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Being in the Emperor's Coven was my dream. I wanted to work alongside the most powerful witch on the Isles and make the world a better place.

Lilith Clawthorne is a major character in The Owl House, serving as the secondary antagonist in the first season until "Young Blood, Old Souls", and a supporting character as of the second season. She is Eda's older sister and the former leader/historian of the Emperor's Coven. She is currently living with her parents, trying to make up for lost time and to develop a cure for the Eda's curse.



Lilith is a tall, slender middle-aged woman in her mid-to-late 40s (two years older than Eda). She has ivory skin, pointed ears, wears black lipstick, has long, straight, dark navy hair, and mint green eyes. She also has dark claw-like nails. After splitting the curse between herself and Eda in "Young Blood, Old Souls", Lilith's right eye becomes gray, and she obtains a gray streak on the right side of her hair. In the second season, Lilith's skin has gotten paler, and she has prominent wrinkles under her eyes. In her childhood, she had fluffy, red hair, which was dyed during adulthood. As of "Follies at the Coven Day Parade", the lower portion of her hair has become fluffy.

Lilith as the Raven Beast.

As the Raven Beast, she resembles almost all of Eda's characteristics in her cursed form, but with black hair, a longer neck, her ears having small ridges with no hair growing out from them, and is much larger than the Owl Beast.


She wears a long-sleeved two-tone dark gray dress and dark gray laced boots. She also had an inverted kite-shaped sky blue gem located on her sternum, which was attached to her dress. After leaving the Emperor's Coven, she wears a graphic tee (supposedly from the human world) of a "low battery" symbol and a ragged skirt that reaches to her ankles, which she got from Eda. In "Keeping Up A-fear-ances", Lilith is revealed to wear dark blue-gray leggings.

In her youth, she wore glasses with round lenses and a Hexside school uniform with yellow sleeves and leggings, signifying her as a member of the potions track, with black flats, a gray tunic with a black belt, and a black cowl with a golden button.

"Follies at the Coven Day Parade" shows she's taken to wearing glasses again and she's switched to a pale green shirt with poofy sleeves and a gold button on the chest, a brown vest, a maroon ankle-length skirt, purpleish-gray leggings, and brown high-heeled boots.


Unlike Eda, Lilith is conservative, straight-laced, and generally law-abiding. She takes great pride in her role as a mentor and was initially surprised to see Eda at the latest Covention, believing she had finally decided to join a coven, only for her sister to laugh at the notion. She also has a tense sibling rivalry with Eda due to them being almost equal in terms of power and on opposite sides of the law; regardless, she still genuinely cares for Eda.

Though first appearing to be everything her sister is not, Lilith is also not above cheating, having given her apprentice Amity Blight a glyph to amplify her magic, knowing full well her sister would do something similar (although it could be argued that she was leveling the playing field). In "Agony of a Witch", she proves willing to do anything to achieve her goals, such as attempting to distract Eda by endangering her student Luz Noceda and cursing Eda when she was younger. She later explains to Luz that she was acting on Emperor Belos' teachings of sacrifice (given this is Belos' teachings, it's unlikely she is misinterpreting his teachings so much as that is what he teaches). Lilith admits her jealousy stems from feelings of inadequacy, lamenting that she had to become stronger because Eda was better. However, despite this, she shows guilt and everything she did was in an attempt to save Eda. She is also shown to be quicker to anger and more impulsive and naïve compared to her sister, firmly believing Emperor Belos' promise to remove Eda's curse.

Lilith also seems to suffer from a severe lack of empathy towards others. She was unable to realize that cheating would hurt Amity emotionally, and easily dismissed Luz as just a "human pet" to Eda, not seeing the strong bond the two share. Perhaps the biggest examples of this are her constant attempts to make Eda join the Emperor's Coven, not seeing or understanding that Eda just doesn't want to be part of the Coven, or even after taking Luz as a hostage (although this was after threat of execution by Belos), thinking that Eda will change her mind about the Coven upon joining. This also shows a somewhat self-centered side, holding on so strong to her way of thinking that she refuses to accept others'.

However, in spite of these flaws, Lilith is capable of seeing the error of her ways and will admit it. When Belos revealed that he had no intention of curing her sister, she rebelled against him and turned to Luz in order to save her sister, having realized that Eda was right about not trusting Belos. She also proved herself to be able to atone for her mistakes, as after she, Luz, and King rescued Eda, she cast a spell that shared Eda's curse to make amends.

After leaving the Emperor's Coven, Lilith has been trying hard to prove to Eda that she is trustworthy. Initially, she felt useless without a Coven, but after befriending Hooty, she has a more positive outlook on her new life. She now enables her sister's trouble making personality, encouraging her to pull pranks on the Emperor's troops, even if she still prefers to follow the rules herself. Lilith has also become much more empathetic and caring towards others, like Hooty, but still retains her prideful nature, stating that Emperor Belos' guards are clueless without her.



Eda and Lilith as Hexside students.

Lilith Clawthorne was born as the eldest daughter to Gwendolyn and Dell Clawthorne. She was noted to be very independent from a young age, and while her mother loved her dearly, Gwendolyn was much more attentive to her younger sister Eda.[3] She had a very close relationship with her younger sister, to the point where she used a pain sharing spell to lessen the pain of her injured sister during their childhood.[4] As a teenager, Lilith attended Hexside School of Magic and Demonics as a potions student alongside her more troublesome sister; she was a studious and well-disciplined student and even served as team captain of the Banshees.[5]

Joining the Emperor's Coven

Lilith about to curse Eda.

During their adolescent years, both Lilith and Eda wanted to join the Emperor's Coven together, but unfortunately, there was only one open spot remaining, and a witches' duel would be held to determine the winner. Though Lilith was more studious than her rebellious younger sister, Eda was still a hard-working and powerful witch, to the point where she surpassed Lilith in power. This gap in power prompted Lilith to discreetly curse Eda in order to win the Emperor's Coven tryouts, though Lilith was unaware of the severity of the curse at the time, instead believing that it would only take away Eda's powers for a day and that by joining the coven, she would finally earn acknowledgment from her mother. On the day of the tryouts, Eda willingly forfeited the duel, and Lilith joined the Emperor's Coven by default.[4] Unfortunately for Lilith, Gwendolyn was not present for her coven initiation.[3]

During her time in the Emperor's Coven, Lilith was mentored by Flora D'splora and rose through the ranks until she became the coven's leader.[6] Her biggest task was to capture her rogue sister Eda and induct her into a coven; should she succeed, Emperor Belos promised to rid Eda of her curse.[4] At some point, Lilith took on Amity Blight as her apprentice.[6]

Covention duel

Lilith delivers an inspiring speech.

Lilith was the advertised mystery guest of the covention event for the Emperor's Coven. Upon making her grand entrance, she delivered an inspiring speech to the audience present. Shortly after her speech, Lilith crossed paths with her criminal sister, Eda. She does not hesitate to criticize Eda's life choices of being a covenless fugitive while she is mentoring the next generation of powerful witches. Eda tells her about her own student, Luz, and bets she is better than Lilith's students. Just then, a worried Luz shows up to inform Eda about her challenge with Amity, and she does not know what to do. Since Amity is one of her top students, Lilith sees this as an opportunity to prove how much of a failure her sister is.

Lilith duels Eda.

Before the duel starts, Lilith secretly places a Construction Coven power glyph on the back of Amity's neck, knowing well that Eda would use underhanded tactics to give her human pupil an advantage. However, this would backfire as Eda would notice it and publicly expose Lilith for giving Amity an unfair advantage. Lilith's underhanded tactics would cause Amity to lose respect for her mentor.[7] Eda goes on childishly mocking Lilith for cheating, until she finally snaps and engages Eda in an intense Witch's Duel. Both witches are equally matched as they cast aggressive spells that causes everyone to flee the theatre. Lilith manages to overpower Eda, but just as she prepares to land the finishing blow, Eda pleads for mercy. With the curse getting worse, Eda says she just wanted to see her sister for possibly the last time. Lilith is touched by this and admits she was delighted to see her after so many years. However, the whole thing is an act to distract Lilith, and with the help of some Hex Mix thrown at Lilith's face, Eda eludes capture once again.

After the duel, Lilith receives a call from Kikimora, the Emperor's assistant. She is unimpressed with her actions at the covention, and reminds her that she needs to focus in order to receive her reward. Lilith promises that she will.[6]

Capturing "Eda"

Lilith with Luz, who is in Eda's body.

Luz, in Eda's body, caught the attention of the Coven Guards patrolling Bonesborough. Upon her capture, Luz was supposed to be taken to the Conformatorium, but Lilith changes the order and enters the interrogation room personally. Unaware that "Eda" was actually Luz in her sister's body, Lilith reads out the charges against her, and offers her a chance of redemption by joining the Emperor's Coven. She mistakes "Eda's" capture as a cry for help and orders one of the guards to bring out the branding glove. However, just before she gets branded, Luz manages to break free by accidentally casting a fire spell, forcing Lilith and the guards to pursue her. In her attempts to capture Eda, Lilith ends up having her body swapped with the Emperor's Coven dog's body, much to her dismay. The effects of the body swap spell were reversed at some point.[8]

Subsequent encounters with Eda

Lilith and Eda on friendly terms despite their differences.

Lilith, along with her subordinate, Steve, are seen at a book fair taking a map from a shady merchant. The map contains the location of the Bloom of Eternal Youth, which Lilith intends to give to Emperor Belos. Though her primary mission was to capture the Owl Lady, Lilith assures Steve that the curse has left Eda frail. Unbeknownst to the both of them, Eda overhears their conversation, and snags herself a map, hoping to find the flower before Lilith can. The sisters later find themselves crossing paths again, turning the quest into a race between them. However, despite their opposing sides, Eda opts to save her sister from being eaten by a demon, even though she has the lead. Once Eda and Lilith finally make it to the Bloom of Eternal Youth, Eda pushes Lilith and grabs the flower for herself. However, the flower soon vanishes, and the two sisters realize they just walked into a trap. The monster then shows up, revealing himself to be the merchant from earlier. Lilith and Eda realize he isn't much of a threat and beat him up together, creating what appears to be peace amongst the sisters. Lilith begs Eda to join the Emperor's Coven and tells her that the Emperor can heal her curse, but she still denies the request, as she does not want to owe the Emperor anything, and wants to break the curse on her own terms.[9] They part on amicable terms, but with the knowledge that Lilith will have to try to capture and bring her into the coven under Belos' orders again regardless.

Lilith and Eda play grudgby.

Later, Lilith attempts to capture Eda once again, but on her way to the Owl House, she was found and taken to the house by Hooty. Like before, Lilith tries to convince her younger sister to join the Emperor's Coven, but Eda denies the request once again. However, after Lilith insults her about her days as a grudgby player, Eda becomes defensive and challenges her to a match. If she wins, Eda will surrender to the Emperor's Coven without a fight. They set up a makeshift grudgby field outside the house, and have Hooty as the referee and the traps. While the sisters are evenly matched, Eda manages to gain the upper hand and defeats her sister without resorting to cheating. Lilith is devastated because the Emperor is expecting her to show up with Eda in custody and cannot go back empty-handed. Taking pity, Eda gives her sister her ring and tells her to say that she put up a good fight. Lilith leaves, but promises that she will return.[5]

The Emperor's ultimatum

Lilith after Hooty bested her and her raid party.

Just as she promised, Lilith and some backup from the Emperor's Coven attempt a raid on the Owl House, but fail miserably thanks to the efforts of Hooty, who single-handedly took out the raid party. Utterly humiliated, Lilith is called back to the Emperor's Castle, as the Emperor himself demands her presence. Emperor Belos grows impatient with Lilith's multiple failed attempts at capturing Eda, and gives her an ultimatum; should she fail to capture her sister by twilight, she would be expelled from the Emperor's Coven, be labeled a criminal, and be executed.

Lilith plans to use Luz as bait for her sister.

Lilith's opportunity would come in the form of Luz, who is amongst the Hexside students at the castle during their field trip. Upon finding the human in the Relic Room, Lilith seizes the opportunity to capture Luz and sends Eda an invitation for a Witch's Duel via her staff. The sisters engage in combat, and during a trade of heated insults in the midst of the duel, Lilith accidentally reveals that she was the one who cursed Eda. Eda becomes enraged and starts throwing everything at her. While the sisters are fighting, Luz manages to break free from the magic bubble put around her by Lilith. Lilith points out to Luz that the bubble was for her protection and proceeds to knock her off the bridge and down into a pit of spikes below. Eda saves Luz at the cost of her using up all her magic and transforming into the Owl Beast. The beast and Owlbert are then captured by Lilith, but she spares Luz and tells her, "Go back to your world. This one's ours."[10]

Betraying the Emperor's Coven

Emperor Belos breaks his promise to Lilith.

While everything seems to be looking up for Lilith, she soon learns from Emperor Belos that he did not have the intention of healing Eda from the start and had lied to her; instead, he orders Eda to be executed by petrification. The Emperor then tasks Lilith to destroy the Owl Staff, though she doesn't. When word gets out that Luz is wreaking havoc in the palace, Lilith takes the responsibility of capturing the human, but in reality, she wishes to team up with Luz in order to save Eda. However, an enraged Luz attacks Lilith, forcing her to counterattack. The ensuing tussle causes the two to tumble through the portal into the Human Realm. As they keep fighting, Luz shouts that Lilith deserved to be petrified for her actions instead of Eda, causing her to stop retaliating. She admits that Luz is right, and recounts her childhood to her, revealing her motives for cursing Eda, as well as the Emperor's false promise to heal her. At first, Luz views Lilith as untrustworthy, but she reveals that she kept Owlbert safe instead of destroying him as she was ordered to, temporarily gaining trust from Luz.

Lilith uses the Pain Sharing Spell on Eda to take on half her curse.

After leading Luz and King to an elevator that leads to Eda, Lilith intends to remain in the Emperor's Coven, but is caught by Emperor Belos. She and King are thrown into the same cage as Eda to be petrified. Eda, in a fit of rage, is about to tear Lilith apart, but King stops her and explains that Lilith betrayed the Emperor to save her. Just as the machine is about to begin the petrification process, Eda shields Lilith and King, and the three are saved by Luz before Eda can be fully petrified. Lilith, Eda, Luz, King, and Owlbert all make it to the Owl House safely, though at this point, no amount of elixir can revert Eda's cursed form. In an act of sisterly love, Lilith uses the pain sharing spell and takes on half of Eda's curse.[4]

Living in the Owl House

Lilith expresses her dislike towards the Golden Guard, calling him a brat.

One week and a half passes, and it is revealed that Lilith now resides in the Owl House. Due to the curse, neither she nor her sister can use their magic, and with the portal destroyed, everyone in the Owl House is forced to work odd jobs as Eda no longer has a reliable source of human garbage to sell. Unfortunately, the week's bounty-hunting gig is not a reliable source of income, made worse by the fact that the residents of the Owl House are all known criminals. At first, Lilith revels in the fact that her Emperor's Coven posters still commands fear and respect, but her confidence quickly turns to anger once all her posters are replaced by new ones depicting the Golden Guard. Furious that the young Golden Guard has replaced her, Lilith tosses one of the posters, only to have it magically stick to her face instead.

Lilith providing medical treatment to Hooty after he gets severely stung by the fire bees.

After the sisters return to the Owl House, Eda, inspired by getting scammed at the market, invites Lilith on an outing that will hopefully result in them getting more money, but she refuses. Wanting to make up for her past mistakes, she decides to make Eda a scrying potion that will allow her to spy on the Emperor's palace. Hooty offers to help her, but Lilith refuses, wanting to complete the task alone. After obtaining most of the ingredients on her own, all that remains is fire bee honey. Unfortunately, the aggressive insects immediately attack Lilith with their burning stingers, and though she tries to retaliate with an ice spell, all she can muster are a couple of ice cubes. Hooty then appears and offers to help once more, but a frustrated Lilith yells at Hooty, believing that she won't be much of a witch if she can't handle this alone. Dejected, Hooty apologizes and leaves her alone. However, after getting surrounded by fire bees, Lilith breaks down and cries out for help. Upon hearing that, Hooty breaks out from the ground and starts fighting with the fire bees, saving Lilith and enable her to acquire the honey successfully. With the honey soon obtained, Lilith successfully makes the scrying potion and gains a newfound appreciation for Hooty, so much so that she nicknamed him "Hootsifer." She presents the scrying potion to her sister and Luz and suggests they take advantage of the coven's disorganized state by pulling whatever pranks they wish.[11]

Lilith presenting an ice sculpture she made to Luz.

With their magical powers limited by the curse, both Clawthorne sisters resort to learning glyph magic from Luz. Lilith's adherence to the rules allow her to quickly grow accustomed to the more structured nature of glyph magic. Her understanding of glyphs causes her to explore more advanced glyph combinations to the point where she can create ice sculptures with ease. When one of Eda's spells goes awry, Lilith manages to come up with a glyph combo (copyrighted by herself) to neutralize it and subsequently helped her sister understand that glyphs were more akin to words and commands that controlled the natural magic around them.[12]

Lilith and Hooty about to attack Jean-Luc.

As a knowledgeable historian during her time at the Emperor's Coven, Lilith doubted King's claims that he was once a despotic ruler, claiming that prior to Emperor Belos, demons did not have a unified ruler. However, determined to prove Lilith and Hooty wrong, King brings Luz and Lilith's staffs into the room and announces that they are going to his castle. Luz agrees to play along, as does Lilith, to show King that he is incorrect. Lilith invites Hooty, who promptly removes himself from the door and places himself in a portable backpack, much to the horror of everyone else. However, Lilith's interest is piqued when the group find a castle on an uncharted island. Exploring the castle only piques Lilith's interest even further, and she even begins to believe King's claims. However, she and the group are attacked by Jean-Luc, forcing her, Hooty, Luz, and King to flee while Eda distracts the creature. After realizing that he was never the tyrant he believed himself to be, King becomes emotional and runs off, forcing the group to split up and find him. Once King is found, Lilith and Hooty are tasked with attacking Jean-Luc using Eda's potions, while Luz, Eda, and King find their way up the top of the tower. While King was having important revelations about his past, Lilith takes pictures of some of the wall carvings.[13]

Moving back with her parents

Gwendolyn feeling guilty for not giving Lilith the attention she deserved.

Upon the return of Gwendolyn Clawthorne from her most recent sabbatical to cure Eda's curse, Lilith's ill feelings regarding her mother come to the surface. It is quickly revealed that, despite her magical prowess and her desperation for her mother's attention, Gwendolyn has largely ignored Lilith for most of her life. Upon learning that their mother has been in regular contact with Eda, Lilith sinks into a depressive episode and indulges with King by drowning her sorrows in illicit ice cream Eda bought from the Night Market. The two commiserated on the lack of parental affection they received. When King reveals that Gwendolyn and Luz have set out to cure Eda without her, the emotional toil this takes on Lilith activates her curse, which is only exacerbated when she realizes all the elixir in the house has been stolen. She is powerless to stop her subsequent transformation, and as the Raven Beast, she attacks Eda while her sister is in her cursed form. After gaining the upper hand in her internal struggle with the Owl Beast, however, Eda is able to come to her senses and subdue Lilith with their mother's help. Apologetic, Gwendolyn soothes Lilith as her cursed form weeps, calming her long enough for Luz to administer the elixir, returning her and Eda to their original state.

Hooty is devastated at Lilith having to leave the Owl House.

Finally on good terms with her mother, Lilith concedes that she's responsible for Eda's curse, for which Gwendolyn is understanding. On her mother's invitation, Lilith decides to move back home with her to make up for lost time and reconnect with her and Eda's father, much to Hooty's dismay. She promises that they can remain pen-pals, to which Hooty laments that he can't hold a pen.[3] Hooty eventually resolves this by using a typewriter.[14]

A historic breakthrough

Despite her outlaw status, Lilith manages to land a job as curator of the Supernatural Museum of History, and she, with some of her friends, celebrated the occasion. However, she is jealous of her old mentor, Flora D'esplora, and vows to come up with an impressive exhibit. Initially, she planned on making an exhibit about the architectural history behind Deadwardian balusters, but Luz easily convinces her to make an exhibit on time pools instead. Lilith mentions that she has a device to detect the time pools when she was younger, but lacked a sufficient power source; Luz brings Lilith a sample of Titan's Blood, which allows the device to function as intended.

Lilith and Luz spend some time searching for the pools, and eventually, they manage to find the location. The pools are revealed to be under the sand, and an ecstatic Lilith takes note of her findings.


Eda Clawthorne

Lilith and Eda about to have a grudgby match in "Wing It Like Witches".

Eda is Lilith's younger sister. Lilith's relationship with Eda is as much as "frenemies". The two have a bitter rivalry due to their clashing personalities and different approaches to magic, with Lilith growing increasingly embarrassed by her sister's reckless behavior. Despite being on opposite sides of the law, Lilith genuinely cares about Eda's well-being and wishes to end her curse, believing the Emperor could help in this respect. Additionally, although Lilith is committed to bringing Eda to justice, they make an unstoppable team when facing common enemies together. However, in "Agony of a Witch", it is revealed that Lilith was the one to cast the curse on Eda, therefore causing a tense relationship with her.

In "Young Blood, Old Souls", upon realizing that the Emperor tricked her into giving up Eda, she decides to help Luz save Eda from petrification. When Eda rescues Lilith from being captured by the Emperor's Coven after Luz saved them from petrification, Lilith casts a spell to share the pain of the curse between Eda and Lilith, hence trying to repair their broken relationship.

Gwendolyn Clawthorne

Lilith going home with her mom to make up for lost time.

Gwendolyn is Lilith's mother. Lilith's relationship with her mother was initially strained as she felt she didn't pay enough attention to her, as seen when she was disheartened to learn that she visited Eda regularly while Lilith hadn't seen her in years. According to Lilith herself, Gwendolyn didn't even attend her coven initiation. Eventually, she declares to King that she is sick of being ignored, and that from that moment on, she has no mother, which she will say that to Gwendolyn's face. King challenges her to do so, informing her that Gwendolyn is right outside with Luz trying to cure Eda. Her frustration with her mother's lack of attention causes her to lose control of the curse and transform into a raven beast, much like her sister, who became an owl beast. Thankfully, Gwendolyn, realizing this truth of her daughter, helps her return to normal and apologizes for not giving her the attention she deserved. Afterwards, Lilith reveals to Gwendolyn that she was the one who cursed Eda, but she didn't seem to be upset with her. She also decides to return home with Gwendolyn to reconnect and potentially find some new information regarding the owl beast curse.

Luz Noceda

Luz telling Lilith that she started calling her "Cool Aunt Lilith" in her journal.

Initially, not much interaction is shown between the two, though in "Covention", Lilith is calmly surprised that her sister took a human as an apprentice, let alone astonished that a human was learning magic at all. In "Agony of a Witch", when she catches Luz to lure Eda to her, she shows no remorse in using her as a shield or putting the girl in danger to outsmart and overpower Eda in a Witch's Duel. Even at the end, once Eda is captured, she tells Luz to go back to her world, not seeing her as a threat or seeming to believe Luz or all humans are beneath her. However, in "Young Blood, Old Souls", she went to Luz begging to help her save her sister, implying that she is starting to trust Luz and no longer thinks little of her.

Starting in Season 2, Lilith and Luz are now on friendly terms, the latter having forgiving Lilith for her betrayal and has been trying to teach her to use glyph magic. Lilith looks up to Luz as her teacher, and even made an ice sculpture of herself kneeling before Luz. She then presents it to Luz, which amuses her. In "Elsewhere and Elsewhen", the both of them bonded together, viewing each other as aunt and niece. Luz even takes to calling Lilith "Cool Aunt Lilith".


Lilith thanking Hooty for his cup of tea.

Lilith and Hooty were initially enemies, with Lilith calling him an "infernal house demon." Before betraying Emperor Belos, Lilith has made several attempts to capture Eda at her house. However, Hooty, being the guardian of the Owl House (and the house itself), always notices and counterattacks each time, foiling her plans.

After Lilith moves into the Owl House, their relationship begins to change for the better. In "Separate Tides", Hooty desperately wants to become friends with Lilith, while Lilith, annoyed, refuses him. When Lilith goes to the forest to get fire bee honey for her scrying potion, she comes across a swarm of fire bees. Lilith is unable to beat them in her weakened state, until Hooty comes to her rescue, fighting off the bees. Because of that, Lilith starts accepting Hooty as her friend, calling him "Hootsifer" to match the nickname he'd given her, which is "Lulu". After Eda, Luz, and King come home, Eda remarks that they are going to draw on Hooty. Lilith whispers to Hooty that she will protect him. Over the next few episodes, the two continues to bond, becoming best friends.

In "Keeping Up A-fear-ances", Lilith decides to move back in with her mother and Hooty is genuinely saddened by this, even after she assures him they can be pen pals. In "Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door," Hooty is revealed to be in touch with Lilith by writing letters to her using a typewriter.

Emperor Belos

Lilith apologizes to Emperor Belos for failing to capture her sister Eda.

Although Lilith was head of the Emperor's Coven, in "Wing it Like Witches", it is implied that the Emperor put a lot of pressure on her when it came to capturing Eda, for she was extremely upset when she lost the grudgby match that would make Eda go to the Emperor willingly. In "Agony of a Witch" it is revealed that Belos does not value Lilith since he effortlessly threatened to banish her from his coven, suggested casting her as a criminal, and possibly executing her if she didn't bring Eda in. Despite this treatment, Lilith did not question his words, nor did she fight back. After Belos reveals that he will not remove Eda's curse, she finally realises that she had been lied to and rebels against him to rescue her sister. When Lilith was caught by Belos trying to rescue her sister, he has Lilith and King thrown into the same cage as Eda to be petrified with her. However, Luz manages to defeat Belos and rescue them in time. Enraged that Lilith betrayed him and the Coven and her rescue by Luz, he appoints the Golden Guard as the new leader of the Emperor's Coven, stripping Lilith (in-absentia) as the leader of and expelling her from the coven in the process.

Amity Blight

Lilith introducing Amity to the crowd before her witches' duel with Luz.

Amity originally was Lilith's "strongest protégé." In "Covention", when Lilith learns that Amity and Luz are about to engage in a Witch's Duel, Lilith seizes the opportunity to prove that she is a better teacher than Eda. This intense strive to one-up her sister causes her to cheat by placing a power glyph onto Amity's nape, a move she tries to justify by saying that she knows Eda would cheat first. Unfortunately, this has caused Amity to lose respect for her.


As of yet, direct interaction between Lilith and Hunter is not shown on screen. However, Lilith is shown to hold a form of contempt against the Golden Guard, calling him a "brat" in "Separate Tides" and screwing up his poster when Luz asks her about him. She describes knowing him as "unfortunate".

Philip Wittebane

In "Elsewhere and Elsewhen", she encountered Philip Wittebane. After realizing that he tricked and used her as an expandable to be sacrificed to the Stonesleeper, much akin to her time with Emperor Belos, she was so infuriated with him that she broke his nose with one punch after meeting him again.

Powers and abilities

  • Magic: Lilith is highly skilled with magic, enough to go blow for blow with her sister. Like most witches, her connection to magic comes from a sac of magic bile attached to her heart. As the leader of the Emperor's Coven, she has access to all types of magic. Although not quite as powerful as Eda or Emperor Belos, she is considered a formidable opponent. However, as of "Young Blood, Old Souls", after sharing Eda's curse, her magic is heavily crippled. Because of this, Lilith began to learn to use magic through glyphs.
    • Potion magic: Lilith was in the potions track at Hexside as a teenager and can still brew potions without her magic.
    • Fire magic: Lilith can conjure powerful blue flames from her staff.
    • Dematerialization magic: Lilith can use her magic to destroy certain items from a distance as if they were paper.
    • Plant magic: In "Young Blood, Old Souls", Lilith was able to summon vines to restrain King in the human realm.
    • Ice magic: In "Separate Tides", Lilith attempted to use ice magic to capture fire bees, but could only muster a handful of ice cubes. It is implied that her ice magic was much stronger prior to sharing the curse.
    • Flight: Lilith can use her staff to fly.
    • Teleportation: She can disappear from one location and instantly reappear in another.
    • Force field generation: Lilith can use her magic to create a force field, as shown when she trapped Luz in a bubble.
    • Pain sharing: Lilith can use her magic to share any physical wounds or curses, as she was able to share the curse with Eda, hence reverting Eda back to her normal self. This helps minimize the pain/effects, but in turn, she is affected as well.
    • Glyph magic: Under the tutelage of Luz, Lilith proves to be competent with using glyphs and has a better understanding than her sister at it.
  • Staff proficiency: Lilith uses her staff to focus her magic and deflect incoming attacks. She can also infuse the staff with fire for greater damage.
  • Grudgby proficiency: While in school, Lilith was the captain of the team, and even now maintains high physical capabilities, as she played an even match against Eda without magic.
  • History expert: Being lead historian of the Emperor's Coven, Lilith is well-versed in the history of the Boiling Isles.
  • Cursed form: After sharing her sister's curse, Lilith will transform into the Raven Beast if she does not take an elixir to keep it at bay. In her beast form, she goes berserk and can easily destroy buildings, in addition to being able to fly for long distances. She is also very strong and larger than Eda's own cursed form, having the ability to pick up Eda in her cursed form and fight with her for an extended period of time.
    • Flight: After transforming into a raven-like beast, Lilith is shown to have advanced flight abilities, flying with Eda's cursed form all the way to Bonesborough and using her wings to fight in aerial combat.
    • Anatomical liberation: A side effect of the owl curse, Lilith's body parts fall off, but are reattachable without negative consequences. Presumably, Lilith can retain control of her limbs the way Eda does, but she is not as experienced at doing so as Eda is.


Behind the scenes

Early development

In early development, Lilith was the principal of Hexside instead of Principal Bump.[15]

Name and basis

The name Lilith has its roots in Mesopotamian mythology as a malicious goddess that preys upon little children, and in Abrahamic mythology as the first wife of Adam — who was created alongside Adam, only to be replaced by Eve, as she was banished from Eden for her rebellious behavior against God. Certain texts assert that she later became a highly-favored wife of Lucifer; possibly, this is referenced by her choice to nickname Hooty 'Hootcifer' as a sign of their friendship.

Due to all the historical and mythological contexts surrounding the name, it has become popular in modern depictions of witches, vampiresses, and succubi. Lilith's name can be translated to many things (such as "night-creature", "night-monster" or "night-hag") but the most ironic of them is "screech-owl" as Lilith Clawthorne is associated with ravens whereas owls are associated with her sister.


Lilith is voiced by Cissy Jones.

Lily Sanfelippo and Abigail Zoe Lewis voice a teenage and young version of Lilith respectively.


Lilith debuted in the episode, "Covention".

Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Luciana Falcón
Brazil Portuguese (Brazil) Mabel Cezar
Taiwan Chinese Fu Chi-Hui/ Katrina Fu (傅其慧)
Czech Republic Czech Petra Jindrová
Germany German Claudia Urbschat-Mingues
Spain Spanish Elena Ruiz de Velasco
France French Véronique Biefnot
Indonesia Indonesian Edah Nuraidah
Italy Italian Iolanda Granato
Japan Japanese Ayako Shioya (塩谷綾子)
South Korea Korean Yang Jeong-hwa (양정화)
Malaysia Malay Shireen Hj. Salehuddin
Poland Polish Bożena Furczyk (adult)
Magdalena Herman-Urbańska (young)
Romania Romanian Anca Iliese
Thailand Thai Niramol Gijpinyochai (นิรมล กิจภิญโญชัย)
Turkey Turkish Yağmur Gurur


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  • Lilith's Penstagram account is "Chilly.Lily", seen in the episode "Any Sport in a Storm".
  • According to Dana Terrace, Lilith's hair is dyed blue, having started dyeing it after her initiation into the Emperor's Coven in order to appear more intimidating.[16] This was also confirmed in "Keeping Up A-fear-ances" when her mother Gwen sees her hair and mentions that she still dyes it.
  • In "Wing It Like Witches", it is revealed she and Eda used to play grudgby matches and Lilith was the captain of the grudgby team, the Banshees.
  • Eda's memory of Lilith cursing her depicted Lilith as a wavy silhouette with large white eyes behind a door. The owl hosts in the "Look Hoo's Talking" video on the episode "Covention" referred to Eda's mysterious curser as Squiggly-Line-Guy. The "eyes" were revealed to be the glasses Lilith wore in her youth (first shown in "Wing It Like Witches"), and the silhouette was due to her cloak and hair concealing herself at the time.
  • Lilith, and presumably other witches, can still use their magic in the Human Realm.[4]
  • Lilith is two years older than Eda.[2]
  • In "Young Blood, Old Souls", when the pain-sharing spell is cast, the gem on her sternum stays blue, unlike Eda's, who's gem has turned black from the curse. It was revealed in "Keeping Up A-fear-ances" that Eda's gem, unlike Lilith's, was specifically made to monitor the curse.
  • Since taking half the curse, Lilith has shown notable wrinkles under her eyes in Season 2. This possibly suggests the curse is affecting her appearance faster than Eda due to being "cursed" at an older age, or is from all the strain she put herself under while studying for a way to end the curse.
  • Because the Owl Beast curse is actually a living being turned into a curse, it's unknown if Lilith has the same creature in her or if she created another creature entirely from sharing the curse with Eda.
  • During the "Be Gay Do Witchcraft Charity Drawathon!" Dana Terrace's charity stream, an audio written by Dana and recorded by Cissy Jones in character as Lilith implied that Lilith may be asexual, aromantic or aroace (in other words, both).[17]
    • In response to the audio recording, Cissy Jones stated this was meant to clarify that Lilith is, in fact, asexual.[18]



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