A Lying Witch and a WardenA Lying Witch and a Warden/GalleryA Lying Witch and a Warden/Plot
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Demon Realm/GalleryDisneyNOWDisney Channel
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Eda Clawthorne/GalleryEdric BlightEmira Blight
Emperor's CovenErica LindbeckEscape of the Palisman
Escape of the Palisman/PlotEscape of the Palisman/TranscriptFairy
Fanfic PrisonerGusGus/Gallery
HexesHexes Hold'emHexside School of Magic and Demonics
HootyHooty's Moving HassleHooty's Moving Hassle/Gallery
Hooty's Moving Hassle/PlotHooty's Moving Hassle/TranscriptHooty and the Parliament Owls Angelic
HumanI Was a Teenage AbominationI Was a Teenage Abomination/Gallery
I Was a Teenage Abomination/PlotI Was a Teenage Abomination/TranscriptIssac Ryan Brown
Jess MarfisiKikimoraKing
King/GalleryLight SpellLilith Clawthorne
Lilith Clawthorne/GalleryList of cast members in other languagesLost in Language
Lost in Language/GalleryLost in Language/PlotLost in Language/Transcript
Luz NocedaLuz Noceda/DesignsLuz Noceda/Gallery
Luz Noceda/HistoryMae WhitmanMarina Gardner
Matthieu CousinMattholomuleMoonlight Conjuring
Night MarketOnce Upon a SwapOnce Upon a Swap/Gallery
Once Upon a Swap/PlotOnce Upon a Swap/TranscriptOwl Staff
Owl Staff/GalleryPalismanPenstagram
PoptropicaPrincipal BumpRachel Vine
Ricky CometaRobin Atkin DownesRough Draft Korea
Sarah-Nicole RoblesSarah-Nicole Robles/GallerySeason 1
Season 2SnailSomething Ventured, Someone Framed
Something Ventured, Someone Framed/GallerySomething Ventured, Someone Framed/PlotSomething Ventured, Someone Framed/Transcript
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The Good Witch AzuraThe IntruderThe Intruder/Gallery
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