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The Looking Glass Ruins are an ancient illusionist graveyard, and the location of the Galdorstones. They can be seen to be just west of the Titan's skull.[1]


Exactly when the Looking Glass Ruins were built is not known, but it is implied that the graveyard is very old. Once it was revealed that the Galdorstones could immensely boost the magical abilities of witches and demons, they became coveted relics, though also for those who wished to use their power for evil or self-interest. However, it turned out that the Galdorstones cannot enhance an illusionist's magical abilities; for this reason, the Illusion Coven was long ago charged with the task of guarding these relics, as an illusionist is the least likely to do so this power for evil purposes.

However, due to the covetousness of the Galdorstones, there have been many witches and demons over time who have attempted to steal the relics. To prevent this, the illusionists guarded the graveyard by creating the illusion of a powerful warden who was soon rumored to be able to control the weather. The protection proved effective, as there was no thief who could succesfully steal a Galdorstone. Known guardians of the Looking Glass Ruins who are now deceased and buried in the graveyard include "Mari the Phantom Bringer", "Aleth the Vision Creator" and "Khari the Mirage Maker".

After hearing about the power of the Galdorstones, Bria, Gavin, and Angmar went to the Looking Glass Ruins with Gus and Mattholomule. Along the way, Bria, Gavin, and Angmar said they wanted to use the power of the Galdorstones for good, but this was ultimately revealed to be a hypocritical lie, as they only wanted to use the Galdorstones for their own personal gain. However, when Gus found out that the ruins were actually a graveyard and that the terrible warden was just an illusion of the last guardian, they were captured by Bria, Gavin, and Angmar.

However, Mattholomule felt remorse and eventually helped the guardian and Gus drive Bria, Gavin, and Angmar away. After the three repaired the damage to the graveyard, the guardian considered hiding it for good, but Gus and Mattholomule quickly convinced him that they would help out in the defense of the graveyard.



  • The statues initially had their own individual designs, but were ultimately unified to make it easier to track them from shot to shot. [2]