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"Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door" is the eighth episode of the second season of The Owl House, and the twenty-seventh episode overall.

It premiered on July 31, 2021.


Hooty tries to help King, Eda, and Luz with their problems, but it doesn't go as planned.[2]


The episode begins with Hooty writing a letter to Lilith, telling her about the time he helped Luz, Eda, and King with their problems. It all began after Hooty received Lilith's recent letter to him. In the letter, Lilith is concerned that Hooty feels unimportant while Luz, Eda and King are off on adventures. However, she thinks that as the Owl House itself, Hooty has a duty to care for its residents, which is a worthy purpose. Lilith's words inspire Hooty and he decides to live up to it by going to help Luz, Eda, and King. He discovers that King's voice is cracking and jokes that King is going through puberty, causing King to leave the room in frustration. Hooty tries to bond with Eda over King growing up, only to discover that she is tirelessly preparing herself for whatever Emperor Belos is planning next. Hooty points out that whenever Eda stresses like this, it triggers her curse, but Eda leaves the room, blasting an air horn to stay awake. Luz then asks everyone to keep it down as they are scaring the echo mouse. She then tries to voice her concerns about not getting home, but ends up blurting out her concerns about Amity instead, prompting her to run away out of embarrassment. This gives Hooty the idea to try and help all three of them at once.

Hooty starts by trying to help King, who wants to know about his demon type so he can learn more about his past. Concerned that he won't accept his help willingly, Hooty swallows King and takes him to the tower, where he gives him a presentation on Demon Puberty. King groans at the thought of having a health class taught by Hooty, but he explains that he's simply trying to help King figure out what type of demon he is. He points out that he's the only other demon nearby, so King doesn't have a choice anyway. Hooty then gives him a lesson about the three different types of demons: Bug, Biped, and Beast. He starts by trying to determine if King is a Bug-type demon. As one himself, Hooty informs King that bug demons naturally communicate through dance, then uses a dance between a fairy and a butterfly to demonstrate it. King tries to imitate the communication method by making some random dance moves, but unbeknownst to him, he just insulted Hooty's mother. Hooty becomes enraged and chases after King, who runs away screaming.

A while later, King is seen panting while Hooty criticizes him about his offensive dance and failed attempt to spin a cocoon. King pleads Hooty to not talk about the cocoon, so he obliges and tries to determine if King is a Biped demon. In order to test this, Hooty wants King to have a duel with a friend of his - Tiny Nose. King is confident about winning, only to be easily defeated by her. Hooty is surprised by King's lack of magic powers, as even Bug demons have some magic. In a final attempt to determine if King is a Beast-type demon, Hooty has Tiny Nose perform a blood draw on King.

Soon, the results come in, and King is eager to know what he is. Instead of giving a definite answer, Hooty informs King that he is himself. Apparently, the tests results were inconclusive, so Hooty cannot determine what type of demon King is. Hooty tries to console King by telling him that he and Tiny Nose don't need to know that to be his friends. This upsets King, who hoped he had real answers. Hooty tries to cheer him up by telling him that the real answer is inside his heart, but he becomes angry and pushes him aside, as he doesn't need to hear that. He wants to know where he came from, what his dad looked like, and what he will look like when he grows up. He has had no response to his video or his wanted posters, and now he is beginning to doubt if his dad is alive and if there is anyone else like him. In his frustration, he releases an ultrasonic scream, causing some items to break. Hooty is too upset to notice this, and thinking he has failed to help King, he pulls away in tears, not hearing King calling after him.

Hooty then helps Eda get some sleep, doing so by getting her to eat cookies filled with sleeping nettles. Unbeknownst to him, sleeping nettles also heighten people's dreams. Eda tells Hooty not to let her fall asleep, only to find that she already has, now stuck in a dream with the Owl Beast. However, Eda takes this as an opportunity as the Owl Beast has been her reason for running away from home, never getting close to anyone, and no longer possessing magic. Instead of running away from the beast like she always does, she goes after it instead. Eda suddenly finds herself back home with her family as a teenager. This particular dream is also the day she accidentally attacked her father, Dell Clawthorne. On that night, Dell was going to leave for the Mandible, and set off a party popper in order to leave "in style". However, the flash of light caused Eda to turn into the Owl Beast and attack her dad, clawing out his eye.

Eda tells herself that this wasn't her fault and goes to attack the Owl Beast, only to find herself with Raine as a young adult. They voice their concern that Eda keeps lying to them about things being fine, and tells her that they've decided to join the Bard Coven. They also break up with Eda, saying that she always pushed everyone away. Hearing this, past Eda's curse starts to flare up. Raine asks Eda if they can help, which current Eda tells herself to let them do so, but she refuses, telling Raine to leave, which they do due to being tired of dealing with this. She tells herself to let Raine help her, but past Eda turns into the Owl Beast. In her rage, Eda attacks the Owl Beast, blaming it for ruining her entire life, but she finds herself in her owl form in an unknown location. She is then captured by a mysterious, hooded figure that taunts her. She tries to fly away, but her wings burn and she falls into the sea, where she turns into the scroll Lilith used to curse her. It washes on the shore of the Titan, and is collected by a merchant.

Eda then finds herself on the shore, watching the shrunken Owl Beast trying to fly away somewhere, but is unable to due to being tied to Eda by a red string. Seeing this, Eda calms down, as she can see the Owl Beast trying to break away, but its efforts are futile to the point it becomes exhausted. Eda takes pity on the poor creature, and comes to the realization that neither of them wanted to be together. However, they cannot change their fates, and Eda and the Owl Beast choose to make peace with each other. When she wakes up, Eda has transformed, but not in her usual beast form; she has turned into a harpy-like creature that is a cross between herself and the Owl Beast and is also conscious and in full control of her body. She realizes that, looks into a mirror on the wall and is quite happy with what she sees. Thinking he made everything worse, Hooty again pulls away in tears. Eda tries to stop him to tell him that he didn't make things worse, but Hooty is already gone.

Lastly, Hooty goes to help Luz. He hears Luz talking to the echo mouse, asking it if it can help her ask out a "cotton-candy-haired goddess" if it's not going to tell her more about Philip Wittebane. Realizing that she is torn between finding a way home and pursuing love, Hooty concludes that she cannot make any progress if her attention is split, so he tries to help Luz open up to Amity by setting the two of them up on a date. Luz is worried Amity will find her cheesy like everyone did back home, stating that Amity is "smart, cool and classy", so asking her out should be breathtaking, emotional and real. However, Hooty lures her to the basement, where she finds a scared and shocked Amity, having been abducted within an owl pellet by Hooty. Luz apologizes to her for Hooty's meddling, and Amity asks Luz if they can both forget about what happened the last time they talked. Before Amity can finish, Luz interrupts her, telling her that all she cares is about getting her out of the basement.

However, the two girls fall down a trapdoor, and end up in front of a Tunnel of Love set up by Hooty. There, they find a swan Hooty boat waiting for them, which then picks them both up using its neck and puts them inside its seat. The boat then cruises down the river and into the tunnel, with romantic music playing and various animatronics and cardboard cutouts filled with love messages alongside the river. Luz is embarrassed, as well as worried that Amity will find this a lame way to confess her feelings. Amity notices a banner saying what Luz feels about her and, though embarrassed herself, is flattered. Humiliated, and worried that she's going to get made fun of again, Luz desperately goes around destroying everything, unknowingly hurting Amity's feelings, making her think Luz is rejecting her. Luz apologizes to Amity for this, saying it was Hooty's stupid idea, but to her dismay, a heartbroken Amity despondently replies that she will just leave, waving around the idea of them actually dating before dismissing it as stupid. Luz is shocked by this, but not as much as Hooty, who once again believes he has messed up.

Hooty has a nervous breakdown and starts crying hysterically. He tries to break away from the Owl House, believing everyone would be better off without him. Since he is part of the house, his desperation to break away from it puts the house in danger of collapsing. King almost falls from the tower, but is saved by Eda in her new harpy form. Luz and Amity are almost crushed by a falling stone, but King saves them with his new ultrasonic scream powers. Hooty manages to free himself from the Owl House, and starts dragging along the ground, causing earthquakes. Eda and King try to convince Hooty that he did actually help them in his own weird way, but he is too upset to listen, saying that despite their claims, he has still failed Luz. Eda and King then ask Luz what Hooty tried to do for her, to which she confesses that he was trying to help her ask Amity out. Eda encourages her to do it, but Luz points out that Hooty's breakdown is ruining the moment. Eda then wishes her luck and flies off with King, dragging Hooty away.

Luz then goes to talk to Amity, but the ground collapses beneath them. Luz asks if Amity is alright, which she confirms. She confesses that she wanted to ask Amity something, but wanted to find the right way to do it, and that she believed that Amity was too cool for her to do it in the Tunnel of Love. Amity confesses that she's not as cool as Luz thinks. Luz then tells Amity that even though her life is hectic right now, and she doesn't know what the future might hold, she thinks it'll be cool if Amity was part of her future. Luz then builds up the courage to say the next thing, but Amity gets too excited and asks her out first. She is slightly disappointed that she built up the courage for nothing, prompting Amity to awkwardly allow her to speak. Luz then asks her out, which Amity happily accepts. Unsure what to do now, they hold hands, and comment on how scary the situation still feels. Hooty finally calms down and cries happily, knowing that he did help everyone. Hooty, Eda and King then watch Luz and Amity hold hands together in the heart-shaped crater Hooty created.

Afterwards, King is starting to learn more about his newfound powers; Eda still drinks her elixirs, but has come to accept the curse being a part of her; and Luz and Amity are officially dating, while working together to learn more about Philip Wittebane and the portal. Hooty is proud of himself, but he had to promise to never "help" anyone ever again. Hooty finishes his letter and heads off to mail it. At the mailbox, he meets a stranger who gives him a letter to deliver to King. After he leaves, Hooty gets distracted by a bug crawling on the letter, and accidentally eats them both. After realising his mistake, Hooty hopes that the letter was junk mail.


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Title in other languages

Language Title Translation Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Toc, Toc, Tocando la Puerta de Hooty Knock, Knock, Knocking on Hooty's Door
Taiwan Mandarin 敲敲呼啼的心門 Knocking on Hooty's Heart
Germany German Tunnel der Liebe Tunnel of love
Denmark Danish Banke, banke på Tudes dør Knock, knock on Tude's door
Egypt Arabic الطرق على باب هوتي Knock on Hottie's Door
Spain Spanish Toc, Toc, Toc en la puerta de Hooty Knock, knock, knock on Hooty's door
France French Boubou, un ami qui vous veut du bien Hooty, a friend who means well
Indonesia Indonesian Mengetuk Pintu Hooty Knocking Hooty's Door
Israel Hebrew טוק, טוק, על דלתו של שופי Knock, knock on Shoofi's door
Malaysia Malay Ketuk-ketuk Pintu Hooty Knocking on Hooty's Door
Netherlands Dutch Daar wordt aan de Uil geklopt There is knocking at the Owl
Norway Norwegian Bank, bank, banker på Hoohos dør Knock, knock, knock on Hooho's door
Portugal Portuguese Atrás da Porta do Hooty Behind Hooty's Door
Poland Polish Pomocny Uhu Handy Hooty
Romania Romanian Cioc, Cioc, Cioc la Ușa lui Hooty Knock, Knock, Knock on Hooty's Door
Sweden Swedish Knack, knack, knackar på Hois dörr Knock, knock, knock on Hoi's door


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  • Hooty's anatomy diagram can be seen hanging on the top right side of the room's wall when he is giving King the demon puberty talk.
  • The scene where King gets angry at Hooty was modelled after the one meme of the woman screaming at the cat.[3]
  • When King saves Luz and Amity from the falling debris, the lights that sparkle around them are in the colors of the lesbian and bisexual pride flags.[4]
    • When Luz and Amity hold hands, the trees and dirt in the background form the bisexual pride flag.
  • Hooty becomes the first character in The Owl House to openly acknowledge Luz and Amity's couple status when he calls Amity Luz's "GF".
  • The secret message, located on the wall when Luz and Amity fall down the trap door, translates to "Longer".

Revelations and significant events

  • Hooty has been writing letters to Lilith since she left the Owl House to spend time with her parents in "Keeping Up A-fear-ances".
  • King is going through a phase called Demon Puberty.
  • It is revealed that the ancestors of demons arose from the muck of a Titan's decomposing corpse. All demons known to witchkind can be classified into three categories known as the "3 Bs": Bug, Biped, and Beast.
    • Hooty and Tiny Nose are directly confirmed to be demons; specifically, Hooty is a Bug-type Demon and Tiny Nose is a Biped-type.
    • Biped Demons possess a magic bile sac attached to their hearts much like witches, which allows them to use magic.
    • Bug-type demons communicate mainly through dancing.
    • King's demon species is shown to be wholly unique (i.e. not fitting the "3 Bs" mentioned above), and has the power to create destructive soundwaves which causes delicate items to break.
  • Hooty is friends with Tinella Nosa.
  • Hooty has a mother.
  • The name of Eda and Lilith's dad is Dell Clawthorne.
    • Eda attacked him as the Owl Beast when she was young, due to Dell setting off a party popper off, which resulted in him losing one of his eyes.
  • Eda and Raine were in a relationship years ago, but eventually broke up due to Eda not confiding in Raine with her problems (e.g. about her curse).
  • The Owl Beast is revealed to be a living creature that was transformed into the curse after escaping a mysterious being. The scroll with the curse then washed up on the shores of the Isles one day, and was picked up by a Night Market merchant.
  • Eda makes peace with the Owl Beast and acquires a new Owl Beast form, resembling a harpy, in which she can remain conscious and in control.
  • The Owl House has a basement.
  • Amity mentions that house demons tend to act weird after a couple of thousand years, thus implying that Hooty might be at least a thousand years old.
  • Luz and Amity finally confess their feelings to each other, leading to them officially dating at the end of the episode.
  • The unknown character resembling King that appeared near the end of "Eda's Requiem" reappears, and leaves a letter for King with Hooty, who ends up accidentally eating it along with an insect.
  • At the beginning of the scene showing the Owl Beast's capture, a different Titan skull shape could be seen in the background, meaning that either the Boiling Isles aren't the only Titan corpse archipelago, or that the Boiling Isles consist of more than just one Titan's corpse.


  • As mentioned in "Keeping Up A-fear-ances", Lilith says that she and Hooty can be pen pals, even though Hooty says that he can't hold a pen due to having no arms. Hooty solved that problem by using the talking typewriter from "Sense and Insensitivity" instead.
  • King mentions the message he sent to his father on Penstagram in "Eda's Requiem".
  • Sleeping nettles are used again, having first appeared in "Hunting Palismen".
  • Eda's estranged relationship with her father is shown, which was hinted at in "Keeping Up A-fear-ances".
    • Eda's flashback from "Keeping Up A-fear-ances" is shown to have taken place shortly after the incident with Dell.
  • Eda's inner Owl Beast is smaller, having been shrunk in "Keeping Up A-fear-ances".
  • Jean-Luc is still in Luz's room after the events of "Echoes of the Past".
  • Hooty's habit of making quest-like poems, first seen in "Witches Before Wizards", reappears.
  • Amity indirectly mentions the kiss she gave Luz in "Through the Looking Glass Ruins".
    • Luz and Amity had not seen each other after this, as stated in "Hunting Palismen".
  • Amity's fear of being rejected, first seen in "Enchanting Grom Fright", resurfaces.
  • One of the animatronics in the Tunnel of Love is wearing a bib that says "It's Chow Time". This is the same bib Luz wore in "The Intruder".
  • The Hooty swan design appeared as a boat in this episode, with it first appearing as an ice sculpture in "Escaping Expulsion".
  • After the existence of civilization beyond the Boiling Isles was hinted at in "Escaping Expulsion" by Odalia's business card, a different titan corpse archipelago was shown in this episode.


  • Bob Dylan - The title is a reference to the Bob Dylan song "Knockin' On Heaven's Door".
  • Pokémon - The third trait on Hooty's "Who am I?" chart is "Pocket Monster," which is the Japanese name for Pokémon.
  • Cthulhu Mythos - The fourth trait on Hooty's "Who am I?" chart is "Cthulu", which is the name of the mythos' titular eldritch god.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion - The clothes Hooty forces King into resembles a similar outfit worn by Asuka Langley Soryu in the episode "Moment and Heart Together".
  • Nintendo Switch - Tiny Nose's video game handheld device resembles the Nintendo Switch Lite.
    • Steam Deck - The middle part of Tiny Nose's device resembles the Steam Deck.
  • Dungeons & Dragons - Two of the demons pictured in Hooty's demon presentation are a Beholder and a Grell.
  • Red thread of fate - The red string tied to Eda and the Owl Beast symbolizes their connection. In Chinese and Japanese folklore, a red thread of fate is said to connect those destined to meet for a life of greatness. Usually, this is interpreted as romantic fate.
  • Harpy - Eda's new form refers to a creature from Greek and Roman mythology, depicted as birds with feminine faces.
  • Amphibia - When Luz and Amity are in the basement, the Calamity Box can be spotted on a shelf in the basement, twice.


  • At one scene focusing on Hooty at the beginning, Eda's wanted poster in the living room shows the bounty to be one million snails instead of one trillion.
  • Some versions of the subtitles refer to Raine Whispers as "him" rather than "them" in one scene.
  • When Amity says she's not as cool as Luz thinks, she stretches out her arms, but in the next shot, they're crossed.


Memorable quotes

Luz: Amity Blight, do you want to go out with me?
Amity: YES!!!
Luz officially asking Amity out


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