Owl House to find it abandoned and ransacked by the Emperor's Coven. They find a hidden note telling them to head to the Knee and the three meet up with the Clawthorne sisters. When they do, they inform Eda and Lilith about King being the last of the titans. They are amazed and Lilith starts treating him like a god, even offering to perform sacrifices in his name. King insists they treat him as they always have and, when Eda and Luz go to get Francois back, he runs away.

O Titan, Where Art Thou - 1095

King talking with Steve.

As he continues wandering, King runs into Steve, who left the Emperor's Coven, and spends the day with him. After talking, King comes to accept himself as the last titan when Hooty and Lilith find him. He tells then he was not kidnapped and, after Hooty attacks Steve, they meet up with Raine, Darius Deamonne, Eberwolf, the Bards Against the Throne, and Eda and Luz to form the Covens Against the Throne and plan to stop Belos.

Clouds on the Horizon - 1325

King telling Alador about the Draining Spell.

On the Day of Unity, King plans on telling everyone that he is a titan, but Eda stops him and tells him to keep it between them for the time being. After the CATs plan to have Eda be branded with a bard sigil and take Raine's place, he and Luz say their goodbyes to Eda as Katya takes them to free Amity and her siblings with the help of Gus, Willow, and Hunter. After the Blight siblings are freed, they go to Blight Industries where he breaks away from the group and speaks with Alador Blight, telling him about the Draining Spell. He and Alador go back to the factory to tell the others of the true purpose of the Day of Unity. However, Odalia already knows and a fight breaks out. Kikimora, who is at the factory picking up a last minute order of Abomatons, grabs Hunter and takes him with her. After Alador destroys the factory and its inventory, Odalia leaves and they head to Kikimora's airship. However, it is soon revealed that Luz asked Gus to use an illusion to make her and Hunter take on each other's appearance, and they fear the idea of Luz fighting Belos on her own.

King's Tide (43)

King watching Belos speak with the Collector.

As the group fly to the Head after Luz, King falls asleep and sees Belos talking to the Collector in the In Between Realm. He scoffs at the conversation and the Collector takes notice. King wakes up and sees Alador, Hunter, Gus, and Amity arguing until the palismen bring out food. When the four calm down, Willow reassures him that everything will be fine. When they get close, coven scouts swarm their ship and state that it has been reported as stolen. They try to fend off their attackers but they fail and crash. King goes in and out of consciousness, seeing Alador stay behind to fend off a hoard of Abomatons and the teenagers checking on Eda and the coven heads, King finally comes to in Gus' arms as he, Amity, Willow and Hunter fly to save Luz.

King's Tide (1960)

King freeing the Collector.

As the fight goes on, King runs into Kikimora, who has just been discarded by Belos. She informs him that the only way to stop the Draining Spell is to free the Collector and agrees to take King to him. When King sees the Collector, he ignores him until the Collector claims he cannot see him. King realizes that the symbol on his tag makes him invisible to the Collector, and subsequently removes it. The Collector recognizes King and says he wanted to play with him, but King's father would not let him. King asks the Collector to stop the Draining Spell and he agrees only if they play a game King mentioned called "Owl House." King frees the Collector, who defeats Belos and ends the eclipse, before building an owl house to play the game. Amity, Hunter, Gus, and Willow go through the portal but Luz stays behind to help King.

For the Future - 017

King after sending Luz and her friends to the Human Realm.

King, however, says he has to do this alone and thanks Luz for being his sister before blasting her and her friends through the portal before it explodes. King says goodbye before the Collector brings King over to him and asks how to play "Owl House." Soon, Lilith and Hooty arrive to try and save him, but the Collector turns them into puppets and transports them to the Archive House. Soon, Eda tries to save him in her harpy form, but fully succumbs to her curse as the Collector speaks with her.

"Playing" with the Collector

In the following months, King plays the Collector's games and gets him to turn Lilith back to normal, after which Lilith hides in the woods to brew elixir for herself and Eda. After giving Eda the elixir, King would lie to the Collector that Eda was still transformed.

For the Future - 2209

King reading to the Collector.

During one such game, King tries to convince the Collector to stop turning people into puppets after he transformed Terra Snapdragon in a fit of rage. The pair return to the Archive House where the Collector orders Odalia to feed Eda and put away the puppets. They go to their bedroom and King reads the Collector a bedtime story and puts Francois on the nightstand. After the Collector falls asleep, he sneaks off.

For the Future - 2560

Eda comforting King.

While sneaking around, King passes Odalia and, noticing she has Hooty, asks her for him. King goes to Eda's cage to find her with the puppets of eight of the nine head witches and berates her for being reckless. When they reach Lilith, he reveals he has brought Hooty. Lilith is overjoyed and becomes excited when she learns Hooty could communicate with them. King suggests having the Collector restore Hooty, but Eda and Lilith shoot down the idea as he is putting himself in enough risk. King then hugs Eda and says he misses Luz, but the Clawthorne sisters reassure him she is safe in the Human Realm, unaware that she has returned to the Demon Realm with her mother and her friends.

For the Future - 3569

King, Eda, and Lilith plotting to stop the Collector.

Later, the three discover that titan magic can cancel out the Collector's magic, and the sisters suggest they use his abilities to imprison the Collector again. However, King, having to get to know him, wants a more permanent solution in talking to the Collector and trying to convince him that his current way of life is harming the citizens of the Boiling Isles. Unbeknownst to the three, the Collector is watching them and misinterprets King's words, thinking King wants to kill him.

Stopping Belos

Suddenly, King finds himself on Titan Trapper Island being hunted down by Bill. In a room full of skulls, Bill explains that they belong to his siblings and that he will be sacrificed shortly. Soon, Tarak arrives and they both torment him.

Watching and Dreaming - 851

Eda and King reunite with Luz.

Luz soon frees him from the dream and she and King hug with Eda joining them before Luz introduces them to Stringbean. However, their reunion is interrupted after the Collector appears and forces them to play games.

Watching and Dreaming - 1427

King telling Eda that Luz is the only person who can get the Collector to see the error of his ways.

As they play the Collector's games, King and his friends fight for their lives and manage to survive. Soon, the Collector breaks down in tears and reveals that his siblings told him to come down to their planet and he befriended the baby titans. However, the Collector says that his siblings started attacking the titans, with King's father incorrectly blaming and imprisoning him. The Collector laments that he never had a friend that did not betray him as he says how close Luz and the others are. They say they were not like that at first, and show the Collector how they grew close.

Watching and Dreaming - 2070

King, Eda, and Luz explaining to the Collector how the three increased their bonds and gained new friends.

Luz, Eda, and King take the Collector to the Owl House, where they say they all first met as a group. After saying they grew close after learning they fit in nowhere else, Luz shows the Collector pictures of her past adventures and, after seeing a picture of grudgby, they take him to Hexside. As Eda reminisces on her history with the game, the Collector sees a few students and tries to befriend them, only to have them run away. They then take him to the Knee, and Luz explains how she learned to connect to the Isles. As they reveal that they befriended enemies through kindness and forgiveness, the Collector hears something and they see the eye sockets of the skull light up, revealing that Belos has taken possession of the Titan.

Watching and Dreaming - 2546

Enraged by Luz's death, King gains an increase in power with rage and grief.

As they reach the castle, the four see Belos emerging from it. When the Collector tries and fails to get Belos to change his ways, Luz defends him, but dies in the process. Her death causes Eda and King to gain strength through a fit of rage.

Watching and Dreaming - 3454

King and Luz utilizing their sonic shouts to fend off Belos' rot.

However, Luz soon returns to life with a new human-titan hybrid form and she, Eda, and King take on Belos as the Collector helps Luz's friends in the Archives. Luz, Eda and King combine their powers to counter the corrosion Belos has placed on the Isles. As they fight, they see the left arm rising. The three make their way to the throne room and, after Eda frees Raine, the four attempt to pry Belos out of the Titan's heart. As the others hold him off, An enraged Luz pulls Belos out of the heart and his corrosion ends.

Watching and Dreaming - 4400

King, Eda, and Raine finishing off Belos as the boiling rain dissolves what is left of him.

As things die down, Luz watches as Belos reverts back to Philip and he supposedly thanks her for curing him of his curse. As it rains and he starts to melt, she stays silent as he becomes nothing and he, Raine, and Eda stomp Belos to death. After pausing to take everything in, and Luz reverts back to her normal form, she tells King she spoke with his father and he asked her to tell him "I loaf you" and King laughs at the pun.

King hugs The Collector Season 3 Episode 3

King telling the Collector he hopes to see him again.

Shortly afterwards, the four go back to the Owl House. Soon the Collector arrives with Lilith, Amity, Camila, and Hooty. King greets Camila, who pulls him and Eda in for a hug, and watches as Hooty is returned to normal. After the Collector decides to do some soul searching in the stars, King gives him Francois as a goodbye gift, hugs the Collector, and says he hopes to see him again.


Watching and Dreaming - 5724

Luz thanking King and Eda for being in her life.

Four years after Belos' defeat, King has grown in size and has manifested his own glyphs, different from his father's. During Luz's belated quinceañera, he happily greets her and shows Luz his new powers. He also shows her a light show the Collector has put on for her. As they watch, Luz thanks him and Eda for being in her life.


Luz Noceda

Really Small Problems - 021

Luz and King making puns together during their "comedy hour" in "Really Small Problems".

At the start of the series, King did not enjoy Luz's affection for him and, for the most part, tried to escape her various attempts at embracing him. However, he did enjoy Luz's meals that she provided for them both (which she started doing per his suggestion). King would sometimes treat Luz like a servant, but would know deep down that she would in no way serve him.

Eventually, King does warm up to Luz. In "The Intruder", he wishes that, as she is one of his few friends, she would pay attention to him and his interests (i.e. the types of demons that he was trying to teach her about) instead of focusing all her attention on magic. King has shown to be defensive for Luz, such as when he fears his "boo-boo buddy" is taken by the 'monster' in "The Intruder", he chases after it, demanding Luz back. In "Covention", he is quick to get angry at a student for cheering Amity's name and not Luz's.

Throughout the series, King and Luz are seen to be bonding well and always doing things together. However, their friendship isn't completely without its hurdles. For example, in "Sense and Insensitivity", Luz decides to write a story together with King and submit it into a writing contest. However, King doesn't really see eye to eye with her on the story content, and decides to change everything when she leaves momentarily; this hurts Luz and she quits the project. King eventually becomes famous due to his writing, but realizes he can't write a novel without rebelling against Luz's "gushy fantasy slop". When he sees Luz at his book signing event, he runs up to her and asks her for help, telling her just that. Feeling offended, Luz refuses, then turns around and leaves. Later, they are both trapped by Piniet inside a shrinking box, who forces them to write a book in a specific amount of time or they will be crushed into cubes. King refuses Luz's suggestion to use her story, saying it's too lovey-dovey. Luz finally snaps and tells King that his refusal to compromise is the reason why they are trapped in the situation. Upon hearing this, King finally realizes his mistake and apologizes to Luz for hurting her feelings, which she accepts. With teamwork and a bit of luck, the duo ultimately manage to get out of the situation unharmed.

To King, Luz is his best friend and surrogate sister, and probably the most comforting person he can be with. He expresses jealousy whenever Luz hangs out with other people, such as Gus, Willow and Amity, although the trait mellowed down considerably as time passed. There were times where King also seemed to be very possessive of Luz, even claiming at some point he was never letting her return to the Human Realm, although he eventually came to accept she would have to leave at some point.

King also has great trust in Luz, advising Eda to let her talk with the Collector after surviving his games, knowing that Luz might be the only person who can help the child see reason. When Luz was momentarily killed by Titan-Belos, King's grief and anger was so great, he gained a feral form never seen before, determined to avenge her, showing great relief when Luz came back and teaming up with her and Eda to stop the former emperor.

Eda Clawthorne

King and Eda S1 EP16 2

Eda and King in "Enchanting Grom Fright".

Eda is King's adoptive mother. Eight years prior to the start of the series, Eda found King on an unknown island while running from the Emperor's Coven. As Jean-Luc started attacking them, Eda picked up King and fled, and took him home later. She called him a king after seeing him build a series of small statues out of pillows and stuffed animals. It was then that King said his first word "king", and began to think of himself as a tyrannical overlord. Amused and surprised by his sentience, Eda simply played along and fed King the story that he was a Demon King, a story she did not expect him to take so closely to heart in the future. Eda kept this hidden for the mostly unknown reasons, although it was most likely because (like Luz) she knew it would hurt and confuse King if he were to find out the truth. Since then, the two have been good friends, and they have a friendly banter every now and then. King believes himself to be better than Eda by title and is not afraid to go up against her to prove himself, as seen in "I Was a Teenage Abomination". He hates admitting that he is wrong about anything to her, as it would give her bragging rights. Nevertheless, he seems to have taken to her like a child to his mother. Due to his small body, he is usually found being held like an infant by her, showing that they are at least close.

On occasion, King puts into question Eda's methods and ethics. He has on occasion voiced his concerns about Eda's treatment of Luz. In "I Was a Teenage Abomination" he calls Eda out on her teaching methods, claiming that she could very easily lose Luz if she doesn't shape up. In "Enchanting Grom Fright" he expresses genuine concern that Eda acted a bit too hard on Luz for proposing to become Grom Queen.

In "Eda's Requiem", King hints at a surprise for Eda, and he later reveals at the end of the Gland Prix that he is legally changing his name to King Clawthorne after her, causing Eda (and Luz) to burst into tears, as she had initially feared he was planning to leave her once he found his father.


Follies at the Coven Day Parade - 496

King and Hooty working together to pilot a Belos effigy in "Follies at the Coven Day Parade".

Much like Eda and most others who have met Hooty, King is distant towards him, although with a much more cruel approach. He openly criticizes and insults Hooty whenever the opportunity presents itself, such as calling him desperate just for wanting to hang out. King finds Hooty's voice to be annoying and is disgusted at the thought of having to wash him whenever he rolls in the mud. Despite his bad attitude towards him, King relies on Hooty for shelter and understands that he maintains the house's utilities. Their relationship gets better in "Adventures in the Elements" after King's animated plush toys turn on him, thus forcing King into befriending Hooty for assistance.

In "Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door", Hooty tries to help King figure out what type of demon he is. Later, King becomes upset when Hooty can't give an accurate answer and simply tells him to accept him as he is; that the real answer is inside his heart. He becomes increasingly frustrated, becoming angry about his dad's absence, but does not direct his anger at Hooty. King then shouts in anger, inadvertently unlocking his voice power, which can create a force field. However, Hooty is too upset to notice that, and pulls away in tears, not hearing King calling after him.

Amity Blight

Eclipse Lake - 849

Amity becomes relieved after finally understanding Luz's messages with King's help in "Eclipse Lake".

In "Covention", King develops a grudge against Amity after she crushes his cupcake on purpose, demanding that Luz avenge both him and his treat. At the subsequent Witch's Duel, he attempts to coerce a fan of Amity to cheer for Luz instead, only to accidentally fall into the arena and expose Eda's deception.

In "Eclipse Lake", King appears to be more accepting towards Amity since she started dating Luz, and goes on a trip together with her and Eda in order to find the Titan's Blood. He later helps her understand the messages Luz had been sending her, although he does become jealous when Luz hugs her before him upon their return home, but later "regret" this when Luz hugs him.

Gus Porter

King and Gus S1 EP16

Gus consoling King in "Enchanting Grom Fright".

King does not have much interaction with Gus until "Really Small Problems", where it is shown that he is spiteful over the fact that Luz pays less attention to him because of Gus and Willow. Gus tries to baby King like a pet, much to his annoyance. While struggling to break free, a bottle given to King by a psychic earlier slips out from his pouch and drops to the ground. Some liquid from the bottle splashes onto Gus and Willow, making them smaller. Gus is upset at this, and becomes unhappy with King. However, after seeing King risking his life to save him, Willow and Luz, Gus forgives him and accepts the broken piece of bracelet that King gives him and Willow.

In "Enchanting Grom Fright", King and Gus' relationship improves when King appears as a co-emcee with him on Grom Night. Gus shows genuine concern towards King after he runs away in the middle of the event from stage fright, and gives advice to King afterwards to help him with speaking in front of crowds. He continues to show support for King after he faces his fear.

In "Through the Looking Glass Ruins", it is shown that King helped Gus record a video greeting message on his answering machine. Gus seems to be the closest to King from the rest of Luz's friends.

The Collector

For the Future - 067

The Collector celebrating his freedom with King.

King's first interactions with the Collector are through a psychic link formed when King interacts with the Titan Trappers' broken tablet.[6] In his dreams, he catches glimpses of the Collector and hears his voice. King's first awake interaction with the Collector occurs during the Day of Unity. King's sole intention when freeing the Collector is to stop the Draining Spell, but afterwards, King is obliged to play "Owl House" with him. To do so, King tells him about his adventures with Luz and Eda, while the Collector insists on playing out these stories using the Boiling Isles residents as puppets in their game of make-believe. King inspires trust in the Collector, and acts as his caretaker and playmate, only using his influence as much as he dares to prevent the Collector from hurting or killing people, to protect Eda from being turned into a puppet, and to free Lilith. While King fears the Collector and sees them as a threat that needs to be dealt with, King comes to view them as a lonely child and wants to get them to see the error of their ways rather than trap them again.

King's intuition about the Collector's true nature turns out to be correct after Luz encourages the child to vent his insecurities and sadness about being exploited for personal gain by practically everyone he has ever known. King feels bad about his predicament, and helps Luz and Eda show the Collector how the three of them bonded. When Luz is killed by Belos, a grief-stricken King protects the Collector from Belos's second attempt in destroying him, and briefly stops his attack when a remorseful Collector apologizes for everything. After Luz gets revived and they manage to stop Belos for good, King gifts the Collector his precious Francois when the kid decides to depart to the stars, giving him a hug and telling him that he hopes to see him again, finally considering the Collector a real friend.


King and Steve met after Steve quit the Emperor's Coven, they started to bond and form a friendship after Steve offered him a ride and did some stuff together. Steve even gave King advice on how people want and how they can change over time. He stops Lilith and Hooty from hurting him.

Powers and abilities

  • Titan magic: As a titan, King possesses immense magical potential. Despite King not having fully demonstrated this in the series, titans are powerful enough to cancel out magic as powerful as that of collectors. Like his father, he can generate magic. While he can't cast spells with spell circles as could a witch or biped demon, his magic instead manifests through glyphs.
    • Glyph creation: King is able to create his own glyphs. His magic is able to manifest through these glyphs, as did the Titan's.
      • Barrier projection: When Belos tries to attack the Collector, King creates a spherical barrier of his own glyphs to protect the both of them, even when he himself would not yet discover his glyphs and their abilities until years later.
    • Sonic shout: King has the ability to break the sound barrier with his own screams, which can generate expanding rings or arcs that can damage or destroy anything they come into contact with. He can harness this blast all around his body, and distances directly in front of him for at least several meters away. The force of this blast can easily shatter glass, cause small earthquakes, and even set things on fire.
      • Echolocation: Using this ability, King is shown to be able to echolocate, as demonstrated when he tried to find Eclipse Lake when he was at the Knee.
  • Heightened sense of smell: King is able to discern subtle scents, as shown in "Witches Before Wizards", where he sniffs out Luz's scent and follows it to track down her location.
  • Empowered form: Under intense emotions, King can enter a more bestial form that is slightly larger than his normal state, showing glowing purple eyes, larger and sharpened teeth, and heightened magical ability. King assumes this form after witnessing Luz's apparent death.


Behind the scenes

Early development

In an early design, it was shown that King's head was originally a complete skull, including his bottom jaw, with blue and pink eyes. He also had yellow-golden fur, a lighter underbelly, and a short, deer-like tail. Even earlier concepts show him with a more cervine appearence, especially his skull, which was elongated and antlered as opposed to its current, more doglike appearence.


King is voiced by Alex Hirsch, who also voices Hooty. In his squeak of rage and his youth, he is voiced by Dana Terrace.


King debuted in the series premiere, "A Lying Witch and a Warden," and in Owl Pellets, he made a cameo in "Welcome to Hexside," but his official debut was in "Paint Scare!"

Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Damian Stavros
Brazil Portuguese (Brazil) Yuri Chesman
Bulgaria Bulgarian Zhivko Juranov (Живко Джуранов) King's name is translated to "Крал"
Hong Kong Cantonese Antonio Cheung (張振聲)
Taiwan Chinese Lin Qiang (林強)
Czech Republic Czech Petr Neskusil
Germany German Pascal Fligg
Denmark Danish Mathias Klenske
Spain Spanish Fernando Delgado
France French Olivier Prémiel
Greece Greek Vassilis Milios (Βασίλης Μήλιος) King's name is translated to "Βασιλιάς"
Indonesia Indonesian Nanang Kuswanto
Israel Hebrew Danny Leshman (דני לשמן)
Italy Italian Gabriele Patriarca
Japan Japanese Kenta Matsumoto (松本 健太)
South Korea Korean Jeon Tae-yeol (전태열)
Malaysia Malay Kharul Izwan Idahan
Netherlands Dutch Dieter Spileers
Norway Norwegian Aslak Maurstad
Poland Polish Bartosz Martyna
Portugal Portuguese Alexandre Carvalho
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  • As seen in "Coven Lovin Soap Opera", King is strong enough to throw the TV magic ball up with enough force to break through to the second floor.
  • King's skull is an irremovable part of his body. However, when raised the question by the series' line producer, Dana Terrace once made a hypothetical sketch of what he would look like if it were removed, considered by her to be "fairly canon".[7][8]
  • King's design bears strong resemblance to the Cubone Pokémon, specifically his posture, height, and the shape of his skull.
  • King exclaims, "WEH!" or, "WAH!" in nearly every episode. After "Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door", in necessary situations, he often used this to invoke his sonic scream.
  • In "Sense and Insensitivity", King says he considers his name as "more of a rank", yet in "Echoes of the Past", it is revealed that King is in fact the true name given to him by Eda.
  • In "Enchanting Grom Fright", it is revealed that King has stage fright.
  • King is, at times, a heavy sleeper, becoming ragdoll-like and "dangly" when in a deep sleep. According to Eda, he apparently falls asleep quickly when "weightless"; i. e. suspended via a baby sling.[9]
  • In the Big City Greens episode "Present Tense", a doll of King can be seen in the claw machine at the arcade, alongside doll versions of several other characters from Disney Television Animation properties.
  • As of "Eda's Requiem", his surname was legally changed to Clawthorne due to Eda adopting him.
  • Series director Bosook "Bo" Coburn was the first to reveal that the Titan was King's father in a podcast followup on "Edge of the World".[3] This would not be fully confirmed in-series until "O Titan, Where Art Thou".



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