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"King's Tide" is the twenty-first and final episode of the second season of The Owl House, and the fortieth episode overall.

It premiered on May 28, 2022.[1][2]


The Day of Unity begins.[2]


King dreams of the In Between Realm, hearing the voice of the Collector and Emperor Belos communicating. The Collector is getting more and more skeptical about Belos setting them free, and they're also beginning to complain about how they hate being stuck where they are. However, Belos reassures them that he is trustworthy. King scoffs at the idea, interrupting the conversation and spooking the Collector. Before King can reply, he wakes up in Willow's arms.

King, Willow, Amity, Alador, Gus, Hunter, and their palismen continue to journey to the head of the Titan, where Luz should be. Everyone on board is extremely on edge and tense. Hunter adjusts some of the steering pieces of the ship, aggravating Alador, who snipes that he knows how to fly a ship. This triggers an outburst from Amity about the pace they're going at, making her worry about her girlfriend even more. Alador begins to question whether Hunter is on their side, but the boy claims that Alador was the one who worked for the Emperor, making various abomination weapons at Blight Industries. Gus' remark that the pilot is getting distracted causes a fight, all while Willow spectates, and she calls upon the help of Clover to mediate. Soon, the palismen bring over a crate full of snacks, and Willow encourages her friends to take a break, which they all do.

On the other side of the ship, Amity is trying to warm up her hands, but out of nowhere, Alador slaps abomination mittens onto her hands. She remarks that she remembers this from when she was younger, questioning if this is where her famous Mittens nickname came from; however, her father doesn't reply and simply smiles. King, still on Willow's lap, exclaims how amazing simply helping out a little can do, and she responds that anyone can always look for the right opportunity to help.

Meanwhile, every witch on the Boiling Isles, dressed in cloaks, approaches the head of the Titan for the Day of Unity. Emperor Belos appears on the balcony above, promising to rid the Isles of all wild magic and create a paradise for all. At the same time, all Head Witches make their way to a circle above for the draining spell. Whilst this is happening, Eda, Lilith, and Raine hide in a secluded area. Raine explains that the Coven Heads think they'll be royalty, but an optimistic Eda interrupts them by affirming that with her curse, everything will be under her control, even though she is now branded with the Bard Coven sigil. Lilith then runs over to hug Eda, and in a tearful voice, her sister makes up a fictional spell similar to that of a pain sharing spell. Eda activates her cloaking stone, disguising herself as Raine and meeting up with Darius and Eberwolf at the area of the draining spell. To their surprise, Belos has Darius and Eberwolf switch positions with Eda so she is in between Adrian and Terra instead, Eda wincing as Terra calls her "sprout."

With his staff, Belos draws lines around the nine Coven Heads, connecting them to a bigger circle around him, and wishing a goodbye to the Boiling Isles, his staff begins to omit huge amounts of magical power. The moon starts to overlap with the sun, creating the eclipse that results in the activation of the draining spell. A strong blast of light soars into the sky, causing the sigils of every witch to glow.

While all the residents of the Boiling Isles are in awe, Belos teleports to his secret quarters. Once he arrives, his work done, the Emperor discards his robes and his alter ego, donning his old outfit and going back to his original name, Philip. The Collector then emerges, thrilled to see him, claiming that they did it and will happily play more games. However, Philip comments that it's impossible, baffling the Collector. Philip activates the portal door, revealing that he only has enough Titan's Blood to return to the Human Realm, and as such, he won't be using it to free the Collector. The latter begins to get angry and screams, proclaiming that he thought they were friends and that Philip promised them. Philip, no longer intending to use the Collector for his own benefits, covers the tablet with his cloak, silencing the Collector's projection.

Just then, Kikimora arrives with what she believes to be Hunter, insisting that this is enough to get her old position back or even enough to become his new right-hand man. However, Philip turns her down, telling her to "find a hole to wither away in." Philip then picks up the Collector's tablet while simultaneously forcing Kikimora and her Abomatron out of the room with his artificial magic. He then takes the tablet to the edge of the ravine outside his quarters, removing the cloak and projecting the Collector, who reminds him of everything he's done to help him. Despite this, Philip states that's why he won't release him in order to prevent him from giving the Collector to anyone else, dropping the tablet down the ravine as the Collector's screaming voice fades away.

Philip then returns to his quarters, closing the door on Kikimora. He then walks up to the bubble holding "Hunter," revealing that he's already aware that it actually contains Luz. He then pops the bubble with his staff and greets the human coldly, mocking her over her unintentionally helping him with the Day of Unity. Receiving no response from her, he wonders if she has already given up, but Luz simply states that he wishes and disappears with an invisibility glyph. She appears behind him and attempts to attack him with flames, but he blocks the attack with his staff, taking back his comment from earlier and starting to fighting her.

Outside, the eclipse is almost near. Back at their ship, both Hunter and Alador notice their coven sigils glowing as King worries over the commencement of the draining spell. Suddenly, Coven Guards swarm the space around the airship, warning for it be landed, but Gus disguises it with an illusion of a bird flock. The Coven Guards command the Abomatons to attack the ship, which Hunter attempts to disrupt, but he is knocked away and caught by Willow. While Amity gets her hands on the Abomaton remote and turns them off, the ship is substantially destroyed and starts to fall to the ground.

Back at the Titan's head, everyone is rejoicing over nearing the eclipse. Raine, Hooty, and Lilith hide behind their secluded spot, still worried when suddenly, a shadow looms over behind them. Eda realizes that her curse is delaying the effects of the draining spell, covering up her arm in satisfaction, but without warning, Terra captures her and correctly suspects that "Raine" is actually Eda, which is confirmed when Adrian dispels the illusion. Seeing their plan failing, Darius and Eberwolf attempt to fight back against the other Coven Heads, but they too are eventually restrained along with Eda. Two Abomatons then appear, one of them carrying a captured and weakened Raine. Lilith, Hooty, Katya, and Derwin are also restrained; Hooty is trapped in a glowing orb. Raine is put in their place as the draining spell finally commences, much to their dismay.

Inside the Titan's head, Luz continues fighting Philip, which ends with him holding her captive. Luz spits at him to eat dirt, but Philip pleads for her to reconsider, as he claims he doesn't want another human life to get destroyed by the Demon Realm. However, Luz calls him a hypocrite, telling him that he talks about protecting humanity when he himself is the one going insane. Philip then decides to petrify her, forcing her to make a deal: she'll return to the Human Realm and offer to be his guide if he spares everyone. Luz encourages Philip to shake hands in agreement, and while he is originally hesitant, he does so. Out of nowhere, Luz suddenly brands him with the Emperor's Coven sigil, revealing her entire plea was a ruse after all - and she exhales, a branding glove appearing on her hand.

The eclipse finally happens, and the magic is slowly drained out of every witch with a sigil, including the Coven Heads. Darius fearfully realizes that they were too late to stop the spell, and Terra, now significantly scared, asks Raine if Philip will give them the "paradise" they all deserve, to which they shake their head. Every Coven Head collapses to the ground; the other witches and the Coven Scouts attempt to escape, only to find that the Abomatons are blocking the way out. Philip convulses in his quarters, soon becoming unable to control himself anymore, and he turns into his monster form. With this form manifested, he begins to chase Luz around.

After the airship crashes, King watches through narrowed and exhausted eyes as Alador fights the Abomatons. Amity attempts to help her father, but he pushes her away for her safety, giving her an emotional farewell as her friends drag her away from Alador. Gus attempts to wake up King, but he faints again. When he opens his eyes, they are now at the Titan's head with the weakened Coven Heads. Hunter unsuccessfully attempts to wake up Darius while Willow and Amity attempt to wake up Eda, who collapses in Willow's arms as King closes his eyes again. Upon regaining consciousness, he finds them riding on their staffs and Gus carrying him as they ride towards Luz.

In Philip's secret quarters, Luz manages to evade Philip, and he accidentally and nearly damages the portal door. She suddenly appears at the entrance via an invisibility glyph and leads him outside the room. Philip declares that she and him do not belong here at all, and Luz retorts that she's not like him. In anger, he prepares to attack her, but he is suddenly restrained by plant vines, revealing the presence of King, Willow, Gus, Amity, and Hunter - who have arrived to help Luz - and they all begin fighting Philip in his monster form. Gus takes King to the sides so he can stay safe, despite his insistence that he can assist. Without warning, he is flicked down a stairwell, where a weakened Kikimora tells him that only the Collector can stop the draining spell, not Philip; she then states that the Collector is also not a witch or a demon, but a child from the stars. Philip only talked to the Collector when he thought no one was around, but she reveals she was always listening to their conversations, noting how Philip was scared of the Collector. King asks to see him, and Kikimora, without a doubt, agrees.

At the bridge, Amity restrains Philip with abomination matter as Gus makes him see through his worst memories. In pain, Philip tries to attack Gus, only for Hunter to save him. Gus then snaps out of his spell, horrified by what he saw in Philip's head. Philip then approaches Hunter and asks him why he's hurting him, claiming that he just wants to help him. Scared, Hunter proclaims that the witch hunter is lying. Philip immediately spots Flapjack, which reminds him of someone named Caleb, and he roars with fury.

Kikimora takes King to a deeper place inside the Titan's head, which she defines as where the failures end up. King spots the glass tablet holding the Collector immediately and touches it, summoning the shadowy entity. While he is initially dismissive, he senses that someone is close by and wonders why he can't see him. King is revealed to be protected through the symbol on his collar; he takes it off and reveals himself to the Collector, who realizes that he is the son of the Titan who put him in the In Between Realm. He offers to play a game, but King in turn offers to play a game called "Owl House" in exchange for his help in stopping the draining spell. After pinky promising, the Collector agrees, and with King's help, his real form is summoned.

Meanwhile, Eda wakes up around the rest of the Coven Heads, her body decaying as a result of her curse. Before she perishes, Raine uses the last of their strength to sever her arm with the Bard Coven sigil, ripping it off and revealing that Luz told them to keep Eda safe. They then pass out next to Eda.

Soon, Luz and the others grow exhausted from fighting Philip, who prepares to finish them. However, just as they all shield themselves from Philip's final attack, bracing for the worst, it is stopped by the Collector, now in his true form. Horrified that the Collector is now free, Philip tries to play it off as if he kept his end of the deal. However, the Collector doesn't buy it, pointing out that Philip threw him off a bridge. He then claims that he isn't angry and decides to play "tag" with Philip, launching him into a wall, reducing him into a puddle of sludge, much to the others' shock and surprise. The Collector laughs at Philip for being "too slow" before turning his attention to the others, asking if they need a head start.

Luckily, King shows up and reminds the Collector to stop the draining spell; otherwise, they won't get to play "Owl House." The others play along as well, telling the Collector how fun the game is, except for Hunter, who is too scared to form a sentence. The Collector then looks out to the crowd of dying people and agrees, stopping the draining spell by simply moving the moon beside the sun with a flick of his finger. Everyone else affected by the draining spell starts to wake up. However, the Collector declares that if they want to play "Owl House," they will need a real Owl House, and he begins disassembling everything to prepare for the game. Willow then realizes the portal is their only chance of getting out, and the others head to it. However, Luz wants to stay behind, as she cannot leave Eda and everyone else helpless, but Amity convinces her to leave them otherwise, as there is nothing else they can do. Reluctantly, she agrees, and they make their way towards the portal.

Just as they arrive at the portal, it begins to flicker, but the light returns as Hunter opens the door. Seeing that human rain is harmless, Willow, Gus and Hunter, who unknowingly has sludge from Philip fall on his shirt, run inside. Before entering, Amity looks back, finding Luz holding together the portal with plant vines. She tells the group that she has to get to Eda and they'll find a way back to them, encouraging them to go on without her. The Collector, however, immediately spots what's going on and begins to drag King away, reminding him of the promise they made. Luz refuses to let King go and tries to hold on to him, but he makes up his mind and decides to stay behind for the group's safety. King tells Luz that he was glad he had her as a big sister before launching them into the portal and the Human Realm with his sonic scream. Luz attempts to go back to the Demon Realm, but the door finally closes, leaving the group trapped helplessly in the Human Realm as Gus begins to cry.

Inside the Noceda residence, Camila is in the kitchen making soup for Vee when they both hear a knock on the door. She opens it and is shocked to find a disheveled Luz, Willow, Amity, Gus, and Hunter outside, as Luz greets her and tearfully states that she's back. Back at the old house, the piece of Philip that landed on Hunter closes the door.


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  • Viewership: This episode was watched by 0.25 viewers on its premiere.[3]
  • This is the last regular-length episode of the series, as the third and final season of the show will only consist of three 44-minute specials.
  • This is one of seven episodes to completely cut the main theme.
  • The episode ends with Luz and her friends arriving in Connecticut while it was raining. Coincidentally, it was actually raining in Connecticut during the day of the episode's premiere.[4]
  • Anne's headline on Camila's tablet follows the trend of Gravity Falls, Amphibia, and The Owl House alluding to each other's show, hinting the three are connected:
    • In the Amphibia episode "Wax Museum", which is a tribute to Gravity Falls, Frog Soos questions if he and Curator Ponds "exist simultaneously in multiple parallel universes."
    • In a DVD commentary of Gravity Falls and the publication of Journal 3, it was stated that Stan Pines was married to a woman matching Eda's description named "Marilyn Rosenstein" for less than a day before she robbed him and mysteriously disappeared. Interestingly, in "Yesterday's Lie", one of Eda's aliases during her visits to the Human Realm is "Marylin," but yet that could be coincidental.
    • In the Amphibia episode "If You Give a Frog a Cookie", one of the blurred realities on Dr. Frakes' monitors is the Owl House.
    • The tablet's headline hints that this episode takes place shortly after Anne, Sasha, and Marcy returned to Earth in the series finale, since the headline inquires about Anne's disappearance being a hoax.
    • Additionally, The Owl House and Amphibia had a non-canon crossover panel at the 2021 San Diego Comic-Con.
      • Amphibia creator Matt Braly has expressed hope for a crossover between these three shows.[5]
  • The hidden code is found on a brick when the Collector raises up parts of the castle as part of their game. It translates to "Lies."

Revelations and significant events

  • Amity's nickname, "Mittens," was given to her by Alador because, when she was a child, Alador made her abomination "mittens."
  • Belos returns to his identity as Philip Wittebane.
  • Philip wanted the portal to the Human Realm so he could escape the Demon Realm after the Day of Unity.
  • Philip can cauterize his facial scar. However, it will reopen again shortly afterward.
  • Philip betrays his promise with the Collector to free him and decides to leave him trapped to prevent him from helping anyone else.
  • Kikimora loses her loyalty and respect for Philip, as he mocks her for thinking she could be his right hand despite all her efforts.
  • Luz forcefully brands Philip with his first coven sigil.
  • Raine, Darius, and Eberwolf are the only three Coven Heads rebelling against Belos. All the other Coven Heads side with him, as they bought into his lies.
    • However, they and the other witches end up realizing Philip's deception, but only after the draining spell has been initiated.
  • Kikimora reveals to King that the Collector is neither a witch nor a demon, but a "child from the stars."
    • She also reveals that she has known about Philip's deal with the Collector, and the pit where he callously discarded the bodies of the Golden Guards he killed.
    • Philip was afraid of the Collector.
  • Philip can change his hair color while in his monstrous form.
  • Upon seeing Flapjack, Philip shouts "Caleb," hinting that he has seen the palisman before and knows the previous owner.
  • King's father was the one who imprisoned the Collector.
    • The symbol that was on the tower where King's egg was, and later on the tag of his collar, prevents the Collector from detecting the ones under/wearing it, showing that King's father didn't want the Collector to find the former.
  • Raine removes Eda's right arm to save her from the draining spell, making Eda an amputee.
  • King releases the Collector so he can stop the draining spell; however, King will have to play a game called "Owl House" with him in return.
    • The Collector's true form is revealed.
  • The Collector apparently kills Philip, leaving only the substance remnants of his monstrous form.
    • Part of that substance falls and adheres to Hunter without him noticing. In addition, this substance closes the door of the old house in the Human Realm during the end credits.
  • The Collector stops the draining spell, but takes over the Boiling Isles in the process, collapsing the Emperor's Castle and trapping everyone in it to play "Owl House".
  • Luz, Amity, Willow, Gus, and Hunter escape from the Collector and go to the Human Realm through the portal, but King sacrifices himself and stays in the Demon Realm with the Collector to save them.
    • At the end of the episode, the group is trapped helplessly in the Human Realm, giving them no choice but to go to the Noceda residence for shelter.
    • Luz finally reunites with Camila, albeit awkwardly.


  • This episode takes place immediately after the previous episode.
    • King's dreams show the Collector having the same conversation with Belos from that episode.
      • The Collector's worries about Belos/Philip betraying him in the previous episode came true.
    • Raine mentions the promise made to Luz in that same episode.
  • The way Lilith hugs Eda and remarking Eda's promise to her doesn't rhyme is a callback to Lilith performing the pain sharing spell with Eda at the end of "Young Blood, Old Souls".
  • Terra mentions that she regrets letting Eda and Raine live all these years, referencing the events told through flashbacks of "Them's the Breaks, Kid".
    • Eda also has a recall of her schoolmates who were seen in that episode; among them are Lilith, Raine, Darius, Alador, Odalia, Perry, and even the then-Vice Principal Bump.
  • Belos references the events of "Elsewhere and Elsewhen" and "Hollow Mind". When Belos is forced to remember his friend after Gus uses the memory amplifier on him, portraits from the latter episode appear.
  • Adrian's appearance is not in the best condition, referencing the events of "Labyrinth Runners".
  • The name Flapjack suggested to Hunter as an alias in "Any Sport in a Storm", Caleb, belonged to someone Philip knew.
  • Unlike what Bill claimed must be done to release the "Grand Huntsman" in "Edge of the World", one doesn't need to kill a Titan to release the Collector, showing that Bill either didn't know that or lied about it to make the Titan Trappers help him in his quest for revenge against the Titans.
  • With Philip still in possession of the now-cracked tablet used to summon and communicate with the Collector, it should be noted that Bill had another tablet back in "Edge of the World" that was going to be used to summon the "Grand Huntsman". This suggests that the Collector has had a feud with the Titans spanning countless millenia.
  • Gus, long known to study humans, takes a moment to remind the group that "human rain" won't hurt them before they flee through the portal door, a reminder of the boiling rain that falls in the Demon Realm. The fact that rain doesn't boil in the Human Realm was also something discussed prior by Hunter and Belos in "Eclipse Lake".
  • Darius and Eberwolf's combat forms, first shown in "Eda's Requiem", appear again when they fight the other Coven Heads.


  • Batman - Vitimir is shown to be a scarecrow-like figure capable of releasing toxins, a nod to Batman villain Jonathan Crane (The Scarecrow), who is known for both wearing a scarecrow costume and his use of toxins.
  • Amphibia - On Camila's tablet, she is reading an article about a girl lost in a "frog land" with a picture of Anne Boonchuy in the headline.
    • Additionally, the episode ends similarly as the Amphibia second season finale, "True Colors", and the start of its third season premiere, "The New Normal". Both involve one of the main character's friends sacrificing themselves to send her and some of her other friends through a portal to Earth from the antagonist's castle. Both main characters' mothers are cooking when they get their daughter's knock at the door, with both daughters' greetings being similar as well.
  • The Last of Us - The soundtrack when Luz, Willow, Gus, Amity, and Hunter enter the Human Realm is very similar to a track from this 2013 action-adventure game.
  • Monsters, Inc. or Brave - When Luz repetitively opens and closes the door to the old house, hoping for a way back to the Demon Realm, the scene is a heavy parallel to either Monsters, Inc. or Brave, both films made by Pixar. Both films involve a scene where a character repeatedly opens and closes a door in the hopes of gaining something that was lost back.


  • When Eda sees the flashback of prominent characters in their Hexside days, Darius' eyes are mistakenly colored lilac instead of green.
  • When Philip asks Hunter why he's hurting him, his lip flaps are out of sync.
  • When Philip shouts "Caleb," subtitles in digital media erroneously change the phrase to "kill him."[6]
  • When King reminds the Collector to stop the draining spell so that they can play "Owl House", King's left fang is briefly the same color as his fur.
  • When Philip backs away from the Collector, both halves of his outfit are colored the same.
  • While the gang is panting after fighting Philip in his monster form, Luz's scar was shown to be above her eyebrow, but when the group shields themselves to avoid Philip's attack, Luz's scar is now on her eyebrow.
  • When King sees Hunter find Darius during the draining spell, Darius' sigil has switched sides to his other arm.



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